Ice Maker Machine – Counter Top Ice Machine – New Compact Model – No Plumbing Required – 15kg Ice In 24 Hours by ThinkGizmos – great customer service

Very happy with the product. Produces ice pretty quickly and is able to make 3 different sizes. Bought for the local sports club and members have been very happy. Not suitable for commercial/catering purposes for large numbers but brilliant for small clubs/functions.

This is an excellent machine and excellent service from think gizmos. After making the purchase with amazon we got an e mail from think gizmos with some useful hints and tips. As instructed we waited for a couple of hours before filling up and turning on and lo and behold within 10 minutes we had ice and decent sized cubes too even though we selected medium. We’re very pleased with our purchase and service.

Arrived on time fully packaged. It’s a great household ice maker which we use every day and at party’s. It saves making ice in bags and getting bits in your drink. I highly recommend it and give it 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

Bought to use on my boat to ensure a good supply of ice for the g&ts in the mediterranean sun. Worked really well, the first ice cubes are made in about 15mins but are quite small even on the large setting. If you leave it running for a few hours the ice cubes gradually get bigger & by the time the iceholder is full you have several kgs of decent sized cubes. It then needs emptying or they start melting again. It doesn’t take up too much room & it’s not too cumbersome to take to the sink to fill, empty or clean.

I’ve found that once the ice maker is up and running and been through a few cycles of producing ice the quality of the ice bullet is really good. I’ve noticed that if the ice bucket fills up the water in the bottom stays colder and the cycle time decreases. I’m on a smart meter at home and i can say that this unit uses less than 1p per hour in electric and therefore means if you make the initial outlay you recouple your money over a period of time and the unit pays for itself. Lastly i’ve left the unit running over night and although the machine is not refrigerated itself the ice cubes stays whole until you empty it in the morning and start the process all over again. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who regularly goes to the supermarket to buys ice to cool down beers etc.

Only had it for a few days, but it’s much better than the ice maker i had previously. At the larger setting the ice is a good size and doesn’t melt in a minute like my previous ones. Just need the summer back now. Do they manufacture weather machines too?.

Have had this think gizmos ice maker for 1 year and 3 weeks (so out of warranty) and it has decided to stop making ice. It gradually took longer and longer to make ice over several months and then finally packed up. When it was making ice it was good, reasonably fast and made plenty of ice to keep a family of 5 going. It takes up a small footprint on the work service. Have ordered a new ice maker – a different brand so fingers crossed it works for longer than the think gizmos ice maker.

I’d written a review on 15th april to say that i was dissapointed with the machine since sometimes it worked but after moving it stops working. . Again it works after settling but it takes up to 48 hours to work again. However, very impressed with the customer service and a new machine has been delivered without any questions. Thank you thinkgizmos and hopefully the next one will work better. Review originally submitted on 15 april 2018dissapointed with this machine. When it eventually ‘gets going’ and starts to makes ice its great but for some reason sometimes it works well and at other times nothing happens. . It seems to be that the moment you move it to clean it some happens to the gas and it takes good couple of days to settle down.

This is definitely as advertised a neat compact machine ,quiet running and makes a good amount of ice fast. It was superbly packed, and i am very pleased with the product ,hope it lasts for years, does not take up a large area of space. If you have a small kitchen, definitely a must have.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • quiet running and makes a good amount of ice fast
  • Mixed Experience
  • Great little machine