HolyHigh Bluetooth Earbuds In-Ear Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5 : Easy to use great design

Really good sound, however the headphones fall out quite often, but the thing that destroys my comfort the most are the playback controls. You can’t switch back to the previous track and in order to lower the volume you have to cycle volume up until it resets back to 0.

Very good for the price but sound does drop out too often if your phone is in a pocket. You really have to hold the phone in your hand.

The t8 is a fantastic product and holyhigh have given me amazing customer service. I would highly recommend theme. A great stylish product, with crystal clear sound quality, and really easy to use. You can’t go wrong with this, with great value for money too.

The quality is superb but i do find the bass lacking slightly, but it depends on the position set in my ears. They do not fall out, and that’s always been my worry with previous models, very pleased and a comfortable fit too. The charging and battery life is a game changer for me, as i listen through the day. As i usually listen with one ear (so as to hear, while listening), i can use one while the other is charging in my pocket.

As a music lover i’m always in the look for new headphones and this time i wanted to try something different so after a long search those were the ones that got my attention. The sound is crystalline with a superb low frequencies. I would recommend those one for someone like me that is always on the go and can easily fit in any pocket.

This product is excellent, the sound quality is pretty good. Bass and treble are good, but, if you want more bass, you can go into your phone’s advanced sound settings to up the bass if needed.

I have had these earbuds for about a month now and so far i love them. Sound is amazingly clear and what they claim about their sound quality is spot on. The thing that really sold it for me was the fitment. I can shake my head as hard as i can and they will not fall out.

This was a present for my husband and he loves them first of all- they are comfortable- the earphones come with different size ear plugs so you can adjust the size of the plugs so the earphones are 100% secure in your ears and do not fall out. Secondly the ease of connection- this was so simple even i can do it. And once connected- these are stable- there is absolutely no fading of signal or dropping out- consistent sound. Usually, my husband is connecting them to the tv, while i am working, so i don’t get distracted. Finally, these are really attractive- the case is small and nice, easily can be fitted in the pocket. One thing to be aware of is the fact that they have touch options, therefore when you touch them something will happen( the music will stop or the the song will change) once you get used to them.

  • I love these little earbuds!
  • Easy to use, stay in ear, good sound
  • Excellent earphones

HolyHigh Bluetooth Earbuds In-Ear Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 with 3000mAh Battery 120 Hours Play Time Waterproof Microphone for iOS Samsung Huawei Android



HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds with Upgraded and High-Capacity Charging Box


With advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, HolyHigh wireless earbuds will liberate you from hassle and tangle. There is a choice between single-ear playing and both earbuds playing. Enjoy the fantastic music without tangled wires.


We use the noise control technology free from unwanted background noise after professional tests. Our HolyHigh wireless earphones will lead you to a world with the clearest stereo sound.


HolyHigh wireless earphones are equipped with the fashionable breathing light, matching with you in all occasions. Besides, if you want to turn off the breathing light, you can long press for 5 seconds. The choice is in your hand, this is your world.


When you leave home, you just need to bring a little gadget as the same as your palm. With the 3000mAh charging box, it will be convenient to charge your wireless earphones without tangled wires.




Upgraded Charging Box with 3000mAh Large Capacity

To make it more portable, the charging box is upgraded with larger battery capacity. With the charging box, you can easily enjoy the music up to 60 hours and call up to 80 hours. There is no need to worry about the compatibility, which can support most mobile phones.

Waterproof & Sweatproof

The waterproof technology leaves you with a peace of mind. HolyHigh wireless earphones will be a good companion with you no matter where you go and when you need.

Easy to Pair

When the wireless earphones are turned on at the same time, it will be easy to connect to Bluetooth automatically. If you want to change the connected device, you can just turn off the Bluetooth of original mobile phone or stay away from it. Then turn on the earphones and the device you want to connect for “i19”.


5.1 5.2
HolyHigh Bluetooth Headphone I19 HolyHigh Bluetooth Headphone T8 HolyHigh Bluetooth Headphone 368 HolyHigh Bluetooth Headphone BE1018 HolyHigh Bluetooth Headphone Anc-03 HolyHigh Smart Watch Q58
Bluetooth Standard V5.0 V5.0 V5.0 V5.0 V4.2+EDR V5.0
Waterproof Level IPX6 IPX6 IPX7 IP67 IPX5 IP68
Talk/Playing Time 4 Hours 4 Hours 4 Hours 4 Hours 8 Hours 7 Days
Wireless Range 33ft 33ft 33ft 33ft 33ft 33ft
Built-in Microphone
Noise Reduction CVC 6.0 CVC 8.0 CVC 6.0 CVC 6.0
Sound HD stereo sound Hi-Fi stereo sound HD stereo sound HD stereo sound HD Sound and Richer Bass
Compatible Devices iOS Android Samsung Huawei Motorola ,etc iOS Android Samsung Huawei Motorola ,etc iOS Android Samsung Huawei Motorola ,etc iOS Android Samsung Huawei Motorola ,etc iOS Android Samsung Huawei Motorola ,etc iOS Android Samsung Huawei Motorola ,etc

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I really loved this product. The bluetooth works perfectly and the sound is great.

This was my first time buying bluetooth headphones. It is easy to connect up to your device also they fit perfectly which surprised me as i expected there to be difficulty.

I’ve been using these earbuds for a few days now and i am really happy with the purchase. I have used other fully wireless earbuds in the past and i can say hands down these are the best. And for the price they are 100% worth it. The build quality is amazing and they’re really easy to use aswell. The battery life is amazing aswell.

I feel that these earbuds could be close to the top as it is fantastic. The sound system is nice and the battery last quite long. Nice for walking my dog 👍👍.

It’s brilliant, they were delivered my pair of wireless earbuds within 24hrs, package made very well. Bluetooth connections i found them very easy to connect. I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality and ease of use. The earbuds has exceeded my expectations. Listening to music is a treat with deep bass and heights, watching movies is fantastic with the words and movie in sync using netflix or youtube. The microphone is clear and the receivers have had no problem in understanding me. They are light weight and very ergonomic and will not fall out from nobody’s ear. I actually forget they are in my ear after a while. Definitely these wireless earbuds are perfect.

Really cool earphones with good quality sound and they dont fall out.

I was looking for bluetooth headphones because i have to commute by bus to my new job from now on. The design of this earbuds liked me from the very first moment and it didn’t disappoint me when i got them. They look stylish in my ears, sounds is high so i can completely focus on my music (i read some people mentioned volume is not enough if you are in a bus. Not my case) and battery is good too, i never run out of battery so far and when i arrive to my destination i just need to put them in their case to charge them again. I would definitely recommend them.

Really good quality for a money. Good size for the earbuds and fits very well in my years. Easy setup even without a manual. Really happy about charging box. Overall really good headset for a money.

  • I love these little earbuds!
  • Easy to use, stay in ear, good sound
  • Excellent earphones

HolyHigh Bluetooth Earbuds In-Ear Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 with 3000mAh Battery 120 Hours Play Time Waterproof Microphone for iOS Samsung Huawei Android

I bought this set a week ago. Is very confortable and with a very clear sound with no distortion at all. Death metal to classic music is simple great. Doesn’t beat the quality of my over the ear bose headset, but the difference is very low and with the extra confort for gym and going to work, well it’s very worthy. I like a lot the the case charging function. The mic during calls is very good, way above average. No bad side at all for me battery is a great. Also they are so comfy to wear i use them to get to sleep. I’ll summarise:+ great sound quality and noise cancelling, does cut out a fair bit of ambient sound.

High quality sound, design is very nice, look modern. I like how they are built so they stay in the ears and no falling out.

Great price for the quality of the product. They aren’t the best sounding or smallest bluetooth on the market but if you want an affordable pair that have a decent sound and look stylish then these are ideal. I bought them due to my iphone 7 upgrade and so far i’ve used them for running and casual use and i don’t think i’ll ever use my wired pair again.

Bluetooth connection is stable, bluetooth headset has changed a few times, this is the best i have used, the sound quality is also very good, the quality is tough ~i like, the color is very good, the sound quality is really good, listen to the song super enjoy, high frequency the extension is good, the intermediate frequency is full and thick, the stereoscopic effect is very strong, the sound field is wide, the layering is good, the details are rich, and the sound texture is restored to the real, that is enough. This headset is especially suitable for sports, it is a very practical headset, it is worth buying.

The battery life is very good. And the customer service received was excellent.

I was looking for an alternative to airpods and these were a great choice. They charged up really quickly and also had different attachments depending on the size of your ear. I have trouble with this type of earbud because my ears are very small. The smallest attachment was best for me and these are now my go to for when i go on runs and my daily commute. Sound quality is also great.

I was a little worried at first about ordering this at such an low price. But i am glad i went ahead as the product is amazing. The sound quality and bass was really good and very reasonable with the price i pad and more importantly, it literally fits in your year so well and comes with some extra add on’s (ear plus to add to the head headphones) so that you may have an even better fit into your ear. I use it for sports, so i was worried about sweating or rain or it falling out but it’s been amazing and it just fits will in ur ears no issues so far so good. That’s why this product gets a 5 starrs.

Superb headphones for approachable pricefits perfect to my ears and stays in strong even tough i’m working out or running. I tried them for 45 min jog and gym session yesterday and it was amazing. Sound quolity is very good and noise can elation really works.

Been using this headphone for week it’s not that bad for this price. Battery life last long exact 3hr playing non stop music. The charging case is small and comfortable u can carry anywhere. But its take to deliver minimum 10 days.

For the price these are actually quite gooddeep base super quick connect. And battery last very long what more can i ask for. Not tested the water resistant capability but apart from that these are a decent pice for a decent price.

After using for a few days, this is definately the one to buy. I use it for work, for gym and for music while i’m travelling. It stays in your ear and it’s so comfortable that you forget about it. Sound quality is great ad well.

Very impressed with sound quality, mini and portable size. Longer battery life than it describes in my view. Very glad to buy this product.

Bluetooth earphones don’t have to be expensive to be good. I have bought these ones after searching for a while and i am happy with them. The sound is clear, the play time is fair (they have to be comfortable first of all) and the box is nice and handy.

Voices sound clear and undistorted. From out of the box and paired to my iphone xs it took less than a minute. I had no issue on batter life on both earbuds and case. They are exactly as advertised i had no problem on battery running out during my use. To tell you the truth, max i’ve used this for was about 2 hours and a half.

I am using this for nearly a week now and have barely put them down, they are just awesome. Easy enough to pair and connect everytime right away. Great sound quality both on phone calls and music. 5stars in all departments for me.

This has a excellent sound quality, its comfortable to wear and has a good surround sound and bass. Good battery life and charges up quite quick.

Bought these for my friend as a gift. Had loads of positive feedback. Great design, not heavy to wear. Bluetooth works on good distance. She wears them while biking, they don’t fall out, great quality. Easy to use for anyone, would recommend good value for money.

Very comfortable and easy to use. Works very well with apple and android.

Features and Spesification

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  • ❤TRUE WIRELESS & STABLE CONNECTION ❤ Bluetooth earphones apply the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology for more stable connection. Free you from the tangled wires and enjoy the wireless freedom. Wearing the wireless earphones, you will recognize fun among all the hustle and bustle of the modern life.
  • ❤COZY FEELING & SNUG WEARING ❤ HolyHigh wireless earbuds are so light that you can wear them in a snug and safe way. Soft material is designed to protect your ears. Don’t worry about falling from the ears easily since the wireless headphones are equipped with three different sizes of soft silicone earplugs (S, M, L).
  • ❤3000mAh CHARGING BOX ❤ With 3000mAh charging box, HolyHigh Bluetooth earbuds can play music up to 4 hours on a single charge. And the charging box provides an additional 120 hours of battery life. The charging box of the wireless earphones can charge not only the earphones but also other devices such as mobile phone due to its USB port.
  • ❤ONE TOUCH, MORE FUN ❤ HolyHigh wireless earbuds are applied with advanced touchscreen technology. According to this, you can effortlessly connect to your phone with no need of pressing any button. Switching between music and calls, turning up/down the volume in your hand.
  • ❤What you Get ❤ HolyHigh wireless headphones, charging box, USB cable, earplugs and user manual are packaged. We will offer you an lifetime guarantee warranty. If you have any question about our product, please feel free to contact us.