House of Marley Limited Edition Positive Vibration 2 – Crafted from Sustainable Materials : Good headphone for good price.

Great product, amazing sound, deep bass, well made.

Not gonna mention too much about the good stuff just to say, excellent pairing, stable connection, very comfortable, and excellent sound. All those things are as expected from marley. Just two tiny negatives, 1 there is a tiny tiny lug that holds the cups in place and being plastic, i think that it will wear away with use. 2 it would have been nice to have a bag supplied. Those two things aside, these are perfect with superb sound and they go loud. They are also very very comfortable and are really worth every penny especially as they can be used either wired or by bluetooth. After a month, i’ve changed my rating from 4 to 5 stars. Great sound, great battery life and extremely comfortable.

The packaging they came in was very nice and high quality. Probabaly 100% recycble too based on the companys views. The headphones themselves were surpisingly light weight, but dont let this fool you into thinking they are some cheap bluetooth headphones. The bass is punchy, treble is good and vocals are crisp. I had a lot of fun messing around with spotifys playback function and tested out different styles and the headphones responded well. They look fantastic and high quality, i love the fabric they used on them and the aluminium case for the speakers match well and feel smooth. If looked after properly they feel as though they will last a long time. My only gripe with these awesome headphones are that they dont accomodate for people with heads like me. Pair this with wearing glasses and after about an hour they can start getting uncomfortable around the ears. If you have a normal shaped head and dont wear glasses then you dont have to worry about this.

Brought for my daughter, these are great, the sound is good, also once charged it lasts a long time, very pleased.

Bought as i wanted some on-ear bluetooth headphones and they do the job quite well. Nice clear and crisp sound with well defined highs and mid range. Lacking slightly in bass and can sound a bit off with loud, bass-heavy songs. Block out noise quite well but not amazingly unless the volume is turned up very high. Came with an audio cable to connect to my phone/laptop/non-bluetooth device, which is also convinient if the battery runs out (which is has not yet). Very comfortable for long periods – but don’t fair well with glasses. The black outside surface of the cups is metal. Both feel like they would/could scratch very easily if knocked against each other when folded so take care when transporting. Wish they came with a bag to carry them in.

I loved these headphones, good with treble, not so much on the bass. When you fold them the paint scratches off so they don’t stay very aesthetic. The bluetooth lasted four days of consecutive play for me but the clasp broke 4 months after i bought it so wasn’t very long lasting at all.

The headphones were in discount. I think they were cheap because the bluetooth has problems when i am outside in a windy day.

Very pleased with the headphones good value for the money, my only issue is the small control buttons on the headphones could be made a bit bigger for someone with big hands.

  • Chocks Away Old Chap
  • An absolute steal for the price
  • Excellent headphones highly recommend

House of Marley Limited Edition Positive Vibration 2 – Crafted from Sustainable Materials, Recyclable Packaging, Supports One Tree Global Reforestation, Bluetooth, Noise Isolating Headphones – Black

Colour Name:Black and Gold
Product Description, Positive Vibration Wireless

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Our Philospophy

We care about the earth and the people on it. Our mission is to create a better world through a shared love of music, a commitment to giving back to our communities and the creation of earth kind, socially responsible products.

Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Headphones

Model Number: EM-JH133

Eliminate all restrictions and experience freedom with the award-winning House of Marley Positive Vibration 2 Wireless on-ear Bluetooth headphones. Sustainably crafted from FSC Certified Wood, REWIND Fabric and Recyclable Aluminium, Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Headphones supports the reforestation of trees and the general welfare of our planet.

comfortable on ear design

bluetooth wireless connectivity

enhanced battery life

Comfortable On-Ear Design

Enjoy those long listening sessions even more with the Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Headphones. With more padding and a softer shape, these headphones have a comfortable on-ear design.

Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

Eliminate all restrictions and experience freedom using the Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Headphones. Using Bluetooth 4.2, pairing these headphones with a Bluetooth enabled device is hassle-free and easy.

Enhanced Battery Life

Don’t worry about having to stop your playlist due to a low battery, enjoy up to 10 hours of playtime from a single charge with the Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Headphones. Industry standard micro USB allows for a convenient and quick charge.

integrated microphone

fsc certified wood

recycled materials

Integrated Microphone

Switching between your playlist and incoming calls is made effortless and seamless with the Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Headphones. With an integrated microphone, you can take the call at the push of a button.

FSC Certified Wood

FSC forests are managed with consideration for the environment. FSC assures the trees harvested are replaced and regenerated naturally.

Recycled Materials

Made from recyclable aluminium, conserving natural resources, saving energy and contributing to cleaner manufacturing. The Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Headphones are also made using 30% reclaimed organic cotton, 30% reclaimed hemp and 40% recycled PET. Weaving a unique blend of recycled materials into a durable high quality fabric.


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Loving the design, comfortable and it convenient being able plug it in or use bluetooth. Overall sound quality is good however the headphones are struggling at the highest volume, i personally need a little bit more bass even after adjusting the equaliser.

I bought this product three months ago and i can say i am really satisfied with this headphones. Maybe, the sound is not like in top headphones but for the price it is excellent quality. If you are not musician or music expert, it will perfect choice.

Personally i really like the style and quality of my headphones, however, be prepared to be royally mocked in the workplace by colleagues who believe you look like something out of bomber command, an air traffic controller or enigma code breaker. Fortunately the sound quality is very good, cutting out most external noise and with little sound escaping to disturb co-workers. This means, for the most part, that i cannot hear this workplace mocking until the inevitable time when i have to disengage the rip-roaring soundtrack to 633 squadron or the dam busters to leave my desk and attend a classified mission briefing to sock it to jerry.

Bought as a christmas present for my daughter. She is very happy with them. The colour is lovely and the sound quality, so i’m told is fantastic.

Likes: excellent bass & clarity for sound i mainly go for more treble and the headphones are great for solely that and handling various ranges especially on acoustics where you can hear every instrument in a song. The headphones are nice and comfy on the ears and the noise cancelling works great, pairing with my phone was very quick and the the cable that comes with headphones for sitting at the laptop also work great. Dislikes: headphones are too short to wear around the neck when not in use can be uncomfortable so is better to fold and pocket them if wearing a hoodie. Plastic folders can tend to be creaky almost flimsy but they are strong would’ve been better they were either metal or wood to go with the logos. And finally no pouch with the price and quality of these headphones a carry pouch would’ve been ideal for these to be put away in especially when travelling. Overall: i highly recommend these to anyone who want a fantastic sound that compete with the leading brand house of marley are fantastic the feel and quality is great i love them just a shame there’s no carry pouch with such great headphones.

I’m very happy with those headphones. Have had them since last december and no problems at all so far. Battery is good, quality is amazing and noise cancellation is good as well. I thnk it’s very good value for money.

Great sound and really comfortable to wear.

First time i had problem with a set of headphones and i own loads of them. I send them back for a refund.

  • Chocks Away Old Chap
  • An absolute steal for the price
  • Excellent headphones highly recommend

House of Marley Limited Edition Positive Vibration 2 – Crafted from Sustainable Materials, Recyclable Packaging, Supports One Tree Global Reforestation, Bluetooth, Noise Isolating Headphones – Black

I’ve bought these headphones less than a month ago and i actually love them. The sound quality is great and it cancels the outside noise perfectly which was something i wanted. Everything was fine until today when i was unable to connect the headphones to my phone. I thought it needed charging so i put it on charge and in less than a minute the red light went off which means that it should be fully charged now but it simply wasn’t. I tried plugging it onto my laptop and the same thing happened again. When i turn on the bluetooth the blue light goes off like it should but right after that a red light starts to go off and it says on my phone that it’s unable to connect to the headphones because it’s either out of range or the bluetooth is off when that is not the case. The headphones work when i use it with the wire so there should be something wrong with either the harging or bluetooth. I want to know what is wrong with the bluetooth because these headphones are supposed to be wireless. I would really like to know what’s wrong and what can i do to fix it as soon as possible please. Any help would be much appreciated if this happened to anyone before.

The headphones look great and the sound quality is good. Is not the most comfortable headphone to use for long periods and when resting in your neck it restricts your movements a lot so it feels you are using a collar neck.

They are not completely noise cancelling even on full volume however they still do a very good job and do not distort the sound quality even on max volume. The battery life is great and overall a fab pair of headphones.

Bigger earcup and a little bit wider sound stage maybe?. ’cause it keeps making my ear sore. I know i’ve bought this for £24. 99 when it’s on sale, but the original price was 64 something. So i am expecting more out of this.

I have two other marley products, and this one does not disappoint. The sound is exactly what i expected, clear and crisp. I use this mostly for public transport (or do drown out co-workers) and it works amazing for both. One thing i found took some getting used to is that the volume on the headphones kinda functioned independently or not as much in line with my ipod, but that is a trivial thing. The range of the bluetooth was also incredible. It enables me to get up from my desk and go make coffee, without having to take off my headphones, which was great. Lastly, love what marley is doing with sustainably sourced materials to make quality products. I would highly recommend this.

Great, don’t have to charge it for days, great sounds quality.

Very happy with headphones, both stylish and of good quality.

Overall i’m happy with these. The sound is really pretty decent. Downside: they’re super noisy to others when i’m listening to music at medium volume so i won’t be using these outside or on my commute. This is mostly down to the design and at the price i’m not going to complain too much but it does limit where i can use them.

Ok so i am a massive marley fan, this is my 4th pair of their headphones. I had two sets of their original positive vibrations from 2012-2013 era and they were brilliant. These mark 2 versions that are wireless and bluetooth are very similar but have some more superior sound improvements. Especially in the mids and highs. They have great overall sound quality really impressed, better crisp/clear sounding with higher highs than the first version, but sadly the bass has been reduced a little. They still pack a little punch in overall eq but if you really into bass heavy music these are not for you. Definitely not as bass heavy as i had hoped for. But what surprised me more is that i was able ot hear tones of songs i have not heard before as the bass does not drown it out like in other models. I also own the buffalo soldier mark 1, non wireless. They are more bass heavy for the same price if you after that type of music experience, but these positive vibration 2’s go a little bit louder and have better/cleaner higher highs.

Incredible sound, nice base without distortion. Very comfortable and folds nicely, i’ve always gone for marley headphones, the base is always consistently smooth and treble clear. Connect really well to every bluetooth device i have. For the price, premium sound, light weight and great looking.

We own a range of hi end headphones from beats, b&o, bose and hk so these have some hefty companions to live up to. They dowhen playing standard mp3’s only muso’s will tell the difference at standard volumes through a phone. When playing lossless tracks it provides a decent experience, far better than one might expect from a sub £40 set. I would position it as a useful all rounder with decent bass without being too bass heavy. Whilst i wouldn’t admit it at home compared to my b&o 9i’s, aside from the noisecancelling, the b&o’s are certainly not 10 times better as reflected in costbluetooth connection is consistent and they are easy to pair. We have tried them with a range of phones and tablets including the latest apple, sony and samsung. Range wise we have been in another room and still had connection so they are as good as the better brands. Build quality: again superb. I like headphones that look “decent”, most sony and bose ones for example being rather boring to look at.

I would have preferred over the full ear, as i thought it looked in the image. Sound quality is just a bit above average.

Features and Spesification

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  • AWARD WINNING MARLEY SOUND – These T3 Platinum and Best on Test Award winning headphones are made from widely recyclable aluminium and FSC Certified Wood. Incorporating 2 x large 50mm aperture drivers, providing exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range. Superior sound… sustainably crafted
  • EASY TO PAIR AND LISTEN RIGHT AWAY – Utilising Bluetooth 4.2 technology; quickly, easily and stably pair with your compatible devices. High quality, wireless data streaming is realised with Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
  • EXTENDED PLAY TIME BATTERY LIFE – With an average of up to 12 hours of play/talk time, Positive Vibration 2 Wireless will keep you connected throughout the day and in to the evening. Battery running low whilst you’re out and about? No problem. Enjoy the convenience of a removable tangle-free braided cable, so you can plug right in and carry on listening until you’re able to recharge
  • ON-EAR REMOTE CONTROL – The PV2 Wireless’ comfortable on-ear design features Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP), which allows the headphones to operate many remote functions (play, pause, next track)
  • INTEGRATED MIC FOR MAKING AND RECEIVING CALLS – Urgent calls need not wait. Make and receive calls when connected to your compatible mobile device. When you’ve finished, the music stream will continue so you don’t miss a beat