harman/kardon Harman-Kardon HKS 4BQ 2-way audio surround sound speakers home theater speaker system supplement speaker glossy – : Great sound

Very prompt delivery and once set up superb sound quality.

Compact , clear and clean sounds. I deal for small rooms and boy that sub can pack a punch.

Excelent speakers great sound from and evenly matched package, the 200w sub packs a powerful punch.

Discrete but powerful system that fits in well in my living room. And a great price from amazon cyber monday.

After buying these speakers, there are two extra things that i have had to buy to have a complete home cinema system around these speakers. The first and most important i have had to buy is an amplifier (a pioneer vsx-923-k 7. The second thing i have had to buy was an optical cable, so i could play movies through a usb/ external hard-drive/ watch normal tv/ ps3, and still retain the quality of the sound. *****the end result, i am *****very pleased***** with these speakers because i have not quite managed to play them to the maxim level, (the volume is always in the minus) because i feel i have a duty to my neighbourhood, to act responsible. I will be using these speakers for parties, my own home cinema. Meaning no more going to the cinema. What i need to do next is fix myself a sound proof room, because this is it for me in terms of home cinema for a couple of years at least; if, i am going to fully enjoy my new home cinema with out depriving my neighbours of sleep thats the only way forward, a sound proof room for them. Thank you *****amazon*****, thank you *****, thank you *****harman kardon***** .

Great sound, worth every penny.

If your trying to set up surround sound in a small room this speaker set works well.

What you’ll need:a receiver unit (i’m using the pioneer vsx-830-k), 20 minutes for setup, cable management system (or just stuff the cables behind the telly). Pros:1 – incredible sound quality, with crisp highs and deep lows2 – the provided cables are made of good quality materials and have been given plenty of length3 – cracking and distortion only appears at the very highest of settings (in other words, your ears will bleed before you notice any distortion)4 – the speakers are sturdy and well designed5 – the bass unit can be manually adjusted to avoid annoying the neighborscons:1 – the auto-bass feature is a hit and miss, it takes a while to boot up and isn’t very intuitive (when using it, you’ll find the bass drops quite often)2 – the wall mounts are pretty useless and seem fairly cheap3 – the tops/sides (and entirety of the bass unit) are fingerprint/dust magnets due to the material used4 – the bass unit’s plug is fairly short, so you’ll need to arrange the speakers close to a plugsummary:this is a fantastic piece of kit that i can’t fault in terms of clarity. After partnering up with a pioneer vsx-830-k, i’ve been overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of the highs and lows these speakers can perform. In my setup, they work great at ‘2 channel, 24 bit, 192000hz (studio quality)’ and dts interactive surround – along with the standard dolby surround, pro logic, etc. Unfortunately, mine came with a defective bass plug. It had smashed on transit – so i had amazon send me a replacement. The plug itself is fairly flimsy and made of cheap plastic, but it has no bearing on the quality of the rest of the kit.

  • H&K HKS 4BQ are amazing!
  • great audio
  • superb sound

Harman-Kardon HKS 4BQ 2-way audio surround sound speakers home theater speaker system supplement speaker glossy – Black

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Well as all the reviews in the pass have said the sound quality is superb not any distortion with my yamaha receiverjust remember the kit comes with a 2 pin plug as this is imported from italy. Easy sent up well worth the money.

Nice set of speakers good quality.

Amazing sound no more to say.

Fantastic really good sound and great bass, well worth the money.

It makes constant mid-range noise. Very annoying and happens on ~30% when it switches on automatically. Only turning it off and on again fixes the problem. There’s no way to only replace the subwoofer. I will not uninstall all the speakers to send the whole thing back when the sub is free-standing and being able to contact a living person would make the whole thing much simpler.

I have not had time to fully mount the 5 speakers up. There seems be some reasonable satisfaction from 3 speakers connected.

Very good sound, happy with the purchase.

Wow so much better then i expected and the sub.

  • H&K HKS 4BQ are amazing!
  • great audio
  • superb sound

Harman-Kardon HKS 4BQ 2-way audio surround sound speakers home theater speaker system supplement speaker glossy – Black

Would have give stars as it is all well made but can’t use subwoofer as it as no uk mains plug only a 2 pin usa plug and i don’t know if it is safe to replace it with a uk 3 pin plug.

Very good nice sound along with nice price and i am very happy.

But its not good if you want it on your wall, the speakers always lean to one side.

I bought just the hks 4bq 2-way speakers instead of the whole set as i already had a fairly complete set up and just needed these to finish it off, and boy do they do that. These speakers produce a great quality sound, they have no issue with turning the volume up to 11 and can reproduce high frequencies with a nice punch of bass no issue whatever. I would highly recommend these if you are in the market for some good speakers.

As yet i have’nt set them up properly, only manually, but the satelite speakers still sound very good. The sub woofer is a little disappointing. Hoping when they are properly set up and run in it will sound better.

Hk never let you down, little known but amazing quality. First discovered them in my bmw and they sounded great so thought i would give these a try and not let down at all. Others mention the base that comes out of the woofer – it’s amazing and subtle but very distinct. Highr frewquency is great too and the overall experience is well worth the money. One thing to note – the woofer is ‘active’ (powered) so don’t go plug it into a ‘passive’ woofer outlet as it will blow up, if not blow your ears first. Hk need to make this clear in their instuctions as while obvious to those in the know, not everybody will know this. Bought a pioneer vsx 930 amp from richersounds and the experience is really very close to going to the cinema.

I paired them with a pioneer vsx-830-k and am using them much more regularly than expected. The only let down is a fiddly wall mount. The mounts are very small, which means that it’s hard to fit straight (the speakers can end up inconsistently slanted to the side and/or outwards); screws are positioned too closely together to fit securely to crumbly plasterboard; the wires can be annoying to thread through the mount (i used existing wiring built into the wall cavity which was a touch thicker than those supplied – pita). The installation process would’ve been much easier with sensible mounts – but don’t let that discourage you. This is a good product and a damn sight better than these new sound bar offerings.

Great speaker set, very pleased.

Fantastic sound, very crisp but still packs a punch.

Have being looking to purchase this system for a long time and the store where we were going to purchase it from closed down, so we decided to purchase it from amazon so glad we did this system is amazing the sound is exceptional for such small speakers,and is excellent value for money, had no doubt really as we already have harman kardon seperates in our home , well done amazon for good sevice and excellent delivery.

I never write reviews but this is worth it. Have been running with a panasonic 1000watt for a number of years which did the job but could do with being louder for music and fight night etc. This harman kardon system is loud,loud. The kids have to cover their ears once you get it to 50% max volume. I bought a pioneer receiver unit to go with it and the sound has absolutely no distortion or evidence of struggling even maxed out.

This is a fantastic product. Hartman kardon just oozes quality and connected to my pioneer av receiver the sound is phenomenal. The sub-woofer provides excellent bass whilst the 5 small and compact speakers provide extremely high quality audio along with space efficiency. Amazons price on this unit is awesome.Having been on harman kardons own website as well as there outlet site this product definetly appears as somewhat of a bargain. I have had my speakers up and running for around 6-8 months now and coupled with a 4k tv and a decent app it really makes that true cinema experience come alive in your home. Highly recommend for any sports/movie lovers and the ease of setup makes it even more worth while. Do bare in mind that you will need an av receiver to operate this product as i know someone that made that mistake. Should have asked the question.

Must say for the price i paid, i got more than i asked for. Loud it will go, no distortion whats so ever even as max volume. But what catches you is the surround quality. For the price you pay, these speakers are in a league of their own whether its loudness you after or clarity. I can’t really explain about the bass but the best description i can say about it is that it sounds like thunder; deep, strong and progressive. Good for a feet massage ;-).

Don’t waste time – get this unit – it’s amazingupset the neighbours – but still can’t get the music to distort . It’s so good value speakers brackets are a pain / fiddly but the handyman put a wooden plate over the exposed cables and worked a treat.

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