Igenix IG3093 Solo Digital Microwave : Utility Microwave

Tons bigger than our 20l microwave. Takes a full sized plate with ease for depth and width, and height wise, it’s probably 30% taller inside than our previous 20l model. Using the basic quick start (press for 30 secs of full power) button most to be honest, e. 2 mins required, four presses / bleeps and away it goes. Ours is in the utility room next to the kitchen and you can hear the finishing bleeps very clearly from the other room, even with the cooker hob going full blast. It may not be the poshest microwave on the market but for a family of four like use, with all four using it, it’s dead easy. 5 stars for value all day long.

This is a nice looking microwave. In use, the display shows a red led clock display when not actually cooking. There is also a kitchen times that can be used for timing other things i. Is independent of the microwave cooking. The controls are straight forward to use, with a combination of buttons and a dial that is used to set the power and time. The quick use button means that you can start a 30 second blast with one button. Ideal for warming up a cup of coffee. There are a selection of different settings for different functions, such as defrosting and the weight of the food can be set to match the correct power settings. The glass turntable rotates in use to allow for even heating.

On first impressions, this is a solid and robust microwave. It is a heavy beast (in fact the box recommends that two people lift it) and i like this sense of weight as it feels well put-together. I was slightly worried, however, by the fact that the sides were not protected by any polystyrene (see picture) – the polystyrene was on the top and bottom only. While my microwave seemed fine, this could have left the front door vulnerable to any knocks in transit. It comes with a manual as one would expect, but this covers only the basics so it’s fairly thin (see picture); however, there’s not much to know about microwaves and this manual seems perfectly sufficient. Some microwaves supply sample recipes with their manuals – this one doesn’t. The buttons are simple and easy to understand and i especially liked the defrost one which had a clear option for defrosting by weight. Another plus is the interior which is large enough to hold a proper plate. I will update when i have done some cooking in it, but initial impressions are positive.

This was a bought as an interim microwave in a new house before having the kitchen re-designed. I cook with big microwave dishes (30 cms diameter) and this stand alone takes these with no problem. It is simple to use, as attractive as stand alones can be and i would recommend.

Easy to use,very good capacity.

Great size microwave does a great job.

It’s clearly a chunky piece of kit, since it’s a 30l – you’ll have no probably fitting large plates in this is microwave. It works just like it should and is not particularly noisy either. It’s a very well priced item and there are good reasons that bigger branded items are more expensive, you usually get what you pay forthe digital display is bright red, unlikely to match most kitchens (although retro is returning, so you might luck in) and the door opening mechanism is hard work. The controls are not particularly intuitive, they could have been streamlined to reduce the number of button presses. It needs quite some effort pushing it in to open the door. It feels a bit cheap and i fear weaker (perhaps more senior) users might struggle with it. These are easily mitigated if you’re looking to save some pennies, because it cooks just fine. I haven’t encountered the brand before and i see no reason that i wouldn’t use more of their products.

All works well, except that the for 900w microwave i was expecting it to work as fast as my other similarly rated appliance. It does not – but perhaps it’s a blessing, as i can fine tune my timing and the porridge does not boil over as in my other microwave.

  • No hesitation in recommending this – well sized microwave
  • Simple and does what you need it to do
  • We like it, as it’s simple to use

Igenix IG3093 Solo Digital Microwave, 5 Power Levels and 10 Auto Cooking Menus, Defrost Function and 95 Minute Timer, 900 W, 30 Litre, White

From the manufacturer

Igenix 30 L Family Size Digital Microwave – White

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  • 30 L capacity
  • 900 W of Power
  • 5 Power Levels
  • 95 Minute Timer
  • Push-Button Door Opening.

Cleaning Tips

Avoid using scouring pads, steel wool or other abrasives. Warm soapy water and a sponge should get rid of all moisture and food spillages.

About your IG3093 microwave

How it works

A conventional oven heats food very slowly from the outside in, but a microwave oven uses high-powered radio waves to cook food more evenly.

Microwave ovens are very quick and efficient because they channel heat energy directly to the molecules (tiny particles) inside food.

Cookware tips

In a Solo Microwave, you can use heat resistant glass, heat resistant ceramics, microwave safe plastics and kitchen paper. It is not recommended to use non-heat resistant glass, metal trays, aluminium foil, metal racks, foil containers.

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Top of the range operation

This IG3093 Digital Microwave has a stylish and efficient design which means you get high performance expected of all Igenix products. A 315 mm turntable is expansive enough to accommodate a wide range of containers, dishes, bowls and plates, as well as a 30 L capacity making this a suitable microwave for larger families.

Another helpful feature is the 10 pre-programmed auto cook menu that includes Pizza, Meat, Potato, Pasta and even Cakes, meaning you can now make even more food with this IG3093. With 6 clearly labelled buttons, this microwave is also an ideal match for users of any age. With a huge 95 minute timer, all you need to do is simply turn the dial to your desired time and let the microwave cook your favourite meals in a flash.

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Easy-to-use functions


With 5 power levels to choose from you can ensure all your food is cooked or re-heated to the optimum temperature. The microwave will automatically start cooking after the power level and time has been set.

Auto defrost

You can defrost your food by weight and the microwave selects the ideal defrost time or if you trust your own judgement, you can select the time manually.

More food at no extra effort

  • With a 315 mm glass turntable and a huge 30 L capacity, this microwave has enough internal cavity space for those larger meals such as Lasagne, Pizza and Cottage Pies etc.

IG2095 IG2590 IG2807 IG2860 IG2980 IG3093
Capacity 20 L 25 L 20 L 20 L 20 L 30 L
Wattage 800 W 900 W 700 W 800 W 800 W 900 W
Power Levels 5 5 5 5 5 5
Minute Timer 95 min 95 min 35 min 35 min 30 min 95 min
Turntable Diameter 255 mm 315 mm 255 mm 255 mm 240 mm 315 mm
Door Opening Pull-Handle Pull-Handle Pull-Handle Push-Button Pull-Handle Push-Button
Energy Rating E D D E
Type Digital Digital Combination Manual Manual Manual Digital
Additional Functions 1100 W Grill and 2500 W Convection oven

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Most used item in my household. Everyday it’s been in use at least twice, during lunch and dinner. We like it, as it’s simple to use.

I received this item as part of the amazon vine programme on 2nd october 2015 when it was priced at £119. As expected and in common with all microwaves, it is quite heavy, weighing in at 21kgs boxed. Unpacking it was simple, i opened the base of the box and lifted the box away from the microwave and packing. Well a microwave, fitted with a uk plug and an instruction manual. Inside is a removable glass turntable and in every way this is a standard microwave. It has a number of functions:+ 900w output+ 5 power functions including defrost (with a weight programme function i. Set the weight and press defrost)+ 10 autoset functions; which i am not sure are that useful+ push button and dial control system, which is easy to use+ a useful two year warranty+ a child safety lock (useful)+ up to 95 minute timerit is quite roomy inside and i feel should be easy to keep clean, with the white interior showing up any splashes from overheated and uncovered food. In use, i have used this item to make scrambled eggs, porridge and heat up two frozen meals. It performed exactly as expected and was every bit as good as our panasonic model of a similar size. So why 4 stars and not 3 or 5?. Well firstly, based upon price and specification, for an extra £15. 00 the company manufacturers the same sized microwave, which is combined with a convection function; this might be much more attractive say for someone with a small kitchen, or on a limited budget, secondly at this price point, there is significant competition from main stream and well known brands which will be familiar to uk purchasers.

Fantastic this item is basic with all the modern gadgets added just what i wanted something that will do the job but very simple to use. Delivery was prompt and packing excellent.

I’ve been very pleased with this appliance so far although i’m aware that with microwaves, it’s probably more about reliability than anything and it’s too soon to comment on that. Things to mention – at 52 cms wide and 37 deep, it’s a reasonable size so check your kitchen first. All white, inside too, so you can actually see things, unlike some. Kitchen timer is very helpful. Probably too big for one or even two people. You wouldn’t really want it just to heat ready meals though it would do that admirably. Perhaps better suited to a family. Large turntable is ideal for cooking vegetables and for reheating and defrosting. My previous microwave wasn’t big enough for some dishes so wheel wouldn’t turn properly which affected cooking.

I have never heard of this brand, but i am quite pleased overall with this microwave – it’s simple to use, large and seems to heat and cook as expected. It’s white, quite large and quite heavy but it looks quite nice on the kitchen surface with a minimalist functions. Inside is large with a glass rotating plate and it will easily take a full large dinner plate. Onto the features and functions, well this microwaves only; so no grill or combo and therefore it suits my purpose fine which is to heat, cook basic food and defrost. The controls are easy to use and you can quickly pop something in and then quickly hit 30seconds to heat and also its quick to double that to a minute or so, it will auto cook at 100% power. There are optional power levels from 20% to 100%. Setting the cooking time is by a large silver knob which spins quite quickly with a minor click so you can quickly settle on your cooking time. There is a defrost function which worked fine; i defrosted some chicken legs by opening pack put in the pack weight and it automatically selects the power and timing. I wasn’t sure what to expect but they were defrosted satisfactorily. Programme settings, are also included; 10 in all; these can be quickly used to heat a range of food, but the problem is it’s a guess in many ways, as for example one programme says ‘vegetable’.

Lovely microwave good and roomy cooks very well.

Igenix 30l digital solo microwave in white model ig3093it is more years than i care to remember (1986) when i purchased my first microwave and it was a very expensive toshiba deltawave. However, having said that, it lasted 20 years of everyday use. Given the prices of microwave cookers today, this igenix microwave perhaps seems to be a little bit expensive, especially as it is just an ordinary microwave and not a combination model. I have found it difficult to find these larger microwave cookers as there seem to be so many smaller ones in the market place. But, let’s start at the beginning. The microwave arrived well packed in a very strong box and was all held in place with moulded polystyrene. It was easy to unpack, but a little heavy at 15 kgs to lift out and place on the kitchen counter. There was no setting up to do. All that was required was to put the turntable ring in place, then add the glass tray onto the turntable shaft and insert the moulded uk 3 pin plug into an electrical power socketthe user manual is clearly printed in english and is comprehensive giving information on:-• precautions & specifications• safety instructions• materials information telling the user what can and what cannot be used in the microwave• countertop installation• the digital display• operating instructions• troubleshooting• ignex warranty• product disposal and recyclingi found the user manual easy to read and understand and there was enough information provided in it. This is a large microwave and so much more versatile and useful than the very little ones.

So we had a microwave party to test this oven. Invited a number of people around, got them all to bring at least two microwavable meals and then cooked the lot over the course of an evening. Of course the oven worked perfectly. It’s to do with price and finish. At the price point (£120 approx) there are many other microwave ovens with a similar size, power and performance. But nearly all of those are better looking and offer more programmable options. This is a very basic oven, white painted steel inside and out with a very basic set of controls. If it were half the price it would be good value. But it’s not and it sounds (door closes with metallic clunk) and looks basic.

  • No hesitation in recommending this – well sized microwave
  • Simple and does what you need it to do
  • We like it, as it’s simple to use

Igenix IG3093 Solo Digital Microwave, 5 Power Levels and 10 Auto Cooking Menus, Defrost Function and 95 Minute Timer, 900 W, 30 Litre, White

It’s a larger than average microwave which can easily hold a large dinner plate or something big like a frozen chicken. It’s size does make it quite heavy, and i struggled to get it onto the kitchen surface by myself, but once there it’s fine and looks very attractive. There’s a manual of course, but the controls are simple to understand. It cooks very well and can be used on reduced power if you want, making it even more efficient. The only thing i dislike is the pre-programmed cooking option, which doesn’t always cook things thoroughly, for example vegetables; cooking all vegetables to a standard time doesn’t quite work, as i found when i tried a jacket potato. It does give an option to cook by weight but not having any scales i couldn’t guess the weight of the potato. This is a very good microwave is you’re looking for one with a bigger than usual capacity, but i’d suggest not taking the pre-set cooking options at face value.

Features and Spesification

  • This amily sized white digital micorwave is a stylish everyday microwave designed with practicality in mind to suit any kitchen
  • It has a massive 30 litres capacity – comfortably fitting a large size dinner plate, and has simple to use digital button & dial controls
  • 900W power output with five power settings, and is great for handling all of your cooking, reheating, and defrosting needs for the whole family
  • It comes with 10 pre-programmed auto cook menus, including pizza, meat, potato, pasta and popcorn
  • Quick start function and multi stage cooking, which allowes you to programme two seperate cooking sequences
  • Suitable for defrosting and then cooking the food in one go
  • Easily carried and installed
  • Great design for your Kitchen and Home
  • Easy to Clean and easy storage