HEMRLY Earbud Headphones Wireless 8H Playtime by Single Charge : Quality Sound for an Inexpensive Price

They not only look very good but sound quality is amazing too. Last time i have bought cheap ones and regretted as its stoped working after one week of use. So this time i bought a bit more expensive and i am so glad i did, as the quality is excellent. Already using it for awhile and it’s seems to be working just fine.

At first i was sceptical as i have a pair of beats 3 and i reckon they sound almost as good, maybe not as much bass but i say maybe because there isn’t much in it. The fit is way better than the beats because they are so light they just stay in place and i sometimes don’t notice they are in. I use them for they gym so i’m running a lot on the treadmill and i never have to adjust them like the beats. Very comfortable, i never have problems with dropping connection. The case charges them when you put them back. Every now and again a plug the case in then charge that so keep an eye on the charge level of the case and its like the battery on the buds themselves last forever.

Fantastic head phones for the price. I was a bit dubious about the battery life but i wear them all day at work and i’m very pleasantly surprised with how long they lastthe case provides enough charge to keep them going for 5 days or so i use them for work and the gym and have only had to charge the case once in the last week. The sound quality is very good and the noise cancellation is brilliant. Honestly have no complaints with these, they sound great, they pair extremely easily and have had no issues with lag, and the ear hooks keep them firmly in place even whilst running.

I’ve had these earphones for a weeki was pleasantly surprised with how small the charging pod is, the picture suggests this but it is nicely pocket size (and light if that is a worry for you)i’m an art student so the long battery life suits me great when i’m doing work and the charging time is pretty quick too, not sure exactly how long it takes to fully charge but an hour lends at least most of it. I also like the translucent case cover allowing you to see whether the earphones are still charging and how much charge the case has. (the light turns off when the buds are charged). They fit securely in my ears however one qualm would be that the button could be a lighter press – pausing etc. Is a bit uncomfortable unless you hold the bud with your other fingers while it’s in your ear – very doable but a little awkward. Connecting is easy, i did have to reset them a couple of times when switching from my computer to phone as the computer’s bluetooth is always on due to other devices and so they’d auto connect and then my phone would struggle to connect after they were disconnected from the computer for some reason. Could be my phone because there wasn’t a problem the other way round but either way, was not a huge problem. Sound quality is good, were slightly toward high end initially, but they loosened up for the bass tones (all speakers have a breaking in phase from new where the rubber around the cones loosens up) and now they sound right :)these are my first completely wireless earphones and i’m very pleased.

It’s so great when you buy something on line that exceeds your expectations, like these. Purchased 18th november 2018. Long battery life and earbuds very comfortable. I use at work, and leave overnight in the office. I’m considering buying a set for use at home. I could pop them in my pocket and bring them home but they are so light and small i don’t want to risk forgetting them and leaving them at home. Magnets automatically position the buds in the carrying / charging case with a nice little click. Decent range, so i can leave my desk and leave my mobile phone tuned into music or a radio app without loosing connection. Range up to about 12 metres range in a straight line.

I previously had the yiman earbuds available on amazon and to my mind they are much better but unfortunately they had a charging fault and had to be returned. My observations:-these do not sound very good with a thin tinny sound (yiman sound better)they are light and not very well builtthe case is difficult to open (the yiman case is much better design and can charge another device)they are difficult to pair. I have to manually pair these to my iphone each time i use them. (the yiman paired automatically as soon as released from the case)after using these for a couple of weeks they have some pairing problems with each other and my iphone 6on positive side they fit nicely in the ear and stay put, battery life seems good. The support and customer service from the seller was first class.

If these were noise cancelling as they claim to be then that would have got them 5 stars, but they are not by any stretch of the imagination. However once they are run in i’m sure they will be very good at music reproduction and audible book listening which was my prime reason for buying them. The instructions are a trifle vague, firstly pair them to each other, then when only the left bud is flashing, pair them to your phone or other bluetooth transmitter.

I was looking for a new pair of affordable earbuds for the gym, as my old ones just didn’t feel comfortable and these definitely lived up to expectations. They are super comfortable and stayed in my ears whilst running on the treadmill, and after a while you don’t actually feel them being in your ears. The sound quality is great with excellent levels of bass which is what i like. I would defintely recommend these to anyone looking for quality affordable comfortable earbuds.

  • Easy to sync. Good sound
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Amazing Bluetooth Earbud Headphones

Earbud Headphones Wireless 8H Playtime by Single Charge, Bluetooth 5.0 Sports Headphones with Charging Case, HEMRLY Stereo Noise Cancelling In Ear Bluetooth Earbuds with Microphone for Running Gym

CHOOSE OUR TRUE WIRELESS EARBUDS:1. 8H Earbuds Working Time + 40H Add Time by Charging Case = 48 Hours in Total2. Bluetooth 5.03. IPX5 SweatproofLonger 48H Battery Life: The total play time could be up to 48 hours. Fully charged earbuds can up to about 8 hours playing time each time, last for 150 hours standby time and fully charged approximately 1.5 hours. Else storage charging case could recharge the earbuds about 5 times which fully charged 3 hours by USB. Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds: Better than Bluetooth V4.2 headphones. Inear earbuds adopt the latest TWS Bluetooth 5.0+EDR technology to ensure synchronous connection pairing by transmitting strong signal that bring high quality and high-fidelity stereo music for you. Turn wireless earbuds on after taking both out of charging case, and then click “S3” on your device Bluetooth to connect. Quickly and seamless pair with your phone wihout waitting have more low latency and low energy than Bluetooth V4.2.Design for Sport: Lightweight and ergonomic design can stay stably in your ear without pressure in daily life, also three difference sizes ear tips make you feel comfortable in sports. If you like running, biking, jogging or exercise, wireless earphones is a good choice for you that IPX5 sweatproof construction can helpful protect from sweat or water splash. Bluetooth earbuds bring the convenience for you that can handsfree button control answer/reject calling or skip/play/pause songs.What You Get: a. 1 x Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Pair b. 6 x Interchangeable Ear Tips (two are already installed) c. 1 x Micro USB Charge Cable d. 1 x Charging Case e. 1 x User Manual

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I am a fitness enthusiast, wear headphones close to 4 hours every day. I used wired neckband headphones before, they also named wireless headphones, but any time the cable also rubs against my collar, i get annoying noise and interference to the music sound. After got this, i think this is the real wireless earphones. Nice bass and clarity in sounds. Volume level is also very good. Pairs quickly and connection seem strong. And they come with various additional gel tips of different sizes to fit many different sized ears, that’s why i love it so much, this is a real intimate design for those of us with little ears. I would definitely recommend it.

Truly phenomenal value for money. The ear buds work very well, they are very comfortable. The maximum volume is plenty of enough so i only use them at about half volume. The bluetooth range is far better than my previous bluetooth headset. Absolutely no hint of dropout if the phone is in any of my pockets. In fact it works even if my phone is in a different room through walls. Very comfortable and the springy pointy thing on the earbud is such a clever and comfortable way of ensuring they don’t fall out. Overall extremely pleased by my purchase and the seller delivered the correct product, as described, very quickly.

My first tangle free earbud. The product itself is just as the description. Its cool, compact, easily fit into my jean pocket and the sound is crystal clear. Also, my friend can listen to my voice when i spoke through the earbud. The earbud can last for roughly 4 hours and easily to be recharge through the charging case. Would definitely recommend for people who is looking for wireless earbud.

This item comes in a nice little case with spare ear bud covers and all the information you need to get set up. The instructions are easy to follow and the headphones are easy to charge (short usb charger included) there is an ability to sync with 2 phones. The headphones sync easily and there are verbal prompts to help. All in all a very good little set and the fact they are pink only makes them greater.

I have waited to give these a review after some long time use. The fitment of these are really good and the fact that the case can be charged so that once you place the earbuds back into the case they then get recharged is very handy. As a complete package they are very easy to store and move around while on the move. I have one little issue with the left one dropping out of sync while listening to music or watching videos. This can happening once in an hour or several times. I am seeing how they go but should it get any worse i will be looking into buying another brand. That’s the only reason for the 3 star rating.

The first pair constantly kept disconnecting from my mp3 player and my phone so a replacement pair was sent and they work perfectly. Connecting between both earbuds is very simple and then pairing to your device straightforward. The red colour is very stylish, sturdy and the charging box doubles up as a very secure place to store the earbuds when not in use. More importantly above all that, the sound quality is clear and crisp both during calls and playing music.

They fit so snuggly in your ear and don’t protrude much at all. They feel so stable with the added little arm for support. I can run and do various cross fit exercises with these in and they don’t ever feel like they’re going to fall out. I fully charged these overnight when i first got them ( nearly 1 month ago) and haven’t had to charge them since. The case says they are still half charged too. I’ve used them pretty much every day for between 30mins to around 4 hours. The pairing can be a little cumbersome at times. You have to re-pair them with your phone every time you want to use them. Only takes seconds but would be nice if they automatically paired whenever you took them out of the case. If i wear these for more than 2 hours, my ears start to ache a little where the bottom has pushed against the edge of my ears. I doubt the majority of people would have this problem as my ears are quite small and i would say most wouldn’t use them for more than 2 hours at a time. My main problem with these is that you have to push the button on the side of the headphones for any of the functions, which means they dig into your ears a little.

Wouldn’t normally review so soon after buying, but after 1 use i know they work. Sound quality good, noise cancellation good, straight forward to charge; the most important choice for me though was, they don’t fall out of your earsrunning on the treadmill for 1/2 hour, these are sweat-proof and they show no signs of falling out. I have tried others over the years and i am having to adjust every few minutes to keep them in my ear. Maybe issues like any earphones if you have the equivalent of the niagara falls cascading over your ears, but the trevi fountain and you’ll be sound.

  • Easy to sync. Good sound
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Amazing Bluetooth Earbud Headphones

Earbud Headphones Wireless 8H Playtime by Single Charge, Bluetooth 5.0 Sports Headphones with Charging Case, HEMRLY Stereo Noise Cancelling In Ear Bluetooth Earbuds with Microphone for Running Gym

After using these for a week now it must be said that i’m quite impressed with the initial experience. They are well made and quite comfortable, after long use (although that depends more on the individuals ears so i cannot say that everyone will have the same experience)they also have well-balanced sound (i. Good bass, mid and high tones). I personally prefer a little more bass, but having said i’m guessing most people will probably prefer the sound that is produced. Hopefully for me, they will make an extra bass version in the future. Overall, i’m very happy with my purchase and recommend them. For the price they are well worth a try.

Whilst you dont really want to have to contact customer service after a purchase, i must say on this occasion having to do so with this company all blue was a total pleasure, 100% satisfaction, total peace of mind. Damage case in transit was the issue. I had just bought some bt earpods that were connected to each other with a lead. So much better than having a lead being connected directly to my ipod. But then it became annoying having the lead rubbing on the back of my shirt collar. No hardship, just an annoyance. So as i loved the bt connectivity, bought these hemrly. Wow, love them, very comfortable, easy to use, awesome sound, stay in your ear with the little soft inner ear hook. Really cant go wrong for the price.

The dislike i wish they lasted longer but otherwise top quality, love the size and the fitting of the earbud is great. Had no problems with them and the sound is quality. The case is small and robust and easy tomput in ur pocket or bag. They go with me everywhere and look fine in ur ears.

Best wireless headphones out there and for a fraction of the price compared to the big brands, designed to fit in your ear perfectly rather than looping around the top of your ear. Battery life is great, had them a week now and not had to charge the case back upthey are very small so they are discreet but no compromise on sound quality and cancels out noise very wellbattery percentage is displayed on the device, these headphones have great functionality compared to the bigger brands. Extremely well designed and great to look at. Highly recommended to anyone and what an amazing price.

I have found nothing bad about these ear buds. They connect easily to my phone and don’t falter. I run hard and in all weather and they stay in my ear regardless. They are 40 quid earphones so they don’t have 150 quid sound quality but they are pretty good quality despite that. The charging ‘egg’ is fantastic. I thoroughly recommend these headphones.

 i go to the gym alot and the cable from headphones annoy me so i bought these to give it a try. The sound quality is fantastic. They go loud enough that i can hear them without them even being in my ear. They are very easy to pair through bluetooth to my phone. They come in a handy little charging box with a bag for transporting to and from the gym. I love the fact the fit so securely in my ears. My main worry was them falling out when running but there is no wiggle at allfantastic little head phones. Please excuse the silly face in my video. The video is so you can hear the sound. 👍all round fantastic purchase.

I ordered these wireless earphones to use it for listening to music during my daily commute, webex calls and for using it during my regular runs. Have used for a few days now and here is my view about the product. Pros:1) exceptional battery life and auto disconnects from the paired device when placed in the charging pod which comes in handy. 2) good and crisp sound quality with adequate bass(won’t blow your ears away) and highs. 3) charging pod really holds up well. I have used it for almost 4 days now with usage varying from 8-10 hours and i am yet to charge the pod. You have to switch on the left earphone 1st followed by the right for it to connect with each other, then connect to the device. 5) very easy to switch from one device to another like switching from mobile phone to laptop to ipad and back in a couple of seconds. 6) equalizer should be used to get the best possible bass effect, it it would sound flat initially(which is obvious)7) design is fantastic and they hold up in your ear very well and you will never get the feeling that they might fall off, even when you are running.

I will start with i have fell in love with these headphones. Since they arrived i have used them for all my endurance training and competition events. The really long battery life, back up battery power and sweatproof benefits of the earphones make them ideal for any such needs. If you add in that they just stay put during rigorous sporting activities then they make the complete package. Of note should be the excellent build quality and the fact you can recharge them from the case away from home means they will last on charge for over 30hours away from any power source. I have now used them to obtain two sporting british endurance records and they have stayed put, lasted the distance and survived the sweat induced environment. I would recommend them to anyone needing that reliability of hours of music distraction during sporting activity. As my music is my company during long hours of training and competition they will not be leaving my training bag. The sound quality is excellent and the amount of volume they are capable of means i never have them anywhere near full volume so what ever your thing i don’t think you will regret this purchase.

Ordered on sunday and delivered on monday. Easy to set up, paired with my smartphone with no difficulty. Good sound quality and excellent battery life compared to a previous pair. I particularly like the rechargeable case and the fact that this comes with a lid, my previous set did not so they had a tendency to fall out if placed in my bag. Overall i’m really pleased with the quality of these for the price paid, the only reason i have marked a star off is that they do seem a slightly odd shape but they are supplied with different ear buds so you can change to suit what feels most comfortable for you. Will be getting a set for the kids for christmas.

Features and Spesification

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  • [8 HOURS PLAYTIME BY ONE CHARGE]: Amazing battery supports 8 hours continuous playtime(mid volume)! Quick charge about 1.5 hours and up to 150 hours standby time. When no more power, you can charge about 5 times with portable charging case, adding up playtime to 48 hours!
  • [UPGRADED BLUETOOTH 5.0]: Latest Bluetooth 5.0 tech supports TWS headphones to have more stable connectivity with low latency. Powerful fast date transmission capacity ensure more high quality stereo sound in low power consumption.
  • [SNUG-FIT WEARING EXPERIENCE]: Special cavity design with soft silicone earhook make this sport earbuds stay firmly and comfortably without falling out. Ergonomic inear earbuds isolate external noise and allow you have clear sound quality for music or calls.
  • [EASY PAIRING]: Simple pairing without troubles. Both of wireless earbuds pair with each other automatically and fastly. Smart re-connection after first-time matching with your Bluetooth devices/phones. In a matter of seconds, you are in your euphonic music world.
  • [CONVENIENT CONTROL & HD MIC]: One finger control to answer/hung up/reject calls and skip/play/pause music with the multi-function button. HD microphone enable clear commnucation hands freely. Perfect wireless earphone for your daily life, work, or sports. Any issues about earbuds please message us by buyer center or support email.