Hotpoint Curve MWH 1331 FW 13L 700W Solo Microwave : Great space saving microwave in glossy white

It looks lovely, fits nicely in a corner or a square spot. Quite spacious and not noisy.

Great microwave easy to use and fits snugly in the corner giving you more bench space.

Fits in a corner well to maximise work surface space.

The shape and size of microwave was perfect. However, it is very, very noisy when first starts up, after 5 seconds or so it settles down and is acceptable level, but still noisier than previous ones we have owned. We tried everything to resolve the issue, surface is level as it’s on solid granite worktop. Would of returned it, but left it too long works ok but earplugs needed for first 5 – 10 seconds.

Fantastic little microwave, due it being curved it fits well in to the corner of my kitchen. If you are short on space you should consider this microwave.

As good any microwave plus being a great fit in a small kitchen.

It does what it is a microwave for cooking food and reheating. It also looks good a bit retro and fits in the corner on my work top saving space.

Not as good as the whirlpool version it replaced. We had the visually identical whilpool max 35 solo version for 6 years before it caught fire. Despite this alarming failure we liked the design and it fitted perfectly into the corner of our work surfaces so we went for this hotpoint clone. The only real difference is the quality of the touch pad control. The original panel was a real touchpad; the clone is much less sensitive and you actually have to press the icon feeling for a recess under the surface skin. So not really a touch pad more a small hidden short throw switch which usually requires several attempts to find the sweet spot. We considered returning the oven for the frustrating hit and miss control panel but as the performance is identical to the whirlpool and we liked the design concept we decided to keep it. However after a month it has developed a fault so it is going back. It works fine for one or two off operating sessions but the start button stops working when the oven gets warm and will only start working again when it cools down. This means it’s no good for a mixed defrosting and reheating session for a meal.

  • Great space saving microwave in glossy white

  • Not as good as the Whirlpool it replaced.

  • Does what it says on the tin

Curve MWH 1331 FW 13L 700W Solo Microwave

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We needed a microwave that would fit on a shelf under a cupboard. This was the only model we found that would fit the bill. It’s a bit old fashioned to look at and was rather on the expensive side as a bog standard microwave, but our choice was extremely limited. All in all, does what it says on the tin.

Great product, nice and compact and saves on space in the kitchen. Heats items quickly and operates quietly.

It looks nice and trendy , looks like a small television , the only thing is it’s still a bit chunkier than what i was really after.

I love it’s curved shape, it fits lovely in the corner of my kitchen, taking up much less space, and because it’s curved, it much easier to wipe the interior down. A little disappointing is the length of the power lead, ( 35ins) if it had been longer i could have place it in another part of kitchen, and the warranty is so strict, that even if my qualified electrician son to extend it, the warranty would be void.

Fitted perfectly into the corner unit of our kitchen giving us back previously unused space from a conventional microwave.

Love how it fits into small space but still has good capacitywanted a white microwave for my open plan kitchen it looks fabulous and works efficiently for 700w infant as good as my previous 800w.

Love the shape , fits into my kitchen beautifully.

Fits in the corner just as i wanted.

  • Great space saving microwave in glossy white

  • Not as good as the Whirlpool it replaced.

  • Does what it says on the tin

Curve MWH 1331 FW 13L 700W Solo Microwave

Am very pleased as it takes up less room than a conventional microwave, also noticed the plates are not as hot , only the food is. Would recommend this microwave.

Wanted something neat for our new kitchen. This looks brill in the corner out of the way and maximises worktop space.

The instructions take a bit of understanding, and the fact that the microwave doesn’t automatically switch off after heating something, but just keeps bleeping. Other than that it does what it says on the tin. As for the spacesaving element – that’s wonderful.

Cool and didn’t take up much room.

Love it finally a microwave that fits the kitchen without taking unnecessary space.

Very easy to use hovewer i would prefer if the microwave sound less loud during the heating for the price you paying.

 i love this microwave, it’s so well designed and compact, takes up half the space of a normal microwave. I like the fact its raised up so you have a better view of your food cooking and once finished it beeps to remind you and the plate turns rounds. It’s so easy to use, just select start button, it counts up in 30 secs, i’ve had microwaves in the past with so many other features, cook meat, cook potatoes, but i’ve never used them, i just want to heat food up, which this is simple and perfect for. Delighted with my purchase and would highly recommend it.

I love this , it looks very modern and is so easy to use.

Poor heating or defrosting, low power means long time in appliance, almost quicker to use conventional methods.

Large interior but takes up very little counter space. Would be perfect if you want to put it in a corner.

Love the item as l have log nails l sometimes find it a bit awkward pressing the symbols have to use a stylus but otherwise love it.

The ideal microwave for small spaces. It fits perfectly into a corner. I have my reservations about the implementation of the device. I especially mean the fixing of doors that fall down on one side creating a visible gap. The construction of the hinges themselves is also very poor, although it works. The microwave does not switch off completely when the work is finished. The light remains on and the dish spins until it is opened. No less for this price and design i recommend.

Slips into the corner where i need it. No complaints yet, but it is early days. Really hope that it won’t rust like my previous one did. Does what it says on the tin, so to speak.

Love the size of this microwave, and the fact that it would be great in a corner underneath units.

Features and Spesification

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  • H:360mm X W:392mm X D:353mm
  • 13 Litre Capacity
  • Child Safety Lock
  • 700W Maximum Power