Henson Audio BTH033 Bluetooth Headphones – **Now : Fantastic Buy

Long lasting battery life after charged, excellent sound quality. Surprisingly good bass and clarity. The best for flights and for home skype when you need two hands to work around.

Great improvement on the last pair i had. Tones (when turned on and off) are subtle, sound quality is good for being so cheap. Easy to connect to new devices. Battery life is unexpectedly long.

Bluetooth connection to phone didnt work – i could hear the other end, but they could barely hear me. Worked fine with a cable connection but that defeats the object – bought it for bluetooth. Others seem to have had better experiences but really didnt work for me. Contacted the manufacturers who were initially prompt and helpful but then when unable to solve the problem immediately seemed to lose interest and failed to respond in time before my return period ran out so have returned the product – not a great experience. The sound quality when listening to music over bluetooth was good though so really not sure why phone calls not workable.

Very easily connected and simple operation. Only criticism is the carry case which should be profiled and hard shell to provide more protection during transit.

I can’t recommend these more highly. Unbelievable price and better than the really expensive pair i had previously. They fold away easily and come with a sleek protective pouch. The sound quality is excellent, but there is leakage on the noise cancelling. Has easy accessible controls with forward, back, pause, volume increase, volume decrease and on/off button. Syncs to phone with bluetooth /nfc and can be used to make and receive calls. Bluetooth range is quite far. Everyone who sees them likes the, in fact two friends have also bought them and love them too.

Seems confortable and good build quality. I can not comment on the day to day use and battery life as i am not using it myself. However the fact that you can still using it when the battery is flat with a mini jack to mini jack cable is definitely a bonus.

Really nice treble and bass for the price. This beats easily some expensive trademarks. – lungs and its breaking-speaker system let you transport it more friendly than others that have rigid body. – nfc – just press 6 seconds the main rectangle button and you can pair easily with any nfc compatible device. – long battery, i just charge it when i connect them to use via usb for 1 hour at the morning. Then i have enught charge for the rest of the day via bluetooth to my phone. – design isn’t ugly, and plastic seems good quality. Buttons are kind hard to press and that makes me feel that are resistant for long life.

Excellent headset – looks smart and with nfc. This uses aptx bluetooth which is particularly good for music. Battery life is excellent and this is a comfortable headset to wear. The sound quality is superior to most headsets i’ve used and the way they fit means external noise isn’t interrupting you and surprisingly there is little if any noise leak so people on the tube can’t hear you listening to mariah carey, eminem or dare i say it, justin b. There are similar headsets on the market – this is the one to getit also comes with a handy little pouch and doesn’t take too long to charge. I wouldn’t use this for phonecalls.

  • Unbeatable wireless headphones for the price? Please see my update
  • Good Design
  • Excellent headset – looks smart and with NFC! This uses aptx bluetooth which is particularly good for music. Great battery life!

Henson Audio BTH033 Bluetooth Headphones – **Now with NFC (Near Field Communication)** – Connect Wirelessly To Any Bluetooth Enabled Device Such As A Smart Phone, Tablet PC Or Computer For Wire Free Music – 10 Meter Wireless Range – Send And Receive Phone Calls Directly From The Headphones **As featured in GQ Magazine**

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These are without doubt the best bluetooth headphones available at the price. Comfortable, great sound and buttons well laid out – easy to find and solid “click” when pressed. Now with nfc for quick pairing. Also shows battery level on device so can keep an eye on remaining charge. All in all a great buy😃😃😃.

Noty only is the price great but the quality is top. Headphones are smooth to wear, the leather is soft on the ears.

Superb headphones and pair easily – but do read the instructions ‘cos it need to flash blue/red to pair.

Not the very best i’ve experienced, but the ease of use and the wireless feature are excellent and have yet to fail me. The battery is also astoundingly long lasting. Great product, use it every day.

These were purchased for my daughter and her comments were; delighted, looks sexy and comfortable .

These were brill, really good product and nice and neat, unfortunately my husband has list the lead for them.

Well, unlike some of the reviews i found the sound (which in any case is an individual perception) very good. Highly recommend for the price.Easy and quick to set up and all controls work just fine.

Good quality sound but the headset feel loose on the head and the internal battery runs out of juice after one movie.

  • Unbeatable wireless headphones for the price? Please see my update
  • Good Design
  • Excellent headset – looks smart and with NFC! This uses aptx bluetooth which is particularly good for music. Great battery life!

Henson Audio BTH033 Bluetooth Headphones – **Now with NFC (Near Field Communication)** – Connect Wirelessly To Any Bluetooth Enabled Device Such As A Smart Phone, Tablet PC Or Computer For Wire Free Music – 10 Meter Wireless Range – Send And Receive Phone Calls Directly From The Headphones **As featured in GQ Magazine**

I was recommended these headphones by a friend, so i got the chance to try before i bought them. Bluetooth audio has come a long way in the last few years, and these headphones really are excellent. I was very impressed with the sound quality when i tried them out – most wireless headphones skimp on bass response but these are very well designed and have frequency response that rivals cable right through the frequency range. This is quite impressive given the low-bandwidth nature of bluetooth audio.It also has a conventional headphone connector as an aux-in fallback. Although i bought the nfc model, i didn’t bother with it – only my tablet has nfc, and i never use that. I’m well versed in pairing up bluetooth devices, so these headphones are no harder to set up than any common-or-garden headset. I use these with an htc wildfire s, nexus 7 tablet, apple macbook pro laptop and most recently a kokkia i10s ipod bluetooth adapter – they work great with all these devices, and i assume it has the standard eight device profile slots so it can be paired with a sizeable stack of devices at once. The leather-effect padding is very soft and the large ear-cups are comfortable to wear for an entire working day.

Excellent hifi sound quality and clear voice communication.

Bought these for travelling purpose and for listening to music out and about. These headphones were delivered as expected and in excellent condition. They were very easy to set up and had them up and running after there initial charge. The fit of these is excellent and feel really comfortable although i have only used them a few times and longest period was for a hour they dont slip off and they dont make your ears feel to hot. Sound quality is as good as most people will need and they relay the music excellently from the device playing them far better than most headphones i have used. They look good as well and with the supplied carry bag which they easily fold into it was an excellent by. At the price they were they are an absolute steel for the quality and listening experience as good as higher priced headphones.

I got drawn to this product because of the gq award. Though i am aware it’s an aging desgin and things might have progressed. Recommendations/pros(which i take for granted):* intuitive control, * comfortable wear, * long battery life, effective noise-cancellation(for noisy commutes)it’s generally hassel-free, but had two major drawbacks(which i find difficult to ignore):* after 2 years, the microphone started to degrade, which made it’s use at the office a misery. * it’s top-heavy design made it threaten to fell off whenever i looked down (would have preferred a loop across back of the head/loop-over-ears**). But after 2 years, i’m willing to gamble on it again and so i bought another one. **i am however thinking about trialing something like this, in the future: (http://www. Uk/coolead-bluetooth-wireless-headphones-cancellation/dp/b008nmwbbs/).

I hated having to replace my marshall headphones, but these are on a par. Absolutely love them, easy to connect to my ipod and my iphone without any problems.

I’ll be honest, i’d never heard of henson audio before stumbling across these headphones on amazon. I’m normally a bit apprehensive about purchasing products manufactured by unrecognised brands, but i’m glad i took the risk here. I needed some bluetooth headphones to link up with my phone after the headphone socket broke, and hunted around for a couple of weeks before finding these. 99 price may not be entirely justified, but they are certainly worth more than £49. 99 (the offer when i purchased), so if they’re still available at this price then they are a steal. The sound quality is really good, and despite being ‘on-ear’ manage to block out most external noise when you’re listening to them. The connectivity is extremely straightforward, and i’ve not experienced a single issue since using them to date. They look pretty stylish too, and come in a sleek presentation box, which adds to the luxury feel. I’ve not tried any rival (or more famous) brands to compare these with, but if the only issue you’re having is that you haven’t heard of henson, then dismiss this as a concern, as they’re certainly worth what i paid.

Order went smoothly apart from the final delivery. Now had 2 deliveries in a row where the courier couldn’t deliver. 1st was despite the fact i was outside my house taking to my neighbour for 45 minutes. Some where in the middle of this he managed to park, sneak past both of us to the front door and attempt delivery. This was at the end of the day so i guess he must have been ninja trained. 2nd delivery a week later went much the same as the first. End of the day deliver attempted but despite the fact the lights were on and no t. V on we managed to miss a rather loud doorbell and parcel once again not left in our nominated safe place. Not impressed with amazon delivery service in local area. May just stick to deliveries at work.

Very good product , been listening music on the underground and this product really covered most of the noise.

Nice headphones but i could not connect them to the ipad or samsung phone.

Ok, got package today, sleek looking headphones, unpacked and went straight to field tests :d quality of sound is brilliant, one of the best i had occasion to test (wireless connection), range in house including walls is around 5 meters, outside it’s more. Quality of phone call is also great and friend i was talking to said he can hear me without any problems. 5 stars from me, you can’t get more for 50 pounds :).

Great cans, bought these originally for late night tv & gaming. Took them on holiday because i liked them so much, comfy in 32 degree temps without sweaty ears, not too tight either, my wife wants some now.

They were for my hubby for his birthday, i did a bit of research and 99% of the reviews were good, he loves them says the sound is good and they are comfy, so i’m happy.

Beautiful sound quality and professional-looking finish, especially for the price. I haven’t used it much in two years but remember it being comparatively discreet and light-weight compared with others, often far more expensive.

I got this headphones for 3 days now. I must say i am pleasantly surprised with it for many things but it just didn’t stand up to my expectations with nfc. Pros:- light weight and comfortable. Leather cushion are of good quality and do not sweat even after wearing them for over 4 hours. – my ear are also not that warm as with my other noise cancellation headphones and its obvious that they shouldn’t, as noise cancellation headphones would need to create airtight region around the ears. – quick recharge and battery life is amazing. It played continuously for over 8 hours. Couldn’t test it any longer than that though- music quality is good for headphones of this price range- bluetooth pairing is easy and flawless with multiple devices- has a decent 3-5m range in walled environment and might be a little less than 10m in open though. Cons:- the only reason i picked these up was that it had nfc feature. However, it turned out to be a disappointment.

The first order was lost in transit, but replacement arrived promptly as promised. This order is a gift for my brother- they are just up his streeti expect to earn brownie points for my choice of gift.

Really good headset and great sound. Also good range from bluetooth. For £55 i don’t think you could get a better headphones, look good too.

I got these discounted to 50gbp and it’s really worth the price. Very comfortable, made of good materials, bonds perfectly with my ps3 and galaxy nexus via nfc. Has a cable for wired audio and travel bag included in the package. The drawback is that after 3-4 hours they get a bit uncomfortable but may be that’s fine for over the ears headphones.

Prior to these headphones i owned bose aw2 which were a great pair of headphones, you’d expect that for what they cost. These headphones, 1/3rd the price but every bit as good when it came to the quality of the sound. More importantly, they block out external sound far better than bose aw2. I just completed my first tube journey with them and i was able to enjoy my music wire’s free without hearing the noise of train rattling through the underground. The headphones come with a cable for times when bluetooth is no available and a nice holding pouch. At £50 – £60 these are bargain and if you end up paying the rrp of £150, you’re still getting a great deal.

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