homgeek Blender Smoothie Maker – Excellent product

Kitchen equipment very useful. I can prepare meals much faster. For this they do not contain unnecessary fat. Very easy to use, large capacity and well made. I recommend buying this kitchen equipment. One of the better purchases, i recommend.

This is a wonderful product to add to your kitchen’s arsenal; it has many uses. Because this air fryer acts like a convection oven, it also bakes and roasts food. This air fryer deserves 5 stars. It is easy to use and easy to clean. No oil needed so no thick oil smell in the house afterwards. Food taste is amazing, healthy and oilless.

This fryer is essentially a small oven. Of course it’s advantages are obvious compared to the oven. No need to be preheated, food production time is short. Doesn’t occupy the space,save space, but because there is a vent on the back of the fryer, be sure to place it in a place where can accept high temperatures. It has a very important advantage, oil free or just need small amount of oil. Also i can check the grilling status of the food easily. Not really good is the internal cooking space is small and the section of dishes is limited. The most important thing why i choose it because it has time control system which it’s safe to my family. As i have terrible problem on smelling. If the food is over cooked, i won’t notice at all even i am in thd kitchen.

My first time to use the air fryer,i love this air fryer now. I used it to cook baby potatoes. The cook in about 15-20mins. It is very fast ,i will try different types of fries. I am very pleased with this air fryer and worth to buy it.

We were feed up with frozen and chip shop chip, we wonted to have chips like we had when we young. So we look around at many air fryers we decided to purchase this fryer. We have also cooked jacket potatoes, fish fingers, sausages, and burgers all were brilliant. The fryer fits and looks well in our really small kitchen. When you’ve finished cooking with your fryer it’s so easy to clean. This health fryer is amazing , very easy to use.

Product works fine, syn free chips. Nothing to compare it with, i am happy with my purchase. It is bigger than i expected.

Have been debating purchasing an airfryer for a while now because of the hype and needed something with a fairly big capacity. The philips airfryers are well known for their large capacity but so expensive so i came across this one with similar specs for a fraction of the price. Have to say i am surprisingly impressed. Have made chips perfectly crispy and in no time and makes a lovely roast chicken. Believe it or not, i haven’t used my oven in weeks. Cleaning up is no bother, a quick wipe in the basket or even by washing it. Size isn’t bulky at all and accessible to use. Would definitely recommend to anyone watching their weight.

Finally got the chance to give it a go at weekend. Made some chips and chicken wings. Have to say they tasted good and healthy. I can see how frequently it will be used in my kitchen. Btw, it is bigger than i thought but very easy to clean.

Really surprised how good this fryer is. Could use a better cook book with it or to have one available for purchase would be a great asset.

When our actifry broke we automatically started looking for another one. Then spotted a few other air fryers. In the end after much deliberation we went for this one. This is so much better than our old fryer. The main difference is there is no agitator in the middle so you can cook softer food stuff than in the actifry and it doesn’t break up. Things like fish fingers, pastries breaded mozzarella. The chips come out incredible. Chicken thighs were crispy but still so juicy.

This thing is great for lazy last minute meals. Sausage and chips in 15 minutes and it tastes great.

A great roasting fryer for home use, just in a good size to fit in the kitchen for falimy use. Easy to control via the control switch on the top to switch around to adjust time and temperature, that is what i need a simple control for home use and that is the most easy way to use. Fast roasting with great quality of food, just like a tiny efficient oven in a smaller size, good to have one.

This is my first time to try use the air fryer. Before i bought this air fryer i’ve been hearing from my friends said that air fryers work really well until now i get one. Dear me, this is so convenient, and no need oil at all, can make so many different kind of food, function is kind of like oven but i think is better than oven. Here are the specifications for the homgeek Blender Smoothie Maker:

  • Multi-Functional – The new vision blender comes with 8 speed and 4 preset program, different speed allows you process food of various hardness.you can personally make delicious smoothie ,your homemade baby food,hot soup,even pulverize nuts into butter.
  • Powerful & High Performance – Speed up to 33000 rpm, 2000W and 8 blades in stainless steel. High cutting efficiency, the food can be completely mashed in seconds and its cell wall rupture rate is as high as 90% or more, which can maximizes the extraction of nutrients and vitamins from foods, this is the best cooking blender for the elderly and children.
  • Most Professional Smoothie Maker – Made from high quality materials that can be used for more challenging tasks.Robust 2.25 hp engine, unique one-piece BPA-free jug, 3-layer stainless steel blades and electronic controls complement each other. which can crush anything you throw at it with ease
  • Easy To Use & Clean – The clear control panel make it easy for you to choose the mode you need. Tritan jars and blades are removable for easy cleaning, with a drop of dish soap and warm water, the blender could clean itself in 1 minutes.
  • Certification & Warranty – Our products are CE, GS and ETL certified. and we also provide a 1 year warranty for this product. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, customer satisfaction is always our goal.

Everyone is raving about air fryer’s so i’ve finally taken the plunge and bought this one. It’s not got all the fancy digital buttons but it doesn’t relay make a difference and suits me as all the extra buttons only complicate things. It was ready to go out of the box and i initially tried french fries and i can’t believe how crispy they came out and the additional of some olive oil made a huge difference. I’ve also managed to get a selection of chicken pieces such as drumsticks and wings in the basket and they come out crispy and moist. Controlling the fryer is simple with 2 buttons on the top with one dial allowing me to set temperature and the other providing a timer option. The display also has a power and heat indicator so you have something visual. The basket simply clicks out and after a short soak it can be cleaned without and major elbow grease.

I tried to fry sweet potato in the air fryer, its take about 25 minute to cook it, the taste is fluffy notvery crisp, it’s ok for me, because i like fluffy soft, it’s easy to clean , which is good, i don’t like after frying thing and clean oily stuff. And i used it to reheat some of food, is convenient to use.

This air fryer have large 3. 5l pot,it’s easy to use and set time and temperature,even after use it’s easy to clean it as well. Normally i use it to bakery,make pizza and chips for my son,also it’s good to cook with chicken. Very useful fryer,healthy and less oil.

Brilliant though it is quite big. Looks really stylish and dead easy to use.

I decided to purchase this after i recently made the move to live a healthier life. I now have a great way to cook my food. No more oil, no more grease – just pure healthy, grilled food. The air fryer looks great on the worktop – the fit and finish is right up there with the main-stream brands, but at a fraction of the cost. I have been cooking chicken, salmon, potato wedges and a whole range vegetables in this. The food is not only healthier, but tastes so much better too and it’s reasonably easy to clean too.

I bought as a gift for my friend. I heard she said she wants to buy air fryer. My friend has used it for the chips. She was happy to have the air fryer. It is simple to use and high quality is my first to consider things.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great quality

  • healthy frying using little to no oil

  • The high quality air fryer that is definitely recommended.

We have been using this air fryer for cooking health diets for quite a while. It makes my chips and chicken katsu taste just as good as deep dried, but so much less calories.

Amazing kitchen addition, as i am dieting and love chips, i have always trying to find that perfect chip. As i always buy fresh , but decided to try frozen instead, glad i did find this air fryer. Just sprinkle a bit of salt , it cooks lovely , shake in between helps distribution of heat and ensures everything cooked evenly. So much healthier than deep fried.

I use it for everything chips,burgers, pork chops, jacket potatoes, sweet potato fries, really glad i bought it, it saves so much time and really easy to clean.

I threw my microwave in the bin one i found out what microwave oven do to the good& how unhealthy. Easy to use very less or no oil saving a lot of time money and yessss oil , quickly do with eadyinstructions,fires,samosas,chicken, almost anything can be done and don’t have to stand in front of it set the timer on.

The product received by a tight package,no damage,no odor. The product is generally satisfactory. The capacity is a little bit smaller. And if it is bigger,it would be perfect. Temperature and time should be mastered. Try half the baking time, it is best to stir the food. The most important benifit is that it’s an oil-free or oil-free food machine.

With the function of frying, creates convenience in the kitchen, the function of simple operation, amazes the food less greasy, fried food more crisp, saves time. After time i can use it very well, the machine can cook smoothly, make nutritious dishes daily , convenient for family.

What a great air fryer for a very cheap pricegood quality builta large 3. 5 litre capacityi have been cooking so many healthy meals nowno oil 👍it contains a big basket so it’s great for big families. I am happy and family are happyvery pleased with the purchase, recommended especially for people on diets and look after their health.

This air fryer is impressive. I bought this product because i wanted something that would cook without grease. I use this product very frequently to cook pizzas and fries for my children. It also comes with a recipe book telling you what you can cook with it. In order to clean this air fryer all you have to do is wash it out and wipe it. It’s very easy to use and i’m pleased with this product .

Easy to use for family meals, less oily. After used very quickly cleaning uphave this air fryer my oven can be retired.

Our first air fryer so can’t make a comparison but we are impressed by the simplicity of the process. There is plenty of space in the fryer and it cooks evenly and takes a lot less time to cook food than our previous fryer. Just add the food, switch on to the required time/temperature, give a shake half way, and presto. Nice crisp oven chips cooked to a golden brown with no oil. The air fryer is simplicity to clean as it just needs a wipe.

I have long for an air fryer but didn’t take into action. I was struggled with the capacity, quality and price. Do want a value for money one. After comparing for long, i couldn’t wait as we have a party at home this weekend. It arrived earlier than i expected which gave me a couple of days to get familiar with it. The first trial for chicken wings was marvellous. Even my older picky daughter couldn’t stop eating. And yesterday the party was very successful, this air fryer efficiently delivered enough delicious chips, squid ring and chicken wings. I must say this air fryer really exceed my expectation.

I love this air fryer, my kids love chips and fried food, this product make everything is much easier and fast. The another good thing is less oil, that’s really considering healthy food. This is amazing and it is doing excellent job.Also my clothes or my kitchen is not filled with the oily or greasy smell anymore, really pleased that.

Great air fry this replaced my previous one which was much more expensive. It has a larger basket and bigger capacity much easier to clean the only difference is i have to shake the chips in the basket the other turned them for me but all in all great fryer.

I have tried many different brands of air fryer and this one of the best. It may be cheap but it is at the highest quality, when you brochure this air fryer you will not regret it. It has high capacity and create the most delicious dishes. Do you like crispy chicken or chips but you are lazy to make it?. Well, this air fryer will do the job for you just put the ingredients in and add flavor and just leave the fryer to do its job. Enjoy the dish knowing cleaning up is going to be easy.

It is very useful and deserves. I used it for few weeks and found that this air fryer is very helpful. You save oil, time,and it is very clean and healthy. The price is not high,but very good quality .

Fabulous air fryer, cook quick and keep all flavour. Health fry with no oil used. Really glad i have bought it, definitely will recommend to my family and friends.

I already used this air fryer many times. 5l, it’s big enough for my family. I used it cooks many things, like chicken wings, chips, pork, ribs and so on. Good thing is you don’t need put much oil. Easy to knob control to adjust temperature from80°c to 200°c. 30 minutes timer for easy operation and cooking. The power has1500w, so is heating up very quickly. After used, it’s easy to clean, the fryer basket and pan are removable.

The actifry does what it says – it cooks chips using little oil. And preparation is easy enough. I tried to use this cook chicken, fish and chips. Easy to use and taste very delicious. The device itself is relatively simple. It’s either on or off and there is a countdown timer.

My husband and i really happy with the homgeek air fryer. It’s so convenient and no need oil at all. Before i always cook kinds of food with oil.

I am using air fryer forest time , it is very easy to use and very quick also, especially for my baby can make fries less oil almost no oil, i am surprised when i use it first time. But i get used it now, we can make healthy fries very quick.

This product is great for any ability of cook.  if you want a healthy minimal oil way of frying this is the product to choose.  this has been possibly the best buy i’ve ever had, it’s so easily to use and very effective.  it makes my life so much easier to cook .  so far i’ve used it for a few different food items and happy with the results. I’ve cooked/roasted tinned new potatoes, chips, chicken wings. Absolutely amazingit also comes with a cookbook. The main thing is to ensure you turn frequently to enable even cooking.  clean up is easy and the machine does not take up much space .

There are twisting timers instead of fance buttons, so you don’t have to choose a different mode. Choose the temperature and time and finish it. The fried chicken legs are not greasy to eat. The cookies are also quite good.

I tend to buy all kitchen gadgets, use once and they end up in the cupboard. Great value and very use to clean and use.

I love fried things but they are quite unhealthy, unfortunately, cause of the oil. This is the healthy version of the fryer, no oil at all, but similar flavor. Very easy to clean, and easy to use.

This air fryer is brilliant. Also this machine is my new best friend aswell i have made chips and chicken so far, both came out delicious and crispy. The dryer was so easy to use and the heat settings to cook different products was so helpful food is cooked nicely and is healthier than deep frying.

This gorgeous wonderful beautiful item is very good for you because when you don’t know how to cook you can just purchase this item then you can use it for cooking something you really want to eat and you can enjoy it with your friends and be happy that is why this item is very good.

I used the air fryer for the first time , i must say it’s really good specially,it keeps you healthyit can be heated up to 200 degrees and for the 30 min ( controlled by knobs) i tried frying chips , the results are impressive and above all it’s easy to use. Easy to clean and it’s dishwasher safe. It comes very handy cook book which list number of recipes which can be prepared using this air fryer. The product material is good with two indicators on the top. Couldn’t except more at this reasonable price.

 so far so good this airfryer was easy to clean easy to use and does the job if you have the money this is definitely worth the money because i prep my gym meals and i don’t want oil in my food this is a great device because i can just leave it on the timer and come back with the food being ready.

Let me start of saying that i am a terrible cook and this came in handy for me. I managed to marinate a whole chicken and cook it to perfection in the air fryer in less than 20 minutes. The best part is that you hardly have to clean up afterwards. Using no to little oil is very healthy and that’s why i opted for an air fryer. This machine can fry anything from chicken, fish, chips, to deserts such cakes. I love the simplicity of the fryer, as you only choose temperature and time.

Was want try air fryer but can’t afford brand one, so decide to try homgeek. I’m glad i choice homgeek, highly satisfied. Not fancy to the multi functions air fryer just want the simple easy to start, it been achieved my expect. Then the capacity fit for 2-3 people. The best point is super convenient to wash. Overall, i will give 5 stars for this product.

Where do i start with this review, i’ve been mulling it over for years about purchasing one of these airfryers so last week i decided ok it’s time. Well i’m flabbergasted with it, i always thought ok so it cooks chips but there’s no way they would be as good as deep fried chips. I don’t eat a lot of chips but when i do i really like crispy ones, i couldn’t believe how good this fryer is, since i bought it i’ve cooked chicken nuggets which where very crispy and dry i’ve cooked quorn nuggets which were also very crispy i’ve done sweet potato fries which where great and last but not least chips both hand made and frozen and yes i can say without fear of contradiction they were brilliant. They aren’t like deep fried chips as there isn’t any oil but they are a fantastic alternative. I swear if you are doubting how good chips would be, don’t honestly they’re class, as a household we have been watching our weight for years and we always missed out a little on chicken nuggets and chips but no more they are fabulous. I gave my grandson some nuggets tonight and he devoured the whole lot like never before, i can’t wait to use it with other ideas as there is so much more we want to use it with. I say keep an eye when cooking as you would need to gently stir your food so it gets cooked evenly and watch the times to as it cooks quickly. The other good thing about this one is because there isn’t a device inside that stirs it for you is when you do it yourself you won’t break the food inside the pan as you can be more careful. I honestly couldn’t recommend this fryer highly enough,.

This product is totally worth the money. My last fryer wasn’t as good as this one. For this product you hardly need any oil or maybe even no oil and you don’t have to buy oils that often. I have to say that it is kind of small but required a small amount of cleaning. It is pretty fast at frying the food and you can set a timer. It doesn’t smell which i am very happy with and has made my life slightly more easier.

This is a very easy to use air fryer, and the most important thing is that you do not need oil. You can cook onion rings, french fries, chicken nuggets, wings, and a lot of other food. Its easy to clean, and very easy to use. You can easily adjust the time and temperature for different foods. I also got a fryer recipe book, which is really helpful.

Nowadays people pay attention to a healthy foods. Every time when finish fried foods, worry about the remaining oil. If continue to use feelings unhealthy, but also feeling a waste of money for recycling. Now this air fryer solves my problem, so i can eat crispy food without a drop of oil. I have tried french fries,potatoes wedges,roasted chicken wings, barbecue ribs and reheat rolls. They are come out good results very delicious. Compared with the oven, this air fryer is faster, and it is non-stick material. I am very satisfied with this purchase and i highly recommend it.