Hisense H75A6600UK 75-Inch 4k Ultra HD HDR Smart TV : Quality tv

Easy set up for all the online content, decent interface and search functions. Satellite connection wizard worked well. Tv/rf tuner not used so can’t comment. Plenty of inputs for other devices. Pausing and playing of live tv works well but you need to add your own memory device and use up one of the usb’s. Screen easily copes with ps4 graphics. Sound quality good but as always external devices do improve it.

Apps are very limited but quality is very good – very easy to install on plaster board wall -weight is 6. 5 kilos which is excellent for a 43 inch tvtv. No scaristy of inputs – i would certainly recommend this brand.

What a tv, 4k for for this price fantastic, picture is sharp and so colourful, if you dont get this tv for its price your a fool lol 5 stars well done hisense.

Not found a fault with this tv yet. Great picture, sound fab, looks sleek and is quite sturdy. Overall a great tv especially for the price, amazing value for money.

Perhaps hisense isn’t one of the best known/premium brands, but don’t be put off. This is a fantastic television with all the features you might expect from a high-end model, but at a fraction of the cost. The picture is stunning – especially when playing from an ultra hd source. The ‘smart’ features are comprehensive and well laid out. Accessing netflix, for example, simply involves pressing a button on the remote. If you are really picky, perhaps you might – just – be able to distinguish a difference from one of the top-end, premium, makes if displayed side by side, but for most of us there really isn’t any difference – except in the price. I really cannot recommend this model highly enough.

Best price / quality rapport for the picture and sound. The picture is not the best one out of the box but it can be adjusted easy to be great. The sound also is not bose or samsung but is not bad at all. The netflix 4k app from tv is actually providing better picture than the 4k on a roku streaming stick. I was not sure if il get one tv with the reported issues here but seems it was fine in the end. Since i am not using it to view any paid or freeview channels cannot comment on the tuner side. The hdr is not the best you can have but is pretty acceptable. The menu is a little laggy and not the best if you are used with a big brand but it does the job. Overall 4 stars and buy it if you don`t want to pay much but still want to get a big size tv with a nice picture.

. The easiest tv i have set up. Remote has built in amozonand netflix again instant access. Perfect picture and amazing sound for such a big, thin tv. I’m really delighted by this great bargain.

Had this tv 3 days now and i could not be happier it’s the best £319 i’ve ever spent. You’ll will not go wrong buying this make. The picture is crystal clear and the sound is better then most of the high end tv’s i looked at.

  • This is a good value 4K Ultra HD HDR television which looks smart and
  • great TV for the price
  • Amazing TV for the price

Hisense H75A6600UK 75-Inch 4k Ultra HD HDR Smart TV with Freeview Play – Black (2018 Model)

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Love the tv, picture is great but network connectivity and apps are very unreliable. Was a great price but am a bit disappointed to have to use my fire stick with a smart tv.

It is extremely good value for this price. Everything you could ask for at this price rangethabk you.

Excellent product would recommend that anyone looking for a 4k uhd tv look now further and its cheaper than curry’s or argos and i know bec i’ve been to both as well as sainsbury and asda.

I recieved the tv on thursday , was a bit worried due to the negative feedback that started to appear from another buyers. I upgraded from a 49″ lg full hd tv and the difference is amazing. The tv i recieved have no light bleeding which was my main worry. It was very easy to set up , the smart features are good but not comparable to lg webos which is faster and easier to use. The smart features ok hisense tv are all anyone would need netflix , youtube , amazon video etc is all preinstalled , the only thing is that it is noticeable slower than lg when navigating through the app it is not as smooth and can notice slowdowns. The picture quality out of the box is stunning , standard 4k content looks sharp the colours are accurate and black levels are very decent. When watching full hd content it also looks much better on this tv due to upscaling , i have standard ps4 and it never looked as good as it looks now on this tv the ps4 outputs only 1080p signal but it is upscaled to 4k and looks much more detailed and sharp. Hdr is not so great due to the low level of brignthes on this tv compared to more expensive units that are her enabled. I honestly don’t have much her content my ps4 can enable hdr but i much more prefere the picture quality in standard mode. Overall i am very happy with the purchase and would recommend getting this tv for the price i paid it can’t get any better.

Good tv great picture not so good sound but ok.

Have this tv 4 days now, bought to upgrade my 12 year old 42inch plasma, so thats what im comparing to in this review, i was a bit apprehensive due to the low price and brand name but i am not disappointed, picture quality is fantastic and sound is also very good, netflix, amazon video and youtube apps on the tv work seamlessly, there are plenty of other apps on the tv that i havent looked at, i think most of these will be region specific so probably wont work in my country (bbc iplayer, itv player etc), tv does feel quite plasticy, maybe thats a feature of all newer led tv’s, its also very light. Fantastic tv for the price and im not disapointed.

Feels like the people on tv are in the room.

This is my second hisense tv my other is a 39′ which is about 18 months old and now moved to another room, i can say from my own experience i have not had any problems with it, this model seems just as good.

  • This is a good value 4K Ultra HD HDR television which looks smart and
  • great TV for the price
  • Amazing TV for the price

Hisense H75A6600UK 75-Inch 4k Ultra HD HDR Smart TV with Freeview Play – Black (2018 Model)

This is a good value 4k ultra hd hdr television which looks smart and performs well. The picture and video quality is very sharp and clear and this television can upscale lower resolution content. The hisense h50ae6100uk has freeview play and a customisable smart tv platform which allows you to watch content such as netflix and youtube. The smart tv feature works well but it can be slow to load content and respond to commands. I have noticed this issue in most smart tv’s. The sound quality of this television is very good and a lot better than most televisions i have tested. The sound this television produces is clear and smooth and great for watching movies with. The design and construction of this television is compact and durable but it is not as slim as some of the higher end televisions models available. The television is simple to operate and it has a user friendly layout. This television can also be used for usb video recording and playback.

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