House of Marley Liberate On Ear Headphones : Five Stars

Yes i liked it but the sound comes out and the person next to u can hear it thats the drawback.

Great bass and mid comphy to wear recomend thede arrived on time.

The sound is very good, especially for the price. Bass is great, but still maintains the midtones really good. Very pleasing both in comfort and in sound quality. Replacing my bose qc15 as a daily driver (unless noise cancellation is necessary), and i couldn’t be happier with the sound. But the best must be the looks and build. It’s amazingly sturdy and gorgeous. They’re a steal in all ways possible.

These headphones sound great with my ipod touch. They are comfortable on my ears. I really like how stylish they are. The carry pouch is very useful. I listen to audio books quite often and the spoken word sounds warm with these. Music of various styles sound clear and full of depth too.

Comfy, stylish and good sound.

Really amazing sound quality, and block out other sounds really well. The cord has some weird fabric coating which makes it tangle sometimes but still better than plastic.

I came to these house of marley headphones after using a pair of redemption in earphones, which i thought were excellent. I am not such a big fan of in earphones as they tend to get itchy and uncomfortable after a while, so i decided to go back to the house of marley brand for a pair of headphones and i wasn’t disappointed. I don’t consider myself a true audiophile as such but i do know what i like in terms of music and equipment. My main consideration with any headphones bought was comfort, followed closely by durability. I have had all manner of headphones in the past which have given up after a v short time of use and i can be pretty hard on the equipment so it has to be durable. The marley liberates come in a large cardboard box with a plastic ‘viewing’ window. Time and time again, i’ve seen headphones come in all moulded, clear, hard plastic packaging which is not only hard to remove but also may not be recyclable. The packaging is fully designed to be recycled in its entirety from the cardboard box to the inlay. Which is also cardboard and the natural string cord which keeps the hifi cable tied up.

The best headphone i have heard and i have tried plenty of other makes.

  • Full, warm and tasteful low frequency bass
  • So different from the rest
  • Wonderful OE headphones

House of Marley Liberate On Ear Headphones with 3 Button Mic – Saddle

Product Description,
Satisfy Your Soul, Our mission is to create a better world and spread Bob Marley’s vision of “one world, one love” through the products that embody the values of equality, unity, authenticity, charity, sustainability and giving back to people and the planet.

Superior Quality, We not only believe in making our products the right way, we believe in making our products right. Bob Marley was a master at his craft and we’re aiming for the same peak of excellence in everything we make. We’re music lovers, too. So we’ve poured our hearts into each detail so the music we love is heard like it was intended to be heard.

Good for the earth, Our goal is to create high-quality products in the most environmentally positive way. That means not cutting corners and doing what’s right, not what’s easy. We’ve created products that are sustainable, renewable and recyclable. Each of the products are packaged in recycled and recyclable material so it avoids the waste stream and can manifest into something useful again:

  • Every piece of wood used in a Marley product is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). This governing body assures that the wood comes from a forest that is replenished making the material truly renewable and sustainable.
  • Recyclable aluminum is used in place of plastic in many components. This provides superior durability and reliability as well as giving our products a more robust and solid design aesthetic.
  • In parts where plastic must be used, we incorporate the highest possible percentage of recycled material.
  • Marley products provide a high level of style and and great, tactile user experience through the use of natural fabrics such as cotton and canvas.
  • Marley uses a unique blended fabric made from discarded fibers of hemp, organic cotton and recycled plastic (RPET). Our patent pending “Re-Spun” fabric is not only sustainable and recycled in its first round or use, but it is repurposed for a second time around.
  • Cause-minded,

    Get up, stand up. We all have to stand for something. It’s not in us to be complacent. Bob Marley was active in his beliefs and so are we. That’s why we’ve formed an association with, an organization that puts Bob Marley’s beliefs into action. For every product you purchase, a portion of your money goes to causes that focus on charities that benefit youth, planet and peace.

    Inspired by nature in beauty,

    The culmination of natural materials and technology coming together to make beautiful music and a striking, sophisticated look. And the performance meets that look. Precision acoustic components deliver a high quality listening experience, reproducing an intimate, authentic sound that lets you truly feel the music. It’s an experience that will satisfy the soul.

    Box Contains,

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    Pretty good, but sometimes hurts head.

    I dont have a super huge head.

    So comfy and havnt let me down yet.

    The bass is amazing which vibrates you head. I also like the fact how the headphones are made from recycled materials just like the cardboard packaging. So not only is it eco friendly, it is also great for a mixture of song genres from classical (the blue danube) to party songs.

    Headphones are awesome, makes whatever i’m listening to sound perfect, also really quick delivery.

    I have industrial piercing and hurts my ear after 1h so u have to keep in mind that can happen if u have earpieces.

    Apart from a problem with delivery the headphones are great. Very good construction and exceptional sound quality.

    • Full, warm and tasteful low frequency bass
    • So different from the rest
    • Wonderful OE headphones

    House of Marley Liberate On Ear Headphones with 3 Button Mic – Saddle

    My second pair of these headphones. Their attraction is having a very full, warm, and deep bass. It picks up on much lower frequencies than any other headphones i’ve tried – even within the marley range. And it’s not ‘punchy’ bass either. The cable feels slightly thin and fragile, so i wrap a little black electrical tape over the join from the cable to the headphones. Be aware that their “baseline” price is £99 in most places – but there’s always one or two places where they are selling at £49/59.

    Such good sounds come out of these. Deep, brassy but still seem to catch small notes. Just wish the cloth headband was attached more securely.

    Features and Spesification

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      by entering your model number.
    • Powerful 40 mm moving coil drivers deliver energy and definition
    • Designed and built with user-friendly materials including Marley’s proprietary REWIND fabric and FSC certified wood
    • 4 ft braided, tangle-free cord and right angle connector are designed for easy storage and use
    • Microphone and controller work with most smart phones and provide track and volume control
    • Integrated microphone with 3 button controller