HEMRLY Wireless Headphones 16H Playtime : Not great!!!!

Tried cheaper alternative but it was cutting out in the city but this one holds the connection much better. You really do ‘get what you pay for’ and these ear buds hit the mark.

First of all i would like to say these come with everything you need in a high quality package. I’m no audiophile but the sound is very decent considering they are completely wire free and for the price point. I was looking for comfortable wireless earbuds, as i find wires to be annoying while working out at the gym. I had bought other ones and had to return them as they became uncomfortable after wearing them for about 2 hours. I seen these and liked what they had to offer a great battery life plus earbud controls that let you skip tracks forwards and backwards, alot of other ones don’t offer the latter or to adjust the volume as well form the earbuds themselves. So to me this is the best feature because it means you don’t have to take your phone out unless you want to change artist, album or playlist. I have used these for more than an hour at a time they are very comfortable and don’t fall out even on the treadmill. These come with ear hook tips that will stop them from falling out which again some other wireless earbuds don’t come with. So i highly recommend these to anyone looking for great quality comfortable wireless earbuds, which come with multifunction button on either earbud as well as a charging case, micro usb cable, different size tips and ear hook tips. These are the perfect all round package for value and quality in my opinion.

Absolutely love these headphones, so easy to pair with my phone, super comfortable with a choice of bud sizes to fit any size of ear. The magnets are excellent at keeping the ear buds neat and tidy. Sound quality is excellent, and they’re pink so lovely and feminine.

I am a fitness enthusiast, wear headphones close to 4 hours every day. I used wired neckband headphones before, they also named wireless headphones, but any time the cable also rubs against my collar, i get annoying noise and interference to the music sound. After got this, i think this is the real wireless earphones. Nice bass and clarity in sounds. Volume level is also very good. Pairs quickly and connection seem strong. And they come with various additional gel tips of different sizes to fit many different sized ears, that’s why i love it so much, this is a real intimate design for those of us with little ears. I would definitely recommend it.

Great headphones, i have found that the button on the side is more responsive that some. The information display is useful, allows me to keep on top on the remaining battery.

Left and right headphones are colour coded. Fits nicely in ear and sound quality is very good.

Ordered on sunday and delivered on monday. Easy to set up, paired with my smartphone with no difficulty. Good sound quality and excellent battery life compared to a previous pair. I particularly like the rechargeable case and the fact that this comes with a lid, my previous set did not so they had a tendency to fall out if placed in my bag. Overall i’m really pleased with the quality of these for the price paid, the only reason i have marked a star off is that they do seem a slightly odd shape but they are supplied with different ear buds so you can change to suit what feels most comfortable for you. Will be getting a set for the kids for christmas.

Sound is fairly good but a little low on base. I have very small ear canal width and all fixed size earphones i have ever tried fall out directly. I was worried these buds would fall out as well, but with the smallest silicone attachment the fit is snug and they don’t fall out. I’ve used the buds for more than 12 hours of continual play and they still have 34% charge left. They are easy to store and connect directly to my iphone 7. The display tells you have many % of batter you have left and the earbuds turn off automtically when you put them back in the case. The earbuds are noise isolating and i’d prchase them again.

  • Quality Sound Ear Buds
  • Good value purchase and easy to use.
  • Brilliant Piece Of Equipment

HEMRLY Wireless Headphones 16H Playtime with Volume Control, Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones Auto-off with Charging Case, Stereo Sound Wireless Earbuds Noise Cancelling with Microphones for Sports – Red

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Bought for my 10 year old daughter, (so haven’t personally listened to them), but she is thrilled, especially with the soft pink colouring, which is metallic pink in places; (a nice bit of bling) came with a charging cable and an attractive, compact, convenient and fairly robust zip-up storage case, which was unexpected and a nice surprise. Comes with a selection of different sized ear pieces, so my daughter was able to swap the pre-fitted ones for a smaller size, which fit perfectly. She finds the controls easy to navigate and thoroughly enjoys using them. Very reasonably priced, good quality, well made and arrived quickly in the post.

The first pair constantly kept disconnecting from my mp3 player and my phone so a replacement pair was sent and they work perfectly. Connecting between both earbuds is very simple and then pairing to your device straightforward. The red colour is very stylish, sturdy and the charging box doubles up as a very secure place to store the earbuds when not in use. More importantly above all that, the sound quality is clear and crisp both during calls and playing music.

My first impression for this product were shocking. I really loved the packaging of the product. Looked liked it has a very high end brand and thats what i expect for the price i payed. The headphones themselfs are brilliant.Noise cancelling is ok but i cant say its the best as you can get better ones. It was very easy to pair them with my phone and the sound quality is amazing. The size of the headphones is great for my ears so there smaller than normal earphones like this. Which is great for me so i dont have to worry about them falling ofthe annoying thing about these headphones are that they continuously flash but isnt so much a problem for me as i wear a scarf. Another thing is that these dont automatically connect to your phone when taken out of the case theu only pair when they are turn of.

Ordered these and they were delivered within 24hrs. Have their own case and additional ear buds. As a novice with bluetooth connections i found them very easy to connect. I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality and ease of use. They match well with the rose gold fit bit versa. I would certainly recommend them. I’m now looking forward to having music in my ears when i choose.

I bought them for my son, they arrived really fast which was a plus, they came nicely packaged aswell. My son said the sound is really good and the battery life is really good. I would definitely recommend buying them.

I bought these as a replacement for another brand of earbuds that i have been using for two years now. I find these of very high quality. They are far superior to my other earbuds. The bluetooth connection is excellent, no lacking or disconnection, i can even walk from room to room with the base unit (my phone) staying static in another room i can walk from room to room with no disconnection. To find earbuds that actually can be volume controlled for the earbud itself is rare, normally you have to use the phone or whatever you’re connected to, to adjust the volume, but not with these, they have built-in volume control. Being able to make and take calls using the earbuds is also a great advantage. The quality of sound for music listening is very very good. Really clear, i don’t know if dolby sound are built into these or not, but it does sound like some clarity filtering software is at work, really clear sound. Lightweight and comfortable. You get other soft bud replacements with these so you can easily fit the soft replacement buds that best fit your ear.

These headphones are really good quality and are very comfortable to wear. They pair with my phone very easily. I would defiantly recommend them based on the price alone. Much better than some other brands i’ve tried in the past.

Sound quality not as good as expected but is acceptableit lacks basecan be a fiddle to line up with charging pins in case.

  • Quality Sound Ear Buds
  • Good value purchase and easy to use.
  • Brilliant Piece Of Equipment

HEMRLY Wireless Headphones 16H Playtime with Volume Control, Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones Auto-off with Charging Case, Stereo Sound Wireless Earbuds Noise Cancelling with Microphones for Sports – Red

Feel very comfortable and look rather swell. I love them and no more leads that tangle up.

These earphones surprised me, they’re much better quality than expected and are worth the money you pay for them👍🏻 they arrived a day early and were packaged well, they come with 3 different size earbuds, and a changed of earphone cover, one with a hook and one without. They also come with a usb charger and little case to keep everything in.

At first glance,easy to use,but annoyingly the don’t always stay in when walking,and they are fiddly to operate. I have upgraded to apple earbuds,much more expensive but sooo much better.

This item comes in a nice little case with spare ear bud covers and all the information you need to get set up. The instructions are easy to follow and the headphones are easy to charge (short usb charger included) there is an ability to sync with 2 phones. The headphones sync easily and there are verbal prompts to help. All in all a very good little set and the fact they are pink only makes them greater.

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