Hisense 49 – Inch Widescreen 4K Smart LED TV – Great TV, turn off Dynamic Backlight

This is a lot of tv for the money and if you get a good one, then a bit of a bargain. However, the unit we had developed a fault on the hdmi input and we could not link 4k to a new xbox one. We ended up sending the xbox back having read lots of reports about flaky performance on 4k blu ray playback as we though it was that. However, we purchased a panasonic 4k blu ray player as a replacement and that also couldn’t communicate with the tv – so back went the tv.Amazon have been great with the returns with prompt pick ups. We decided to replace the hisense with a 40′ samsung 4k and now all works fine. To be frank, the samsung was only £45 more and is actually finished better. The display also looks slightly more uniform and the sound is equally as good although the overall unit is slimmer and lighter. Now that there is not too much difference price-wise between the main line brands and the hisense, my recommendation would be to go for the main line brands. However, you’ll still get a decent unit with the hisense as long as you get one without any defects.

 the 50inch 4k tv is an absolutely brilliant tv. I was looking at sony & samsung to start with as i have only ever bought there tvs. After a month of research and reading reviews i decided to take a chance on hisense thanks to amazons 30 day return policy and 2 year warranty. The tv is stunning, the picture is brilliant & the internet streaming for netflix, amazon prime videos, bbc iplayer ect all play flawlessly (i had problems with my last sony tv having errors when connecting to the internet) i read some reviews saying the tv sound was not loud enough i have it on 16 and that’s loud enough for me. If your not sure about buying this tv all i can say is you won’t regret it.

I have had this tv for a 8 months now and cannot fault it, the picture is superb the sound is pretty good for a led tv and out shines the samsung 55′ we got last year. Do not use for freeview so cannot comment on the epg menu slowness, but the tv gets updates very frequentlyhooked up to an amazon tv box and stream all viewingi got this for £330 in the amazon warehouse said damaged box which it did have a small tear but the tv was new and in pristine condition, so a great price and a great tv, family have been so impressed by the picture quality they have purchased the 50′ model.

The screen needs setting up as does the audio (forget about the virtual 3d surround options) but once done the picture and sound quality is unbelievably good, even more so considering the price bracket. I have been testing it with 4k youtube videos, planet earth 2 and others through the built in apps and through hdmi and the colour reproduction and clarity is amazing. No screen bleeding or patchy backlighting apart from at the very edge (about 1mm) there’s a very slight vignette but this doesn’t impact on the picture quality in the slightest (see image attached 4k through phone pic doesn’t do it justice). There’s no visible blurring on fast scenes either, so impressed with the tv, the picture quality easily on par with a samsung set i almost bought last week (40inch, £300 more) – all the ‘pro’ reviews gave it an average score but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Very easy to setup, no chinese text anywhere – the menu was intuitive and i’ve not need to refer to the instruction manual apart from to the locate mounting points. It loads iplayer and youtube (4k videos) – yet to test amazon (recently got rid of netflix as they block vpns)my only critique is the the 4k hdmi ports are 90˚ mounted so will require an angle cable if wall mounted. I will update this review in 6 months time.

Good value, many options including arc hdmi and extensive sound and picture adjustment. The picture settings options are very considerate and adjustable for what you want (in bright light, evening light, dark room etc. Network feature works great with netflix, youtube etc. Visually, the profile is classy (slim surround, small footprint). And, the value for money is amazing.

Had never heard of hisense much until recently and took a plunge on buying this tv, overall i’m delighted with it for the price i don’t think you’d do better. The only reason i didn’t give it 5 stars is that i couldn’t download some catch up apps from standard enough channels.

This is a great 4k tv for a budget price. The picture settings out of the box aren’t the greatest and made me worried at first, but once you play around with the picture settings (i. E backlights, contrast, sharpness) you can really make the picture quality look great. Now the only problem i have with this tv, is that anything non hd looks pretty damn bad. 1080p and up looks great, 720p looks good, but anything below that just doesn’t look good at all. The built in applications are pretty good, netflix and youtube are the main two apps, and they work pretty well on this. The audio is also better than i expected. For the price i bought this televison at (£369), i would say that it was worth the money for such a good looking 4k televison, which also has hdr. Don’t be put off by the less well known brand, this tv is great.

Previously had a 5000 series samsung, then an 8000 series, both of which failed after a few years use with backlight inverter problems. This is easily as good as the older 8000 series samsung that it replaced. Picture quality is excellent, it even does a reasonable job at upscaling sd. Not tinny like some of the no name brands, but don’t expect to feel the bass in your chest either. Love the smart features, we make regular use of the amazon and netflix apps. So much more convenient that booting up the playstation or xbox. I would definitely choose this brand again.

I would recommend turning off the ‘dynamic backlight’ as it annoyingly dims the screen using whatever settings that i suppose are meant to be ‘enhancing’ but are just aweful. It is under all in settings menu, picture, then backlight. I measured the feet of the tv and at their furthest point they are 78 cm wide. The whole tv fits perfectly on my 1m wide table with no overhang.

Here are the specifications for the Hisense 49 – Inch Widescreen 4K Smart LED TV:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Ultra HD 4K: Packing four times the number of pixels into the same screen sizes as traditional 1080 p
  • Smart TV: Instantly stream from BBC iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube
  • Freeview HD: Get the preferable TV channels in high definition
  • Slim and powerful high quality sound bar with dual build in subwoofers

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great TV, turn off Dynamic Backlight
  • Absolutely Brilliant Tv
  • Don’t hesitate, excellent smart TV with amazing picture quality (that’s without considering the price). Review for 50″ 4K model