Hello Kitty Earmuff Headphones : Really cute and work well

Gave these to my friends daughter for her birthday she loved them.

Great little headphones/earmuffs my little girl loves them great idea to be able to attach or detach the wire good quality especially for the price.

Received these today, i love them. ”’ downside is that only one side works and the other doesn’t but they’re really cute so that makes it ok ^u^.

Bought these for myself and they’re excellent. Cute design, full ear cover, decent quality sound when using with my phone and they don’t slide off.

I love theme and the gold on them are perfect.

Lovely and soft so don’t hurt little ones head, good sound quality.

Prezzie 4 ma daughter she loves em.

Great set of earmuffs bought for use by 6 year old. Fit well and seem to be decent quality, nice soft materials with hello kitty design. Like that the aux lead can be detached, and should help minimize damage if the lead gets caught. Meaning it will disconnect either from the headphone port, or the aux-in on the device being used. Size seems to fit well, and can be slightly adjusted when needed. Not exactly premium, but does the job.

  • Quality earmuff/ headphones- detachable AUX lead
  • 6YO girl loves them.
  • Great furry headphones 🙂

Hello Kitty Earmuff Headphones

Colour Name:Stepp WeiĂź Quilted Music Earmuffs

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I bought these for my sister and she loves them she said they are very soft and the quality of sound is decent aswell so i am happy with them to.

Brilliant postage but sound is not good and leads don’t stay in well.

Good sound, my daughter was very happy to receive these on her 9th birthday to use with her tablet. Only minor point is that on one ear the picture of kitty is upside down, not a major issue and i think you can twist it round the right way but i’m worried to incase it damages them. The cable is easy to plug in an out of the earpiece so they can be used as either headphones or earmuffs.

Great for all occasions xxxxx she loves them and they work perfectly xxxxxxxx.

Brilliant idea, especially in this weather when ur kids are playing out, excellent value for money, fast delivery, happy with purchase.

I give them five stars as they’re comfortable and my little girl loves them, so do i. They extend which is always a plus and keep your ears warm when your outside too. Stylish hello kitty headphones with added warmth, what more could you want.

I bought these for my partner and she loves them. Great for when the wind is cold up here in scotland.

Bought this for my daughter aged 10 who is mad about hello kitty. Loved the packaging and the quality of the product is good. She has had them on all weekend and been listening to music on her ipod nano. Loves it thanks for a speedy delivery and packaged very well.

  • Quality earmuff/ headphones- detachable AUX lead
  • 6YO girl loves them.
  • Great furry headphones 🙂

Hello Kitty Earmuff Headphones

These headphones arrived quickly and were well packaged. I ordered these for my granddaughter aged 10. When she visits she never wants to watch the same to as we do and always brings a phone or tablet with her. I thought these would be nice and comfy for her to wear and listen to what she wants. They are presented well in a see through box. In the box is the headphones and in the internal box is the connector and instructions. I have not given her these yet but decided i would give them a try to see if they were ok and working. I was worried about the size thinking they would maybe be small but they are not they can be altered easily to fit your head. The sound quality is great i was dancing round the kitchen last night and they really do sound good.

Arrived promptly, good looking sturdy product, comfortable to wear. Sound quality as good as can be expected, excellent clarity of sound, and good volume control. I received this product at a discount having agreed to provide an honest review.

Bought as a present,you know what ?. The sound of these little cans ispretty damn good ,,has a fine quality of clarityi’m used to my denon ahd ‘sbut these were cool. Maybe a lucky production run.

Bought this item for my daughter to fit with her ipad mini its great as i don’t hear her music or when she is playing games.

Good value for money works well.

Was a gift for a neice and she loved them and hasn’t taken them off since.

I bought these for my fashion conscious stepdaughter who just so happens to be a hello kitty fan. Often she has complained about her ears being cold because she cannot wear earmuffs and headphones at the same time. We have tried to find solutions but nothing has been quite right for her. As soon as i have these to her, they went straight on. They fit well and don’t feel bulky at all. The sound quality is just right without feeling muffled by the earmuffs part of the headphones. She is delighted, and so are we. Even better, i received this at a big discount in exchanged for a fair and honest review.

Our six year old daughter loves it.

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