homgeek 2000W Blender Smoothie Maker – Best blender I had

Compact (so doesn’t take much room up in the kitchen), lovely juice, works quicker than i expected. Comes with a handy brush for cleaning (with useful pokey bit deliberately on the end) and seems to produce more juice and less waste. Juice exit pipe cap bit is handy as avoids dripping between juicing. Bit you put the fruit/ veg down is smaller but we don’t mind as you chop stuff anyway. Taking it apart and putting it back together was a bit stiff when first out of the box but very quickly got the knack and after that found it easier than previous juicer.

I am so pleased that we bought this blender. I spent hours reading various reviews and blog articles, but my budget couldn’t stretch to any of the more expensive options. Still, i didn’t want to buy anything too cheap only to have it unable to perform or break after limited use. In the end, after reading several positive reviews about the homegeek 2000w blender i decided to take a chance. It did not disappointfrom the moment it was removed from the box it has proven to be a sturdy, easy to use and powerful. It’s a big jug which means it does take up a fair amount of counter real estate. Or seems to even if the actual footprint isn’t huge. For something so powerful though it’s not horrendously noisy, which was a pleasant surprise. For the price i would recommend it to anyone.

This is amazingly high quality product and worth the price. It is well designed for use, perfect for the kitchen, it does not take up a lot of space and it is easy to clean. Any stains will easily come off just by using a wet towel. I do not regret buying product.

I was not so sure about the product before. After having my fresh banana milk shake, i am so happy with the purchase. The drink is so good without any added sugar. I won’t miss mcdonald’s milkshake anymore.

Great powerful blender and come with a large capital jug. I use this blender every morning for health smoothies. It is amazing, i have made almond butter, crushed flaxseed, frozen banana ais cream, and so many smoothies for my family and they very happy enjoyed it . Very high quality and very powerful.

 very easy to use & easy to clean. The proportion of juice you get from the fruits is really good. I got almost 500ml juice from 1kg carrots. Very easy to assemble and disassemble. It’s not noisy like other big juicer.

It is much bigger than my previous microwave, but this bigger one has more functions, the one with oven works brilliant, i have made so many dishes with this function. It is very quiet and fast, well designed button system. I do not need to worry if i forgot to get the frozen stuff out for the next day, with this i can easily defrost it.

Use this for juicing daily – love it definate good alternative to the expensive ones – do have to chop everything up but easy to clean and tastes great.

The best blender i hadeffectively and easy to start, also the capacity of the machine bigger enough for 3-4 people, fit for small family. Also the machine very easy to clean. The design of the machine looks very professional because come with insert stick. Anyway i will leave 5 stars for this lovely blender.

My previous blender stopped working and i purchased this as a cheaper alternative to the very expensive blenders on the market, believing that it wouldn’t be as impressive as those expensive brands. I was wrong, this blender is amazing. The first use of this blender was to make nut milk and my word, it is impressive. How i managed with my previous blender for so long, i do not know. It’s sad to say how much you love a kitchen appliance but i do love this blender and for such a good price.

I have had it for a few months now and use it daily. Most of the parts are pretty much rinse clean, and the cleaning brush quickly gets into the cracks that don’t rinse off. The brush is also needed for the mesh element, but still it isn’t too difficult to clean. It is easy to put back together, but the propeller part doesn’t always sit right first time, so it can take a couple of attempts before the lid will secure properly. But overall not a big issue. I have some minor concerns over the rubber elements which i feel might perish, but they don’t look hard to replace if you can find the parts. The hole in the top is quite small in comparison to some other juices that i hear can juice a whole apple. However this suits me fine as it means the juicer is small enough to fit in my tiny kitchen on the worktop as it is no bigger than a kettle. You just need to chop your fruit an veg a little first.

When it first arriving was quick but package not well. When i ipen it, the microven us damaged and make big noising. So i contact seller, the seller send me another one. It was fabulours, works great. I am so happy with the service. Easy to clean and black colour looks well.

If you’re gonna invest in a good blender, this is it. Does everything with ease and accuracy 👍. Quick to clean itself and wipe dry and the container is the perfect size for anything. Here are the specifications for the homgeek 2000W Blender Smoothie Maker:

  • HIGH-SPEED BLENDER – Features outstanding performance with 2000 watts of professional power. Effortlessly the toughest fruits, vegetables, seeds, and superfoods for nutritious protein shakes and green smoothies. Maximum nutrient release and smooth results.
  • 8 HARDENED BLADES – German standard stainless steel hardened blades give you perfect ice crushing, blending, pureeing, and controlled processing. Crush ice and frozen fruit in seconds, crush ice faster and blend ingredients smoother than other blenders.
  • DURABLE TRITAN PITCHER – 2 Litre professional blender jar is perfect for making large batches of creamy, smoothies and frozen drinks. It’s constructed with durable, impact-resistant and BPA-FREE tritan material (The EU designates materials for baby bottles). Dishwasher-safe and Easy to clean.
  • 8 SPEEDS CONTROL – Couldn’t be easier to adjust speed to achieve a variety of textures, the dial can be rotated at any point during operation, so you’re in complete control. Built-in pulse function allows you to use full blade speed in bursts to blend hard chunky ingredients quicker.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – homgeek promise to provide 30 days money back guarantee and 1-year warranty. Any help needed, contact us and we would try our best to give every lovely customer 100% satisfaction.

 excellent blender, works as promised.  i have only used it for smoothies, but it is fantastic. It was quick, strong, easy to use and did an excellent job.

I was ‘secretly’ glad our old microwave finally gave out. It seems to work well, and heats stuff fast, this is a smallish microwave it little bit struggle for the large items, but it so easy to operate and clean. Its built very well and you can see the quality in this product.

This blender is way better than any blender i ever had and for its 99 price tag i got more value than i expected. If i hadn’t known it only cost £99 i could’ve easily been fooled into believing this thing cost £1900 like one of those professional ones from blendtec. 😎 (at least it seems to be able to blend everything though i haven’t tried out an iphone yet 😂😆🤣)yes the “glass jar” is not made of glass but plastic but it’s so far not really a problem since it is very durable plastic and it helps making it lighter so i am ok with this. Not sure if it’s gonna be problem if i ever decide to make turmeric milk shakes be abuse of the colour staining properties of turmeric but one day i’m gonna find out and update. My main concern before i bought this blender was wether or not this blender has a full metal gear engine and yes it does . My older blenders all had plastic gears which lead soon to be worn out. With a metal gear engine you can say goodbye to the “wear and tear” problem for good. I love the large 2 litre jar, it is so much better than the usual narrower 1. 5 litre blenders, especially when i make large quantities of spinach dishes having to blend hundreds of spinach leaves.

Thank heavens is all i can say. This blender was bought for our cafe and it does everything from crushed ice to smoothies and milkshakes in seconds. Wonderful piece of equipment. Only a small minus – when switched to the smoothy setting it becomes very loud.

This basic microwave oven has two controls; one rotary switch to set the heat level and another to set the duration of heating which is also marked with a guide to help when setting defrosting times. Didn’t need any fancy settings or complicated cooking arrangements, just something which we didn’t need to read the instructions for every time we wanted to use it. This fits the bill very well. Everyone seems pleased with it, it looks smart, and the build quality feels good.

Blends even the thickest fruits very easily and quickly. I like that this blender completely blends, unlike other blenders i have used in the past. The blender is very easy to use. The buttons are easy to understand and the 8 different speed levels are useful for multiple things. The pulse button is used when you need short bursts of power at the optimum speed. This is controlled by the user which means you control how long the machine is run for. It is a useful way of avoiding over-processing. This blender has a solid base and the pitcher is made out of quality material and looks like it will hold up well. The jar has great capacity to blend a few cups of smoothie.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • So fast and nice quality
  • Very pleased. Powerful blender.
  • Full metal gear engine blender! Very powerful and strong!

Mainly for the way it looks with the black design but touches of silver it just fits with other appliances in my kitchen and just looks really good. The retro design of having dials instead of buttons is also a really cool touch and actually make it really easy to operate straight out of the box. Can’t complain about the price either with others that are similar size and style costing £10 – £30 more at the moment. So yea all in all a happy customer.

 very very good blender smoothie maker. As you can see on the video. My wife was very happy for the present i gave her. It is in a nice quality,very good built ,good packaging and it ia so fast and useful. I suggest it for everyone need a good blender at a great price.

Use blender for the first time yesterday morning lm a juicer freak i love my green juice first thing in the morning my other juicer broke down so i had too wait few days for this blender too come it was worth the wait i like eating full english breakfast so i had that up until my blender come some times your body ask for it because i drink green juice 7 days a week and that replaces my full english what can i say about this blender amazing i have brought in the past name brands and some no name brands blenders in the past which was all good but this blender is the tops use it for the first time yesterday morning wow started it up i only use the pulse started too blend my green juice press twice and my green juice was so smooth and ready too drink green juice so smooth and creamy i didn’t have too press any other numbers on my blender which i have about 8 numbers on there too use too blend my green juice the blender is pretty looking in real live it’s not lound when you are blending its so powerful lm over the moon with this blender was in too minds too get this blender i was looking at a other one before i decided too get this one instead so glad i did it’s worth every penny i love this blender i gave it 5 stars but really it’s 10 which i’m giving my friends and family knows i’m so into my juicing and this blender ticks every box in my eyes one very happy customer.

Absolutely high-standard product, solid made with powerful engine, works effectively and instantly, suitable for almost all kinds stuff i need. Crashing ice cubed with minimum efforts and completed in seconds. Its selling price was beautiful too, a lot nicer compared with other similar products of different brands. Again homgeek deserves a 5-star from me.

I bought this to make smoothies but chose this particular one because of the versatility and how powerful it is. Very easy to use and feels well constructed. I managed to make a lovely strawberry smoothie with ice cream. It crushed the ice and thick ice cream with ease and made a very tasty strawberry smoothie. I want to try making various milkshakes next, looking forward to it. It’s very easy to clean after use and didn’t leak or create any mess during use which is good.

 had to write a review for the this blender as i was so impressed with it for the price. This is a large professional quality blender that can hold up to 2 litres. It has multiple speed settings and different modes for crushing ice and grinding etc. Made a kinder bueno milkshake in this first of all and it turned out fantasticcleaning is really easy as you can just fill with water and washing up liquid and then blend until cleanthoroughly recommend as this performs just as well as blenders 3x the price.

I desperately needed a new blender and this had great reviews all over. It does exactly what i needed it to and the multiple blade types are great for doing everything i need.

This is so small, it does the job but it feels cheaply made and the chute is small as is the machine. Bought this to replace my current juicer which cracked after many years, this is my third machine but was sad to see how tiny it is. Wish i’d sent it back before using it.

The overall feeling of the juice is ok. I usually use it to squeeze fruit juice,which is very delicate and has no fruit residue. At this price,the overall sound is ,if the sound is a little bit better.

Microwave oven can say is the daily necessities in every family. The design of this microwave oven is simple, easy to use, whether, it is children or adults or the elderly, you can easily master its operation method. The switch is mainly used to select the user requirements of time,ranging from 0to30 minutes,switch rotate to the corresponding number, of course, it can start to run, until time is zero, ding a machine stopped running, security, and the switch is used to control the temperature below, by the low, middle and high ranking, while this switch is usually fixed, special circumstances to need to change. It can heat all solid foods, as well as liquids, milk,soup and so on, very convenient.

Bought this as a birthday gift. There is nothing o can say then wow. One thing to take note of is the fruit pieces get stuck and it may take some effort to clean the filter. Works straight out of the box. The item is not complicated to setup like comments. Put together without under couple minutes. Wish it also had an option include fruit pieces in the juice.

 if youre into bodybuilding, you probably make protein shakes with ice (rip rich piana). Now this thing is absolutely crushing everything in its way. Old blender used to leave pieces at the bottom but this thing completely crushes everything. Presets are very easy to use and booklet explained which power to use to make different drinks. This is too big for my sink to clean so to clean you add water and turn it on for 20 seconds. Repeat 3 times and it will clean itself. As said previously, one down thing is it’s too big for me, and you can’t open the bottom where the blades are so it might be difficult to clean if you actually get something stuck in there.

This juicer is very easy to assemble and convenient to use. It is powerful and quick and the resulting juice of which you get loads, both from fruit and veg. Also it is not difficult to clean up afterwards as you could assemble and disassemble the juicer very easily.

. Ignore all bad comments about this juice extractor. Does exactly what is meant to do. Extracts juice from fruits very efficient. Of course can’t be compared with £300 extractor but for small families is great. I’ve tested it immediately after arrived and what can i say, i’m super pleased. First juice was 3 apples, 1/2 pineapple and 2 oranges. The leftover of pulp was minimal and very dry, meaning that all juice came out. Fresh juice every day, pretty silent compared with others.

Bought this to make me smoothies and juices for after gym. This blender even better than some of juice shops out there. It crushes ice like peanuts :)very happy with the purchase.

This microwave is great for work and fast. This microwave can also be used as an oven. He also has a defrosting regime. I purchased this microwave to use it in the kitchen of my hotel where i work as a cook. At the moment i’m very pleased with this microwave is great. And it keeps well for work in the kitchen with a loaded work regime.

Very happy with these baking mat. They are very useful tools in the kitchen , easy to use , easy to clean , can be rolled for storage. They make everything work better.

Beautiful design, easy to use and clear ,keeps the flavor of the fruit, applied to various fruits and vegetables, it makes amazing juices for the family. After using this, it gives me more confidence in making healthy drinks.

I was ‘secretly’ glad our old microwave finally gave out. I hated that thing with its awkward and noisy pus- button door release that made such a loud sound opening and closing. This model has very easy to use and convenient control features. 90% of the time, we push one button to start the microwave. We really like that the finish does not show fingerprints like our previous stainless steel microwave did. The unit is powerful enough to be reasonably fast, yet space saving size and tall enough inside for anything we want to use it for. I can put a full size bag of microwavable popcorn in there and it will not touch the sides while spinning on the plate.

Got our microwave broken down just before new year, how frustrating was it as you can imagine. Glad i have got amazon prime trial, it was amazingly fast, arrived on 2nd jan. Thank you, very appreciatedthis microwave looks great, a lot nicer than expected. Bright colour, elegant outlook and sleek design, all makes it an ideal addition to my kitchen. In fact, it made the kitchen have a higher level of look compared with the old broken one. I especially chose simple control buttons rather than digital one as many of our family members are not high-tech familiar, they are all happy of using it.

I bought this one to replace the tesco one which has a faulty turning knob in lass than two years. This shining black one looks perfect in the kitchen and feels solid built, and it is really easy to use, only two options, time and power, quiet simple not like something else has a whole keyboard on front panel but nobody gonna use them. It’s easy to clean as well, smooth inner surfaces ensure you can wipe clean most of the dust. The price is is ok compared to other multifunctional ones. Overall very happy with this one.

Works well with a quality build. Interior smaller than my previous microwave, which is what i wanted. Timing set via dial not by number of seconds or minutes. It does amazing jacket potato—-allni have to do is weight the potato with a crispr skin. It takes slightly longer but well worth it. I’m over the moon with this microwave, it didn’t take me that long to master the controls and it was a very reasonable price. It looks very nice on my steel oven and coffee machine.

I bought this to replace my 5 years old microwave. This microwave has plenty of room for larger items ,big and fast at heating all sort of things ,it will heat up the right amount of time to get the right temperature. It is very simple to use and easy to clean. I am so satisfied with this product.

I love to cooking and i have lots of kitchen applicants in my kitchen. This homgeek blender is my newest cooking friend. Over 2200ml tank is much enough to madesmooties or milkshake for whole families. 8 speeds to selects by meeting different kinds food. And it is quiet powerful to blend even nuts. The result of food after blended. The nuts it becomes very finely. The ice going to be slush! and the meats after blend just been like mince. Raising it and pull the water out. And the food tank been like new and clearly. The speed button made by frosted materal touching felt. Four functions to make various food.

I am very please with this item, though not sure how long it will last if i’m juicing 3 times a week. It’s easy to assembled and fits nicely in the corner of my kitchen.

The blender looks very solid built. It blends in seconds and is not too noisy at all. At least i can prepare the smoothie with open doors while baby is sleeping. It slightly bigger than i expected but still fits on my kitchen countertop. Easy to clean with the built-in self-cleaning function, but would be better if i don’t need to clean it at all. You can’t stop me from dreaming (i wish). Would recommend to anyone who’s into healthy habits and stuff like that (wink).

Bought this machine after serious consideration because it’s not a cheap product to buy. But so happy i’ve made the choice after i’ve tried the frozen fruit, coffee been and ice cutting. It’s so powerful and the design is easy to use. I like it has a tool to help to push the fruits down while blending. But this machine size is bigger than i thought, while i don’t use it, have to find a bigger room to store it.

Easy to assemble and to clean. A lot less messy than previous centrifugal juicer. (no more beetroot juice on the ceiling) using far more often than previous juicer which spent a lot if time in the cupboard.

The microwave looks stunning. Whatever its appearance or functions meets my expectation. The exterior is luxurious black color which looks expensive. I am afraid the touchscreen will become insensitive. But the manual onrs seem no problem for that point. It heats up quickly, and it has 4 different opions for heating grade. I often use the med one which is enough hot for what i need every day. When its working, the sound is acceptable, but i do wish it could be little louder.

I purchased this machine a week ago, i was using another one that was double the price but i wasn’t happy with the way it blended. This smoothie blender is amazing i have never used any machine like it. I use it every morning to make smoothies, my children can also tell the difference as it blends wonderfully. I definitely recommend this product very highly quality for the price.

It’s working smoothly, is not loud like the other ones, i like that is quite bigger and the design is perfect. And most important is very easy to use it.Have a lot of options but is not difficult to manage it.

Very small but it juices very well and is nice and quiet. It’s perfect for celery juice. The pulp comes out very dry so i think it extractsbthe maximum amount of juice possible. It is a little difficult to get all the tiny bits of pulp out of the strainer bit but it’s not a big deal. It’s probably the same for most juicers. I’ve only had it two days so i. Any couch for it longevity bit i’m happy with it so far.

First impressions were positive, base felt heavy and sturdy. Safety features better than most because the jug lid has to be on correctly to make the interlock. Metal gears not plastic, big positive for me. Smoothy program really makes a smooth drink. Very pleased and impressed for first full weeks use.

I have to admit that this blender powerful’s 2000w motor that sold it. I was quite undecided between the nutri ninja 1500w smoothie blender and this one at first, but i picked this blender. And after series of ice-crushing frozen fruit smoothies, chicken/carrots/leeks soups, blended nuts and coffee beans later, i know i have made the right decision. It came well packed and protected in a nice looking box. The well-written instructions manual comes in english and 4 other languages. Besides the blender and its basic counterpart attachments, a tamper is also included to help pushing down food for thorough blending and mixing. It has 4 functions with 8 level of speeds to choose from. There are a few things that i really like about this blender. The stainless steel made-in-germany blades are very sharp and look of high quality. There is a small tab underneath the blender that will only fit into a slot on the base.