Heska -1500W Food Stand Mixer – 4-in-1 Beater/Whisk / Dough Hook/Flex Edge Beater – 5 – Great mixer for the price

This is an excellent food stand mixer. I’ve started baking and after about four weeks, i decided i would try this instead of my hand blender. I’ve tried the stand mixer and it’s wonderful. So easy to use and easy to clean too. The price is amazing and i got it through on time. If you want to try a stand mixer, this is the one.

I do a lot of cake making and i was impressed by this machine for the price. I have used my mixer for sponges, scone, bread rolls and buttercream & frostings. I love the paddle attachment with the silicone round the edge. It makes great buttercream and good for beating sponges. The machine is easy to use and easy to clean as there is no small nooks and crannys to try and get into. Love the sucker feet and they hold the machine in place even on high speed. All round a good machine for a good price.

Pleased with this food mixer. Very stable and secure when in use, in fact suction pads are almost too strong.

Good heavy duty mixer, great set of attachments. Only trouble is my family like it so much, they are always making new things and i’ve not been allowed near it – ‘cos it’s in use or booked.

It took me ages to decide which one to buy. Looks great and does everything what supposed to. There is some reviews saying that is noisy. It mixes well from the sides of the bowl. Very easy to change attachment , bowl light and easy to remove. Flour is not spilling around .

This is the first stand mixer i’ve ever had. Usually the price of these things puts me off and i worry buying a cheap one will mean a poor performance. I love this mixer, i have used it about 4 or 5 times now making big batches of cake mix and butter cream. So far i can’t fault it, noise is not too bad and easy to clean. I have already recommended to friends who also enjoy baking and like me have not used a stand mixer before.

I’m happy so far with the mixer, only used it once to make pizza dough and it worked quite well. Good size of the bowl, no issues with the utensils reaching the bottom of the bowl for good mixing, and the noise isn’t too bad. Looking forward to using it more :).

Great machine, works smoothly, makes great cakes, and great for kneading dough for my bread,no regrets, would certainly recommend it.

Cant write a review too busy baking cakes.

Awesome product, works better then expected, quiet and powerful. Very recommended, more power, more tools included with lower price compared to competitors. I used it for bakery always.

I use it nearly every day for making bread. Takes all the hard work out of kneading which is fab for me. I would say to wash the hook immediately after use. Don’t leave it to soak as mine started to lose bits of colour when i did. In fairness, amazon sorted that out for me straightaway.

Just love it and what great value.

I forgot how fluffy cakes could be.

Purchased as a present, so i haven’t used it myself, but the recipient is very happy with it and does make some exceedingly good cakes. Good, solid, attractive looking addition to the kitchen. Easy to set up, plenty of attachments.

Feels very good quality, does not move around on the worktop even when mixing bread dough.

I love this stand mixer, such good value for money, have used it so far for cakes and pizza dough. If you don’t want to spend an extortionate amount on a stand mixer but still want a decent machine this is the mixer for you. It also looks fantastic, mine is red.

I like the look, i like the ease of use, i love the power.

I’m using it for a month now. I added a picture with my rolls that i made this week. Used it few times before the review so i can say i’m happy and its does the job.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Love love love this mixer
  • Very good
  • So far so good, Four attachments and splash guard

So far so good, four attachments and splash guard. Noise level is just as expected (it has an electric motor after-all). Does have a bit of movement when in use, but the suction feet keeps it in place.

This is my first stand mixer so wasn’t sure what to expect. But i’m really so impressed. Bread so simple and easy to make, mixes cakes perfectly. Much quieter than i expected too. The guard is perfect for adding ingredients and stopping flour flicking everywhere. The bowl has a handle which is really useful too. I honestly cannot fault this mixer. Ive left it a few weeks before reviewing so it could use it a good few times and i recommend this mixer 100%.

The mixer arrived sooner than i had been advised, which was nice as i am not very patient, and was just what i expected, except maybe bigger than i expected – so i call it ‘the beast’. It’s pretty sturdy, as are the attachments. Have tried out the beater and the dough hook. Don’t know why i wanted such a high speed mixer, half the speed would have been adequate for my needs. The suction feet work really well, holding the appliance in place even when i tried it out at top speed. Yes, i am very pleased with it.

I’ve been looking for one where that was the case for ages.

Ordered this mixer to make chapati dough, used it couple of times, on slow setting, faster you go the mixer moves around because while mixing, the dough is quite stiff, so i go for slowest setting on longer to get a decent dough, over all i’m ok with it just don’t overload the bowl, dough will come up the hook into the mixing attachment place, then you got properly clean it, which is not easy, attachments are not steel, just cheapo metals plated in chrome, hoping it lasts.

I have only used it once since my purchase but it was brilliant. Enough power to have it on the setting suggested. It arrived well packaged and very quickly. For the price it’s a good purchase for someone like me who bakes occasionally but needs the hard work done for me.

I use it once a week and i found it very easy to use.

Arrived quickly, perfectly boxed and as described.

Bought this for my partner who is a keen baker but has never had a stand mixer before. I chose this one as it had the most powerful motor and largest bowl for my budget. The machine looks good, works well and seems well made. We’ve successfully made bread dough, cake mix and whipped cream so far.

I have used it quite a lot since january when arrived and i’m happy with it.

Everything alright, good machine.

Love it takes the work out of mixing.

Brilliant machine works very well.

I have had this now a few months and used it loads of times. I absolutely love it and wouldn’t be without it now. Makes baking sooooooooooo much easier and more a pleasure now.