Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker : Fantastic coffee and fantastic company

My partner loves expresso but we have a tiny kitchen so no room for a big machine, plus i know it would gather dust as the whole cleaning routine would bore him. So took the plunge and bought him a handpresso for christmas. Quite expensive i thought but what the heck. Makes apparently good expresso (i’ve no idea i hate the stuff), quick, easy, really easy to clean and it fits in the cutlery drawer. The clearest indicator that this is a winner is, in a house with gadgets gathering dust in every cupboard, this gets used regularly. Two downsides – firstly despite what i’d read i couldn’t find the right pods in any supermarked – had to buy them on line so no coffe christmas day, secondly i can’t get the lid off after the coffee is made so i shan’t be buying one for my arthritic fatherif you you have strong hands and a small kitchen go for it.

Prosmakes very good coffeeis very portableconstoo many steps: adding the ground coffee to the holder, boiling the water, pumping it up, pushing the button, and finally, cleaning it out. Step 1 tends to be messy with ground coffee going all over the bathroom sink in a b&b. Doesn’t make enough espresso. I could cope with the above 2 cons but as i like really strong coffee and a good big mug of it, i seemed to be forever fiddling with it and then cleaning up after it. Handpresso’s competitor, the presso, solves the cons but is too bulky and heavy for use when on the go. Would love a compact device that makes lots of espresso and is not messy.

This clever machine makes superb coffee, ideal for taking away on holiday, or a small kitchen,.

My initial purchase had to be returned as it stopped holding pressure, the replacement was dispatched without hesitation and has been excellent i am a coffee addict and cant manage without and this produces an excellent espresso with a good crema i am using the intense esse pods.

Used it every day whilst on holiday. Makes a great espsesso using waitrose coffee pods. The great thing about this is the ability to make great coffee with only a kettle. Easy to use prividing you remeber to hold it the right way up. The instructions are however a little obscure. It took 3 goes to get the hang of using it. Build quality very good, i hope it lasts a few years.

Works well if you heat it all up and do not use the full 16 bar. Otherwise the extraction is too fast and cold to make a great crema. Still tinkering with my technique like a real barista. I do not think the posh one with the flask would keep the water hot enough to do well.

Had my handpresso for over 5 years, and it’s still going strong. Used daily at work, i don’t have to have it p. Tested or plug it into the mains. I would agree with an earlier review, that the original filter makes the coffee too quickly, so, is spite of handpresso saying it’s incompatible, i use the intense filter. Beware though, this is incompatible in so far as it breaks off one of the caps from the two way valve release. However, providing you keep the valve lubed with a couple of drops of vegetable oil, as detailed on the handpresso site, it does not interfere with the operation of the machine. You do have to replace the o-ring seals periodically, i’ve just done the pod holder seal for the second time, and the pod holder valve seal (you have to remove four screws to remove the pod holder) for the first time. Lubed, and i expect smooth operation for continue indefinitely.

I was given this as a gift by someone who frequently has to listen to me moaning about not being able to get a good cup of coffee when i’m out and about. This produces a great cup of coffee and i now take it with me whenever i am travelling – you can actually make a decent cup of coffee in your hotel room or even in a tentit produces a good espresso with a reasonable crema. And it scores top marks for gadget valuemy only complaint is that filling the basket with grinds is a bit fiddly, if they could provide some sort of funnel or other way of getting the grinds into the basket without them spilling all over the place that would be great – or perhaps some kind of handle that you can hold the small basket in while filling it. I take a cork with me to make sure that the grinds are decently tamped down, but if the handle on the pump were slighly redesigned this could be used as a good tamper. Generally an excellent device. And i see that you can get a version which comes with a pucksack and a thermos for hot water. I’d definately get that version if i were buying this again.

  • lifesaver for holidays
  • Does what it says on the tin
  • Fabulous!

Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker for Coffee Pods

Product description, The Handpresso Wild is a portable espresso machine that you can take virtually anywhere! Small and convenient, the Handpresso travels with you on vacation/business trips, hiking, boating – anywhere that you would like to enjoy a premium quality espresso, cappuccino, Americano, or latte! Light and durable, the Handpresso Wild can be stored easily in a drawer at work or in an apartment, in a backpack or even with camping gear. Handpresso Wild is a simple and compact Nomadic Espresso maker. All you need is some boiling water and any E.S.E Pod, which ensures premium quality in every cup and is easily acquired at coffee houses and grocery stores, no matter where you are. This also eliminates the mess associated with espresso making when on the go. Just pump up the Handpresso until the needle is in green area on the Pressure gauge; this says you’re at 16 bars of pressure, now you can add hot water from a kettle or a thermo-insulated bottle. Place an E.S.E. pod in the filter, close the top and press the button to dispense the espresso! It’s never been easier or required less clean up to make your espresso or cappuccinos until now! Due to the coffee grounds being kept in the E.S.E. pod you never have to worry about cleaning your Handpresso Wild because when your done brewing, you simply throw away your pod and rinse out the water receptacle. It really can’t be any more hassle free than that!

Box Contains,

  • 1 x Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker
  • 1 x spare O-ring
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    Just the job for expresso on the move. I’ve used it loads over the last month and have also made lots of expresso for friends using it. All have been very impressed. Seems very solid and fingers crossed it’ll last for years. The pods it uses are also fantastic. We have a nesspresso machine at home and it’s compares well. Can imagine that it could be hard work to operate if your not that strong. My advise would be just to keep it close to your body when your using the pump to create the 16 bar of pressure it uses.

    My wife bought me one of these with the travel case (which contains the cups and thermos) for christmas in 2010. I have used it regularly and it is still as good as the day it was received. Keep the pressure around 14bar and you will have excell results.

    I bought this because i work in an office with nothing but a rubbish coffee machine and a boiler. I previously worked in the middle of london and got used to decent coffee from the nearby italian coffee shop. The handpresso didn’t disappoint. You need to preheat the espresso cup and the glass reservoir or it won’t be hot enough. But the coffee has a good kick and a nice crema on top. The best pods i’ve found so far have been the waitrose own-brand. About half the price of illy and a darker roast. I store it in my drawer at work and the thin paint on the bezel around the pressure gauge has started to come off, but it’s only cosmetic and it still seems to be a very solidly built machine. Now i just have to teach my colleagues to stop calling it “expresso”highly recommended.

    Excellent wild handpresso machine, used many time, no complaints, same the same excellent service from amazon as always, i have no complaints to make about either product or service.

    I bought the handpresso for at work and going on holiday. It saved my life this summer holiday, as i am an espresso addicti use illy coffee pods purchsed at waitrose. Extremely easy to use, had no problems at all unscrewing the lid ( and i am not strong) and makes delicious espresso. It’s worth getting the carry case to protect it, looks great too. Who needs a big bulky machine?.

    The ‘handpresso’ does ‘what it says on the tin’ and produces a good cup of espresso from a standard coffee pod. A drawback is that you have to load the container with hot water from a kettle (or thermos if you are outdoors) for each espresso you want to make. It works well with standard coffee pods. It just needs to be pumped up a few times to get pressure up and then it delivers a perfectly respectable espresso. A most useful device if you wish to make an espresso in your hotel bedroom or on a picnic. Not a candidate for your main espresso maker but a useful portable adjunct.

    It’s taken a lot of experimenting to work out how to get a good drink out of it. For me, the supplied portafilter produced weak, odd tasting espresso, with fake, bubbly crema. The optional¬†handpresso intense portafilter¬†produces a much better shot (& should really be the standard filter). I am however still not entirely convinced it’s strong enough as the basis for (what most people would consider to be) a normal sized cappuccino. Even with the intense filter, the crema is thin and a light colour. A very mellow taste that got lost in a mug of frothed milk. However, an ‘intense’ shot, in a small 6oz (traditional cappuccino sized) cup of lightly frothed milk, makes an exceptionally nice cappuccino. I’m finally hooked and it’s now replaced by pump machine at home. ______additional notes:- coffee pods: i could only get this to produce a decent shot with the individually sealed illy pods. The loose pods that come in a tin just would not produce a good crema (see ‘customer images’ above).

    I had this delivered yesterday and i am using it with illy pods in my office which lacks a decent coffee machine. This is beautifully designed and built. It produces a decent shot of espresso with the minimum of fuss. It only needs a few pumps to get up to pressure and is very easy to use. The coffee produced is as good as the full sized nespresso machine i use at home. When you are done remove the pod and rinse the exit nozzle and stick it back in the drawer. A very good product that lives up to its advertising.

    • lifesaver for holidays
    • Does what it says on the tin
    • Fabulous!

    Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker for Coffee Pods

    Bought this after seeing on the gadget show – not cheap but worth the ¬£s. Makes excellent coffee & great for taking away. Pods best bought in bulk online or could get expensive. Only slight flaw is that paintwork chips fairly easily (even with it’s expensive case). Would recommend if you like your espresso.

    Bought this as a fun item for the camper – it is fantastic, delivering great coffee every time. Simple to use, without all the drama of normal coffee making, ideal for the camper or comping. Its always on the kit list now.

    Love this, bought for my husband to use at his work, and he loves it. His colleagues are very intrigued. He really enjoys a shot of expresso, a little something special in the day.

    Had my handpresso for about 9 years now. I’ve used it almost every day and it’s been brilliant – makes great coffee and is quick and easy. I had to replace the rubber gasket after a few years, but one comes in the box so that wasn’t a problem, however last week the ‘stop’ button broke off. I e-mailed handpresso to ask whether after all this time it was still possible to get it repaired (given that it’s been out of warranty for 8 years) but they e-mailed back to say they were sorry i was having a problem and they’d put the part i needed in the post. Sure enough it arrived the next day – from france. I don’t think i’ve ever had such good customer service on anything i’ve ever owned. I can’t rate the product and the company highly enough.

    I like (need) a strong espresso to wake up in the morning. I got this for a holiday trip and it worked out really well. As long as you have access to hot water it makes coffee making really simple. It produces a really nice little cup of espresso at a perfect drinking temperature. It’s easy to pump up to the right pressure, add water, put in pod, turn over, press button and it’s ready. It does tend to spurt and splutter at the end of the pour, so make sure it’s on a surface that can take some splashes. The unit itself is easy to clean – just rinse under a tap. It feels solidly built and is pretty heavy, so i wouldn’t take it backpacking. I now keep it in my office to make a nice post-lunch coffee.

    Features and Spesification

    • The world’s smallest, portable, non-electrical 16 bar espresso machine
    • Uses all brands of E.S.E Pods available in most major supermarkets
    • Product Dimensions:25×12.7×9.7 cm