Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Maker – Simple to use, produces excellent coffee.

I wasn’t too happy with this product until i bought the intense portafilter. Now i am happy and love my little handpresso. It makes a great espresso, not too much else to say. I usually add some boiling water to the finished product to double the quantity. One word of advice: be careful when using it and follow the instructions carefully. The plunge is the part that needs the most attention after the device is pressurized. One time for some reason i pushed the plunge and it didn’t release all the pressure, just half. If i had unscrewed the portafilter then it would have hit me along with hot water. After i pushed the plunge back the pressure was released.

Operator error resulting in a mess on releasing pressure to express hot water into the coffee chamber.

This produces a fantastic cup of espresso. Having used a few different counter top based electric espresso machines, all that require cleaning, descaleing etc. The simplicity of the handpresso removes the chore from making a good cup of coffee. The weight of it gives the impression of a well built, sturdy machine, something that is going to last and be completely reliable. As others have mentioned the standard espresso portafilter does allow the coffee to flow out of the machine quite quickly, but i am hoping that the addition of the ‘intense portafilter’ will make a difference to this.

I’m pleasantly surprised at how well this gadget works. I’m getting a better espresso than i managed to get from my gaggia baby class, with a good, slow extraction and a decent, tight crema, but i’ve only tried it with the intense portafilter. The method i’m using goes like this: i fill the basket with fresh, very finely ground coffee, tamp it with the end of the handle, top it up and tamp it again, hard. I pump up the device a bit into the red zone (about 40 pumps) then pre-warm it with water from the kettle, discard it and re-fill, also pre-warming the cup. I put the coffee basket and portafilter on, then hit the button. It’s a decent, slow extraction and gives a really good espresso with a resilient, tight crema and a deep, rich flavour. I went straight for the intense portafilter and haven’t tried the standard one so can’t comment on how it works. It’s great to have such an effective device in so compact a form that i can take it on holiday or keep it in my locker at work.

The handpresso produces a drink that tastes somewhat like espresso. That seems to be no mean feat. I’ve tried a few portable espresso makers and even after spending some time trying to use them, they all tend to produce something that i’d sooner describe as a coffee concentrate than as espresso: a drink, that is, of similar strength but different flavour. To its credit, the handpresso does better. So it’s a real shame that the plastic water reservoir on my unit cracked after a year of infrequent use, perhaps 30 or 40 uses total. Looking at other reviews, i’m not the only one with this complaint. Another £30 on the price for better materials seems like it would be well justified, though perhaps that’s only obvious in retrospect.

It looks clumsy in the pictures, but in the hand this is a well-balanced unit with a very nice feel. It pumps up easily with an action like a mini chest-press, about 37 quick pumps. The coffee is excellent, i have used both ese pods and hand ground beans. Pods are almost too easy to use (i drink more coffee) whilst using ground beans, getting them into the small basket and tamping them down, is a bit fiddly. Having bonded with the tool, i began browsing the accessories, which are all very tempting. I managed to get my unit for £62 and i have had it for one month.

Great coffe,4 starts just the portafilter, to get the good one you have to pay extra money.

Here are the specifications for the Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Maker:

  • The world’s smallest, portable, espresso machine
  • Eco friendly non-electrical design
  • Hand pump produces 16 bar pressure required for espresso brewing
  • Compatible with either ground coffee or ESE coffee pods
  • 2 year warranty

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good quality espresso with a decent crema.
  • Buy the intense portafilter
  • Much nicer to use than expected!