Hostess Alficionado Large hot Tray : Great for party’s

Works great with flat-bottomed balti dishes.

Delivery was amazingly quick. Will be especially useful at christmas. Plenty big enough for a family, enough space for 3 serving dishes and gravey/sauce boat.

Arrived on time and as described – works well.

Good product, works as expected.

Excellant have now bought 2 more for the familly to stop them borrowing mine.

Very good, it does what is says, keeps food hot for over an hour on very little charge,one review said the surface scratches easily, it does, but hey it keeps the food hot.

Very stylish and easy to use.

The original hot plate did not work but was replaced by the supplier and the replacement is very good and we are happy with our choice.

  • Very successful
  • Handy Hot Tray
  • A great success

Hostess Alficionado Large hot Tray

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I had ordered this expressly because i had two older ones which needed replacing after many years of use. I find that it does not get nearly as hot and therefore is not as useful.

We had been thinking about buying a hot tray or hostess trolley for some time, the thought of the train-smash of food in our very small kitchen in preparation for christmas dinner finally tipped the balance. The hot tray made up very well for lack of oven space, keeping several containers of food piping hot before and during the meal, several hours overall with the hot plate plugged into the mains throughout. It has since been used for several other meals, it really does stay hot for at least an hour after being unplugged. One of those things that we wish we had bought years ago – i guess we thought that we were too young to own a hostess tray but now that we are old farts, who cares?.

The item is what i wanted and works perfectly well, a miracle as it arrived unwrapped and the box itself was in a sorry state. It was intended as a christmas present but the surprise element was ruined for the recipient.

Really helpful but if you’re used to a trolley then stick with that as this doesn’t keep food/plates hot in the manner that a trolley does. That said, having this on the table is a real bonus.

Great pressie for my son & daughter-in-law – kept our christmas dinner nice and hot for the duration.

Excellent product and worked a treat and kept food hot for ages.

Great product, stays quite hot for longer than says, would have had a 5 if it had had a temperature control.

Bought this for the family christmas dinner, needed to keep the extra sprouts etc warm and thought this would be great to put in the middle of the table. A simple charge up for less than 10 mins kept the tray warm for about an hour.

  • Very successful
  • Handy Hot Tray
  • A great success

Hostess Alficionado Large hot Tray

I have needed one for years, and am really pleased with it. It came well packed, and has proved worth its weight in gold.

This hostess tray is my partner best friend :-). You plug it in for few minutes and keep food hot for over an hour, if you are entertaining leave it plugged in and your food on your buffet stays pipping hot. Brilliant invention especially for slow eaters :-).

Yep, i’m sure it will scratch with use – but doesn’t everything?.

Excellent product, just the size we were looking for (not easy to find). Good-looking, stylish design, and works very well. The only shortcoming is the length of electrical lead – it really should be longer. Delivery was quick and efficient, although the packaging was damaged – fortunately the product was not.

A useful item although it doesn’t keep food as hot as i expected, more like luke warm but it will be very useful to keep plates warm without taking up room in the oven.

This is a very good addition to the kitchen/ dining area. The tray gets hot enough and does the job well. I have read many comments on the scratches, which is true to a certain extent, but i personally think these minor aesthetic aspects are not important as long as it is doing its primary task of keeping the food hot/warm. After all it is an electrical hot tray rather than a decoration item. Overall i recommend this product.

Bought a couple of these to use at our monthly senior citizens village hall lunch. Get really hot to keep food at temperature and are easy to clean.

I purchased two of these for a party. One of the two arrived broken and barely functioning indicating issues with product manufacturing and quality.

Bought for a large family gathering this was great for keeping food hot. Was a ittle dissapointed on how easily it scratched.

Absolutely transforms lovely family dinners into piping hot family dinners. Always difficult to keep everything warm, then there are all the extra veg, potatoes etc which tend to get cold v quickly.

Extremely pleased with these hot trays – we bought three and had them in a row for the hot food at a party buffet. Particularly impressed that they can be unplugged so no trailing cords. They retain their heat for ages – long past everyone had finished eating and been back for seconds. Looking forward to having them in the centre of the table at christmas.

Bought this for my wife as a present, even though we have a hostess trolley. This works really well when heating plates and keeping food warm for two, or to keep food hot at the table. Heats up in less than ten minutes and then stays hot for about an hour, so brilliant for large dinner parties, as the food can just be covered after serving, where it keeps warm in case anyone would like seconds. It is very easy to store, and unobtrusive in use, where it is an elegant addition to the side table.

I am disappointed with this purchase. It doesn’t heat up very well and certainly not in the time stated. I would not recommend this to my friends.

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