House Of Marley Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Bluetooth On Ear Headphones – Recycled Materials : Good value

Really good feel to these headphones. The sound quality is excellent in both corded and cordless mode and comfortable on the ear. The cord provided is a nice quality braided style cord which prevents too much tangle. When full charged they give a good few hours of cordless use. And, although not detailed well in the description, they can fold inwards to make them easily packable. Hands free feature works well too.

Arrived on time in great conditions. It is has a great sound and it has a cable to connect to the phone i bought it for my wife and she is in love with it.

These were bought by me for my partner but i keep borrowing them as they are better than mine.

Bought as a christmas present for my daughter. She is very happy with them. The colour is lovely and the sound quality, so i’m told is fantastic.

Incredible sound, nice base without distortion. Very comfortable and folds nicely, i’ve always gone for marley headphones, the base is always consistently smooth and treble clear. Connect really well to every bluetooth device i have. For the price, premium sound, light weight and great looking.

I’ve been using it for about three months and it works really great. It has a good sound quality although it’s tough to keep on ears for more than 2 hours as ears gets kind of heated and pain starts to feel. But the overall performance is really satisfactory. The charge stays quite long enough. It works properly with pixel 2 xl.

Originally when i got them i loved them. Good quality sound for the price, battery lasts a while, easy to connect. To begin with, i could pretty easily leave my phone in one of the rooms and not struggle with connection while working around the house. Now it struggles even with my phone being in my pocket. I thought maybe they were low on battery but i’ve left them charging for a good hour and no improvement. I’m hoping that resetting everything will fix it. But it’s annoying regardless. Need better low battery indicators too.

Personally i really like the style and quality of my headphones, however, be prepared to be royally mocked in the workplace by colleagues who believe you look like something out of bomber command, an air traffic controller or enigma code breaker. Fortunately the sound quality is very good, cutting out most external noise and with little sound escaping to disturb co-workers. This means, for the most part, that i cannot hear this workplace mocking until the inevitable time when i have to disengage the rip-roaring soundtrack to 633 squadron or the dam busters to leave my desk and attend a classified mission briefing to sock it to jerry.

  • Chocks Away Old Chap
  • An absolute steal for the price
  • Excellent headphones highly recommend

House Of Marley Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Bluetooth On Ear Headphones – Recycled Materials, Sustainably Sourced Materials Supporting Global Reforestation, 10 Hour Battery – Denim

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These are the best headphones i have used for the price, and the best part you are helping the world by getting a brand that recycles and uses its resources that are best for the planet. They offer great highs and lows of the sound, with great bass. If you like bass these offer it unique some at this price level and even higher, it has better bass than beats. I find when i use these headphones they simply change your perspective of sound. If you’ve never used headphones before, and just used earphones, these will teach you what sound really sounds like, in a quality product. When watching programmes with them you can hear a knock at the door alike your head is near the door. Thankyou bob marley for this quality of sound at this price. They become scratched so easily and they start to look less new quite quickly. However knowing these come from renewable resources makes that easier to swallow. Also i own five pairs of these, due to using them to watch tv. Don’t regret my introduction to these.

I like these as they fit nice and feel comfortable, the sound is good but i use them mainly for computer use like you tube and football commentaries and not music. I have had some crap headphones in the past but these seem to be the best so far, fingers crossed, easy to pair up and no problems.

The sound is excellent, bass and treble all good. Could be abit louder but are already quite loud i just like my music very loud. The only reason they lost a star is because im not keen on the small cups can get uncomfortable sometimes, if listening for a while top of ears start hurting abit. Other than that the quality of these headphones are 5* just need bigger cups.

I bought a pair of these in november 2018. As of february 2019, they are performing extremely well with daily use. They sit comfortably, and i love the fold-away feature which makes it easy to put into my bag when they’re not in use. I’ve walked 20 minutes in the rain while wearing them. Although that’s probably not a good idea, they still perform well and nothing bad happened (i wouldn’t make it a habit, though). They are great for muffling the sounds of daily london life and i’ve found myself wearing them even without anything playing. Very happy with these and will be looking to get another pair if these ever konk out.

Love these headphones, a great upgrade from my old pair. They cancel out a lot more noise than i expected and are really comfy. The bass is nice and the audio quality is great. All the packaging was recyclable as well as the headphones being made from recycled material so that’s a massive plus. The buttons on the headphones are placed a little weirdly so it’s going to take a while to get used to, but otherwise i am really happy with them.

I have two other marley products, and this one does not disappoint. The sound is exactly what i expected, clear and crisp. I use this mostly for public transport (or do drown out co-workers) and it works amazing for both. One thing i found took some getting used to is that the volume on the headphones kinda functioned independently or not as much in line with my ipod, but that is a trivial thing. The range of the bluetooth was also incredible. It enables me to get up from my desk and go make coffee, without having to take off my headphones, which was great. Lastly, love what marley is doing with sustainably sourced materials to make quality products. I would highly recommend this.

I’ve not worn headphones in years, but these are excellent. They’re comfortable, fit well, aren’t too bulky and have excellent sound quality. My tastes in music is very varied, from folk and metal to classical and hip-hop; these headphones reproduce each sound clearly and fully (albeit with some equaliser adjustments to hit that perfect all-round setting). If you’re considering them: stop now and just buy these :).

Loving the design, comfortable and it convenient being able plug it in or use bluetooth. Overall sound quality is good however the headphones are struggling at the highest volume, i personally need a little bit more bass even after adjusting the equaliser.

  • Chocks Away Old Chap
  • An absolute steal for the price
  • Excellent headphones highly recommend

House Of Marley Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Bluetooth On Ear Headphones – Recycled Materials, Sustainably Sourced Materials Supporting Global Reforestation, 10 Hour Battery – Denim

I bought this product three months ago and i can say i am really satisfied with this headphones. Maybe, the sound is not like in top headphones but for the price it is excellent quality. If you are not musician or music expert, it will perfect choice.

I love my small in-ear phones but think they cause more buzzing with my tinnitus so thought i’d try more traditional headphones. Very pleased how these sound. Good base without any distortion. As they are light i find them very comfortable. They grip to the head well but not overly tight. I’ve had no problems connecting to my bluetooth devices including echo dots. So far battery has lasted well. For the price, sound quality, light weight and good looks highly recommended. Think they also do not trigger an increase buzzing in my ears but early days yet.

I bought these for my daughter she loves them she said thay are the best headphones i’ve bought her the sound quality is amazing they’re really comfortable to wear really pleased with them.

Very happy with the purchase. Sound quality is great, they fit without being too tight or too loose and cancel outside noise just right. Especially love the design – aluminium and wood, together with fancy cords for charging really make it a high quality product. Recommending them to all my friends.

Was recommended these by a family member, got them for my daughter for christmas, she is 12 and loves everything about them. Colour, packaging, sound tec.

We own a range of hi end headphones from beats, b&o, bose and hk so these have some hefty companions to live up to. They dowhen playing standard mp3’s only muso’s will tell the difference at standard volumes through a phone. When playing lossless tracks it provides a decent experience, far better than one might expect from a sub £40 set. I would position it as a useful all rounder with decent bass without being too bass heavy. Whilst i wouldn’t admit it at home compared to my b&o 9i’s, aside from the noisecancelling, the b&o’s are certainly not 10 times better as reflected in costbluetooth connection is consistent and they are easy to pair. We have tried them with a range of phones and tablets including the latest apple, sony and samsung. Range wise we have been in another room and still had connection so they are as good as the better brands. Build quality: again superb. I like headphones that look ‘decent’, most sony and bose ones for example being rather boring to look at.

Bought as i wanted some on-ear bluetooth headphones and they do the job quite well. Nice clear and crisp sound with well defined highs and mid range. Lacking slightly in bass and can sound a bit off with loud, bass-heavy songs. Block out noise quite well but not amazingly unless the volume is turned up very high. Came with an audio cable to connect to my phone/laptop/non-bluetooth device, which is also convinient if the battery runs out (which is has not yet). Very comfortable for long periods – but don’t fair well with glasses. The black outside surface of the cups is metal. Both feel like they would/could scratch very easily if knocked against each other when folded so take care when transporting. Wish they came with a bag to carry them in.

I’ve bought these headphones less than a month ago and i actually love them. The sound quality is great and it cancels the outside noise perfectly which was something i wanted. Everything was fine until today when i was unable to connect the headphones to my phone. I thought it needed charging so i put it on charge and in less than a minute the red light went off which means that it should be fully charged now but it simply wasn’t. I tried plugging it onto my laptop and the same thing happened again. When i turn on the bluetooth the blue light goes off like it should but right after that a red light starts to go off and it says on my phone that it’s unable to connect to the headphones because it’s either out of range or the bluetooth is off when that is not the case. The headphones work when i use it with the wire so there should be something wrong with either the harging or bluetooth. I want to know what is wrong with the bluetooth because these headphones are supposed to be wireless. I would really like to know what’s wrong and what can i do to fix it as soon as possible please. Any help would be much appreciated if this happened to anyone before.

Was looking for a sub £50 bluetooth headphone and found these on offer. Overall the sound is good nice amount of bass. Only thing i found them a bit tight so after 20 mins or so it starts to feel slightly uncomfortable. Only used a few times, hopefully they fit will relax a bit.

Using these headphones is simplicity itself, really robust and well thought out, comfortable too. I purchased because of the eco-credentials, and as a change from my now broken marshall majors. I really can’t fault the sound quality, they have much better sound separation and more tightly controlled bass than i thought possible for the price. As mentioned before the construction of these is excellent and with an added eco bonus there’s not much to dislike. The only reason for 4 stars is they’re a bit massive to wear, as in they stick out a bit and make me feel like a cyberman. That would have been cool once in my life, these days not so much. My only option is to grow myself some big hair or wear a hat, the sound and everything else more than makes up for my self-conscious issues though.

The volume was decent but as loud and clear as expected. I was not able to wear these headphones for too long before my ears starts to hurt. The sound wireless is pretty good but the cable was faulty so a crackling noise affected the sound.

Very happy with headphones, both stylish and of good quality.

Grabbed a pair on christmas deals, for the money nothing to complain about. They hold great composure at high volumes never distorting, everything from pink floyds the wall through to stained outside sounds great with lovely details and tightness. Battery life is good so far too with 8 hours use and still going. Build quality is decent although the areas where the buttons are and the charging port feel a little cheap and not inline with the quality of the rest of the headphones. I have some b&w p3 and p5s and these are not far behind them and they cost a lot more money. So its 5 stars from me at the sale price, to give anything less would be insulting. At full price i would give 4 stars, only dropping a star for the quality of the plastic control area.

These headphones are really the job , pick up my bluetooth easy and the sound is brilliant very loud deep bass , look good , comfortable fit and handy storage , very pleased.

Great product, amazing sound, deep bass, well made.

The headphones look great and the sound quality is good. Is not the most comfortable headphone to use for long periods and when resting in your neck it restricts your movements a lot so it feels you are using a collar neck.

The headphones are very good for the price, sturdy and looks attractive on. 4 stars only because it hurts my ear after a while if i wear my glasses with it but i guess that’s just how it is. Obviously the sound won’t be absolutely top notch if, say compared to a top of the line, few hundred pounds sennheiser or sony, but for the price it’s amazing. I usually listen mid-high volume and when it’s at that, it’s very good at noise isolating too.

Ok so i am a massive marley fan, this is my 4th pair of their headphones. I had two sets of their original positive vibrations from 2012-2013 era and they were brilliant. These mark 2 versions that are wireless and bluetooth are very similar but have some more superior sound improvements. Especially in the mids and highs. They have great overall sound quality really impressed, better crisp/clear sounding with higher highs than the first version, but sadly the bass has been reduced a little. They still pack a little punch in overall eq but if you really into bass heavy music these are not for you. Definitely not as bass heavy as i had hoped for. But what surprised me more is that i was able ot hear tones of songs i have not heard before as the bass does not drown it out like in other models. I also own the buffalo soldier mark 1, non wireless. They are more bass heavy for the same price if you after that type of music experience, but these positive vibration 2’s go a little bit louder and have better/cleaner higher highs.

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