Igenix IG3091 Digital Combination Microwave – Five Stars

This microwave is the very same as the kenwood model which costs another 40 pounds. Amazing how the price of a product can be significantly higher owing to the price. The controls are ok – not the easiest. The microwave works well, as does reheating pizza.

My husband had to set this up for me as it weighed a ton, seriously so heavy. Once he had set it up it seemed to take up the whole kitchen. It is massive so i would not recommend this if you have a smallish kitchen as i have. The whole work top was taken up by this plus i was concerned about the cabinet above as it seemed very close to it. I would say this would be perfect for a small business with a tea room/portacabin. Especially as it cooks so quick it so much faster than my previous one, its fab that you can brown food off as i am not really keen on cooking things like sausages etc in a microwave. The instructions were easy to follow and all in english. I had never heard of igenix before coming across this microwave but can say i would not hesitate to use them again as the product was very well made with easy to follow instructions. If you have a nice size kitchen or want this for a works kitchen then go for it – its a fantastic price for a combi to.

Instructions are good and the machine works well.

This microwave works very well. I tried to cook sausages under the grill and they came out very nice. The convection works well too – i baked a cake.

I was unfamiliar with the igenix brand. However, this microwave/oven appears to be a well made, stylishly designed product. You will struggle to find a well known brand (panasonic/toshiba) that is attractive as this. Maybe bosch is the only competitor. Pros:black glass front is also a useful mirror (seriously good enough to check your appearance in)also a grill and convection cooker – this allows it to be used just like an oven. Cool looking chrome style features900w (many microwaves are 750 or 800)much larger than the average microwave (says it fits a standard dinner plate, well this is definitely at least 3 inches larger than standard. )smart red-led display with clear clock and other settings displayed. Took me 1 minute to microwave a cup of water as a test. You simply select ‘microwave’ then choose a setting from p100 down to p10 each being a percentage of 900w.

First day impressionsi find this an attractive machine that certainly is bigger than a more standard sized microwave, but if you want more capacity such as a bigger turntable (this one has a 12′ one, my last was 10. 1′ now that i’ve measured it) then it’s gonna be a bigger box to fit it all in. I have positioned it at an angle in a corner of my kitchen worktop, and it doesn’t look out of place – see the picture for an idea of size. Tests=====i bought this to replace about a 9 or 10 year old breville 750 watt microwave only machine, because i wanted additional conventional oven capacity for when i have visitors over christmas, and the ability to cook things conventionally at different temperatures. So still having a working older machine i thought it would be interesting to compare:microwaving: i heated 1 pint of tap water from room temperature in a pyrex jug in both machines. In the 750 watt model it took almost 7 minutes to reach the gently-bubbling stage, microwaving in 2 minute ‘batches’ and stirring the water after each 2 minute period. In this, 900 watt igenix model it took 5 mins 15 seconds using the same method. Conventional oven: i had a shop-bought lasagna to heat up. The instructions on the food packaging said 35 – 40 minutes at 190c. The igenix was fast to warm to temperature, and only then does it let you set a cooking timer.

Size is fine, very easy to use. Took me a couple of days to get used it it. The convection/grill feature is amazing. Nice quality, easy to clean. No problems with the door, works fine. Very happy with my purchase.

Had to replace my old microwave. I would have preferred a microwave to have some pre settings for cooking different foods but this one is quite a good looking piece of equipment which cooks by time or weight.

Really nice modern looking quiet in use would recommend.

It was a present and the owners are really pleased with it.

This is the best money can buy if you want a combi oven and microwave this is the thing to buy.

Great big microwave powerful and well built am happy with it.

Had this a few months now, works well, will fir the large dinner plates in ok, easy to use although like most we only use the microwave function.

This is a large, high power, microwave with oven and grill capabilities. It can run quite hot and therefore requires about a foot of headroom or you might risk damaging eg cabinets. Seriously, you should check the dimensions. On the plus side there’s loads of room inside. Annoyingly the door opener is quite stiff so you’ll either need to brace it with your hand or position the microwave so that it backs up against something solid – which i don’t think is actually recommended, since the instructions say there should be a clear space around it. My old microwave, which was a no-name about 15 years old and still going strong, had a timer dial, a power dial and. The ig3092 is a little more complicated. There are seven buttons and a dial.

I should mayve have checked the dimensions more carefully; it’s big. It’s sturdy, easy cleaned and works well.

Amazingly not as large as our previous microwave, but nevertheless sems to work well and easy to use. Will take a quite large dinner plate. The revolving glass plate is 31. 5 inches) in diameter and takes up the whole cooking cabinet, front to back and side to side. The heating cabinet is then smaller than you might think because the grill element simply hangs down from the top. It’s a bit obstructive (keep hitting it when putting things in) and takes up a lot of the volume for what it is. I think this is a bit crude in design and construction. Also we have found a bizarre optical effect with the mirror door. It always looks as though it is open, and we find ourselves checking it every few minutes (in fact ist is always shut).

Really good size but very heavy alright for counter top.

Like it good powerful microwave.

It will take a while to get used to the new controls as our old one was so idiot proof. It has worked as it should up to now, but we’ll need a lot more time before we can judge it completely. The controls are a little difficult to grasp at first, but read the instructions and practice with it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Why pay more?
  • Not as big as you might think, but professional looking
  • Review for white Microwave, so far its perfect

Only negative is that glass plate gets hot in oven mode (my old panasonic had a metal shield pan to protect glass). Lacks a countdown timer though, which would be handy.

I had not come across this brand before but it does seem to be very good quality with a solid build. Due to the size we could not get it to fit into the place where the current microwave sits. That said, and as far as you can say, this is a handsome beast. I feel that the buttons may be a dust and grime trap though. I think that it should have decent space above the top as it does get hot in operation. Not alarmingly at all, just warmer than i expected. The controls are, let’s say, comprehensive. I doubt whether we would use all the features but we tried it for a quick ‘ping’ meal, soup and scrambled egg. No problems and a nice machine but this is in a very competitive market and because of the use we normally put it to, the size is an issue.

I finally bought the white one as it matches all the other appliances. So far we’ve roasted a chicken to perfection. . Convection only used microwave to heat soup, steam veg, defrost ( best microwave at defrosting i’ve ever owned, didn’t over defrost, it was perfect) & made cheese on toast in the grill. It’s a bit smaller than i thought it would be i dunno what i expected, but i was wondering if it would be ok to take out the glass turntable for convection & grill only modes & use a metal rack so that i could use larger rectangle pyrex dishes for lasgne & roast spuds?. Any idea if that would cook ok?. So far only downside is a lot of condensation when using as a microwave.

Very pleased with the microwave, will have to see if it lasts as long as my previous microve, in which case, five stars.

Ideally suited for every kitchen.

Once you get used to the controls it is fine. Seem to be a good microwave and good value for the money.

I read the reviews before purchasing and am very pleased with this item.

Quite a nice microwave overall; it’s large and solidly constructed. Although some reviewers have said this is a big device, it’s actually smaller than the microwave i had previously, so your mileage may vary here. You’d have no trouble fitting a whole chicken inside, and it’s also easy to use (and with the grill/convenction combination settings, you could cook the chicken too without turning it to rubber). The first microwave oven i ever used simply had buttons for a timer and power levels, and i’ve always preferred this control scheme rather than using pre-set power levels etc. – you just pick a cooking time and a power setting, then hit go. This microwave still has those presets, but they’re optional, and i’ve never really found them all that useful either. The 900w available is a good amount of power; heating up things like soup etc. Takes only a couple of minutes at full throttle.

Note: this review is for the stainless steel version. This microwave is my second experience of an igenix product. I already have a basic, no frills kettle, and it works perfectly well. I think igenix is to amazon what matsui was to currys; a decent quality, good value range of products sourced from the far east and marketed under a common brand. So long as you’re not a “labels” person, then it’s a dependable source of decent products. I think the first and most important thing to say is that it’s big. If you’re at all tempted, look closely at the dimensions and determine whether it would fit on your kitchen worktop. With its size and its big, chunky door handle, it feels to me more of a commercial grade product rather than domestic, but if you have a big kitchen with lots of spare worktop space, it might be fine for you.

I’m always interested in trying new brands and that what igenix were to me until i got this. The packaging that the microwave comes in is huge and marked as a two person lift but inside is a normal and to be honest, very nice looking microwave combination cooker. I’ve had microwaves before so i think i know the pitfalls to a certain extent. I don’t really use the combination utility but it’s nice to know its there in case of a fault with my regular cooker. So i carried out some tests with my existing microwave, a morphy richards 800w microwave that’s about a year old. The tests weren’t very scientific, involved mugs of water and a chinese takeaway from the day before but the results were conclusive. This cooked everything as well as the morphy richards just faster. Thats because there is 100w more power involved. Everyone who uses a microwave is into timesaving, otherwise you would use the oven. So its basically down to power and aesthetics.

I’d look at the dimensions before purchasing, this is a fairly big microwave. It’s a bit bigger on the inside than most i’ve used, though much of the extra size is taken up by the thickness of the walls. Can’t fault it in operation, heats through quicker than our existing unit. The controls are easy to use; with a handy function for adding 30 seconds on full power at the press of start. This microwave also has an option to work as a standard oven. In terms of looks, we got the white model, and it looks a bit dated frankly, like something you might have picked up 10 years ago. It’s neat enough, but when combined with the size, it’s not the most elegant model. On the other hand, if most of your white goods are still white, and you need a 2-in-1 oven/microwave, i’d recommend it.

First impressions:it comes well packaged, but as with any large heavy item, it was a bit of a struggle to unpack. Not for anyone with a bad back and no help. It comes with a circular grill rack, with cushioned legs, that sits on the glass plate when the grill is in use. This beast is much bigger than my old microwave and takes up too much space, front to back, on my worktop. Although door closes securely and seems a tight fit, the door is not level with the body of the microwave and looks like it’s dropped a millimetre or two by the time it reaches the end opposite the hinge. The door opener is a mechanical catch which is far too stiff. Despite its weight, the microwave slides on the worktop before the door opens and it needs holding with my other hand to prevent this. I’m used to one-handed door opening so this just makes it feel a little inconvenient to use because i have to put down whatever i’m holding in the other hand. Not a huge problem, but these devices are supposed to be labour saving and designed to make life easier. It comes with a 22 page, a5 instruction booklet – all in english.

Very nice but a little problem getting started. Mastered will be very happy with product. Would have thought it would have had a recipe book to give a little help using.

Very quick delivery, and although i haven’t used all the functions yet, it seems great.

I have had this microwave for approx. A month and must say i am very impressed with it so far it was bought to replace a 40l oven that had failed after only just over 2 years off use, and was in fact the third oven by the same manufacturer that had failed in the last 10 years the reason we had stuck to this brand was that they where the only ones that made such a large capacity oven. However after the last one went wrong. [microwave failed i decided to try a different brand. As there are not many domestic microwave combination ovens over 25l available i was a bit limited for choice so as the igenex was on sale for a very good price i decided to give it a go. The first thing to say about it is that it comes with a 2 year guarantee. The build quality is as good as any of the main manufactures the display and controls are excellent and very well thought out as i have said the last oven i had was 40l and even though the igenix is smaller at 30l you can still get 2 large dinner plates in it at the same time. As it has a 900 watt microwave so cooking times are quick, the convection oven heats to 240c a lot of the other ovens only go to 200c there is even a display on the control panel that shows you when the convection oven reaches temperature. My only criticism is that the grill element is situated in the oven cavity so does take away a little size capacity but then again this means the roof of the oven is relatively smooth so easy to clean. ]

Excellent microwave, grill and oven. Does everything is says it would.

Great price for such a machine.

I’ve never had a multi purpose oven/grill/microwave but pleased i bought it.

Works great but is massive- if you have a small kitchen this will fill your counter, did the job for me while waiting for new kitchen to be fitted.

Nice but quite large microwave. Easy to use once you get used to it and works well. My only complaint is the button for opening the door sticks in and is getting annoying, you have to make sure you push it in by the middle of the button and not either side. So because of that i gave it four instead of five stars.