Hario FIHU-2012-B-EX Filter in Bottle and Tea Glass Set : Perfect fit!

Put the bottle in the fridge. The instructions are a bit clunky but by following the pictures i got itgreat for ice tea. Tastes nice and the brew gets better the longer it’s brewrd.

Please note that i took the photos before removing the descriptive sticky label on the bottle. After having taken the photos, the label came off very easilythe bottle looks quite elegant – the black material that makes up the upper part of the bottle is matt and discreet-looking. But the two glasses are quite pretty. The bottle also works as expected. There is a small white plastic filter that goes into the black top part of the bottle – simply put your tea into the bottle and the filter for the most part keeps the larger to medium-sized tea leaves in the bottle when you pour. Personally, i am finding that i get good results from filling the bottle up and then leaving it in the fridge overnight so that i have cold, fresh tea the next day. Overall, the bottle works well and i’m enjoying using it.

Very convenient to use – i just put the tea inside the bottle, cover it with water and leave in the fridge for a few hours. All of my friends who don’t drink alcohol enjoy the cold brew tea a looooot.

I bought this for my 8 year old daughter who loves making mint tea/flavoured water with strawberries and other fruit. She couldn’t wait for it to arrive and now it has she absolutely loves it – made some delicious mint and strawberry flavoured water. Now moving on to new flavours.

I’m a big fan of cold brew teas and it is great to have a fridge friendly vestibule to make the tea in. I’m impressed with this product, key points being:- dishwasher and boiling water safe (so can brew hot tea too)- fits in fridge door for cold brew tea- filter in lid so works with loose leaf tea- 2 nice glasses accompany the bottle- didn’t leak when placed on side in fridgei wouldn’t say it was portable as it is made of glass and i wouldn’t trust it not go crack in my handbag.

I quite like this, which is essentially a bottle for brewing cold tea that comes with two cups. It looks quite stylish in a minimalistic kind of way, and if you like iced tea it’s great just to put hot water and tea inside, then let it chill and brew.

Design fits well with the kitchen colour scheme and the quality is superb.

This is a nice set with bottle and two glasses. The bottle is glass and the top is a silicone type material. The top contains a filter which should catch the bigger leaves when pouring out water after brewing. I am having fun trying out different flavoured leaves but i haven’t found any that have complimented this set. Would have been nice to have a sample or advice on which leaves would be best.

  • Great way to get kids to drink more water!

  • A classy way to cold brew tea

  • Classy flask

Hario FIHU-2012-B-EX Filter in Bottle and Tea Glass Set Black

Product Description, Hario filter in bottle – Tea Maker & Tea Cup. For cold brew tea. black

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– you will get 750ml bottle 2x heatproof glasses- dishwasher safe- ideal for cold tea can be used flavoured teas aswell- can be a nice gift for someone- ideal for picnics.

This has been such an easy way for me to brew up ice tea on the go. Normally it is quite a hassle making it in separately in kettles and jugs. I simply put my tea in, add hot water, and put it in the fridge. It cools itself down pretty quickly. It can also do flavoured teas, by adding pieces of fruit or herbs in the mix. The heatproof cups are a nice touch, taking the worry out of accidental cracks from cold or heat. It is also ideal for picnics as the lid screws on to keep it safe and secure from spillages.

This item arrived safe and well packaged. This works fantastically for both hot and cold tea. On the most basic level, cold infused tea is like a flavoured water. Thirst quenching and full of good stuff.The filter within the lid makes sure it’s just pure liquid being poured into your glass. The design is modern and simplistic. It looks great in the fridge. I highly recommend this product.

Arrived well packed with an insert that give some details of how to use this flask. This is a stylish and very classy cold drink flask (the makers say can be used for hot tea. I tried it the flask and cups are too hot to hold. Yet as a cold drink flask this item excelled. )can be used for cold tea, water, infuse a drink with fruit, juice and just about any cold drink. The two glasses are perfect. The flask is supplied with a stopper and a filter. Pop in fridge, pour easy to have a good cold drink. Used mostly for cold fruit drinks.

I love my bottle, it’s great for cold brew tea and even flavoured water.

A nice set for brewing cold tea. Certainly different and seems quite well made. Easy to take apart for cleaning. This item is certainly in the nice-to-have category for me but i would not buy it as a necessity as the same outcome can be easily achieved by other means.

This is really excellent quality. I truly was not expecting such a well made item. It is beautifully made and i can see myself getting a lot of use out of this. It would make a superb gift and i have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending this item.

We really like this product. The design is stylish and functional at the same time and the tea tastes nice in here.

  • Great way to get kids to drink more water!

  • A classy way to cold brew tea

  • Classy flask

Hario FIHU-2012-B-EX Filter in Bottle and Tea Glass Set Black

Amazing value with the glasses included am also using the bottle for summer cocktails.

Features and Spesification

  • Hario filter in bottle & tea set in black includes: 1x 750ml filter in bottle 2x yunomi heatproof glasses bottle Dimensions: w87×d84×h300mm practical capacity: 750ml glass capacity: 170ml additional Info: dishwasher safe
  • Water Bottle
  • Perfect for cocktails and alcohol free drinks