I-Sell Products chinkybooNEW 12 LITRE PORTABLE HALOGEN CONVECTION OVEN 1300W – What do you do when the element burns out

Would have got 5 stars if it had a better timer on it. The taller drip tray thing has rounded feet,which makes getting the food of it tricky. And the foodsometimes falls off into the fat below.

Everything you could want, far better and cheaper than your normal electric oven. Will cook a medium chicken and trimmings in about 45 minutes without you having to keep checking it. Boil your potatoes , chuck them in with the chicken and your done.You can even cook the veg in there with it if you like. Ive made fresh cakes, cooked pasties from frozen, everything tastes far better. Pop some oil in the bottom heat it up, add some veg sprinkle a small amount of water over them cook for 15 mins then add a few sausages and a small amount of goose fat . And cook for another 20 minutes.

Bought this as the bulb had gone on the last one and it was not worth messing about (at almost £10) trying to replace it. My choice was right, at this price if it last 12 months or more in our house we would have got our money’s worth. As good as the expensive one of the same capacity.

Been using these for years great product.

This is a replacement for a similar looking machine but from a well known british brand. Suspect this will not last as long but it was a lot cheaper and certainly does the job. And i would recommend anyone who has not yet tried one of this type of oven to do so.

Having got all the accessories with earlier halogen ovens. This product won the replacement race because it does not come with more than the absolute minimum of accessories. If you choose this as your first halogen oven you may find the lack of extras limiting but otherwise it will make perfect oven chips, cook pies or pizza please use a pizza stone to get the best from the unit. It will also grill chops make perfect roasties and a host of other jobs that the standard oven wastes energy to produce. Not an item to have if you have those under 10 running about. So use the oven with some caution and consideration.

You will never use an oven again. These products generally work for around a year to 2 years i know this from experience, having purchased three before. But for the money they are absolutely fantastic, and getting cheaper all the time. So save yourself some money by not running up huge electricity bills.

I bought this product as my first one packed up. It appears no different, but i find the heating up time takes quite a while longer than my original andrew james one. It is a reasonable replacement, but that heating up time needs to be taken into consideration.

This is my 2nd halogen oven and i couldn’t do without it. I only use my oven/grill now for cheese on toast and pizza, food is cooked quicker and my electricity bill has gone down.

Here are the specifications for the I-Sell Products chinkybooNEW 12 LITRE PORTABLE HALOGEN CONVECTION OVEN 1300W:

  • Heats up & cooks food quickly
  • Cooking time is 3 – 5 times faster
  • Cooking without fats or oil reduces cholesterol
  • Easy operation with time and temperature control
  • Cooks food evenly

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I would never go back to a normal oven!
  • What do you do when the element burns out
  • Fantastic