Homgeek 2 Slice Toaster – no warming rack

Toast has never tasted better.

I like the defrost option, very useful for foods like fish fingers.

Yes i will recommend it looks good and works well.

Very pleased with the toaster bought several months ago. Unfortunately developed a fault. Contacted homgeek direct and a new toaster arrived within the week. I would definitely recommend.

Good value for money takes all bread browning on all settings is great.

I haven’t used this item yet but it looks lovely.

Home geek toaster arrived today. Disappointed there is no warming rack as shown in picture. Picked this toaster because of the reviews and price over andrew james toaster with warming rack.

The toaster looks nice on my worktop however it only toasts one side of the bread and the other side is barely coloured. I had disposed of the packaging before i used it so couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of returning it.

I like design of this toaster. I use option number 2 to make perfect toast.

Looks quality for the price listed. Had been looking for a toaster and this is just right as it is easy to use with the few settings. Looks really modern in my kitchen.

This kind of toaster is with great silver appearance which could keep the lustre and do not shade. And all the fittings are at good conditions. As for the feeling of using it after nearly a week, it is efficient and effective. Specifically, the bread after being toasted is crispy, smells nice and with good taste. After using it, it is also convenient for me to dismantle it and clean it quickly.

It works really well, has a wide slot and it is deep enough to fit a lot of the deep sliced loaves that are available. Haven’t used the defrost functions yet, but everything else works well. It also looks great as and is easy to clean.

We live in a townhouse, kitchen is on the third floor, the eldest son who sleeps in the ground floor is so tired of going up to the kitchen just to make some toasts late at night so he requested a toaster. He said he wanted a simple to use-stainless steel-2 slice toaster. I picked this toaster judging from the descriptions and the positive reviews it had. I’m not particular about the brand name , as long as it works and good value for money. Used to own a very well-known british made toaster much to my disbelief went into flame due to overheating just after months of using it. Anyway, son said he’s very happy with this toaster. It can fit full thick size bread (he said to maximize even browning , he put the bread horizontally instead of vertically) and it toasted the bread evenly and quickly too. Comes with buttons to defrost, reheat and cancel. There are 7 brwoning stages and a tray that catches the crumbs. He said number 2 and 3 make the the perfect toast.

I was looking for a nice toaster for my new flat so i bought this one. I really like its sleek silver finish and it looks nice in my kitchen. Speaking of the more practical side, it’s easy to clean and offers different toasting modes.

Much more than what i expected from a toaster. It browns the toasts evenly. And it has a defrost setting which is such a bonus as the toast is like fresh after defrost. I don’t think the expensive toasters could be better than this.

Works well only had it a couple of months.

The toaster works very fine the defrosting option is perfect for fish fingers and waffles. Five settings are legacy for my family as my husband likes cooked toast and use setting 4 and for my kids settings 3 is perfact. I loved to clean it as it’s design is simple and straightforward. The colour does go with my kitchen well. 2 functions and 5 setting with this colour in such good price is hard to find. I am pretty sure this will last for next ten years.

Very nice design, very easy to clean it and you can choose different modes. You could find a similar toaster for a much higjer price, i totally recommend it.

I needed a toaster quickly as mine decided to give up and i didn’t want to spend a fortune the toaster arrived promptly which is good as our son loves his toast. The toaster is made from good quality materials it feels very durable very lightweight the toaster does everything a standard toaster should do. Overall i am very impressed with this toaster and i would recommend it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Gorgeous colour😍
  • Good toaster – handles thicker cuts well.
  • Good value toaster. Works as described.

Great toaster, does the job and very easy to clean due to the sliding tray on the bottom of the toaster. Means there is never a build up of years worth of crumbs at the bottom. Adjustable setting means you won’t burn the bread.

Previously i got a toaster which i couldn’t neither fit the ticker slices of bread and that have just one function. I bought this one to replace that and i m really happy with my purchase as it works well and looks great. Good features are-simple stainless steel exterior-very powerful of wattage-defrost function which is great-easy to clean and to usequite sure it will last for long.

It’s sleek and simplistic but why would you need a toaster with any more than the basics?looks great and my girlfriend loves it (‘oooh shiny things’).

Brilliant toaster, the setting are great. The power it produces is great. Really light weight as well.

Everything about this works well & looks good. Previously, i had a smaller toaster that could not hande thicker cuts of breads (hot cross buns, crumpets etc) but all fit into this one without issue. Bought this as it has a genuine staineless steel exterior & its more powerful by wattage than most others. Heats fast & reheat function works as described.

Only buy loafs with small slices.

Nearly forgot to give review on this gorgeous toaster, bought it about a month ago and i am loving it thought i should share in case someone is contemplating on it. First of all, love the colour, normally go for white or black, but this colour caught me off guard, fell in love with it the moment i took out of the box. It is as described, been working perfectly no problem at all.

Cheap and nothing wrong with that. Works perfectly and looks good.

Excellent toaster, evenly browns both sides. As a guide, start on level 1 – higher than that is likely to burn the bread. For crumpets start on 6 and then turn them around for just a minute to finish off. Toaster is good for all my requirements, efficient and easy to keep clean. Don’t use tough cloth for cleaning, use soft kitchen towels, cleans up like new. Doesn’t take up too much room on my work surface. Quite solid too not flimsy, which i was concerned about. Fits a slice of bread in perfectly without getting stuck. Overall good little toaster worth the money i paid and would recommend it to others.

Good quality toaster, easy to clean and very versatile. It doesnt look or feel cheap at all. Decent price compared to the other toasters you see on here or argos. Great value for money and recommend 💯.

It works perfectly and doesn’t make you reinvent the wheel. Looks nice and shiny in the kitchen.

Got it as a match for my silver and black kettle. It’s got all the features of the modern toaster that i need, does the job well and very easy to clean.

My flatmate gave me this toaster to replace the previous one which i had so many issues withi m very happy with this purchase as it has so many functions as:-7 browning control so you can settle that one which you like most-automatic pop up-nice,fashion and neutral design-defrost button (very useful when you forget before, it makes your life easier).

I bought it based on reviews i’ve seen on amazon. It’s simple enough to use without being overcomplicated. The biggest plus is it does the main job very well. Bread comes out nicely toasted and not burnt. It’s relatively quick and has wide gaps with holders automatically adjusting to bread thickness. The metallic surface looks really nice with its matt polish, it does attract some smudges from fingers though. Desired features would be making some sound when toasts are ready. Ideally if it had a timer showing how long left. Only one minus – the top and upper parts of sides do get really hot so you have to be careful when grabbing fresh made toasts.

Want a great little toaster, easy to use and works very effectively.

Compared with orher found on the internet and here was way cheaper.

Very easy to clean and use, large enough to toast thick slices of bread, i would definitely recommend it.