Homgeek 700W Manual Solo Microwave – Good nice little Microwave

It’s working smoothly, is not loud like the other ones, i like that is quite bigger and the design is perfect. And most important is very easy to use it.Have a lot of options but is not difficult to manage it.

So my x-girlfriend when she left decided to steal the microwave, so i finally almost a year later decided to replace it. I picked this one, its nice and black and matches the rest of my kitchen. I do like that its not overly digital and is manual without digital buttons.

Microwave oven can say is the daily necessities in every family. The design of this microwave oven is simple, easy to use, whether, it is children or adults or the elderly, you can easily master its operation method. The switch is mainly used to select the user requirements of time,ranging from 0to30 minutes,switch rotate to the corresponding number, of course, it can start to run, until time is zero, ding a machine stopped running, security, and the switch is used to control the temperature below, by the low, middle and high ranking, while this switch is usually fixed, special circumstances to need to change. It can heat all solid foods, as well as liquids, milk,soup and so on, very convenient.

I was ‘secretly’ glad our old microwave finally gave out. I hated that thing with its awkward and noisy pus- button door release that made such a loud sound opening and closing. This model has very easy to use and convenient control features. 90% of the time, we push one button to start the microwave. We really like that the finish does not show fingerprints like our previous stainless steel microwave did. The unit is powerful enough to be reasonably fast, yet space saving size and tall enough inside for anything we want to use it for. I can put a full size bag of microwavable popcorn in there and it will not touch the sides while spinning on the plate.

This microwave is great for work and fast. This microwave can also be used as an oven. He also has a defrosting regime. I purchased this microwave to use it in the kitchen of my hotel where i work as a cook. At the moment i’m very pleased with this microwave is great. And it keeps well for work in the kitchen with a loaded work regime.

I was looking for a simple to operate microwave, non-digital, no buttons, just simple dials, but i wanted something that would look good as well. I have searched for a white microwave with dials for about 3 months. At last i have found the perfect one. Easy to use, 700w, cooks beautifully, and sitting on my kitchen unit with its black see-through door looks gorgeous.

This is amazingly high quality product and worth the price. It is well designed for use, perfect for the kitchen, it does not take up a lot of space and it is easy to clean. Any stains will easily come off just by using a wet towel. I do not regret buying product.

When it first arriving was quick but package not well. When i ipen it, the microven us damaged and make big noising. So i contact seller, the seller send me another one. It was fabulours, works great. I am so happy with the service. Easy to clean and black colour looks well.

Got our microwave broken down just before new year, how frustrating was it as you can imagine. Glad i have got amazon prime trial, it was amazingly fast, arrived on 2nd jan. Thank you, very appreciatedthis microwave looks great, a lot nicer than expected. Bright colour, elegant outlook and sleek design, all makes it an ideal addition to my kitchen. In fact, it made the kitchen have a higher level of look compared with the old broken one. I especially chose simple control buttons rather than digital one as many of our family members are not high-tech familiar, they are all happy of using it.

I got this microwave for my mother who is bad with gadgets. So bad in fact that she has difficulty using a mobile phone. The dials make it much easier to use. It is a much mor solid construction than cheaper microwaves which feel as if they will break if you don’t handle them carefully. It’s a fair size and large plates fit comfortably on the turntable. Even with a large item it cooks very evenly with no hot or cold spots. Also very quiet, no clunky noises from the turntable or worrying noises that you sometimes get from some brands. It has all the feature you expect from a microwave. Different power levels and settings for different foods as well as a defrost mode. It’s great value and if it’s on sale you should not hesitate to buy it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • User friendly and great value
  • Easy To Use – No Prints!
  • The operation is simple