IBRA 30M HDMI High Speed Cable v2 – For reference I’m also using ugreen active 10m usb3 cables for the audio and sensors and whilst they show a few issues in oculus setup they are working great too. Note that your mileage may vary due

You can pay a lot more than the asking price of these leads. The overall build quality 100%no operating issues. Delivery very fast and on time.

So far, i think i have at least 3 of these in different lengths in the house, they’re far better than the cables i’ve been using for a few years, they are a little rigid like someone else mentioned, but it’s not difficult to get them going where you want. Not used them for anything higher than 1080p.

I am changing my review from 2 start to 5 stars because i was wrong about its interference with my wifi signal. Below is what i said before but as it turns out there was something else playing up with my internet (don’t know what but it was not the cable) apologies. I bought this to connect my brand new hp specre to extenal screen (i work on two screens). Whilst working i listen to a lot of internet radio (orf fm4 mostly) i cound not figure out why the sound kept cutting (every 30 secound or so the sound would stop for about a second and then come back again – relly annoying) i was worried that there was something wrong with the laptop and i spent probably about two hours trying to figure it out before i thought it might be the cable. Bino – as soon as i unplugged the cable the problem was solved. I then plugged it back again and it was fine for a few minutes but then the problem came back. I am now using my old cable and all is well. I will not be returning this one becuase it might still come in useful for tv etc but be careful if you are planning on using this with your pc.

First of all – what a bargaini bought a proper 4k blue ray player and wanted to make sure i had the correct calibre of cable as i’d read some hdmi cables did not support 4k. I didn’t realise this until a friend pointed out that the movie i was playing didn’t appear to be 4k despite the player and tv being 4k.

So far very pleased with this. Had problems with my apple tv and someone suggested a premium hdmi – so far the problem has gone. This feels like a good quality product, very pleased with it and general audio on my tv sounds sharper and clearer.

Extremely pleased bought a cheaper product originally, which was not very good at all. However as soon as i changed to this cable, the sound and picture quality are excellent. Have used the cable to move my tv to another part of the lounge, whilst still connected to my virgin media box.

Bought to connect my 4k player/tv together, seems very sturdy and the picture is fine. Seems much better build than those of the same price in supermarkets.

I recently bought a 4k tv, and after politely turning down the large high street store’s attempts to sell me 2 high speed cables for around £80, i looked on amazon, and saved myself a fortune with this purchase. The build quality is excellent, and they ensure stunning picture quality. Don’t be robbed by your high street store, and get this bargain instead.

Good quality sound and picture, i can now tell the difference between hdmi cables in terms of quality (picture/sound) with this product. Bought this a replacement hdmi cable, luckily enough my devices are close together. Durable lead with high quality finish. Would purchase again if required.

I went to a well known electrical retail store and paid £60 for a similar cable. Obviously should have looked on amazon first. I returned the cable and paid a 10th of the price on amazon for an almost identical product that is working perfectly.

Good quality and very helpful. I still use this cable and no issues at all.

Looks good, looks like it is well made, hasn’t shown any signs of wear and tear so far.

Top quality cable with the latest tech, fine for xbox, ps4, sky tv etc works with 4k and 3d need a good cable look no further. Please take a second to hit the helpful button it makes taking the time to write the review worthwhile x. Here are the specifications for the IBRA 30M HDMI High Speed Cable v2:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ? IBRA LUXURY GOLD UPDATED VERSION ? Supports HDMI 2.0b Ports (4K @ 30Hz, 18 Gbps) – Connect 4K/HD TV to Blu-Ray/DVD Player, Xbox, Play Station, PC, and other HDMI devices. Backwards compatible with HDMI v2.0,v2.0b,v1.4 & v1.3.
  • ? 4K COMPATIBILITY ? HDMI cable (male To male) connects 4K BLU-RAY PLAYERS, SMART 3D, MEDIA PC, PS4, PS3, XBox One, Xbox 360, Roku, computers and other HDMI-enabled devices to 4k TVs & displays, Ultra HD A/V receivers and more.Supports 4:4:4 Chroma.
  • ? THE NEED FOR SPEED ? The faster the better. With high-purity 100% OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) conductor and Triple EMI shielding, it provides 18Gbps bandwidth, capable of transmitting 100% of the data required for 4K/ UHD. The result is crisper picture, brighter, more realistic color and greater detail than standard HD.
  • ? BEST-IN-CLASS CABLE DESIGN ? The cable has a durable nylon braided design with extreme durability,24K Gold Plated Connectors for Better Image / Sound Quality/ Stable signal transmission.
  • ? QUALITY CONTROL ? Every cable is checked right from the assembly line to ensure it performs at peak level. We examine each cable at its manufactured length, between devices capable of supporting 4K (2160p) @ 30Hz.

Works great would recommended and quick delivery and a lot cheaper than the one curry’s was trying to sell me at £69 👍🏽.

It is very bendable which is good and it is also quite sturdy. It is obvious there is a lot of insulation around the cable which is good. And also cheaper than high street shops.

Heavy duty casing is excellent as i use it across 2 rooms and it will get a little abuse on some corners and people accidentally standing on it. Quality is top notch and picture quality is not diminished across the 10 meters.

So i have a toshiba 4k hdr10 enabled television which is a hefty size. I’ve linked it up to a panasonic 4k bluray player using the hdmi ordered. I have to admit i can see a slight difference in picture quality using this hdmi when playing new 4k movies. I would say its almost perfect. For the price though its a must buy.

There appears to be an issue with the ps4 pro and the psvr where the headset will black out at random intervals. This did not happen with the ps4, only the pro. I read somewhere that somebody had mentioned that the cables that sony provide are not up to scratch and to replace with higher quality, verified 4k cables. After plenty of research i plumped for these and the black out problem is a thing of the past, so these have totally fixed my issue.

This product even got remarks like that looks cool and quality by people who did not know what it was. This was purchased to ensure that everything played flawlessly on my new tv. I chose the right product as everything works flawlessly.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Forget buying from high street shops!
  • Works as well as the expensive alternatives.
  • i have got to say i was shocked how good it is

I was hesitate to purchase the cable. But when i connected the cable to tv the picture was sharp. To be honest the price i paid is far less then what i have seen in retail stores, which is not goldi would say it worth buying.

Really pleased with this looks good quality but how good & how long it will last only time will tell. This works with my sky-q-mini box to my projector that needs to go down the garden to my gazeebo for big screen on the hotub. The last item i tried with hsdc+built in booster did not work showed incompatible cable. This new one does work with my sky-q. I will update if item fails as this will be piped underground for outdoor use so it will be heavily tested. Recommended for sky-q extentions projectors etc.

Good looking product, well made and good value. I use for ps4 pro and sky q. So yes it is a high speed cable that supports 4k.

Love the quality, appearance but hopefully it’s going to be durable.

I think that delivery is fast, undamaged and on good time,this item is very effective,best worth recommended buy.

I ordered 2 of these cables as a previous cable failed. They have been doing a good job so far with no issues, working perfectly with my sky hd box and panasonic surround sound, allowing me to turn on my tv, sky box and surround sound with the press of one button. Be careful if you want to route these cables i. Around a tv bracket, as they are quite thick and do not like to bend around tight corners. That said, i would buy more of these cables if the need arises.

Recently bought a new tv and decided it was time to update the hdmi cable. I passed on the extortionate sale price, limited offer cable the sales guy offered me at the bargain price of £50. And decided to give this one a go. The picture is perfect and i have no complaints with the speed and the cable. Don’t waste your money on the expensive cables. They really are no better quality than this. They are probably all made in the same factory. This does the job perfectly and i would highly recommend.

Works and it would probably take an earthquake to break this.

Superb speedy service from hd zone, and absolutely top notch product at a fraction of the cost of bigger more well known brands. The cables look and feel exceptionally well made, and the performance from the product is outstanding. Ordered another 3 cables straight away, as i needed longer ones.

Having recently changed the telly to 4k thought i would upgrade the basic looking cable between tv & sound system. I can’t say i’ve noticed any improvement in performance but the cable looks high quality at a very reasonable price & i am very happy with my purchase.

Purchased these the other day and i must say they are built to last me a lifetime. Topped off with a stylish gold plated port. Also not to mention the lengthy 2 metre cable which reaches my devices lovely. In terms of performance, they really do knock the socks of the standard hdmi cables. The picture quality looks sharper and a must buy for anyone who owns a 4k television. Personally used to enhance picture quality when using my ps4, and these really do deliver.

Surprisingly good quality cable. I have bought audioquest & chord hdmi cables and i always had to struggle the see the increase in picture quality. This cable actually showed a clear improvement which was so surprising for the price paid. By comparison i paid £35 for a new chord c-view hdmi (2016) & nearly £50 for an audioquest cinnamon hdmi (2015). I would suggest buyers audition this first. You might just like what you see. I purchased a second one and platinum edition because i was so impressed.

Does exactly what it needs to do.

I bought this exact hdmi cable last year and i am really satisfied with its amazing quality, performance and durability. Playing 4k content and games on 4k60fps on both my pc and xbox one x flawlessly. Very flexible cable as well, a must buy.

The cable is exactly what i expected and i am very pleased with it.

I have just replaced a £85 hdmi cable 7m long to a projector, which started to very slight​ flicker, with this one, i have got to say i was shocked how good it is, there is a difference between cheap and expensive especially in sound quality, i have found over the years, not with this cable all the hype is spot on if you need one you will be delighted with this, picture and sound every bit as good as my £85 lead. I have recently purchased a 4k uhd hdr projector and i am disappointed with cable great in 1080p but not so in 4k i’m not going to muck about with all these so-called 4k cables will buy fibre optic and be done with it.

Worked like a charm excellent quality.

Item purchased to replace a defectice case hardened hdmi cable, this cable is plack with gold plated connections it is very flexible whic i needed to connect through tv stand and sky box. Works well very pleased with it.

Regardless of what people say, good cables do make a difference.

Purchased to support a ps4, xbox one s, tivo v6 connection to a sony 4k tv and allowing fast, reliable transfer from each to host tv, the cables have performed admirably. The build and quality appearance of the cables is ‘lost’ due to their being behind the tv and enclosed in the stand/cable carrier of the tv. A quality item for the price and received in quick/good time after purchase – recommended.

We were mounting our tv on the wall while getting some work done in our living room so ended up burying two of these in the wall, running from the tv to a cupboard in the neighbouring alcove. Luckily we ran two cables as when everything was done and hooked up, one of the cables seems to be faulty – the picture flickers and blinks off every few seconds. The second cable seems to be fine though, really happy with it.

Had these cables same time as new 4k tv. Never tryed any other cables so im unsure how good they realy are. . They feel top quality and the picture is amazeing so im happy. . I did plug my son’s ps4 into my tv using a standard hdmi cable and it didnt look as good as my ps4. But my ps4 is a pro so who knows???.

Who needs the expensive adapter apple offers?the only downside is the picture quality that is not top quality,otherwise its perfect.

I don’t go for all this ‘gold plated’ nonsence, what i needed was reliable quality fo a long distance. This gabe me what i need, long, well sealed and faily inexpensive. If it was longer you could get a perfect picture accross the channel.

Superb piece of kit, and terrific value. Arrived very well packaged with great attention to detail, the ends double protected. Very sturdy cable, beautifully braided sleeve but flexible enough to use easily. Gold plated ends add touch of class and they fit firmly and securely in the sockets. All-in-all a first rate product.

It’s a 1 metre hdmi cable, latest standards and does exactly as it’s meant to. There is really nothing else to say (other than, if you want to connect two hdmi units further than 1000 mm away, you’re out of luck).

Have substituted hdmi cable that i have had connected my tv to the satellite box & picture has improved. Can now wait to upgrade my tv to a 4k uhd until i find a bargain/sale. Such is the quality of the picture thanks to this small investment. Very happy with the product & would buy from this seller in future without hesitation.

I used a cheap one to connect my pc to the tv and nothing. Used this and bingo, good picture and sound. Not sure why – maybe the sheathing – but i don’t believe those articles that say all hdmi cables are the same. Anyway i’m happy with this and the price.

Great quality for great price. I would have gone for 10 metres, but was wary about buying longer than 5 metres as i’d heard that the quality is reduced after 5m, is this true?. Otherwise, getting stunning picture quality when watching force awakens on 3d blu-ray on my optoma dlp projector.

Works well but to thickthe cable will not bend and drags my android box out of placerecommend you to buy a thinner one not this one.

Using this cable with a hdmi repeater (xsource) to extend an oculus rift hmd by 10m. I’ve now put in about 10hrs and its worked perfectly so far. For reference i’m also using ugreen active 10m usb3 cables for the audio and sensors and whilst they show a few issues in oculus setup they are working great too. Note that your mileage may vary due to pc hardware performance but its good to know that its possible to extend an oculus system by 10m.

Out of the myriad of hdmi cables capable of transmitting 4k uhd signals i am very happy that i chose these. Superb build quality and presentation and they work seamlesly. I would highly reccommend these cables.

I have used many hdmi cables in the last few years and this one is very good. Snug fit (unlike some which are loose) and heavier duty than many of the cheap cable i have previously used. Next time i need another hdmi cable i will not hesitate to buy another of these.

Superb quality ibra hdmi cable backed up with excellent, prompt service. Strong, tough braided cable terminated with high quality gold plated connectors.