Heska- Large 500ml-Electric Milk Frother – Extra 4 Whisks Included -Silent Operation : Heats up very quickly

I have used this to make cappuccinos, lattes and hot chocolates. This frother/ does the job brilliantly. It froths the milk just right, even with semi skinned milk. With trials, i have found that even with only 125mm frothed milk, this is enough for two cups of cappuccinos – ensure the cups have been warmed though. The only down side is the milk could be a little warmer for hot choc, otherwise excellent machine.

A really good, nicely designed frother. The storage clip on the underside of the lid, for whichever of the two whisks is not currently on the drive shaft, may seem like a minor feature but it is very useful. Without this it would be only too easy to mislay a whisk, or even accidentally wash the small one down the plughole.The user instructions are clear enough, but do look like a translation that isn’t quite right (“basic unit” should be “base unit” and “a few bits of water” should be “a few drops of water”, for example. But don’t let this deter you, i’m just picky. It’s a good machine that’s well worth the asking price.

Once i bought this machine, i use it every day. It works perfect with cow milk, goat milk and soy milk. I have tried all the alternative milks but it does not work for rice, cashew, oats or any other substitute milks. It also makes hot chocolate if you mix the milk with chocolate powder/flakes and pour it in. I am extremely satisfied with the purchase.

I don’t normally write reviews but felt i had to for this product. I’ve used the frother around twice a day for the best part of a year and can confirm that, up to now at least, it is brilliantly reliable. The end product is perfect milk for coffee every time. The frother attachment (whisk like steel ring) does produce an insane amount of froth, i usually use the one designed for just heating milk which conveniently results in just the right amount of froth for a latte. You can easily make two large lattes or probably 3-4 small ones. Cleaning the jug is easy, takes 10 seconds if done right away and simply consists of wiping out the inside. The price is also excellent considering what you’re getting. I use this with a stove-top moka pot which imo gets me close to a barista quality coffee (obviously it would be improved with a good espresso machine), at £2-3 a pop for a latte from a shop i’ve definitely made my money back with this setup + a thermosif you like to drink proper milk-based coffee and you are after a low cost / no hassle way of making it at home, then the heska milk jug is well worth getting.

We had previous milk frothers and the main issues we had were the fact that they were too small and the milk burnt to the base and was hard to clean. This is perfect as it does a larger volume of milk and the milk still sticks to the base but cleanly comes off when washing as a skin. Best milk frothers we’ve used, just wish they did them in black to match the kitchen.

Seriously dont waste your time looking at othersi have in the past paid for the more well known brands and this lil darling simply rocks it in every way. Nice larger capacity in the morning covers my porridge as well as my coffee :)thank you heska for this 500ml unit :).

Milk frother heska wow it just the right size and works well easy to clean and comes to the correct temp and consistency of the milk would advise anyone that it is top of its class.

It does what it should – heats milk to the right temperature and froths nicely, it is quiet and quick and easy to use. It obviously needs be left with a bit of water in it after it has been used until it can be washed (a quick wipe with a damp cloth is all it needs) or washed straight away – but who wants to do that with a lovely cappuccino in your hand ready to enjoy. My only gripe is that the marks inside for the levels to fill up to for frothing and hot milk can be difficult to see in certain lights and i have overfilled a couple of times and had milky foam all over the place (a little goes a long way) to clear up. Care also needs to be taken with the tiny stirrer for the hot milk when washing it as it is so small, it could disappear down the drain.

  • Nice product
  • Performs really well
  • Enjoying it.

Heska- Large 500ml-Electric Milk Frother – Extra 4 Whisks Included -Silent Operation,Premium Brushed Stainless Steel Automatic,Strix Temperature Controls, Non-Stick Coating (Large 500ml)

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Love it and my home-made cappuccinos and hot chocolate and whipped cream for desserts.

After my old milk frothed died, i was looking quite hard which one to buy now. I wanted one that could handle a larger amount of milk. The heska doesn’t disappoint with that. I was also surprised how quickly it performed the task of performing a large, beautiful sturdy froth. The only reason i just gave 4 stars is, that i find it quite irritating that there is always quite a decent amount of white residue at the bottom after washing up. Something i don’t understand. The sides are so easy to clean, but for the bottom you need to brush it really with washing up liquid and a brush for a while to get rid of all the residue. I just use it for a week now, so i can’t say anything about durability, but until now, i am quite happy.

Perfect milk for a capuchino at home.

Milk is frothed in less than 90 sec with absolutely no mess. Makes enough for 2 cups but is so quick you could easily make another lot if you needed more.

Very good frother, easy to use and easy to clean. Arrived quickly and well packaged, the price was very reasonable too. I have had a few milk frothers and they don’t always froth up the milk as much as i would like, this one, great.

I enjoy a large latte and this delivers the perfect cuppa … without frothing over and leaking all over the place like my previous (smaller) versions.

We bought this to make frothy coffee instead of using our a coffee maker and having lots of empty plastic pods to dispose of. So combined with an aeropress coffee maker and hot frothy milk we can make cappuccino/latte coffees. Its a bit of a ritual, but my wife complains that i never clean out the jug and she has to do itgood for hot chocolate as well.

Very pleased with it, works really well with both whisks. Cleaning has to be done carefully – no popping it in the dishwasher.

  • Nice product
  • Performs really well
  • Enjoying it.

Heska- Large 500ml-Electric Milk Frother – Extra 4 Whisks Included -Silent Operation,Premium Brushed Stainless Steel Automatic,Strix Temperature Controls, Non-Stick Coating (Large 500ml)

I put too much milk in the first time and had a flood so be careful. As the amount of cream is quite small i still add a little milk as i normally would first.

Bought this a month or so ago and i must say i’m absolutely thrilled with it. Does great latte and cappuccinos. It’s very quiet and very quick plus the milk is nice and hot. Just make sure you clean out after every time as you could burn the milk at the bottom.

Absolutely love this milk frother, much better than my last one (another brand, which packed up after 2 years). The main reason i love it is that it is bigger than most and will froth enough milk for 2 or 3 coffees in a go so much quicker to make drinks for everyone. It is easy to use – just press the blue button for hot, frothy milk but remember not to fill over the lower max mark as will overspill, as i found out. It produces lots of lovely frothed milk and is easy to clean with a cloth and hot soapy water.

At last – a large milk frother to replace my broken one. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and froths all the milk, rather than just the milk on top. My only criticism would be that the max/min marks are not easy to see.

I’m a fan of a large soya latte and now i can make this at work. It sits elegantly next to my nespresso machine and the tiny magnet creates up to 500ml hot milk with minimal froth. I haven’t used the whisk / froth magnet but it’s clipped into the lid for any colleagues who might like their milk aerated.

Be aware there are two max levels. With frother fitted, use the lower max level.

Bought a cheaper one and regretted it, this one loads better takes a bigger volume easy to clean and looks smart – it does the job and as comes with seoerate heater and frother attachment easier to use than others.

Easy to use and makes lovely frothy milk.

Only problem i really have with it; is that every time i use it a film of milk burns to the bottom. I’m not sure if that’s actually supposed to happen considering the usage and the fact it’s milk. Just a small annoyance and i follow the manual perfectly to clean so i don’t really get it. Overall really happy with the product perfect foam and great temperature no problems there. Cleaning is super easy and the already provided manual sequence is really good. I really appreciate the 500ml section too i have mugs on the bigger size so the extra space is a blessing.

Makes enough for two at once so the coffee isn’t getting cold whilst i wait for its frother to do its job again.

The large size makes plentiful creamy foam and it is easy to operate. However it persistently burns the milk and it is hard to remove the resulting residue from the machine. As it has a non-stick lining and you cannot therefore use any abrasive cleaning equipment this makes it even harder. Hard to pour the foam out of the jug into a cup – had to use a spoon every time. All in all disappointed and returned for refund.

My sister inlaw asked for this for christmas and has lover using it there has been no problems with the product.

. We all do it is a brilliant size and does exactly what it says it does – excellent product.

I love this milk frother, it’s a good size, you have minimum level and maximum, it froths so well, it’s made very well, feels good in your hands, its of good quality stainless steel, it also does a cold milk drink for an ice coffee, very pleased i decided on this jug.

Absolutely love my milk frother. Quick and easy to use and warms milk up quickly too.

Efficient,fun and easy to use. Was worried from other reviews it might be hard to clean but that’s not the case.

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