Hotpoint Hand Blenders 3 in 1 – For professionals!

This is a very well designed and efficient hand blender. It feels like good quality and works well. I like the way the lid of the container sits in easily and isn’t fiddly to use. The motor is also multi speed which is very useful. Even used at full power, it doesn’t feel like it is straining at all, and seems to have plenty of oomph.

Stick blenders are great little gadgets – i got a braun one when they first came out and it is still going strong. Great for soups & sauces, smoothies and so many other things. The motor/handle of this stick fits the attachment very well so you are sure it is on correctly. The casing is silver metal which is better than the white ones as it does not pick up the colour of the food eg tomato. The 700ml jug this comes with is very useful as it gives ‘height’ to a small volume – much better than a wide bowl. You have to take care that the blades are well into the mixture before switching it on & especially so with hot liquids. The whisk with the jug is very good for whipping cream. Best of all i like the mini-chopper – holds 350ml – it is a very good small size – the diameter of the chopper is small which means you can chop a small amount of food (some of the others i have seen are too big). I am very pleased with this product and i have already used it many times.

Excellent addition to the hotpoint hd range, this hand blender ticks all the boxes for this type of kitchen gadget. Plugged in and attachments at the ready, easy to chop/dice, blend and whisk. Chopper pot has a rubberised bottom so no slippage on the counter top (not pictured is a measuring jug for blending which does not have the rubber base). Whisk attachment makes a mundane task so much more simple. Very easy to clean, easy to control the speeds and for an extra push, the turbo button takes the task to hand. Stylish, brushed steel, looks great with the other hd items in the range.

Great value and quick delivery.

This has to be one of the more substantial blenders on the market. It has quite a bit of weight to it, more so than previous blenders i have owned ( kenwood,russell hobbs). The unit itself has a sleek steel body with a top plastic control panel for speed settings and this is where the weight comes from,no doubt because of the more powerful wattage. It clips into 3 bases, the blender,the chopping unit and a whisk. You also get a decent sized jug)i found the blender very effective and it made light work of my pasta sauce ingredients (cooked onions,peppers & tomatoes ) the chopping unit was also excellent and performed well chopping nuts and making bread crumbs. The whisk was the worse performer of the three,taking its time to beat my egg whites, but this does seem to be par for the course on this kind of appliance.

This is the hand blender for the professional cook. It is sleek, all the accessories use the same attachment and click easily into place, so there is no fiddling and no worries about losing extra parts, and there is no wobbling even on the highest settings. I thought the whisk looked a bit flimsy so tested it out on some egg whites: the results were superb. This all being said, if you are a very amateur cook with weak wrists then this isn’t for you. It is a heavy model, and it doesn’t come with any recipes. Only get it if you know how to use a hand blender.

For me hotpoint isn’t a brand u usually associate with small kitchen appliances, so i was surprised to see this. Being a very avid cook and owner of many small appliances over the years i feel quite experienced in these sorts of things. What i often find with these handheld mixer/chopper types of kit is they tend to be really great for about a year then totally break either due to motor failure or broken plastic parts. Afraid it’s too early to comment on the longevity of this at this point but i can make decent comparison to both kenwood and russell hobbs similar items. Straight out of the box this blender main unit is sleek in a steel finish and weighty unlike some others i have used before. On the one hand i like this but i do think hotpoint have gone a little too heavy and this would probably be too much for older people or those with some impairment in physical strength. The one thing that i feel let’s it down is the slightly cheap looking plastic dial for changing the speed of the motor at the top of the unit. Ease of use – without even looking at the instructions i was able to easily use the unit with the different attachments. Firstly the whisk – it is a small whisk but effective and a beaker is also provided. Chopper – easily clicks on with effective and powerful ability – great for chopping onions and other small items like herbs and vegetablesblender – effective and does what it says on the tin.

Cheap blenders break, bend and go wrong and they are a false economy. This is a quality product from hotpoint. Their products are probably third-only to kenwood and russell hobbs in the british kitchen appliances hierarchy but is sold at a good price. This represents good value and is worth the investment over cheaper appliances (don’t buy a sub-£15 supermarket own brand – they are quite awful). Here you have a powerful hand unit, chopping unit, beater and beaker. Though i have only used this item for a few days, my prediction is that it would have a moderately long life with medium-duty use. The blade units are always the weakest link with blenders and i would give this one 6/10. The motor unit seems powerful enough and the chopping unit works well. Brushed stainless finish will go with most kitchens and is easy to wipe clean. If you want really heavy-duty professional use go for bosch or miele or magimix but for the enthusiast home chef, this product can be highly recommended for the home kitchen.

This multi-purpose hand blender has three useful attachments. It can be an electric whisk which it does very well, even if it can fly about a bit. It has a small blade for hand-held blending, perfect for soups without taking them out of the pan. It also has a separate small chopping bowl. It is lightweight and easy to handle and work well. My only gripe was that when i first put the chopping bowl attachment on, it simply fell off the end of the blender. It needs to be kept on the surface when using it.

I got this product just for the price,and im verry please with it is powerful and sturdy it takes a seconds to blend cooked meat or fish ideal for baby pure, one star of just for the blending dish on the smaller side.

I like stick blenders – finding them particularly useful for soups and i also like mini choppers, which i find very useful for smaller quantities and when i don’t want to get out my food processor, so i was delighted to be given the opportunity to review this hotpoint hand blenderpros+ has a substantial feel and i think it will wear well+ mini chopper blades work well+ motor is powerful enough to make meringue easilycons- that substantial feel comes with weight – this is heavier than the braun i am used to.

I’m comparing this with the andrew james 700 watt hand blender set, which is similar in all respects but £20 less. This product feels strong & reliable in the hand – so does the andrew james one. Both products have 6 variable speeds and turbo. Both blenders are extremely efficient.You rarely need the top setting, soup’s blended in under a minute, and both rinse clean under the tap. The hotpoint whisk does the job, but feels rather fragile. It wobbles – by design, i think, but this increases the sensation that it might break easily. The whisk on the andrew james product feels a little bit stronger. I’ve used it at top speed to whip solid coconut oil. I didn’t get the feeling the hotpoint whisk had enough strength to do that. Here are the specifications for the Hotpoint Hand Blenders 3 in 1:

  • 6 speeds + turbo speed
  • Whisk device/chopping bowl 350ml/ beaker 750ml
  • detachable shaft
  • anti-slip grip
  • stainless steel body

Good sturdy hand blender, yes it’s heavy but does the job perfectly.

This is a hand blender with 3 different attachments – a standard hand blender, a whisk, and a cutter held within a pot. First impressions are good – the main unit has a solid feel with a nice stainless metal finish. Less promising are the attachments which have a cheap lightweight feel to them – the blades in the cutter in particular seem like they could have come out of a christmas cracker. As i result, i have concerns about the longevity of this device. Performance-wise, all three attachments work well and function as you’d expect. The tall beaker is a particularly good addition that reduces the potential for spraying food all over the kitchen when blending.

Looks good it’s a xmas present for my daughter.

Doesn’t blend as good as expected.

A handy gadget that does not take up much valuable space on a kitchen worktopincludes a decent sized chopper for vegetables, an egg whisk and a mini chopper for garlicthere is also a useful measuring jug includedthis is very powerful with 6 speeds, i have only used the first which is adequate for mehigh quality strong plastic construction with stainless steel attachmentsthe perfect gift for anyone who is interested in home cooking.

This is a good value product which has a substantial feels and a decent motor. Weighing a little heavy in the hand – but it is very easy to use. The blade is probably the weak point – but as long as you don’t over do it with quantity it is quick and effective. Obviously at this price point you expect it to last a while – which i can’t vouch for – but it all the signs are good.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Looks good it’s a xmas present for my daughter
  • Four Stars
  • Five Stars

This was a replacement for a different blender that we had purchaesd.

Bought this as a gift for my mother, she loves it great well made easy to clean what more need to be said.

I bought this at a very competitive price with amazon and it is much better than my last one (gordon ramsey brand) which started malfunctioning with an awful noise and burnt smell suddenly. The hotpoint blender is much more powerful and works very quickly and smoothly. It has a good, solid, weighty feel in the hand without being too heavy and comes with other useful accessories. It is a nice looking set to boot with the silver and black trim.

Designed for man hands – i have long nails as well as a weak grip because of arthritis and i couldn’t make this do more than a few faint pulses until i used both thumbs on top of each other, so had to return it. If you have a strong grip and short nails, it’s a sturdy quality piece of work, surprisingly heavy, and nicely designed. A shame about the force needed to work the recessed buttons. I’d give 5/5 for the appearance and how i hoped it would work, 1/5 for the fact that i couldn’t actually use it and my thumb joints are still aching a few hours later.

Great for sale price very solid.

This is a really impressive item; i’ve had a couple of hand blenders before which have been okay, but merely okay – this blender really has put the others to shame. Its a sturdy, well-made and heavy unit, best used with two hands, but that encourages stability and a degree of care in its use; the chopper attachment is fearsomely efficient, reducing vegetables (carrots, broccoli, turnip, potatoes) to nicely sliced n`diced fodder for soup – the mainstay for this household. The variable speed settings provide a very good degree of control over just how finely chopped i want the veg to be and the rubberised base of the container ensures that it doesn’t slip; it hardly gets time to move anyway – a few quick pulses and the job is done. The liquidising attachment utilises the turbo switch – if you feel you need it – again, the controllability provided by the separate speed settings was enough for me to see the job done. Both attachments benefit from the provision of sizeable plastic containers which will hold a good working volume of produce and each has a measurement scale on the side. The locking mechanism is simple to operate – its a very intuitive product with a good grip, nicely designed in plastic and buffed stainless steel. The only attachment i haven’t used is the whisk, but i’m very happy with the blending/chopping functions i got it for – i’ll find something that wants a darned good whisking eventually. This is a unit that i think wouldn’t be out of place in a professional kitchen; its expensive – but it feels, looks and performs to a higher standard than any other hand blender/chopper of this kind i’ve used before.

This is a really good piece of kitchen equipment. The core is a stick blender, which in and of itself would be excellent. It’s a good powerful example of its type, it has variable speeds and it blasts through the chunkiest soup i’ve made. So, i would recommend it just for that, but it is the additional attachments which really lift this product. They are extremely useful for those times when would get the food processor out of the cupboard, but it feels like a bit of overkill for the size of job you are doing. First up there is whisk, which used in conjunction with the measuring goblet can whip up, for example, a yorkshire pudding or an omelette mix in no time at all. Secondly, there is the chopping bowl. To try it out i put in all of the ingredients for a hummus with virtually no chopping. Put the lid on, fit the motor unit into the top, press the button and , shazzam, instant chick pea dip.

This 3 in 1 tool from hotpoint feels like a quality product. The first thing you notice when you remove it from the packaging, is just how weighty the handle (with the motor in it) is. It’s made of stainless steel, and is really quite substantial. There are 3 separate attachments included – a blender, with a stainless steel shaft, so you can blend hot liquids without needing to wait for the to cool down. There is also a mini chopper, which consists of a bowl, blade and lid into which the motor unit fits. The final piece of the package is a whisk. One thing which distinguishes this from some similar hand blenders is that there are 6 different speed settings in addition to a turbo boost button which gives you a bit more control over what you are doing than a simple on-off switch. The chopper made an easy job of the carrots and onions i needed for some soup, and then blender worked well to smooth the soup once it had been cooked. The whisk is probably most useful for egg whites and nothing too demanding. This product works well, and looks quite stylish.

This hand blender not only blends, but chops and whisks as well. Overall, i am quite please with the device and considering it is trying to do the job of 3, it does this fairly well. How all 3 attachments survive the test of time has yet to be seen but i would recommend that the whisk, in particular, is used only lightly and you buy a dedicated device rather than rely on this attachment for regular jobs. The blender was tested whilst making soup and it did an admirable job of this, blending cooked vegetables both quickly and easily. The stem of the attachment was also long enough to allow blending of large, deep saucepanful amounts and was easy to clean afterwards. The whisk was tested whipping cream and it completed this job in no time; the flimsy feel however, would not make me want to use it for large jobs or for anything thicker than cream. The chopping blade is used in conjunction with a supplied plastic bowl and lid and although only small quantities could be done at any one time, the blade made short shift chopping carrots. My main criticisms for this aspect of the 3 in 1 device was that the connection between the bowl and the lid isn’t very secure as the lid can be lifted off whilst the blade is still spinning. This happened only by accident but it may be a consideration if you are getting kids to help in the kitchen. One other thing, don’t run the lid under the tap to clean it, however carefully.

This blender from hotpoint is very easy to operate and comfortable to use. It has a powerful 700 watt motor with 6 speed levels and a stainless steel shaft which is easily removed for cleaning. The blender is perfect for creaming mixture for cake with the whisk. It comes with a chopper, blender whisk and separate mixing jug. Has a one year guarantee and comes in stainless steel, all in all for the price a very nice powerful blender.

Excellent item and very useful in the kitchen.