Hisense H50A6200UK 50 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV – Cost effective option

Good tv overall, nice looking, sadly it arrived damaged completely and i have requested a refund and hopefully this will be done soon.

Stunning 4k tv, easy set up, works well. Hisense is a good brand for a little bit cheaper price wise but right up there with quality. The remote is great with the extra netflix and freeplay buttons.

Id love to say it’s a brill but sadly due to the useless packaging and delivery it arrived with a screen in 1000 pieces all i can say is it’s a lovely finish and size etc looked well made and i don’t want to down play the make because of the delivery. Unless they start to sort out their packaging. I had a tiny dog jacket delivered in a huge box and a huge tv delivered with no support or proper packaging just a box no bubble wrap etc etc. So sadly i can’t review this other than the physical construction which looked excellent. Sadly let down by amazon delivery company.

The only problem is that it drops from the wi-fi every time i turn it off and on again. Have tried pairing it and still drops. Just have a note with the password somewhere close.

Brilliant tv for the money, on initial setup picture quality wasn’t the best but after making a few changes in the setup menu wow. Would recommend all day long. Sound quality is fine for a normal sized lounge no need for a sound bar unless your a sound buff.

After lots of research and reading of reviews, i decided to plump for this 50inch 4k hdr hisense tv. One of the persuading factors was the option of connecting your satellite dish also. (great of your freeview reception isn’t perfect). Arrived on delivery day, by dpd, no problems there with text updates. Easy to set up, connects to your wifi or via a lan connection if you prefer. The set up is straightforward and easy to do. It prompted me that there was a firmware update available so i performed this so it’s got the latest (not sure what the differences are)the thing i really like is having the 4 remote buttons to access amazon prime tv, youtube, netflix and freeplay for a single press – no messing. You can add multiple accounts on youtube. Great for us so my daughter can access all her content without messing with ours.

Very pleased with everything sound pic quality etc.

Bought this as last years hisense model had been recommended in a well known computer magazine albeit with a few qualities being found to be mundane by them. Setup is not such as breeze as i was led to believe, as follows. The product didn’t work properly out of the box, the remote ‘jumped around’ on the screen for example. Well, the secret is to leave tv connected for a couple of hours or so to warm itself up initially. The pack had been delivered on a winters day after all. This then corrected all the malfunctioning problems but only after ‘rebooting’ the tv. The initial screen quality is shocking if you are connecting to a traditional digital ariel using the usual freeview services. On remote, go into settings (see manual if you don’t know where this is)2.

Every bit as good as my samsung, which was nearly twice the price.

Bought as a present and the recipient likes it better than her previous samsung.

I bought mine from very,the picture quality is excellent until fast paced movements and then it distorts,i agree with the review by the other customer saying the same as me. No set up instructions,won t load freeview play- bbc iplayer ect,this tv is frustrating.

The wifi module in this is rubbish, like i’ve got it 5m from my access point and it disconnects regularly. Luckily ive got a ethernet port next to it and it works great when hard wired. I would avoid this if you’re planning to use the ‘smart’ features all the time. It’s a great panel but they’ve clearly skimped on the cpu. But £400 for a 4k hdr screen this good is hard to argue with.

Great tv exactly what it says perfect for the price you ain’t getting better for the price.

Good tele, picture great, sound is great, internet connection sometimes drops out.

Easy to set up and very good picture quality for the price paid.

For the price i really can’t grumble. The picture quality is great for watching shows and playing games on my xbox one. The colours and the audio could be better but perfectly fine for what you’re paying. I’d 100% recommend this product.

Insanly cheep for what you get.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Brilliant TV
  • Love my TV!
  • Great if it suits your use case

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