Homgeek Filter Coffee Machine Drip Coffee Maker – My office staff is very happy with a gift for them

Update after a few months – machine has started leaking from the bottomthis is a really good coffee machine, had it a few weeks now and so far v pleased. Takes a few rinses to remove the new machine smell. Makes decent coffee on the standard strength setting. Jug is top notch for pouring with no spills. Very well made machineonly downside, the mesh coffee holder/strainer wasn’t much use for my standard ground coffee so reverted to paper filters – works fine for making tea tho.

This is good basic coffee machine, which is exactly what i was ordered. I choose to buy this coffee maker to replace my old machine. It’s getting harder to find a filter coffee machine that allows you to make coffee to your own taste. Simple to use, very easy to clean, and the hot plates stays on after brewing long enough for me and my family( stays on for 40 minutes. Large coffee jug for 12 cups. Filter coffee machine looks stylish. Smart and an excellent addition to the kitchen. All my family is the coffee drinkers in our house. When you live on your own having fresh coffee made each morning is greatdelivery was on time, i am always impressed with amazon’s deliveries. I would recommend this filter coffee maker for price, and efficiency.

I’m happy with this little coffee maker. It’s smaller than my previous one and doesn’t make as many cups as the water measurement on the side would indicate. That being said, it’s makes tasty coffee, runs quietly and quickly and looks nice too. My only concern is getting spare parts for this brand, as previous models i’ve owned from russell hobbs have required replacement glass jugs after a while, so only time will tell.

This coffee maker machine is fantastic way to make your mornings more bearable with some fresh easy to make coffee. This is my best purchase yet, very easy to use and set up. Perfect for any coffee tea and hot chocolate loving house hold.

Makes tasty coffee, not need to heat it up when using milk and it is drunk straight away. Brews within a minute or two, so for me the timer function is of no real benefit as it is so quick anywaycompact and neat to have on the kitchen worktop. Hopefully it will last as long as my previous machine which was cheaper but lasted 4 years.

I really wanted a filtered one as i just love the taste of such coffee. I love that i can have freshly filtered coffee ready for when i walk down the stairs in the morning. Great productthe machine is great, it works pretty fast and allows to make quite a lot of coffee at one go. Which is enough for big family. Also i love the fact that it can keep the coffee warm for as much time as needed. So far very pleased with my purchase.

Bought this for my daughter who was due to have an operation and unable to get about. This machine gave her some independence and ability to have a hot drink when she wanted it without having to ask. The machine comes with its own reusable nylon filter which is great – no more paper filters – much better for the environment. The jug holds around 5 mugs of coffee in each brew and stays hot for around 4hrs – more than enough time for it to be drunk. The machine doesn’t scorch the coffee and makes a really nice smooth drink at the perfect temperature. It is easy to clean and doesn’t take up a huge space when it eventually moves to the kitchen. Very pleased and does exactly as i hoped. Arrived well packaged and next day delivery.

I was looking for a good coffe maker for a while and i have found this amazing machine, very practical and with great capacity 1. I really love my new coffe maker, becuase it is coming with a reusable mesh filter, that i can use with or without filter paper and it is practical because, i just clean the filter and it is ready for use it again, the coffe maker it is easy to use and clean. It is coming with a digital clock and digital lcd screem display and timer function that i can program it with three set time buttons. Also the coffe maker has a boil-dry protection and it comes with free replacement or refund policy in any case. In general, a fantastic coffe maker with a lcd display screem, boil-dry protection and a free replacement or refund policy.

Bought this for my team to use in our office. It’s perfect for our small team and a good alternative to espresso machine as some of us don’t like short coffees and were making espressos and topping up with water. I have spotted that a team became more productive or at least coffee breaks became shorter because of this coffee maker:)compact and stylish design, easy to use and clean, makes nice coffee in no time and furthermore you can set up auto settings. 5 stars easy only for the fact that it has shortened coffee breaks in the office.

I was afraid to order on internet something made out of glass but the packaging was very well structured that everythig was safe. It is very easy to use and i never used one before, seems to be a good quality product (a friend of mine has another one and looks very bad compared to this, and this is cheaper) and the coffee is excellent. My life is different since i bought this, the timer feature is very useful, i love it. I wake up every morning with a nice smell of warm coffee. It is big enough to serve the whole family. The jug preserve the temperature of the coffee for a while, so no worries if you snooze your alarm, the coffee will still be warm. It is very easy to clean as well. I will upload a picture as well.

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  • This coffee maker machine is fantastic way to make your mornings more bearable with some
  • Quality machine
  • My office staff is very happy with a gift for them