Hotpoint TB 060C AX0 UK Steam Blender : and was easy to clean

It makes perfect juice, very quiet.

I would say its better than my old philips juicer. Affordable and very easy to clean.

The motor is not so powerfull its only 150 w.

Build quality is really good and it looks build to last. The steam feature is fantastic, it is a must if you have a baby. You can have healthy food and purees any time, just throw everything into the jar, steam and blend. Extremely convenientwould definitely recommend to anyone looking for something more than a milkshake blender, but if you’re looking at this mainly for milkshakes i would say look for something else. I only have three complains:- sometimes motor does not have enough power and it seems to struggle to blend (you can even smell the machine overheating)- although the blades are really sharp, especially when doing milkshakes it leaves some bits, so you need to make sure you slice everything quite well (i presume it’s the design of the blades). – the most annoying is the noise, it is a extremely noisy machine. Be careful when washing, blades are extremely sharp.

This is both a blender, and a steamer. The blender has four settings, pulse, and then three speeds. The blades are very sharp, the serrated edges are slightly different to blenders i’ve previously used, so a little more efficient there. So far, i’ve tried it on both a vegetable soup and a milkshake, and found it worked well, and was easy to clean. The water container for the steamer is at the side. When turned on, the steamer will default to 15 minutes, but you can add or take away. I found the lid was a good fit, although there was a little bit of steam noise. The jug, being strong glass, is a little heavy, and a little effort is needed to lift it from the base. This could be an issue if the jug is full of liquid – i’d advise leaving the lid on until removed. The error alert system works well.

I just love it – all you do is chop veg and place in jar. 20 minutes later your soup is ready and yummy. Plus you do not have to clean pots and pans 🙂 i highly recommend it. Also perfect for mashed potatoes or to steam chicken breast and keep it nice and moist and to steam veg.

The hotpoint steam blender is a must for every kitchen. It is high quality and and a very impressive addition to my kitchen. I’m enjoying making homemade soup at the moment as it has never been easier. It only takes 20 minutes to steam vegetables and then only minutes to blend up. You have to chop the ingredients into small squares which is why it only takes 20 minutes to steam. I bought already prepared veg from a supermarket to save even more time but i did end up having to chop it all into very small pieces. As long as you don’t mind the prep the blender is ideal for anyone who isn’t a fan of working in the kitchen but loves homemade results. I am impressed with how easy it is to use, the blender counts down so you know when the cooking time ends and then its a just a case of selecting which speed you would like to use. The only downside is that i find it difficult to detatch the belnder from the base after i have finished. It seems a little stiff and it does worry me that i might break it. The blender is easy to attach back on and very easy to clean.

It’s well made, not cheap looking and the build quality is excellent. Also can’t believe the price i got it for; a real bargain.

  • Good value
  • Nice one!
  • Good quality juicer.

Hotpoint TB 060C AX0 UK Steam Blender, Stainless Steel

Style Name:Steam Blender
Product Description, Create delicious meals without the hassle using this Hotpoint blender which has a convenient digital timer and an LED display. The multifunctional device has a steam function which allows you to cook fish, vegetables and more quickly and easily. With a sleek stainless steel finish, the blender looks stylish and is incredibly practical for health conscious home cooks. Simple to use, the blender locks in nutrients and creates delightful soups, compotes and cocktails all with the touch of a button.

Box Contains, 1 x TB 060C AX0 UK/1 x Glass Jar 1.5 litres/ 1 x wire basket/ 1 x Recipes Included/ 1 x Instruction Manual

From the manufacturer

Hotpoint TB060CAX0 Steam Blender

The Hotpoint HD Line TB060CAX0 Steam Blender in stainless steel allows you to cook and blend all in one appliance.

Ideal for steaming meat and fish quickly or to create healthy soups, compotes and cocktails, all at the push of a button whilst keeping nutrients locked in.

Part of Hotpoint’s HD Line, the TB060CAX0 delivers unbeatable performance and great results every time it is like having a professional chef in your kitchen.

Ice Crusher

1.5 Litre Glass Jug

Steam Basket

3 Year Warranty

With a 3 Year guarantee on Food Preparation you are given full peace of mind.

*To activate your warranty, register online within 28 days of purchase.

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I’ve been using this juicer for two months every day and very happy. It works really well and very easy to use.

The hotpoint steam blender is a substantial piece of equipment weighing 12. 7 kg and is quite tall with an assembled height of 18. Although it does have lifting handles, it is not something that is designed to be casually moved about the kitchen, like other more light-weight blenders. Probably it is best to allocate it a position on the kitchen work surface and move it only when necessary. The extra weight comes from the two power units it contains: a 550w blender motor and a 1200w steam generating unit, as well as the sturdy heat resistant glass jug, of pyrex quality, which needs to be thick in order to withstand the steam cooking of food ingredients placed in it. The overall impression is that this blender is very well built, has adequate power, and likely to last for years, despite the guarantee lasting for only one year. It can be used either as an ordinary blender, or a steamer, or both. Tests showed that it soon reduces dry ingredients like nuts, grains, seeds, etc.

We absolutely love this steam blender, in our household. It is made from high quality materials, with a sturdy glass jug to contain the food. It weighs quite a lot, yet doesn’t take up too much kitchen space due to the fact that it is quite tall and not too wide. The ease with which you can use the machine is what makes this product so great. To steam vegetables you fill the machine with water and press the ‘+’ button until the minutes are set. Then you press ‘start’ and the vegetables will steam away nicely until the machine beeps to let you know that they are finished. It is so easy that i didn’t even feel a need to look at the manualonce you have steamed your vegetables you can then quickly blend them up with some seasoning and create a delicious and healthy soup. The capacity is large enough to easily make soup for four people. You could also blend them up to create batches of purees for your baby. We found that there was enough space inside the machine for us to steam vegetables to go with our dinner (for two adults and a child).

This is one solid and well made blender. That’s the first thing that strikes you as you lift it out of the box. I have to say that the second thing to strike me was: why?.What other interesting combo items will we have thrust upon us?. Microwave-washing machines, or dishwasher toasters combos?apart from that the main question is: does it work?. The blending function seems to perform admirably, with its serrated blades making short work of everything. Already it has churned out several slush puppies. As for steaming we made a nice enough carrot and potato soup on the first outing, but steaming potatoes on the second was less of a success–with the potatoes becoming somewhat water logged since the steam condenses and puddles at the bottom of the jug. Not much of an issue if you are making soup, but if you only want to cook the spuds, not so good.

To start off with, this is a great blender, with a heavy duty glass container and a lethal-looking arrangement of six blades, two of which are serrated. It is both larger and more effective than the blender i used previously, on my bosch food processor. And then, we have the steam cooking option. I was a bit baffled by this at first (the next-to-useless instructions really do not help), but it’s actually very straightforward: set the time to cook, and then turn it on, that’s it – there are no other settings. By steaming and then blending, you can knock up some deliciously tasty (and nutrient-filled) soups and baby foods (careful though, this stuff comes out hot). It’s really very quick and easy to knock up some great purees. As with all blenders, washing up can be a bit of a chore, but nothing especially tricky about it.

  • Good value
  • Nice one!
  • Good quality juicer.

Hotpoint TB 060C AX0 UK Steam Blender, Stainless Steel

Features and Spesification

  • Designed to be a convenient kitchen all-rounder for home cooks this Hotpoint blender has a steaming function to heat as well as blend.
  • With a 1.5 litre capacity, it has space for multiple portions so you can make large smoothies or soups and store in the fridge.
  • Featuring multiple settings the appliance is simple to use, just chop ingredients and you can make soups with the push of a button.
  • The blender has an LCD display and a timer which ensures you can get your ingredients blended together perfectly every time.
  • Sleek and stylish, it has a lovely stainless steel exterior and it can be used for everything from milkshakes to baby food.