iDeaPLAY Active Noise Cancelling Headphones : Great headphones, shame about the fit.

Outstanding sound and build quality for the price. The noise cancelling works well at removing background noise and makes the sound more clear and enjoyable.

I required a decent pair of bluetooth headphones and originally bought a pair of in-ear ones but they were uncomfortable and kept falling out when i moved. So, i ventured back online in my quest and came across these ideausa bluetooth headphones. I have to say that i really love them. They are comfortable (and i normally wear them for several hours at a time), i’ve even been wearing them over my beanie hat when outside. The sound quality is really great and it was really simple to connect with both my iphone and ipad. The connector lead is also a huge bonus when i am on the laptop. The battery life is fantastic. I wear the headphones pretty much every day and i’ve only had to charge once since i bought them, which was 2 weeks ago. I did give it a full charge before using as recommended and that took about 4 hours. The latest charge took 2 hours.

Honestly wowok i was dubious. How can a no name cheap set have so many good reviews and apparently good sound quality (not just good for the price), so decided to take a punt given the relative outlay. Punchy bass and clear vocals. I’m really impressed and not just because of the price. All that said, i’m no audiophile but i do own other widely recognised *good* headohones and on ears. These are as good as those and cost half the price. Chose a slightly less bassey eq so it doesn’t muffle the vocals and you’ll end up with a really balanced tone that still packs a punch.

Got these a christmas as a treat to my self after reading other peoples reviews and they are very good for the money. The sound quality is very good, base is ok (not brilliant but ok), virtually np sound leakage (good for the office) and they are very comfortable.

Well, what can i say about these headphones. Great built quality, comfy and an unbelievable battery life. Took them on a long haul flight and they did not even loose 10% of battery. And for those who are looking for some base, do not look elsewhere.

Had them a week and really happy with them, the sound is much better than with my previous in ear headphones. I use them for a couple of hours a day and have got through a week on one full charge. Set up was really easy, and they come with a plug in that allows you to listen without blue tooth.

Was planning on buying some similar sennheiser head phones at more than double the cost but these head phones showed up in the similar/recommended products. After reading the reviews and seeing the ratings i decided to buy these instead and glad i did. Sound quality is fantastic, they are comfortable and the battery life is very good. Generally wear them to the gym but have also worn them to go on a run and they stayed in place the whole time (even with my peanut sized head).

Needing a wireless set up for traveling i read the previous reviews on this product and decided to take a chance. After some +40 years of music listening (usually at high volume) both recorded and live my lug holes aren’t what they used to be. However, i find that these tick all the boxes and provide a well-balanced sound when played through a laptop that suits me perfectly. Not tinny, good treble/bass mix and able to cope with a cranked-up volume. A plus is the neat case for non-use storage. In summary, as good as my (wired) somewhat more expensive sennheiser cans but with the bonus of portability.

  • I really like the headphone
  • Good quality and good sound from a not too expensive folding headset.
  • Just what I was looking for

iDeaPLAY Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Bluetotoh Wireless Over Ear Headset with 28 Hours Playback, Foldable Earphones with Microphones

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Love these, super comfy, great bass at higher volumes. The padding itself is not noise-cancelling, so they don’t block out noise in that way, but when you have the music playing, it pretty much does. Tested how they sound on someone else too, and you can’t really hear it, so not much noise leakage.

I’m always on calls and travel a lot. * was worried about mic, but voice is quite decent/clear and no problem with it being heard clearly on the other side of the call as reported after 3 weeks (which included an average of 60 calls)* sound is very pure and nice but only when anc is on (which i don’t mind since battery life is good). It would cancel out engine sound (like ac, airplane engine,. Etc) which is more important to me, but wouldn’t shut out surrounding people (just reduces their voices a little bit). I knew this in advance from reviews so wasn’t disappointed. * thought it folds but beware, flat-fold does not mean fold. It remains same size and takes same space in bag. * battery life is excellent i have to say.

The fifth set of headphones i have bought from amazon, don’t get me wrong, me and my daughter , two each were very pleased with them. We paid between 6 and 23 pounds for each, but these are a cut above the rest in sound and build quality, the old saying is true, you get what you pay for in life, these are just one example, it’s all good.

I got these for my deaf dad to watch the tv. He had cheap wireless and bluetooth headphones before all which falling apart and battery running out to quick. These headphones have a good battery life last him 3 nights tv viewing with out recharging. The sound is loud and clear.

Quick set up, works really well, range approx 10mtr line of sight but slight break up thru walls. I’ve been told i that the microphone is clear to hear. Buttons take a bit of getting used to but work fine. Time will tell how long battery will last but haven’t had to recharge since initial charge 6days ago.

Bought these as a replacement for my old pair of headphones that became uncomfortable if i wore them for any sustained period of time. Only took 2 days to be delivered with standard delivery. The headphones completely surround my ears so i doubt i’ll have the same problem with these as with my old pair (won’t name the brand)easy to set up and pair with my iphone bluetooth and work just as well as when they’re connected by aux cable. Great headphones, would definitely recommend.

Great headphones but don’t do what i bought them for. Getting hard of hearing and missing dialogue on my smart tv so wanted to connect bluetooth. Put both tv and headphones on ‘discover’ but headphones not discovered.

Battery life seems great so far. I listen to music loud and have yet to recharge them after 3 days of using them for about 2+ hours a day. If battery dies you can just plug them in via the aux cable provided and use them that way. Sound quality is fantastic with deep and clear sounding bass without distortion. Havent tested the microphone yet though. Very comfortable to wear for longer periods as well. I’ve tested a lot of wireless headphones recently and i haven’t found a better set in this price range. They can easily compete with some of the bigger names in the industry.

  • I really like the headphone
  • Good quality and good sound from a not too expensive folding headset.
  • Just what I was looking for

iDeaPLAY Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Bluetotoh Wireless Over Ear Headset with 28 Hours Playback, Foldable Earphones with Microphones

I chose these after seeing the other reviews on here and have not been dissatisfied with my headphones. The come with a bag to keep them in when not in use and the battery holds a decent charge. They fit fine over my ears and are lightweight. Can remember two paired devices and i have not had any trouble pairing them with my tv, phone, tablet, pc or imac.

I love these headphones their well made and very strong also the sound is really out of this world i would not change a thing about them they are well worth the price i would recommend them to anyone who wants a really really good set of headphones.

I really like the headphone, sound is crispy the base great, quitecomfortable for long duration and the overal feeling is great, you get much morevalue than the money you pay for, from 1 to 10 i will give a value of 8 due toa minor fllaw i the bluetooth range , i use for the headphones with the phonewhen i commute to and from work, it works ok as long as the phone is visible butas soon the phone is on my pocket it keep breaking connection so i have to usethe wired connection. Still i love the sound quality and will be using them athome.

I got these as a travel headset and for the price they worked quite well. The noise cancelling was not quite as good as it could be, but aircraft noise is probably to much. Again for the price they are not bad and as i only use they for music i can’t comment of phone call options. As for music quality they are better than some more expensive non folding headsets.

A great headset for the price. Sound quality and the build is superb. However if you have large ears, these won’t be good. My right ear is slightly larger than the left, so i tend to have some discomfort whereas the left is perfectly fine.

The sound quality is great and the battery coped with gum and commutes for a week before needing recharging. This is where it went wrong – either the charger supplied is wrong or the charging port is poor quality. The metal part is loose and moves and the charging cable does not ‘click’ all the way in. No way on here other than leaving a poor review to get assistance with this.

Good headphones, great sound and bass. However, unfortunately (maybe its due to my weird anatomy), but the ear cups on these headphones didn’t seem to be large enough or deep enough for my ears. They were about halfway between over-ear and on-ear headphones. This meant that after a few hours they became a little uncomfortable. That said, they have a very comfortable headband.

Was sceptical of reviews given the low price but thought i’d give them a go. Came when said, well packaged and seem to do a great job. Easy to set up and no issues so far. Only had a few days so it’s early days but will repost if anything happens.

Really wasn’t expecting such good quality for the price. In this price bracket i would have no hesitation in recommending these headphones.

Really neat product – folds away into a carry case brilliantly. I haven’t used them enough yet to prove their sound quality but early signs are good. I will post a fuller review once i have had more time with them. Edited 01/09/2016i have now had plenty of opportunity to test the headphones and they are brilliant .The sound quality is phenomenal to say that it’s a bluetooth connection. They are also so handy as they fold away beautifully. One thing to be aware of that i have only just found out about is that carrying the paired device in your pocket is not a good idea as the water in your body affects the bluetooth connection ([. ]) so put the device on your arm if at all possible.

Bought these for my partner and he thinks they’re great. Comfortable to wear and says they sound good. No need to pay silly money for something with a name on it when these do the job great.

This is very good for the value, but very few reviewers have noted a slight imbalance towards the bass frequencies and some noise on the high frequencies. Deep bass doesn’t mean excellent sound by itself. What a music lover needs is balanced sound, unless you are able to play with eq on the device. Otherwise the quality and presentation of this product does not reveal its lower price. Disclaimer: used to listen to heavy metal mostly.

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