House of Marley Stir It Up Harvest Headphones : 5* Sound. You will not be disappointed !

Quite heavy but good quality. Been using it for a while and gave it to my brother cos he needed a good quality headphones.

For the price the sound quality is fantastic, probably the best i’ve heard through any set of headphones as i would not venture far out of this price range. They also look fantastic which is a big plushowever the build quality is the main issue with these headphones. After around three months (of admittedly heavy use) one side stopped working. I quickly worked out the cable was the issue and replaced for around £10 (as the headphones only take specific cables). I don’t know what they make the cables out of but after a couple more months the new one went as well. As much as i loved the sound quality and style of these earphones i couldn’t waste any more money maintaining them and decided to move on to a more reliably built pair. So i guess that this is just a warning that while the headphones appear a bargain, they are a bargain for a reason and will almost certainly end as worse value for money than other similar quality sets.

Comfortable, good quality build and sound great. They are heavy on the bass but this does not detract from the sound quality and whats wrong with a bit of bass. Better than the sound of rustling kitchen foil.

Really nice looking product, but in terms of durability, the sound went after only 6 months of receiving it.

Cool headphones but quite heavy.

We got these for my son with his christmas money after he looked at many makes and models. Delivery time was fast and all was well until 2 months after receipt when one ear pice stopped working. I am currently looking into repair/replacement but the amazon return date has passed so it will have to be with the supplier.

Absolutely brilliant headphones i can just recommend for everyone.

The headphones are better than many other out there that cost £200-£250. Sound quality it’s perfect even at highest vole point. After i bought them 2 of my friends bought them as well because they were very pleased when they tried my ones.

  • Broken
  • 5* Sound. You will not be disappointed !
  • quite heavy but good quality. been using it for a while and

House of Marley Stir It Up Harvest Headphones with 3 Button Mic – Aluminium

Product Description,
Satisfy Your Soul, Our mission is to create a better world and spread Bob Marley’s vision of “one world, one love” through Earth-friendly products that embody the values of equality, unity, authenticity, charity, sustainability and giving back to people and the planet.

Superior Quality, We not only believe in making our products the right way, we believe in making our products right. Bob Marley was a master at his craft and we’re aiming for the same peak of excellence in everything we make. We’re music lovers, too. So we’ve poured our hearts into each detail so the music we love is heard like it was intended to be heard.

Earth Friendly, Our goal is to create high-quality Earth-friendly products in the most environmentally positive way. That means not cutting corners and doing what’s right, not what’s easy. We’ve created products that are sustainable, renewable and recyclable. Each of the products are packaged in recycled and recyclable material so it avoids the waste stream and can manifest into something useful again:

  • Every piece of wood used in a Marley product is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). This governing body assures that the wood comes from a forest that is replenished making the material truly renewable and sustainable.
  • Recyclable aluminum is used in place of plastic in many components. This provides superior durability and reliability as well as giving our products a more robust and solid design aesthetic.
  • In parts where plastic must be used, we incorporate the highest possible percentage of recycled material.
  • Marley products provide a high level of style and and great, tactile user experience through the use of natural fabrics such as cotton and canvas.
  • Marley uses a unique blended fabric made from discarded fibers of hemp, organic cotton and recycled plastic (RPET). Our patent pending “Re-Spun” fabric is not only sustainable and recycled in its first round or use, but it is repurposed for a second time around.
  • Cause-minded,

    Get up, stand up. We all have to stand for something. It’s not in us to be complacent. Bob Marley was active in his beliefs and so are we. That’s why we’ve formed an association with, an organization that puts Bob Marley’s beliefs into action. For every product you purchase, a portion of your money goes to causes that focus on charities that benefit youth, planet and peace.

    Inspired by nature in beauty,

    The culmination of natural materials and technology coming together to make beautiful music and a striking, sophisticated look. And the performance meets that look. Precision acoustic components deliver a high quality listening experience, reproducing an intimate, authentic sound that lets you truly feel the music. It’s an experience that will satisfy the soul.

    Box Contains,

    1 x headphonesDurable braided cableStorage bagEco-packagingInstruction booklet

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    The sound on the headphones is great, very clear and the bass is very good but does not overpower everything else, which is what my beats tend to do. They do not feel too tight on my head, unlike some other reviews(although i may just have a small head). They are well padded too, both on the headband part and the ear bits. They are well worth the price and would recommend them.

    You have to love the concept. Wish they made other equipment in the audio range.

    Bought for a friend’s bday present. I took them out of the box to test and they do not disappoint. Ultra comfortable and amazing sound, not to mention they look great tooitem took a little while to arrive but all good when it did:). You won’t be sorry at a price of £69this deserves a 5 star rating.

    When this product arrived i was sold by the design of it alone. When i took it out and tested the sound quality, i was jealous that i’d only days prior brought the skullcandy aviatorthe max volume is louder and honestly i just think its a better product than my skullcandy all round. Oh and bf is well pleased with it too.

    Nice look and the best sound. The quality is very good, also the price.

    Loved these headphones from day 1pros:-great build quality-amazing crystal clear sound-lovely wooden finish which looks absolutely stunning-reasonably pricedcons:-can be slightly tight on your head but not too of an issue. -even though i don’t have an iphone or ipod etc, the 3 button mic doesn’t come in use which i’m not too bothered about. However the plastic button casing has fallen off a couple of times exposing the wires and soldering inside. I do use these headphones on a daily basis though. :doverall it’s a fantastic piece of kit.

    Incredible sound from a pair of very sturdy feeling cans. They’ve handled rock, jazz, metal, easy listening and classical music without any problems. Always a clear, crisp sound.

    Good quality, bags of style.

    • Broken
    • 5* Sound. You will not be disappointed !
    • quite heavy but good quality. been using it for a while and

    House of Marley Stir It Up Harvest Headphones with 3 Button Mic – Aluminium

    Excellent item for the price thanks.

    The quality of the headphones is superb it excels my expectations.

    Great quality, lovely sound and good looking. The only thing i would change is having more length for the extendable earpieces, other people and i have big heads and need that little bit of extra sizeother than that, this was a great purchase.

    Feel comfortable on the head, sit well, adjustable.

    Love these headphones, such a great price too.

    Here are my pros and cons:pros:balanced sound quality, i tried on other popular brands which were just ridiculously bass heavy. These are bassy but its a balanced all-round sound;superior build quality (as opposed to something cheap and plastic’y like beats by dre for example);detachable woven insulated coord which is lightweight, sufficiently long and has the inline buttons for volume and call answer. The insulation on the cord means i don’t get any noise interference from the cord rubbing against my shirt or jacket as other headphones do;build quality – these are beautifully made from quality materials. Everything’s solid and they just *feel* expensive;sweet looking – the turned beech-coloured wood with etched marley logo has serious cool factor. I can take calls without removing them, the buttons in cord have a built-in microphone so they act as a headset. Cons:the carry case is a soft fabric in what seems to be hemp. I would have liked a hard moulded case so they can go in my luggage and i don’t have to worry about them getting crunched;perhaps its my big head, but i find the squeeze on my head and ears just a bit tight. My ears get a bit achey after a relatively short time (however this also means they block a lot of external environmental noise without noise-cancelling functionality). I subtracted 1 star for these two cons, but they are still fantastic. I’d recommend trying these on in a store before you buy.

    They fit well, for me personally they don’t squeeze my ears as some people have said they do. Sound is great and comfortable to wear. All in all for 50 quid there an amazing buy.

    Perfect from all corners you think.

    Love the house of marley head phones.

    Brilliant headphones and ethically a great company.

    Feel good on head, good balance, not too much bass but still they can play rich bass, good mids and highs. They could stay better on your head, but it is not a con since you dont usually run with this size headphones.

    They are as good for sound as all the top brands available. Only down side is after 2 years of not using them an awful lot the wire port connecter has broke and they no longer work properly.

    The sound of the headphone is realy good, only thing i doe find anoing is that it doesnt work whit a android phone. And somehow i maneged to call some when i pulled the connector out of the phone.

    Amazing mid range sound much better than beats.

    Great headphones son delighted.

    Perfect, excellent sound carry them daily.

    Super sound, stylish and comfortable, like the rasta colours, single cord to one side is clever, love that itdoesn’t get tangled.

    Features and Spesification

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    • Apple 3 button microphone for use with any mobile phone (including iPhone)
    • Durable canvas, FSC certified beech wood, recyclable Aluminium and recycled plastic strain relief
    • Ultra soft leather ear pads
    • Premium storage pouch
    • Durable braided cord