HUMAX FVP-5000T 2 TB Freeview Play HD TV Recorder – Carbon – it is very clear and easy to use

My old tvonics pvr died after 8 years, so time for a new pvr. The humax fvp 5000t was a which best buy, so after looking at the other reviews on amazon, most good, some not so good, decided to give it a go. The fvp 5000t with 2 tb of storage is the model i went for. Connecting it up and setting it up was very easy (with the exception of entering my long and secure passwords for the wifi and netflix – but that is purely a function of long passwords and navigating an on screen keyboard) and it worked well first time. I would recommend this freeview play box, easy to set up and use and a vast improvement on my old device – should have upgraded to humax a few years ago. A quick note, after setting up the wifi internet connection, the box updated to the latest software over the internet. I hope humax keep updating the software over the comming years.

My old humax gave up the ghost on monday and my new one came on tuesday. What a gem from the king of pvr. How things have moved on and this model only came to market at the end of last year. I have 3 computers on my home network and at last a pvr which slots seamlessly into the system. The real strength of this new unit is its ability to plug into the internet via the router. I’m one of these people who cannot just sit in an armchair watching tv so like to work on my computer with the tv out to one side. I have discovered that i’m not alone in this. So, if i needed to use one of the catch up services it meant all the rigmarole of setting it up and then locking up the computer to watch it. This new humax connects directly to ones router meaning i only have to connect once to each catch up service and from there on the humax’s capability to play programs from any channel over the past 8 days is there to connect to. The really clever bit is that it presents itself exactly the same as the normal tv guide and the unit knows which service to connect to as soon as you click on any program. This is a game changer because it means that when you sit down to watch tv you no longer have just the choice of that day or what you have recorded but can also cruise the channels for everything over the previous 8 days and play them as if they are all today’s programs. No more locking up your computer and no more explorer shenanigans. I have seen mentioned that some people are having problems with the amount of tuners working?.

Picture great, sound great, records great, remote is great as it’s larger than some, easy to understand. The only down side but not serious, it’s slightly slow when doing a command. Also, would have been nice if the catch up apps had been available. Instead, have to go onto catch up, find the channel, and then click on any program and try and get to ‘home’, in order to find an earlier recorded program. But wouldn’t change it as it is a great box.

It works well as a pvr and has a good range of catch up apps built in. I’m using the built in wifi connection it connected easily and i’ve had no problems using it to stream from iplayer. The 3 tuners allow the recording of 4 programs at the same time and it was this that made me choose this pvr over others. The 1tb hard drive gives me plenty of space and so far i haven’t got beyond 10%. Used space even though most of my recordings are hd. It can be slow to respond to the remote, particularly just after start up. Once you are playing a recording the response is immediate. Populating the guide is also slow and seems to be done each time you look at it. I find the freetime option to play stream programs from the the program guide to be a gimmick and not very useful. On the other hand when you search for a program it lists all the options available on catch up as well future programs and this can be very useful.

I bought this to replace the virgin system after i realised that most of what i watched and recorded was on freeview, it took me a lot of time and thought to take the plunge. It has so far lived up to my expectations. The only difference for us is that we now have to leave our hub/internet on over night, whereas previously if we weren’t using our pc then we would switch it off. I don’t like anything being on standby and with this box the hub has to be on to do all of its functions. Apart from that i would recommend it to anyone thinking of switching from either sky or virgin. We have saved £50 per month.

We bought this as we were getting rid of our overpriced and unwatched virgin tv package. I’ll never go back to paying for a package like that. This product was great value for money. Loads of storage to record things, quick access to netflix and iplayer, and really intuitive and easy to use.

Very easy to set up as per other reviews. Nice that it has built in wifi as well as an ethernet port. Guide gets a little bit of getting used to but nothing too strenuous. I bought this as a replacement for a second sony freeview device and was nervous about going to another make – sony had been great. It’s early days but the box is easy to set up, easy enough to use and unobtrusive. I’m connecting out via hdmi and the box defaulted to 1080i rather than 1080p but that was easy enough to change (and i am not sure my eyes would have noticed anyway. ) i should have replaced the sony 6 months ago when it first started playing up.

I bought this before christmas on a fabulous deal. I bought this to replace an older model that i wanted to update. Firstly i spent a couple of hours setting up the unit, it was easy and once set up everything was how i liked it. The speed of remote response, well yes it is slightly slower, after a month i am used to it. The auto turn on via hdmi, this is a great feature, i agree it is slow and difficult because it takes about 10 seconds for any response, it does work but slow. The issue is that the red ‘on’ led is along the bottom of the unit and it is difficult to see that it has changed colour. I am happy with the remote functions, it is easy and is has ‘learnt’ more than enough of my samsung tv features. I am happy with the picture quality and recording features. My old unit had a one press feature to wind on a fixed time, say 30 seconds, 1 or 2 minutes, this unit also has that but it is longer winded and i have already forgotten how to do itoverall i am pleased with the unit and i think for most people they will find it ideal.

. Having told sky where to go with their endless repeats this allows us to see the programmes we watch and has access to many other channel features. It has the odd ‘quirk’ but overall an very acceptable replacement that will eventually become completely free as the saving on sky monthly charges is offset against the initial cost. Great picture and flexibility for recording. Imho a better bet than sky if you don’t want to pay the inflated sky price to receive sport and/or old movies. Updatehaving had it a while now i can understand some of the other buyers comments. The menu system and the relationship between the function of watching ‘live tv’ as opposed to a ‘recording’ and getting to and/or from those functions is, in my opinion, not at all consumer friendly and certainly not easy for those who are not highly trained in the art of the humax handset controller. For the price i expected better functionality. Still ok for watching and recording but the menu and recording/deleting system is a real pain in the proverbial imho.

We ‘upgraded’ from a hdr-fox t2 and while some areas are improved, many are backwards steps. Improvements:- records more than 2 channels (4)- doesn’t complain about recording clashes caused by padding- ui is more modern looking- catch-up – don’t use as faster on smart tvproblems:- noisey hdd when recording more than 2 channels- noisey fan in standby if any of the background services are enabled- can’t tell if it’s on or off or recording from the light. The light is either red for off, or blue for on/recording. The light also faces down, so can’t be seen. – remote is bulky, large, and naff- more remote presses are needed to do most things- the android app does not work at all, so remote recording or playback is not possible- remote playback over dlna or ftp is not possible for hd (every we record)- it is slow. Far slower than our old humax, and this is made worse be the inefficient menus and controls- poor ui design throughout. For example when entering a series of recordings ‘play’ will play the most recent, rather than the oldest. ‘watch live’ is the default option when entering through the recordings menu, rather than ‘play recording’. Overall it is really tough to justify not returning this product. I hope for fixes by updates, but if history is anything to go by there will be none.

The box arrived on time but there are several problems with it. Notably when i first turn it on the picture colours are wrong and there is no sound. The only solution is to turn the tv off and on again. I contacted customer services who asked me to do a factory reset which did not work and the same problems persist. He said that i would need to contact technical services and would probably have to send the box back. The problem with this is that i had already connected a box sent to my wife before mine arrived and it had all the same problems. Secondly more4 and e4 are no longer available on freestat but should be available on freeview play which is what i have. Customer services were at a lossthe box clearly has a number of issues, at least be aware before you cancel sky/virgin and buy a freeview plus box.

Records plenty of simultaneous programs and you are able to watch other live programs at the same time ( unlike the panasonic that it replaced). Still finding my way around the many facilities. The “8 day” programme guide is very slow and it’s a struggle to get 2days out of it sometimes unless it’s been on for a while. The stacking of recorded programs, one after the other is annoying too as you have to scroll down a long list once you have a number of items recorded. Good memories of the old, original humax, hope this one will eventually come out as useful. The wi fi facility is really great for youtube etc.

Good so far and wireless internet which is useful. My only complaint is that humax dvd’s get more complicated with each new model and i should know as i have had five and i am still using three of them. I am adding this after using the humax for many months now. Using it and finding my way around the guide and recorded programmes is just not as easy as it was on earlier models. Also, for a reason i have not yet worked out, it frequently wont let me switch on a live programme from the guide. It offers only close and then takes me back to the guide. I have to find a pogramme which will start and then work my way to the one i want moving channel by channel.

Easy to understand menus and good layout. We migrated to this from the newest v6 tivo box that comes with virgin (as the area around our new house doesn’t offer virgin) and we definitely noticed a slow-down. It’s fine, just never feels snappy. Especially in apps, like netflix, things really slow to a crawl.

Bought this after a recommendation for a national store and it’s so far been absolutely stunning. Arrived on time as described in packaging as described (you can tell what it is from the packaging) very easy to set up and connect to your network. It is even better than the previous other brand box i had. It can record 3 things while watching a 4th and the picture reproduction is brilliant. If you change channel and then move back to your previous channel it takes you back to where you were so you don’t miss anything. There are on demand catch up apps as well as recommendations for you. The only con is that if you switch between the box and tv the sound is so much louder on the tv and always makes everyone jump. However really with this box i don’t need anything on my tv anymore.

The humax fvp-5000t 1tb freeview play recorder is exactly what we wanted, it does everything that was described to us, it is very clear and easy to use.

Nice unit, about half the size of the sky hd box. Good quality picture from both sd and hd content. Easy to set up and use, and a reasonable tv guide. The only negative i have (and the reason for dropping it a star on the rating) is that response-wise, it takes a fraction of a second longer to respond to input than the sky box takes. I bought this as a sky replacement as i feel that for my usage i was paying more than i was getting back. As a family we will miss sky one, history, alibi and gold (the latter items would be available through a tv player app – sadly that’s one of the apps that is not available on this box). The recording function works well and you can do an equivalent of series-link to record an entire series. Time will tell whether freeview can truly replace sky, but house-hold mutinies aside as they are nothing to do with this unit. The humax box does it’s job as a player and recorder very well.

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