Hinari MB280 The Genie Multi-Attachment Blender : My favourite

I brought 2 of these (1 for me 1 for my mother) very impressed with these. 1 was slightly faulty and a new 1 one was sent out straightaway. Great piece of kit for my kitchen and at only £20 and free delivery an absolute bargain. Wish i had brought 1 years ago.I would highly recommend buying 1 of these over the more expensive nutribullet.

I purchased this in behalf of my daughter as she needed a cheaper version of nutra bullet, which i have. She has used it several times a day for her smoothies and uses it to make her sons juice as it’s fresh and contains no additives when it comes from fresh fruit and veg. It is robust, has nice range of cups and lids. She has even used it to blend natural plant ingredients for her hair conditioner.She is very happy with her genie blender and if she’s happy, i’m happy.

I had been amazed at this since last year when i was in florida, and had seen the magic bullet on the infomercial. Have since bought this for my healthy eating regime, and it’s fabtakes up very little space on the countertop (i am able to keep it tucked away unnoticed by my mother) and is very easy to usei have been using it for fruit smoothies, and there is very little to do for it to work. You pop your fruit in, screw the blade top on and put into the machine. Literally done in 30 seconds. My only complaint is that since reading the item description again, i have noticed i haven’t got two sealable tops or a reecipe book, but this is nothing to do with the functionality of the product, therefor i’ll still award 5 stars.

This is 10000% easier then a normal blender (cleaning = top of my list, 2 the amount of cup that you can use 3 it a pretty great juicer) you simpily put milk and the powder in push to blend, drink, and rinse. Blade can be washed in seconds and all part (except motor bit) can go in to the dish washier. The seel on the cups are able to keep my bag dry as i take this to work and the gym 2ice daily.

I bought purposely for making my baby puree and also to make juice using the juicer. So far i have only used the cross blade and it blends perfectly. On the minus side, the power base makes really lot of noise when in use which makes it a bit scary but it does it job. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.

00 you’ll be hard pressed to get better value. This is not a top of the range piece of equipment but is very useful and an acceptable addition to one’s kitchen if you understand it’s limitations. However for making smoothies for the kids, health drinks, making salsa, pureeing sauces, whisking omelettes, grinding seeds, spices and coffee – i find it great and have used it nearly every day since i got it. I had a magi-bullet previously but eventually it bit the bullet and i got this as a cheaper replacement. Conveniently the attachments fit the genie so i have tons of mugs and beakers. Truthfully though one needs to pay attention to fitting things together as i screwed up a couple of gaskets overtightening and mangled a plastic bush by overloading so i don’t have the cross-blade anymore as it leaks. Take care with the wee lugs on the beakers as without them the unit won’t work. Every electric motor encased in plastic is going to smell when operating, it is not really an issue.

Nice little blender but only for light stuff struggles with anything too difficult.

I have been very impressed with this blender. Makes perfect breadcrumbs with ease and is a breeze to clean. I love being able to make smoothies without all the fuss cleaning a large blender. Just add washingup liquid and warm water. It takes very little space on the kitchen work top.

  • good blender, juicer not good
  • Mini Magic Bullet
  • 00 you’ll be hard pressed to get better value. This is not a top of the

Hinari MB280 The Genie Multi-Attachment Blender

Product Description, Mix it up for pesto, chunky dips and bread dough Chop onions, garlic and carrots Grate cheese, chocolate and breadcrumbs Whip up cream, soft cheeses and soft butter Squeeze fresh juices like orange, grapefruit and carrot Blend milkshakes, smoothies and soup Puree sauces, soups and baby food Grind fresh coffee, nuts and rock salt If you’re looking for a kitchen gadget with multiple uses, opt for the Hinari MB280 The Genie Multi-Attachment Blender. This clever appliance comprised of 15 pieces is all you need for a number of everyday food preparation processes. It’s compact and lightweight and dismantles for easy cleaning.
Eight Everyday Kitchen Functions In One Appliance, The Genie is essentially a traditional or jug blender, a more solid and secure option than hand blenders which are preferred for their mobility and lightweight designs. These traditional blenders perform a number of helpful kitchen functions including chopping, blending, mixing, whipping and pureeing–all of which the genie does. And more.
The Genie boasts eight core food preparation functions, adding grinding, grating and juicing to the list–so whatever you’re looking to conjure up to feast on–the Genie can help. Whether you want to puree some scrumptious sauces or baby food; squeeze some fresh fruit juice; chop some vegetables such as onions, carrots and garlic (without getting your hands mucky or smelly); whip up some cream, soft cheese or butter; effortlessly mix dough, chunky dips like salsa or sauces like pesto; grind coffee, nuts or rock salt; blend a mouth-watering milkshake, smoothie or soup or grate cheese, chocolate and breadcrumbs. There’s plenty more fun food and drink ideas, such as cocktails, dressings, marinades–the options go on and on.

Compact Unit With Choice of Two Blades, The extensive 15 piece set centres around the high-torque power base unit. This is a stylish silver/ metallic shade which neatly complements contemporary and modern-looking kitchens and is made from plastic so isn’t too heavy or difficult to manoeuvre. It’s also small and compact and so doesn’t hog all the room on your kitchen worktop–ideal for limited spaces–and inside this base is a 230 watt (W) motor which powers the blades.
There are two different blades included in the Genie set–a flat blade and a cross blade. Both blades are made from stainless steel which is less corrosive and more resistant to rusting than other materials and boasts antibacterial properties that keep it hygienic. The flat blade, as its name suggests, lies flat and is for grinding and chopping, while the cross has four points of which two are flat and two are raised helping it perform all other uses.

Prepare and Serve In Style, Once the desired blade has been chosen, the last step is to select what piece of kit goes on the top and here the Genie really has fun with a wide range to choose from. The largest of the options is the traditional blending jug. This measures one litre (l) and is plastic for easier lifting and pouring. You can also add the juice extractor to the jug to help prepare fresh fruit juices such as orange, grapefruit and carrot without getting fruit pulp all over your kitchen.

Cups In All Shapes and Sizes, Blend without the jug thanks to the included cups. There are two of varying size–one which is fairly large and dome-shaped, the other much smaller to better accommodate smaller amounts. Both offer alternative sizes to the roomier jug and so help you work to your requirements. Or add some colour to your next party with the set of four party cups with removable brightly coloured rings around the rim. Available in yellow, red, blue and green–choose your favourite to use for both preparing and serving your drinks in style.
Both the jugs and the range of cups neatly fit onto the base so you can prepare and serve straightaway minimising mess as it cuts down on washing up and saves time when playing host. And to control how long the process lasts, simply depress the Go button for your desired length of time. This gives you complete control so there’s no waiting around for a cycle to finish.
If you want to keep your food/ drink fresh, the kit includes two re-sealable lids which preserve the freshness or if you’re looking to serve your drinks with flair, there are two shaker/ steamer tops. Simply place this on top of your drink and sprinkle chocolate flakes (or whatever tasty topping takes your fancy) onto it. The topping will fall through the holes and once removed will reveal an attractive pattern on the top of your drink. Alternatively these lid holes act as a release mechanism for the steam of hot drinks allowing the steam to escape safely even when the lid is on for people on the go.
The kit is completed by the recipe book which is packed with fun suggestions to get busy in the kitchen.

About Hinari, Hinari is a well-known small kitchen appliance brand that prides itself on offering a variety of products to cater for all of your needs. Whilst its heritage centres around microwaves, Hinari continues to produce several other stylish and great value for money appliances including, kettles, toasters, irons and food preparation products like slow cookers and steamers. Hinari consistently strives to offer consumers something different, a brand whose enthusiasm for creating distinctive products is matched only by its determination to ensure these offerings are of the highest quality.

Choosing the Correct Blade, The cross blade is used for:

  • Chopping – onion, garlic, carrots, etc
  • Blending – smoothies or milkshakes
  • Mixing – batters, dough
  • Grating – chocolate, hard or soft cheese
  • Pureeing – soups, sauce or baby food
  • Grinding Meats – Ideal for making patés
  • The flat blade is used for:

    • Grinding and chopping harder, single ingredients such as coffee beans, nuts, cinnamon sticks, dried herbs and dried fruit
    • Whipping foods such as home-made whipped cream, cream cheese and butter
    • The blades have a sealing gasket fitted inside the cap as shown. Under normal circumstances, they should not need to be removed. However, if you do have to remove them, ensure that they are fully fitted into the slot in the blade cap without being twisted or kinked. Failure to do so can cause the gasket to become damaged.

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      Great blender, i have made some great smoothies using a combination of fruits and vegetables. The extra beakers and screw top lids are useful to keep juices and smoothies in the fridge and the coloured beaker tops are great for covering the screw tops when drinking. The genie is quite noisy in use and does tend to move around the worktop, so you really do need to keep your hands on the blender. The motor is strong, i have been using mine now for about 6 months and it is still working well. Some reviewers have noticed the rubber seals breaking up but i have had no problems, the original seal is still in good condition and i have had no leaks. Both of the blades work well, however i have found that nuts do not grind very well, i was left with a stodge, the blade is not sharp enough to cope with oily nuts. The filter in the juicer jug is a fine mesh but is not very good at separating the juice from the mulch, so instead of a nice smooth juice drink i get a wet mulch. If you need a juicer do not buy this, get a proper juicer instead. I do recommend this juicer for making smoothies or milk shakes and for this it is good value for money. I have ground coffee beans but, again, this is not as good as a purpose built coffee grinder, it did take a long time to grind the coffee and the texture of the ground coffee was not consistent.

      I’ve been using a similar hinari for years but i recently moved house and decided to buy a new one. It does all the things mentioned in the manual, it’s easy to use, easy to wash, and i love it.

      Excellent little gadget 🙂 cheap version of the nutri bullet. Does everything the same, fast delivery and easy to use.

      The liquids leak and go through the blender. I had a similar one before it lasted me about 2 years. Opted to buy another as it is cheaper than similar products.

      Got it for doing baby food but ended up using for so much more. Only trouble i have had is lids with the blades get stuck if blending something hot and are hard to undo but just popped in the fridge for a bit and was fine.

      I bought this specifically for making starbucks-type frappuchinos. I have a large blender attachment on my food mixer,but love this as i can make a drink for myself and drink it from the mixing goblet, so less washing up. I use it at least twice a day for an afternoon frappuchino and a relaxing banana smoothie at bedtime. I haven’t actually used it for preparing/chopping food so cannot comment on this but can definitely recommend for drinks. I recommend, if you use a lot of ice in smoothies etc as i do, to pulse it a few times first to make it easier on the blades before running it for 30 seconds to finish blending.

      To many bits and does not do the basics well enough so just sat in cupboard in box.

      Such a good price for this handy gadget. Small enough to leave out (with the attachments in a handy drawer), i use it every day to make a breakfast smoothie and have also used the large blender jug as well as having chopped nuts & herbs. Some of the attachments look a bit flimsy but so far i’ve had no problem at all.

      • good blender, juicer not good
      • Mini Magic Bullet
      • 00 you’ll be hard pressed to get better value. This is not a top of the

      Hinari MB280 The Genie Multi-Attachment Blender

      I had a genie some 8 years or so ago and loaned it to a friend for her miother whoi had been quite ill and we thoiught she could liquidize and juice which might help her regain health. I movefd away for a while and unfortunately the lady passed away and we are not sure what happened to it. They are availiable but the price was too high for me – this was excellent – price and the machine helps me in the same way it did my friends mother.

      Threw many of the little plastic containers away as they take up a lot of space and are not necessary but the blender itself is fabulous. Not great for crushing ice but perfectly adequate for taking care of fruit smoothies etc. The spice mill is excellent too.

      Only problem with it is the grating function. It advertises that it can grate but it turns carrot into more of a plup. Also it is small so can only do small portions, other than that it is a fantastic little gadget, works very quickly, the selection of cups make food easy to storegreat for sauces and milkshakes.

      This is the 2nd hinari genei. The motor burned out of the 1st one, but not until it had given me years of good service. Providing you don’t over work this lille fella it will do lots of jobs for the not too demanding kitchen. I now have all the attachments twice & it would be good to buy the base unit seperately. The trouble with small electical items is they are almost impossible to get repaired & we are encourage to buy a new one. All the same i do like the hinari genie, especially for grinding seeds & nuts, & reducing granulated sugar to castor or iceing powder.

      Pleased with the product so far, easy to use and to clean, no difficult places to clean. On the whole, excellent value for money and would recommend it.

      For the price this has been a good little blender. A year on now with plenty of use. Great for smoothies the individual plastic glasses make the whole proccess easy and as an added bonus can store the smoothies in the fridge once made.

      Brilliant blender, works so well, we use it for juicing (apples, oranges, cherries, melon, pineapple, blueberries – you name it, it goes in). Of course you need to cut them up (and remove stones). A couple of blitzes & it’s done. Wonderful gadget, we use it every day (so much cheaper than another popular make).

      This product is ok for blending very soft things but i bought for my mum (i also have one myself) and she put something slightly harder in the blender and the engine went, we thought it had stopped working for good but turned on the next day. This works for soft fruit smoothies and soups and sauces though and is cheap, just don’t expect nutri bullet quality.

      Deciding to do some really fancy sweets for a dinner party my blender decided to break down. I searched for a new one and found this which does so much more.

      I have quite a small kitchen, but i love to cook and bake, so when i saw this, it ticked all the boxes. Since it arrived, i have found so many things i can do with this, and make no mistake it may be small but it’s got some power. All in all it suits me, and my small kitchen perfectly and i love it.

      I got this for my wife as replacement for her old magic bullet, which she used to death. The cups are not interchangeable with the original version however this seems to be just as good (and certainly my wife is using it as much as the old one).

      This is the one and only blender,mixing,grinder you will need, great for mixing shakes, (my son into his protein shakes and loves it). It’s also good for ice crushing for drinks etc. I also use it for bread crumbling, mashing baby food in fact i use it everyday for everything. Easy to wash unlike all those fancy mixers with different bits and pieces. All the different size containers with lids makes it ideal for storing too. One of my bestie buys of 2013 and like most women, i buy a lot.

      So this was my first review-very good used it every day since it arrived. The base unit feels solid and sturdy too. New review-all of a sudden a few day after this review started smelling like burning and got really hot. And then just stopped and now doesn’t work. All this from boiled potatoes and tuna so not excatly hard things (i was making fish cakes).

      For the price i paid it is a very good replacement for a nutribullet. It is well made but i am sure the rotating parts will wear off after frequent use. But at this price, no regrets.

      The seal come of after the second use, it seems to work with out this, i use it for chopping garlic and then freezing.

      Bought this as a replacement to a smoothie maker that has packed in. All i can say is for the money i am very happy indeed. I was a little apprehensive at fist reading some of the reviews about people having problems blending nuts, ice and even frozen fruit well so far no problems at all. Its really fast and powerful and does the job really well. We use it for smootie drinks, cake mixtures, blending nuts for cakes and blending for soups and so far its worked fine. This comes with lots of cups in all shapes and sizes and can be used to squeeze fruit. Cant say i have used all the different bits and pieces that come with it but for the money i have been very happy so far. Have used this now for a few weeks my old blender and smoothie maker lasted well over 2 years problem free so i will be interested to see how this works out.

      This product is ok for the money, it does a decent enough job but cant see the motor lasting very long, its already getting noisier and im having to hold it still nowdoesnt blast the fruit stones etc like the nutribullet claims to, will see but i will get the nutribullet when this stops working(?) at least i now know i use it. Any cheap deals on the nutribullet amazon?.

      After many years my original hinari genie has just died on me. Years of continuous daily use i hasten to add. Ordered a new one because, to be honest, this is the most useful piece of equipment in my kitchen. I’m not sure whether anything has changed on it over the years reading the negative reviews on here, but it looks identical to my old one. Only time will tell, but if i even get half the time out of the new that i got out of the old one i’ll stay a happy bunny. An absolute fantastic creation and a breeze to use and clean.

      Features and Spesification

      • 15 piece multi-attachment hand blender set
      • 230 W motor and two stainless steel blades–flat and cross
      • Use to mix, chop, blend, whip, grind, puree, juice and grate
      • Kit includes 1 l jug blender, two cups, four party cups, two stay-fresh lids and two steam tops
      • Comes with recipe book