How to Travel Light | My Top Tips for Travelling Light

When it comes to travelling I believe there are two types of people; those who are capable of packing only the absolute travel essentials, and those who simply fail at just that. I used to be the latter, but since living a fair distance from family and friends, packing light is a skill I like to think I’ve mastered. Although, my Mum would still probably disagree if she saw me pack nowadays.

Travelling by air has become far more complex over the years, with restrictions as to what you can and how much you can take with you. Hefty baggage allowances costing more than I’m willing to pay are simply one of the reasons I’ve managed to master the skill of travelling light.

If you’re only going away for a short period of time, the standard 10kg hand luggage is all you really need – but even then some of us can go over board with the packing. So, I’m going to share with you my top tips on how to travel light.Tips for travelling light


Choose the right bag/case | If you go on holiday with a huge family suitcase just for you, of course you’re going to go overboard as you’re simply going to take advantage of the space on offer. Instead, opt for a bag/case that is small and easy to transport. Rucksacks are ideal as they’re easy to carry, but cabin cases are also just as good. I always take my trusty IT World’s Lightest cabin case with me on my jollies, as it has all the right compartments to store my goods in, is spacious yet still abides by the airline rules and it’s super light – obviously – so I have a good 1kg spare.

Plan your outfits | This is alot easier when you’re only going away for a couple days, but try and plan your outfits as best as possible. Check the weather a couple days before travelling to ensure you’re packing practical clothing. If it’s a long weekend break you’re enjoying, you don’t really need 3 pairs of jeans/shorts and 5 tops, do you? As for longer stays, destinations other than the place you call home, still have laundarettes – the rest of the world isn’t exactly alienated, so make use of these.

Be Dense | There is an art to packing as my Mum has taught me over the years. I remember sitting, stressed-out in the living room when I packed for my 3-month trip to the states and my Mum walking in and just shaking her head at my shambled attempt at packing. I had just one large bag with a rucksack to hold everything I need for three months. Fold and roll is my moto. Don’t just neatly fold then pack and stack in your back or case, roll your shirts and jeans up too! It makes is fairly dense, but you save a fair amount of space too. Better yet, try vacuum bags!

Samples |When it comes to makeup, skincare, haircare and bodycare – depending on how much you really care about all this stuff – sample products are the way forward. It saves space, but you also finally get to delve into that box of random samples you have stashed in the draw. Unless your skin/hair needs specific products (sensitivity or allergies for example), just use the freebies the hotels provide. The shampoo provided at the Marriott hotels is actually pretty decent!

Fight the boredom | Although travelling is fun once you’ve arrived at your final destination, the journey itself can be quite tedious – especially if long haul. My best piece of advice is to download movies and TV programmes to your phone or tablet to watch offline whilst airborne. Better yet, if you want to read a good book, but don’t want to fill space by bringing one, download the free Kindle app and take your pick!

*items may have been gifted to me for review purposes.