HiFiMAN RE-400 In-Ear Monitor Earphones : Just amazingly good sound for the price, or twice the price

Excellent sound(truly), good earpiece fit and seal, compact and well made, nicely supple cable. Downside, fabric covered lower half of cable will start fraying long term. The sliding metal cable under chin tightener is totally useless as it will travel down the cable under the force of gravity alone, which is a pita when you route the cable over the top of the ear, the best way always, and you are doing a lot of head movement eg. When stalking on a mouse hunt or sitting on the top of the piano in the front room watching the dogs going by taking their owners for a walk.

Did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews before settling on these are my replacement for soundmagic e10’s. To be honest, i didn’t like them much. Mostly because of the bass, which didn’t really seem all that apparent. If you’re looking for something with a little more bass, i would suggest something else.

Fantastic earphones for the price.

This is a headphone with 3 star build quality, 5 star sound, and a price indicative of much lower 2 star headphones. Just know that going in you’re getting a great sounding product with build quality that doesn’t quite match. I tend to lose headphones like these so it’s not a big deal if they don’t last 3 years. I never manage to keep them that long anyways. First world problemsi purchased sound isolating tips for these. It’s my secret silver bullet for air travel. I was getting headaches on long flights. I found that with my cheap earbuds, i was turning the volume up high on the inflight entertainment or my podcasts. When using these, i can comfortably listen at the lowest audio setting on british airways. For the first time in my life, i can sleep on a plane.

After a few months of use, i can confidently say these are the best headphones i’ve ever used, which is quite an achievement considering they aren’t the most expensive. Only problem is the wire appears to be coming lose on both earpieces, so i may have to send back for a replacement soon.

When i ordered these iem’s i must admit to feeling a bit skeptical about how good they were going to sound. I am the proud owner of nad m separates and dali helicon 400mk 2 floor standers speakers, so wasn’t expecting these headphones to provide much more than a decent on-the-go music experience. The re-400’s don’t sound as detailed, smooth or expansive as my hifi, but then comparing the two, for 1/100th of the price they punch far above their weight and exceed any reasonable expectations i had for them. These produce a full, punchy, rhythmic and well balanced sound with just the right amount of tightly controlled bass. I really am incredibly impressed with them, no wonder hifiman calls them the watermark.

This was highly recommended on reddit /r/headphones. Apparently, the stress relief bits (the rubbery bits that wrap around the cable where it connects to the actual buds) are prone to breaking, so i handle mine with care. Otherwise, they produce great sound.

These things need to be heard to be believed, they perform far better than their price suggests and rival £1000 iem’s. They are rather neutral and not so bass heavy. But give them some burn in time and the bass will start to shine, but best of all you don’t lose the detail. I’ll be picking up a second pairas for tips, the ones that come with the earphones are rubbish, so do yourself a favour and get some rha double flange tips or some cp100 spinfits. I prefer the rha double flange tips as they are extremely comfortable, cheap, and keep the earphone in place in the ear. The spinfit tips are good but the earphone tends to ‘hang’ a bit due to the rotating tip.

  • Reasonable price, good performance with potential build quality issues
  • Competition now does better
  • Make sure you also get sound isolating tips for sublime air travel

HiFiMAN RE-400 In-Ear Monitor Earphones

RE400 Waterline-The Perfect Balance HIFIMAN RE400 The “Waterline” of Earphones Setting the Standard Premium quality and High-Performance The Look Stylishly fashioned in-ear monitor (IEM) with silver matte finish Replacement Silicone earbud tips to suit various sizes Advanced Ergonomics Titanium diaphragm, neodymium magnet and OFC copper cabling effectively reduce stethoscope effects. The Reference IEM Enjoy the clear and solid mid-high with clarity, nuances and abundant details. Refined bass performance is easy to listen to and non-fatiguing. Perfect for most music genres from classical to pop/vocal.

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Nice sound and isolation but broke right after a year.

After reading mixed reviews, particularly over suspect build quality, i hesitated for a while before buying these (originally at the £60ish price tag). However, i liked the idea of a neutral sounding iem because i really detest fake ‘v’ shape sound signatures (bass and treble boosting). I’ve just ordered another pair at £40 because if and when they do break, i want another set. I primarily use them with my aune m1s dap. That said after a few months, i am seeing no signs of wear and tear as yet. They are blindingly good for the price. Check out innerfidelity etc. I actually end up going for them more often than my akg q701s, which i love because these re-400s are just so good across the board, and so easy to listen to. Not boring but not fatiguing/tiring.

Sound is not your fun, consumer type. Which some will love, but most will not. It’s detailed, thinner, flat, neutral. Even if they sounded great, build is atrocious. Cheap plastic which is poorly glued together.

I was sent these hifiman re-400 earphones for review, and i think they are excellent. The sound is the most important thing for me, so i’ll start with that. The sound took quite a few hours use to open out and after probably 40 hours or so is still developing a bit, i think. It is now extremely sharp and accurate with a very nice balance. Articulation is crisp and very clear over the whole range and there’s a very good balance; bass is restrained but very solid, middles are lovely and tops are bright without any harshness. The sheer detail audible through such small units is remarkable and i find them a real pleasure to listen to. I have listened to a lot of music through these now including my test playlist which i use to compare audio products. This runs from 16th-century choral music to london grammar and covers most things in between and i think everything sounds really good. Articulation of individual orchestral instruments is excellent, chamber music sounds superb and crystal-clear, acoustic music has lots of light and air, rock really rocks, and so on. I love the clarity and balance of these, but they aren’t tuned for massive bass, so if you’re looking for bass to smack you in the side of the head you’ll need to look elsewhere (perhaps ggmm cuckoo iems ggmm® cuckoo tangle-free earphones, microphone in-ear headphones for hands-free calling, aviation aluminum material, flat dual colored cables, 9.

Really good iem for the price, relative well made ( maybe the cable is not the best)the packing looks just ok and lacks in accessories term ( in my case all of the tips included are uncomfortable). They should include at least one pair of comply tips or something similar. In sound terms it’s really good and well balanced. If you take a look in the measurements of this one’s it shows a really flat fs response (a bit high in highs but u can fix it with a few filters)really good sound stage and mids and the bass is ok (not recommended for bass heads) tight and precise. I also recommend a portable amp because they haven’t high impedance. For some people they shouldn’t enough with smartphones or ipods.

Sound amazing, build quality simply not good enough. Sound is loud, detailed and well balanced. Comfort is fine considering the tiny size and sleeping on them isn’t an issue. So i have owned these about 2-3 months and treated them as i treat all my other headphones (very very well) the build quality however, should not show a weakness this early on. The cable retains kinks like mayweather retains his streak and the cable strain has actually come out of the right earbud housing, needing fixing back in to even get me to use them. This is simply unforgivable considering the packaging quality and sound. It’s such a shame this seems to be the one area effort wasn’t put in, because otherwise they’d be flat out my favorite in ears i’ve ever owned.

These are absolutely perfect earphones to me, that meet all my needs after extensive searching. I have had pairs worth hundreds of pounds and they weren’t any better than this. The sound is balanced, detailed and with a wide soundstage. These aren’t overly excited earphones, heavily bassy or deeply analytical, instead they present the sound as it is which is all i ask. The earphones seem robust and fit comfortably. They are supplied with a latex case and extensive eartips in black latex rubber and clear silicone. Unlike many earphones i did not find the tips irritating, they take comply 400 foam sleeves if desired too. The connector is a normal one (unlike the previous hifiman earphones) with an angle. The earphones work under or over ear, i didn’t notice any microphonics of the cable rubbing. For a good quality set of earphones that reproduce sound accurately without costing hundreds, these seem to be a go-to set.

I’ve been using these daily for the last 14 months; excellent crystal clear sounds. And all of the headphones are very much still in one piece. Only the l/r indicators have rubbed off – i solved that by scratching an x onto one of the aluminum earbuds. The rubber connections are still perfectly intact and the sound quality is just as excellent. All you need to do is roll it up and keep it in the pouch.

  • Reasonable price, good performance with potential build quality issues
  • Competition now does better
  • Make sure you also get sound isolating tips for sublime air travel

HiFiMAN RE-400 In-Ear Monitor Earphones

You get a precise, defined sound, with flat neutral response the frequency range. A pleasure to listen to the details of your music. The bass and highs are well defined and really great to listen to, but the main quality of these is the mediums, which are just perfect. All of this is consistent considering it’s single drive iems, don’t expect anything much different if you’re looking into audiophile earphones. They come in a hard box, with a few earbuds so you can find which ones work best for you, and provide the best insulation. For me the standard ones were perfect already. The cable seems ok, but maybe could have been a bit better. I’ve had around 7 or 8 iems around the past few years at prices equal or inferior to these. Never have i been this satisfied at the first listening. I really think these are the best iems you can get for that price.

Great sound but the the plastic tube around the cable into the earpiece has worked loose on my pair so they might not be as durable as they appear. Still worth getting for the sound though. I am not so pleased that i now have to send them back to hifiman in the usa for replacement though. Apparently neither amazon or their reseller ‘advanced mp3 player’ are responsible for replacing faulty units supplied through the ‘fulfilment by amazon’ service, whose only benefit to the customer it seems is getting the goodies to you faster.So much for the convenience of on-line shopping.

I have tried many iems in my life, including some very expensive ones such as ultimate ears triple fi10, shure se535, flare audio pro or sennheiser ie7. I had also in the past the highly acclaimed braiwavz b2, fisher audio eterna (rev 1. 0), shure se215 as well as a series of full-sized headphones and tons of other cheap earphones. I mostly listen to classic rock, hard rock, jazz and fusion so that you have a reference point for the music i play through my headphones. Coming from the ultimately analytic brainwavz b2, i wanted something more musical and ”true to life” that would still retain details in a high level and wouldn’t compromise in clarity and transparency. After i read all these great reviews of the hifiman re400, i decided to pull the trigger. It was not only the big statements i came accross regarding their sound performance but their understated desgn and lightweight shell that made me decide i had to give them a go. This is one of the most amazing inviting sets of earphones i have ever tried no matter the price.They are smooth and naturally sounding without being fatiguing by any means.

Incredible, neutral sound signature with a hint of extra bass. Use comply tips and the isolate very well. The midst are fantastic and trebles hold enough detail without being sibilant. Lightweight and comfortable too. Well built, have been using them for over 2 years now without issue.

After many years of searching for the ‘right’ pair of earphones, i came across the hifiman re-400 while browsing various websites. Hifiman are a chinese producer of many types of headphones and earphones, at the time the re-400s were a reasonably priced choice in their range. I decided to give them a try. In the package you get wide array of eartips, single and double flanged as well as clear flexible tips. You also get a pair of absolutely giant double flanged tips, which i can’t imagine anyone can actually fit inside their ears. It also included a carry case that was of a reasonable size and seemed to be quite rigid, suitable for keeping any pair of earphones safe while not in use. The earphones themselves are very small and are presented in a brushed metal colour. The entry for the cable is supported by a rather flimsy feeling piece of plastic noting the left and right earpieces. This cover quickly became loose on both sides of my pair and slide annoyingly up and down the cable. This did make me worry about the longevity of the earphones because the cable housing wasn’t supported into the earpiece very well.

Outclassed in every way by the tin audio t2 which is the same price. T2 has much better build and sound (clarity, bass impact, imaging etc) as well as a replaceable cable. Other boutique chinese manufacturers have also significantly upped their game (e. Kz) so i don’t think the hifiman re-400 is a good value proposition in 2018.

It’s says worlds best in ear earphones what else you want to hear about?. Very light to wear crystal clear balancedsoothing sound. Some one who had built this knew what he was doing?.

Features and Spesification

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  • Titanium diaphragm, neodymium magnet and OFC copper cabling effectively reduce stethoscope effects.
  • Clear and solid mid-high with clarity, nuances and abundant details
  • Refined bass performance is easy to listen to and non-fatiguing
  • Silicone earbud tips to suit various sizes
  • Stylishly fashioned look