If I Won the Lottery…


Have you ever wondered what you’d do IF you won the lottery? What am I saying, of course pretty much everyone has thought about it at least once in the past. Its human nature, we just can’t help thinking about all the things we could have if we had way more money than we’ll probably ever have. I try to buy a lottery ticket weekly, but sometimes the realisation that I’ll probably never win that one big jackpot just stops me in my tracks.

So, what exactly would I do if I won the lottery?

The typical answer would be to quit my job, pack my bags and jet all my friends and family to the Maldives for a life-long vacation, right? Strangely enough, that vision doesn’t appeal to me and instead I would remain in my job and take another route.

If I were to win the lottery, the first thing I would do is buy a nice little apartment in the city. Nothing grand like a 6 bedroom mansion for little ol’ me, but a nice high-rise apartment that I can spruce up and make it Pinterest-worthy for all to envy. Once I have my own place set up, I’d begin to invest in property to rent out, which is something I plan to do in the future anyway, so why would I not do it just because I ‘won’ the lottery?!

Secondly, I’d ‘treat’ myself to a nice little run around. There’s always a divide when it comes to cars in this situation; those who will splash out on cars worth up to quarter of a million, or me who just wants a little Fiat 500. Simples.

Thirdly, the holiday. Although I wouldn’t want to jet off for weeks on end, I would still enjoy an all-inclusive, 5-star holiday with first class travel everywhere! Who wouldn’t? Of course it wouldn’t just be me going away, as I’d buy tickets for close friends and all the family too!

Lastly I’d be investing more time and money into my blog. If you too are a blogger and you’re reading this post, would you give-up on your blog and enjoy your new lifestyle or would you feel more motivated to invest into the blog now you had the money? That question genuinely intrigues me. I’d probably begin with getting a professional designer involved and getting a fully-custom blog design and logo. I’d maybe even then treat myself to a new camera and improve my photography/YouTube set-up.

In comparison to other people’s vision for if they won the lottery, mine probably sounds mediocre and borderline boring, but for me it’s genuinely exciting!


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