Hisense H50A6200UK 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV – – Great if it suits your use case

I am really impressed with this tv for the price i paid i can’t grumble. Is it as good as my main lg tv no but it was less than half the price of that one so it was bought for a second tv to mainly watch amazon prime which it has a dedicated app on the menu together with netflix and all the usual features iplayer, itv hub etc.

This only arrived yesterday, absolutely love it, great picture and sound, easy to set up, great value for money, love all the apps, itv hub, bbc player etc, i would recommend this tv to anyone, upgraded to a 50” from a 43” and you can really tell the difference, also my fist smart tv, absolutely love it 👍.

My 10 year old panasonic 49” plasma was starting to look a little jaded. Some burn-in marks mainly from kids tv shows and the sound (mainly speech) was atrocious. The final straw came when we had an electricity smart meter fitted and noticed a spike in usage every time we switched it on. A quick look on the rear info panel showed it used nearly 500w, which meant we were using about £150 of electricity per year running it. That also explained why the room was like a sauna once it’d been on a short while. I decided that this hisense, low energy, 50” budget 4k would be a suitable upgrade so went ahead and ordered – whilst keeping my fingers crossed that i didn’t get one with a damaged screen as mentioned on more than a few previous reviews. Anyway, it arrived without a scratch and took no more than a few minutes to get up a running. My virgin tivo automatically adjusted to 4k output and i signed into prime video, youtube and netflix via the tv’s own app list. I then tried out different 4k streams between the services and all was going well until suddenly all streaming services locked up and i couldn’t get anything to work. Disconnecting the power and restarting solved it but after a little more time trying different 4k streams it locked up again – something that others have mentioned in their reviews.

I bought this to put up in my nephews room for his xbox one. The picture quality is acceptable but not great and i can notice some pixels missing on the screen. I am not sure if this is a fault with the tv but for this price i cannot complain.

This really is a very good telly for the price. The picture quality is stunning, and everything is really easy to get set up. I havent found any bad points about it. If you are wondering if you should get this or not, i definitely would.

Buggy softwarepicture is very good from virgin media tivo box and pc attached via hdmiinbuilt apps though seem to crash a lotprime was fine , netflix was fine , you tube fine , then set up iplayer and it crashed all over the placetried updating firmwaream keeping tv and am happy with it as i get all my services through the vm box or attached pconly had it for a couple of hours and had to factory reset it twicewill update after i have had it longer and done a bit of googlingsoftware update has fixed all issues five stars.

Picture quality is brilliant. Very detailed and the ‘dynamic’ tv mode makes the colours really stand out. Really great considering the price. I use a set of logitech z906s with it as i watch a lot of films and listen to music through my tv. For any casual watchers, the in built audio is good enough; however if you’re want great audio quality you should get a soundbar. Build quality is not the greatest. Feels plasticky and cheap but that is to be expected for a tv so inexpensive. It looks good, slim bezels and is relatively thin for the price. Tv is very easy to set up and the operating system is simple, fast and easy to use.

Bought this tv to replace an lg and really noticed the difference in picture quality (lg much better). I find i have to change the settings depending on what i am watching and picture only looks good if sitting directly opposite. Tv guide freezes every time, response to remote is frustratingly slow and freeview play also freezes sometimes. I have connected a soundbar which improves sound quality. All in all this tv performs and looks like a basic ‘cheap’ model, which is exactly what it is.

As 4k tv’s go this has turned out to a good tv for the price. As for the tv turning up broken that i can say didn’t happen to my one and was well packed. And i have had no problems with the wifi. As for picturei can say its well worth it. Running sky tv in 4k is nice. So i would say yes get this tv if your not looking to pay out to much ok its not as good as my other 4k from sony but that cost 3 times more money and tbh theres not to much in it.

Good tele, picture great, sound is great, internet connection sometimes drops out.

I managed to purchase this tv in a flash sale on amazon and very pleased with the price paid. Quality of picture of both picture and sound is excellent and the number of features and apps available is great. This has replaced an older 42′ hd tv and the difference in picture quality is amazing. You should be very pleased with this tv.

Good delivery, on time and no damage. Remarkably good tv for £250 sometime too good, as you can see the actors/people skin in very clear definition which is not always a pleasant experience as you can see every blemish and marks. Fairly simple set up and got the freesat channels up and running. The direct netflix/prime button are handy too. The plain black plastic surrounds and stand are the only give away that it’s a low cost tv but the picture seems a good quality so no complaints.

For the price this is a decent tv. The picture is clear – it does not achieve the deep blacks of more expensive tvs. So hdr here does not make a great impact. , at this level the panel just can’t achieve the brightness. The interface is simple and the apps all work (only main app missing is now tv – which is the case with most manufacturers apart from lg) – most other smart tvs i have owned have struggled with apps crashing. There settings are simplified compared with other tvs, which is probably a good thing – unless you really know what the impact of changing a gamma number is. The main reason for losing marks is the recording live tv to hard disc (pvr) – which is an increasingly important feature – given that we have more catchup services a dedicated pvr (tivo/sky+) is less important, but sometimes you want to record something so you have it in hd and for an extended period. Recording on this tv is possible, but you can’t change the input to hdmi or watch a netflix etc. This is allowed on most other tvs (sony & lg at least). There is no hardware reason for this. Here are the specifications for the Hisense H50A6200UK 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV –:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Hisense 4K HDR Smart TV allow you to play HDR content from compatible source components, it also offers darker blacks, brighter whites and a better contrast.
  • Hisense Smart allows you to connect to a world of on-demand entertainment through built-in apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, BBC iPlayer and an integrated web browser.
  • Freeview Play – Catch up on the last seven days of TV in one place, pause and rewind live TV. Your favourite shows ready to be watched whenever you want, in incredible high definition.
  • dbx-tv’s Total Technology audio enhancements create the best sound possible from the speakers in your TV. Featuring Total Sonics, Total Volume and Total Surround.
  • Remote Now Mobile App – Download “Remote NOW” app from your Android or iOS app store, then, no more looking for remote control, customize your own entertainment or cast to TV
  • Includes 2 years UK manufacturer warranty

I love this tv, easy to set up, and feels nice to use, the headphone socket does not work, so, if you want to use a sound bar, you will need to buy an optical connector, which works brilliantly. You can use alexa, but you need to download the hisense skill on the alexa app, and link the tv to hisense servers. I am really pleased with this tv, after buying a different telly which was rubbish. The apps are limited, but amazon prime works flawlessly, as does bbc iplayer, itv hub and rakuten.

Very good value regardless of what some reviews say sound is great picture good remote super extremely pleased this tv won’t be this price in 12 months my other tv is a top of the range and no better super.

Yes, the tv does not have specialize engines working on the display but the display is definitely 4k hdr and we love it, does not have a laggy interface and has the most essential buttons on the remote. The best part is that you can connect it to alexa and it part of my daily routines.

Great tv, i’m a gamer so playing on a 65 inch tv is amazing, this tv is absolutely huge and i’m so glad we didn’t go for the 75 inch as it would have taken over the entire room, takes 2 people to move it around to get it on the wall, screen is a bit flimsy with various warnings on the box that if you poke it you’ll break it, also flexes back n forth if u so much as blow hard on the screen, plays stuff on youtube in 4k also netflix and prime stuff if you pay extra.

I am so grateful for this tv, broke my other 4k tv and was fresh out of money for a while this has been a savior for a gamer like me woop. I have experienced something rather new to me though when using the tv in daytime the black levels or contrast fluctuate between high and low automatically, i have yet to find a solution for this. If anyone can help i’d be grateful other then that 100% worth the purchase.

The wifi module in this is rubbish, like i’ve got it 5m from my access point and it disconnects regularly. Luckily ive got a ethernet port next to it and it works great when hard wired. I would avoid this if you’re planning to use the ‘smart’ features all the time. It’s a great panel but they’ve clearly skimped on the cpu. But £400 for a 4k hdr screen this good is hard to argue with.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Love my TV!

  • I’m sure it would have been a brilliant tv if

  • Great if it suits your use case

Really nice tv,picture pixelates now and again, unsure if this is my broadband (virgin) or the tv🤔the main reason for not giving five stars, is it has a hole for headphones, but when you plug them in and go to headphone settings, it come up with a message on screen. . ‘this setting is currently unavailable’alas, such is life🥴.

Husband is thrilled, thinks its miles better than my 30′ sd tv, struggled linking to alexa, but the sound and picture are great, easy to use. Kids think its brilliant that the paw patrol are virtually life sized now. I’m a bit resentful, i liked my little rubbish telly, but i cant deny this is better.

Brilliant tv for the money, on initial setup picture quality wasn’t the best but after making a few changes in the setup menu wow. Would recommend all day long. Sound quality is fine for a normal sized lounge no need for a sound bar unless your a sound buff.

Stunning 4k tv, easy set up, works well. Hisense is a good brand for a little bit cheaper price wise but right up there with quality. The remote is great with the extra netflix and freeplay buttons.

Bought this tv for the bedroom and i am so happy we did, the picture quality is amazing even better than our lg in the lounge which cost three times more, the set up was very good and easy to do and it connected to the wi-fi with ease, the remote is great to use and has a nice tactile feel about it. I often listen to the tv using headphones while my partner sleeps but this model has no bluetooth although not a problem as i can connect through my firestick, also the sound output would probably not be loud enough for a bigger room so if it were in the lounge a soundbar would probably be needed but for the bedroom plenty loud enough. Overall a excellent product for the price that i would highly recommend.

After lots of research and reading of reviews, i decided to plump for this 50inch 4k hdr hisense tv. One of the persuading factors was the option of connecting your satellite dish also. (great of your freeview reception isn’t perfect). Arrived on delivery day, by dpd, no problems there with text updates. Easy to set up, connects to your wifi or via a lan connection if you prefer. The set up is straightforward and easy to do. It prompted me that there was a firmware update available so i performed this so it’s got the latest (not sure what the differences are)the thing i really like is having the 4 remote buttons to access amazon prime tv, youtube, netflix and freeplay for a single press – no messing. You can add multiple accounts on youtube. Great for us so my daughter can access all her content without messing with ours.

What’s not to love had last one for 3 years no issues great picture for buck and 100% reliable manual adjust picture love hisense got 2 this one for bedroom wifi works great with extender and bought the 2019 uled 55 for living room even better picture and sound with dolby with audio receiver with full emerse surround it’s mind blowing audio.

I’ve had lg, samsung & phillips tvs and this trumps them all. + the pre-installed netflix app plays at 4k resolution (my internet speed is 15 mb/s and plays at 4k). + excellent shortcuts on the remote for youtube, amazon prime, netflix and some other service i don’t know. + great interface, certainly one of the better uis on the smart tvs i have seen. + thin screen (my 32” lg tv is thicker). + freeview is excellent, easy to use tv guide, certainly a better guide than my virgin media box. Just put in my wifi password and the tv was good to go.

Id love to say it’s a brill but sadly due to the useless packaging and delivery it arrived with a screen in 1000 pieces all i can say is it’s a lovely finish and size etc looked well made and i don’t want to down play the make because of the delivery. Unless they start to sort out their packaging. I had a tiny dog jacket delivered in a huge box and a huge tv delivered with no support or proper packaging just a box no bubble wrap etc etc. So sadly i can’t review this other than the physical construction which looked excellent. Sadly let down by amazon delivery company.

Brought this purely for the price. 300 pounds for a 50 inch tv. Have been very impressed with the picture, sound and features available on this tv. If it only lasts a couple of years it was well worth it.

Its a nice tv, however, there are a few set backs, the hmdi and usb ports are in difficult places, the wifi is not great everytime you turn it on you have to enter your wifi password everytime. It does have a great picture and the sound is great. But for the price it’s a fairly alround good tv. It may maybe because i have never had a hisense tv before as usually bought lg or sony tv. But overall pretty good for the price. It did come with 2 years manufacturers warranty as well not bad for £329.

Didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a new tv, i have to admit was a bit worried about that initially and buying a brand i hadn’t seen or heard much about before. But the price was good for a 50′ tv, i am very pleased with it so far, it was replacing an lg tv and the picture quality is perfectly good enough for me (btw i am no resolution anorak). Yes the menu is more basic than the lg but its very usable and easy, it does what you need it to. The sound/audio quality also seems to be pretty good considering most tv’s these days are pants. Its a good tv i hope it is as reliable as the lg was.

Bought this as last years hisense model had been recommended in a well known computer magazine albeit with a few qualities being found to be mundane by them. Setup is not such as breeze as i was led to believe, as follows. The product didn’t work properly out of the box, the remote ‘jumped around’ on the screen for example. Well, the secret is to leave tv connected for a couple of hours or so to warm itself up initially. The pack had been delivered on a winters day after all. This then corrected all the malfunctioning problems but only after ‘rebooting’ the tv. The initial screen quality is shocking if you are connecting to a traditional digital ariel using the usual freeview services. On remote, go into settings (see manual if you don’t know where this is)2.

Picture quality is great, don’t expect samsung quality though. Does everything the big brand tvs do, including netflix, amazon prime etc and i’m yet to find a video format it doesn’t play. Has all the channel catchup apps too. If you’re all about the picture and can afford the extra for a samsung then do so but you can literally get 2 hisense tvs for the same price and this tv does a great job in every area.

We’ve had this few weeks now. On the plus side it was reasonably priced and looks ok but it ghosts a lot. You get lie a slight trail when watching it as if it is struggling to catch-up with itself. I admit i haven’t had a tv for years, we did without but i can’t help but think that with all the fancy things these tvs are capable of these days, a sharp picture that moves well should be a basic. Sound quality seems decent enough and there are lots of features/things you can do/add like add a firestick. Ghosting effect seems worse at night – or maybe we just notice it more then due to darkness outside/glare from other lighting. If you want an ok tv for a good price with lots of features, this one is ok but if ghosting really bothers you then i wouldn’t buy it.

This was an amazing product for the money, i purchased this during the prime one day sale and got a real bargain. I purchased this for my kitchen dining area perfect on a swivel mount whic allows viewing in either area. The picture is good as is the sound but i have given it 4 stars simply because i’m comparing it with much more expensive tv’s (sony) which i have in other rooms. A bit unfair as they are 4 times more expensive. This product met my expectations and more.

Well it’s ok for the price as i use it for games which look great and i love the controller short keys to youtube and the rest but the motion blur is a bit much and one of the speakers randomly turns strange every now and then but it doesn’t happen often so the later is probably a manufacturing error but as i’m wearing headphones most of the time it’s fine. My main problem is the hdr is with the lack of a better word “grainy”, it doesn’t seem fixable at my end no matter what i do unfortunately.

If your looking for a large tv at a low price you really can’t go wrong with hisesne. This is my second tv from them. They are lightweight (makes putting it on the wall easier) really easy to setup, you can connect it to wifi during setup and it will automatically update the software. There are buttons for youtube, amazon video and netflix on the remote which makes it easy to access these systems. The sound quality is good, but to be honest i have always used a soundbar as they do sound better (again really easy to connect using optical cable).

This is probably the best tv i have ever bought. Bargain of a price for only £249 (when i bought it) and you can tell that it is a uhd 4k display. Surprisingly as well, the sound quality is surround and has enough of a scale to play around with so i won’t need to go out of my way to buy a soundbar. Nice that it comes with 2 years warranty. Simple to set up and edit for your preferred apps (i. Netflix, prime video, itv hub, bbc iplayer whatever.

I couldn’t afford an expensive tv, so i chose this hisense it is a 2019 model & works great, the sound took some working out in the beginning, the problem was with music getting really loud & then voices quiet, but it’s fixed now, apart from that i haven’t had any problems, to me it’s picture-perfect, it doesn’t use much power, great sound now :). I will certainly be buying more of their products in the future.

Amazing tv for an amazing price. Although only early days so still time to go wrong, but at the moment i’m loving it and glad i brought it. One thing i would improve is the legs as they seem very flimsy and cheap.

My old tv broke so had to buy a cheap short term replacement so decided on this one. The picture quality is fantastic and the sound is perfect and loud so you won’t need surround sound. The smart features are brilliant and now it’s got games built in. It’s easy to set up and looks brilliant. After having it a couple of months we’ve decided not to buy a new one because this is just as good as a samsung tv if not better.

Please ignore bad reviewsi was a bit nervous after reading themthis is a massive tvlightweightdoes everything it saysno issues with setupdon’t have to log on wifi as mentioned in another few reviewsarrived undamageddelivery driver was so helpful he couldn’t get into my building so brought it to my place of work to ensure i received itit’s a 300£ 50” tvyou can’t ask for more for 300£.

This is a great tv for the money, don’t get me wrong, but it’s far from perfect. I am using it as a second monitor, just to drop things like ‘spotify’ onto, which aren’t too important what they look like. However, the picture quality is decent, it’s got quite a few good features and at the price, for a 4k 43 inch tv – it’s actually really good value. However, if picture quality is critical, save up a few hundred quid more and go for one of the ‘bigger’ brands, sony, lg, samsung etc. Please click ‘helpful’ below as it really helps me do more reviews like this ;).

Mixed feelings with this product. Its 4k which is a great step forward from our ageing hd set. But it’s not mind blowing , our 50 inch 2 year old 4k has a sharper image. Sound is really bad, tinny hollow and lots of static at lower volumes which is bad for night time viewing. I suspected a fault and and we now have wait 2 weeks for an engineer or to return the tv at my own cost. Also it’s not voice controlled as it implies and our courriers refused to unpack and let us check for damage.

Bought for my son’s bedroom and mainly used with a xbox. I had a play with it and the picture quality is great, sound the usual quality for this type of tv. Thinking about getting the 50′ for downstairs now.

I am very happy with this purchase, for the price of £349:00, it is excellent value for money. 4 stars for sound quality, as i had to increase volume to 40. Feet were difficult to attach to tv, took a while to get them lined up with the holes and then could only get 1 screw to line up on one of the feet. Very easy to set up and connect to my other boxes.