IBRA ORANGE HDMI Cable 1M HDMI Lead – Ultra High-Speed 18Gbps HDMI 2 – Provides excellent picture and sound for 4K systems.

“all hdmi cables are the same” is what they tell you. I bought this as i moved my ps4 pro into a cabinet on its stand further away from the 4k tv up high so my little boy who has just started crawling couldn’t get to it and ram jam covered toast etc into it. I honestly believe the colours look better and the image is sharper. This cable allows full rgb [email protected] from the ps4 pro, where as the cable supplied by sony in the box, doesn’t allow that. Would highly recommend, also great build quality.

Fab buy and works great with uhd tv and sky q.

Bought these to attach a soundbox which was previously attached by a toslink cable which was now required to attach another device which would only accept a toslink cable. Works ok but slight delay to get a sound as it now seems to check tv speakers and soundbox speakers with messages appearing on screen before you hear anything. No difference to picture quality but does the job i bought then for.

Very pleased with this hdmi cable – it is not made from cheap rubber – but (i don’t know what it is really made of) this cable feels it can not snap, or break easily. The picture and sound from my laptop to my tv were very good.

Decided to revamp my setup with new hdmi cables a 4k splitter etc, these hdmis seem very well made, quite thick however, but i don’t mind as long as they work and perform. Bought a few 5 metres for coming out the splitter to the tv and one for coming out of a desktop into the splitter. As far as i can see, picture and sound quality, very good, looks excellent coming from a chromecast ultra, but my only problem is. I now need a 4k tv to see what these can actually do as my 720p bravia is starting to fall behind in the times. These hdmis do seem to support ethernet, but i’m not sure what you’d need this for but i guess it might come in handy one day.

I purchased a lg oled 4k tv around 6 months ago and was using the same hdmi cable that was on my old tv as i thought that all hdmi cables were the same. Big mistake i have just purchased this ibra hdmi 2. 0 cable and wow the picture that i already thought was fantastic to begin with has just got a whole lot better, brighter and sharper. Just ordered another two to go with my ps4 pro and my other 4k tv.

No issues after 4 months of use.

The wire is thick and can be annoying because of this, but it is very stable and very good build quality to it. Picture quality is great and haven’t had any issues.

Fantastic quality and very affordable i use this for my ps4 pro works perfectly very happy definitely recommend.

Great cable, the specs for now are holding up for the 60hz. If you some ones who needs a 60hz braided cable for a monitor or connecting your pc to you tv (if your trying to get 60hz without flickering on a 4k tv) either way this the one. And it’s nice looking cable as well.

Got this to connect a new 4k blu-ray dvd player. As i have not got the 4k tv yet, so cannot comment on if there’s any picture quality issues. The cable works with current hd tv and blu-ray play ok.

Used to transfer digitised home movie from lenovo think pad to samsung tv. Clear picture and good sound quality.

Bought this for my 4k apple tv. I can now have the apple tv settings at their highest picture quality with no degradation of picture. I would buy these hdmi’s even for non 4k or hd viewing at the very reasonable price they are on sale for. Here are the specifications for the IBRA ORANGE HDMI Cable 1M HDMI Lead – Ultra High-Speed 18Gbps HDMI 2:

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  • Supports HDMI 2.0 Ports (4K @ 60Hz, 18 Gbps, 28 AWG) – Connect 4K/HD TV to Blu-Ray/DVD Player, Xbox, Play Station, PC, and other HDMI devices
  • This cable is full HDMI 2.0 compliant including 4K @ 60 Hz, 10 bit color, HDR10 and full 4:4:4 chroma
  • Supports: 3D | HD 2K @ 1080p | QHD @ 1440p | UHD 4k @ 2160p (up to 60 Hz over HDMI 2.0 – HDMI 2.0 connection)
  • 24K Gold Plated with 100% Oxygen Free Copper Conductor, Flat shell ends are thin enough to hide anywhere on a wall, ceiling, under the rug, carpet, or tile without affecting the performance
  • This Cable constructed using the high quality material for best contact connection between HDMI equipments. Available different lengths

Has a good quality feel to it. Used in my son’s bedroom to link his xbox to his tv across the other side of the room, approx 6m around the edge. Picture and sound quality perfect on a 43′ 4k tv so no complaints.

Recently had an issue with 4k on my system and it turned out one of the cables had given up the ghost. I have a friend who is into tech items and having explained the problem he suggested these cables which he had purchased and was very pleased with them. To my mind the picture and sound quality has certainly improved so i am more than happy with them and will certainly buy them again.

Excellent cable for the price, fitted to new sky q box and gives noticeable quality difference when watching in uhd.

Seeing as i had a ps4 pro, i eventually took the leap and coughed up for a 4k tv, however, my tv didn’t always recognise the signal coming from the ps4. After a bit of research and testing of other cables, it turns out my inital suspicions were correct, sony (in their infinte wisdom) only supply cables & stuff (just look at the mic. ) that is the bare minimum requirement for the job. Whereas this cable is the right task for the job.The high bandwith this cable supplies means my 4k picture is sharp, rich with hdr and best of all, my lg tv recognises it everytime it’s switched on. You really do need another cable for ps4 pro 4k gaming and i can’t recommend this enough, excellent.

The cable arrived quickly and in good condition. It worked well just what i was looking for to connect tv to projector. It’s probably not the neatest to look at but did what i wanted it for.

Great picture quality for 4k uhd, even makes the now tv box better quality than standard hdmi leads, and a good price too.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Top Quality latest tech
  • Superb Quality
  • Strong Quality Cables

Hdmi high speed cables that , cosmetically, look the part as well as delivering what it says. Quotes from various online sources say that 4k support beyond 50hz (typically at 60hz in advanced 4k uhd tvs) can only be supported using an 18gbps capable hdmi cable. Something to think about for the near future, but especially now if you are a gamer.

This is a well-made cable that does what the manufacturer says, as far as i can tell. It seems very durable too, with a tough braided cord.

Excellent hdmi cable used for 4k produces lovely colors and clear pitcher very happy with it.

Substantial cable and looks very well made. The downside is that it is not very flexible if you have to twist it into position, meaning that you may have larger radius bends than you’d like.

Does exactly what it says on the tin. I bought this to link my new telly to my new soundbar using the arc connection. Prefer the flexibility of the cable too especially with tight access. Will definitely get another in the future.

Linked between my sky4k box and my oled tv. Impressive picture quality no pixelation, great sound quality from the optical output from my tv to sound bar, no sound lag. More flexible than earlier models.

I swapped this cable over from an oldish 4k hdmi cable i had in my lg oled tv and nvidia shield. The different in picture and colours playing 4k content were a massive improvementi’m now going to purchase more for my other equipmenthighly recommended.

For the money, as long as you only want a simple device to tv or to avr the hdmi cable is fine. However, for those that want arc or earc this cable is not compatible.

I just needed a cable to connect a new second monitor to my imac (via a thunderbolt hub). I avoided the very cheapest cables as i’ve experienced issues with such in the past. This seemed a sensible option and it works fine. There’s not much else to say when things work exactly as they should.

Quite sturdy thick cable so you won’t wrap it up tightly but it doesn’t give the impression that it will fall to pieces either. Quality okay for my 70 year old ears.

My 4k blu ray connected to an oled also 4k got a new life. Sound and picture are excellent and the some times apearing message of ‘no signa’l on tv, with an old hdmi connection, desapeaerd for good. Can’t see any reason to spend more money on hdmi cables.

This one is very sturdy and all round a quality piece of kit. Super quick delivery and a nice company to deal with.

Great quality, bought a bundle of 5 and they all came individually bagged with dust covers over the plugs. Used them on 4k uhd and they seem to perform well.

They feel and look good, hive not used them yet.

I purchased a 7m cable to go from the av receiver at the front of my living room to my projector at the back of the room. The cable feels very durable and hdmi plugs are strong. For the price, these are simply great. Would buy again if i need any more hdmi cables.

Tested and works perfectly to output from my laptop to my oled tv or through my onkyo sound system receiver. It can do: 4k resolution @ 60 hz, hdr, 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, dolby atmos (or any surround setup).

Great product – makes a big difference to quality of picture compared to standard hdmi cables.

Hot this for my amazon fire tv box, along with other different coloured hdmi leads so it’s easier to work out which lead fits each device, this lead looks the part and the picture quality is great also 😀looks quality itemtand should last ages 👍👍😉.

Really exceptional quality here. Better than the rest i’ve tried for sure.

Top quality latest tech, good price if you need a decent 4k cable for the right price look no more i hunted high and low and settled for this and very happy i didplease take a second to hit the helpful button it makes taking the time to write the review worthwhile x.

I have given 5 stars as i cannot fault them but i have only been using them a short while. Plus the tv i use them on is a samsung qled their latest flag ship tv.

A great hdmi cable for the money , good build and durability , i bought a couple of these now , used for xbox one x and ps4 pro ,and produces really sharp 4k image , and im pretty sure it produces better colour than my older cables , so all in all an excellent product for the money.

Work ok but occasionally the picture signal fails so you have to turn equipment off and on again.

People often say expensive hdmi cables offer better picture & sound quality, i didn’t notice any difference from these to the ones i bought from poundland, but they are strong built cables i mean like not the sort of thing that would get easly damaged. With there tough braided cover and good contact connections. Certainly built to last, i would recommend them for their decent price and long lasting quality, don’t be fooled into all the waffle about this will make your picture and sound much better, i tried my cheap ones and then these, then again cheap ones and then these with friends not knowing which ones i was using, some said they didn’t see the difference, 1 friend said he thought he saw a difference, then i told him it was the cheap one.

Very happy with using these cable to send/receive 4k video.

Recently bought a 4k hd tv and was advised we needed one of these cables. The shop where we bought the tv was charging ridiculous prices so looked on amazon and saw previous review for this product and works brilliantly. As i don’t have 4k sky can’t comment on full 4k capability but as hdmi cables go this is well made as well as fantastic value for money.

Using with my alienware 34 curved and haven’t had any distortion or noticeable issues through the feed during test.

These just looked too good not to buy – so i bought two of them. I just now need to figure what i should do with them.

I am not the greatist expert on cables but this worked for me, it was bought to connect a imac mini to a monitor but ended up using to replace a cable connecting the tv to virgin media box. All works well with no problems so far.

Used to connect sony hdr 4k blu ray to my lg oled and yamaha z7 amp, picture and sound quality is excellent. Nicely finished connectors with quality braided cable. Very happy would buy more if needed.

Had for over a year now, still going strong. Very good quality cable that’s lasted longer than other branded products at more than 5x the cost.

Just go’s to show you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get atop quality 4k hdmi cable 10/10.

Although my 4k tv was fitted with supposedly 4k cables,i was not impressed with the picture quality,the ibra cables have made a very noticeable difference,the picture is a lot smoother with richer colours,i am very pleased i bought them.

Brought this cable because my soundbar could not get dolby atmos through my normal hdmi and it works perfect. Very good atmos sound though this cable highly recommend.