Hisense H43N5700UK 43-Inch 4K UHD Smart TV – Grey – Excellent 10 Bit pannel!

This is my first tv ever, but as i am used to looking at a computer-screen and projector i can’t really find anything wrong with it. I’m sure it’s not the best tv in the world, but for a normal user like me, i don’t think you will notice (unless you are used to a better display). I think it is a reasonable display for its price point. It was easy to set up, and i have not had any problems with it so far.

I think this is a great tv, particularly at the price i paid of £449. The screen is clear and bright. I’ve connected games consoles, blu-ray player, and my pc in addition to free-view and sky and they all look grand. Some sources do look grainy as another reviewer has mentioned but these are artifacts in the source (netflix, prime etc) not the tv. :-)the built in apps are fine. I’ve been using netflix, prime and google videos through youtube. Various catch-up tv providers are also available. I’ve attached a hard disk so i can use the built in planner to record freeview tv. It also uses the hd to allow the pausing of live tv. I do wish it had a 4th hdmi socket and also a scart socket for some of my older devices, but i suppose you can’t have it all.

Beautiful tv, has everything i would ever need (including hdr). It’s just a shame none of my devices can actually run at 4k60 (the best my pc can muster is 4k30 🙁 )location of the ports is very accessible (looking at you samsung with your ports on the back, making wall mounting annoying), speakers are good, and the spdif out is a very nice addition, which is what i use to connect my surround system. I’m having some sound delay issues with it on my dvr but i think that’s more a problem with the box than anything else.

Fantastic value, upgraded my samsung hd tv this outshines in almost every way. Only downside if you watch from a very acute angle picture can look washed out.

Up to now everything seems to be ok, quick and responsive. One criticism is that there are no screws supplied to secure it to a wall mounting bracket. My old tv came with screws in the rear, so i had discarded them, thinking new ones would come with the new tv. Think again, no, had to buy a new bracket.

Single button remote access to freeview play (which provides catch-up through the guide), amazon (which means no need for a firestick), netflix and google movies/youtube (which means no need for a chromecast unless you need it for something else like bt sport). Lawrence of arabia 4k streaming from amazon looks superb for instance, as does netflix 4k and especially hdr content. 5ghz wifi streamed 4k without problem but also has ethernet. Freeview play is surely to become the new standard for terrestrial free tv. Fast quad core means snappy menus. Three hdmi just sufficient, would probably have liked four but that is to nitpick. Looks great mounted on the wall. It doesn’t have 10-bit but for this price it is a winner.

For the price this is a near perfect tv. I bought it mainly to play my dvds as near as cinema quality i could afford and the picture is perfect. Sound quality is also good as is the price. So what is the down side?well switching from switching between dvd, tv etc. Still can not get the hang of it, this irritant loses it 1*.

I’ve used this tv as my main monitor in a pc gaming setup and plan to get 2 more and i can safely say i’ve used it for everything from movie watching to competitive gaming in csgo and overwatch so i feel i have a good idea of its pros and cons. Prosgood colours especially for its price though this tv does not have the samsung ‘pop’ with way to vibrant not very accurate colours. 60hz refreshrate which is a must in my opinion which is something alot of the other lg and jvc tvs dont offer at this price point and even higher. Good enough response time coming in at around 30ms – 35ms without and around 50ms with hdr which is honestly still very enjoyable in fps shooters it may not be a 144hz 1ms response time gaming monitor but its good enough think about it if your running a game at 60hz 1000 divided by 60 is 16ms which could mean in a 1ms response time gaming monitor you could have up to a 17ms response time if running at 60hza nice modern grey design you wouldn’t be embarrassed to have in your living room or at your desk. The speakers are surprisingly good for a tv if you put them into theatre mode and also they get pretty loud around 60% should be good enough for most unless its movie night. Meh’sat 43′ honestly in the living room you wont see much of an advantage if any but as a monitor its the perfect resolution for its size. Sometimes apps wont load without restarting the tv which has happened to me twice in the past 3 months but honestly its not that big of a deal to me at least plus i’m sure most peaple would be using a fire tv stick or chromecast anyway. The red is a off by a bit but this could be fixed changing the colour values. Consthe smart os is ok but with the remote has quite alot of input lag which i would put down to a bad processor. Not many apps on the app store but this will be the same with any smart tv not using something like roku os.

Excellent television in my opinion. Although when it says 55-inch it really is big. . Check size of your room etc. , it nearly caused problems and was rectified after re-arranging the living room / purchasing more furniture (a normal television furniture would never fit it). It seems a complex tv but easy to use, basic pre-defined options to make it easy to get up and running. Sound is great – i found on ‘1’ it is good enough to hear in the morning with breakfast tv and not disturb the whole house. 4k demo from bbc iplayer is amazing. I’m sure the purists will find fault in the colours / backlight / etc but honestly i cannot and don’t care.

Purchased this on currys, cheaper price, however, this tv is absolutely amazing. The picture is cristol clear and i mean cristol clear, the sound is pretty much same as a sound bar, the overall size of this monster is mid boggling, if you have a console it is well worth the money, also the features such as youtube. Bbc i player ect are as you expect, only issue i have found is the menu screen is a bit slow but that’s according to your internet speed. I highly recommend this tv you won’t be disappointed. Just ensure your tv wall bracket suites the kg weight as this is not a small tv and the weight is pretty heavy.

The picture is great, very good value for money. Sleek design, fits a modern environment. Couldn’t put the stands perfectly into their holes though, nevertheless it seems to be holding steadily. The sound seems boxy, bought 5. 1 speakers instead, that really gives a great experience. The menu, or operating system is very bad from a user experience point of view. The design is nice, but it’s a 100 times more annoying to use as the apple tv for example. It’s full with rubbish apps, and connectivity with mobile apps is virtually non-existent. I use an apple tv with it, that does the ‘smart tv job’ much better. All in all i’d still recommend, but not as a standalone device.

After reading limited pro reviews out there including a which?. One giving it 56% i was a little wary of buying the hisense 43n5700, but decided to take a punt. I’m happy i did as doing a bit of tinkering, taking auto modes off and upping the backlighting, gives a picture i’m happy with and a good sound at low volume. The apps cover all main uk channels and there’s future proofing with the addition of freeview play which gives ability to catch up on 7 days programming from the tv guide menu. It’s day one but i’ve tested a few hd channels, a couple of blu rays and movies on amazon prime and netflix, and all looks and works great without any hiccups. As someone who is pretty tech savvy i can recommend this without hesitation.

10 bit pannel and just make sure you configure the hdmi to advanced to enable. Good colours and easy to operate and very light. Will post a more in-depth review after using it more.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Hisense H55N5700UK is a brilliant TV for the price
  • Beautiful TV and very good for the money.
  • For the price this is a near perfect TV. I bought it mainly to play my

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