Igenix IG4350 Traditional Corded Kettle 2 – Good price. Quick delivery

I knew this was going to be large; 3. 5 litre as opposed to a standard 2. Not sure if this counts as art deco or retro, but it is very bog standard like something out of a harold pinter kitchen sink drama. Apart from its large capacity, it has nothing special about it. Just a good old-fashioned kettle. Four stars as it is perfectly fit for use.

This catering kettle boils between 1. So if you need larger amounts of boiling water than a typical domestic kettle holds this is for you. If you just want to boil a single cupful, on the other hand, you can’t. This is not for you if you just want to make one cup of coffee. Most kettles these days are 3kw – this is just 2. So it’s a bit slower to boil than a typical kettle, but quieter. 5 litres in 4 minutes 45 seconds whereas my normal 3kw kitchen kettle does it in 3 minutes 45. The igenix took about 11 minutes to boil the full 3. Probably quicker than bringing a huge panful of water to the boil on the stove if you were cooking pasta on a grand scale for instance. Fine if you’re not in a rush.

Nothing wrong with the product, but it’s too big & clumsy for our kitchen. Better suited for small scale catering. My fault for making the wrong choice. It’s now in storage in case we need it. Replaced it with a smaller one better suited for us.

Bought this for my elderly neighbour ,she is so pleased with it.

This is a catering kettle so isn’t really designed for domestic use. It holds about twice as much as a normal domestic kettle and must be filled to a minimum level which would be about full for most domestic kettles. Its slightly underpowered considering the volume of water it is capable of heating – it certainly isnt a fast boiler. Its construction is rather poor – basically a steel shell with a heating element stuck in. The sides are going to get very hot in use. The element is exposed so in hard water areas limescale will become a problem. It plugs directly into the mains socket, so it has o be unplugged to be moved or for water to be poured out. In truth its probably a little over priced for what it is.

Very big kettle, ideal for the small workplace, or when you have a house full of guests demanding tea and coffee, now, and together at the same time. It isn’t modern looking, or stylish, it is purely functional and looks a bit clunky and 1940ish, but of course it’s an electric kettle. Lightweight when empty and needs both hands to lift when full. Not the most stylish appliance in your kitchen. To be kept in a cupboard until needed.

Useful big item, this kettle is twice the size of a normal kettle which is useful when making drinks for lots of people. It’s a large kettle so takes longer to boil, that’s to be expected. It pours well and doesn’t dribble but there is nothing to indicate how much water is in the kettle so you have to remove the lid every time. Occasionally i have had problems putting the lid back, there is a trick when it slots in easily but i haven’t figured it out, yet.

Very good size for teas and coffees for club use. Kettle is not too heavy when full. Does take longer to boil though.

Good kettle for the staff canteen.

This igenix stainless steel kettle is a large construction – much, much larger than your standard domestic kettle which holds around 1. It looks great and is easy to hold, with your standard kettle features – it turns itself off when it has done and stops itself from boiling dry. Despite it holding a lot of water, the entire thing can boil in just about 9 minutes, which i thought was quite fast – i was expecting it to take a lot longer – and you can boil as little as 1. 5litres in the kettle if you don’t need to boil the entire thing, which was much quicker, about 4minutes in total. It has plastic feet to hold it to your kitchen worktop, and has a removable cable – it doesn’t have a fancy base like most modern kettles, you have to plug in directly to the kettle to get it going. The design is retro but with a modern feel; i personally think it looks great in comparison to some of the plastic kettles, etc. You will need to descale, as the element is exposed inside the kettle, presumably to try and ensure it boils as quickly as possible. I really like this, and at under £30 i think it’s great value for money for those who want a larger kettle – it’s ideal for an office or for big families.

8 litres to cover the element and little short of double that to fill it. Most electric kettles are 2. 5 to 3 kw: this one is only 2. 2 kw, so it doesn’t bring water to the boil as quickly but it is a good basic kettle. Ps i had to send it back to exchange for another after only four months when the switch stopped working – the exchange was no problem.

Nice big kettle great for lots of people.

Here are the specifications for the Igenix IG4350 Traditional Corded Kettle 2:

  • 35 L capacity stainless steel body
  • Boil dry and overheat protection
  • Detachable power cord
  • Power on light indicator
  • Comes with 2 year warranty which can be registered online

Fed up with plastic cordless things, russel hobbs no longer make their ‘old style’ kettle so went for this one, pleased with purchase, not quite as heavy as i would like, but a great item, delivered on time by courier.

This is a great kettle for a busy household – it’s much larger than the standard kettle that i’ve been using before, although also in that respect probably too big for anyone who just occasionally needs a little bot of hot water. It would be the ideal thing for an office though. That extra capacity comes with an additional time to boil. That is, provided you don’t mind the rather austere aesthetic – it’s somewhat retro in its look, but that in itself isn’t a bad thing. It does have a downside though, and that’s the positioning of the lid – it’s a little awkward, especially when it starts to fill up, to actually get it comfortably under a tap. Considering the minimum capacity of the kettle is basically ‘what you’d normally put as full capacity in a standard kettle’, the little dance you have to do with it isn’t helpful. So i guess that’s it – a retro look, a massive capacity, and an awkward lid. Too big for most people, but if you regularly need more than a normal kettle provides, this thing be bangin’.

Kettle did not last very long, started to leak.

It is absolutely what i wanted. I wanted an old fashioned, good, sturdy reliable kettle but not one of these retro looking things that are currently fashionable. It is perfect and i love it.

This kettle has none of the flair of its counterparts, it is not particularly stylish and it is certainly lacking in useful functions like a water fill measure and being cord free. In fact it is obvious as soon as you take the igenix stainless steel 3. 5 litre corded kettle from it’s box that it is a belt and braces kettle nothing more and nothing less, but do you know what?i love it all the same. For the following 5 reasons. We are a large family of eight and this kettle holds a massive 3. 5 litres of water, perfect for numerous cups of tea and hot water bottles. It may not look very stylish, however i actually quite like its stainless steel 70s retro look. Although this kettle may take a while to boil (8/9 mins when full), it isn’t really a problem for us as the time it takes for any one of our five teenagers to make a few cups of tea is usually a good ten minutes. Having to wait until they have made themselves sandwiches or cereal or toast or even finish texting friends on their mobiles. For us not being cord free is a bonus because at least it stops the danger and inconvenience of a blown kettle after placing the kettle on it’s base whilst the underneath of the kettle is wet.

Well packed and fit for purpose.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • catering kettle
  • Love it.
  • Great buy.

I wanted a kettle which is attached to the mains. This model works admirably and is almost silent in operation. I give it the highest recommendation.

This is a big kettle, suitable for large families or for when you are having a big party at home. I like that it has a stainless steel body and a retro design to it. The lid can be lifted, making it easy to fill or refill with water. It is not a cordless kettle as the power cable is attached to the body of the kettle, however the cable is detachable, so once your water has boiled, you can just detach the cable to make it easier to pour and serve. It also has a boil-dry protection, an overheat protection and an auto-switch off on boil, which are must have nowadays. One thing that i am not a fan of is the immersed element as i prefer to have a concealed element but it is not a big deal. All in all, this is a handy and useful kettle to have if you have a big family or if you entertain a lot.

I needed this it was much better than my jug kettle.

This is a catering sized kettle, so perfect for larger families or gatherings (minimum amount is 1. 5 litres of water at a time, 3. The cord detaches conveniently so you’re not trailing it when filling with water or pouring the boiled water into cups. Has an internal element so need to keep on eye on it and descale as necessary. Looks wise it’s nothing to shout about but would look at home in a modern style kitchen setting, especially if you have stainless steel large appliances and/or countertops. 5 litres than my regular household kettle, taking just over 4 and a half minutes while my household type kettle does it in just over 3 and a half minutes. Comfortable handle and a well fitting lid that was easy to remove. All together not a bad option for when entertaining crowd or needing to provide several cups for workmen, etc.

This is a big kettle (catering size which wasn’t explained at time of purchase)takes a while to get started boiling.

This is a great, sturdy and almost old fashioned, if not retro, style kettle. Although it is described as a ‘catering’ kettle with a 3. 5 litre capacity i was quite surprised at how compact it is, i was expecting something quite large and bulky, it’s solidly built with a good strong handle and boils up water simply and efficiently, exactly as you would want it to do.

The kettle is just what i wanted also that i had been looking for one for agesi am very pleased with my purchase thank you amazon.

This is a big kettle, and it looks like something designed in the 1950s. It has no pretensions or attempts at ‘style’. The body is steel and the handle is plastic. It heats up a large quantity of water fairly quickly, and doesn’t make too much noise while it does it. You have to either pull the plug out of the wall socket or pull the cable out of the base of the kettle itself if you want to take it anywhere else in the kitchen. Unlike modern kettles it doesn’t have a base to sit on, but connects directly to a wall plug. It does come complete with a suitable cable. It is a useful big kettle for me, as i need a lot of hot water for starting my home-brew beers off, and i think it would be great for a large family or in a clubroom or staffroom. Pretty good value for money i have to say.

It’s a kettle, it boils water fine which is the minimum you’d expect. My only gripe is that having a metal lid in a metal kettle means that due to heat expansion it can be tricky to open/close.

I love this kettle, nice size, low price & delivery was quick. I have been looking for a corded kettle for some time as the cordless one’s keep breaking on me, seen this & thought i would try it, so far i have no problems.

This item is a catering kettle and so its a larger size than standard kettle. It was not not advertized as a catering kettle in the amazon wording. 8 but not many people might know that this is catering size. Its fine if you want to boil up for washing up but a bit expensive to use if you only want to make a couple of cups of tea.

Arrived in good time ,i was pleasantly surprised by the quality it boils quickly ,in fact a very good buy.

It is super, we have a large family and when they are all here we had to fill a kettle twice to give everyone a drink at the same time.

I got this as a back up kettle and for when all the family is round and you end up spending all day boiling the kettle. Its very large, larger than you may think, and does look like it belongs in a restaurant kitchen. It boils fairly quickly and it’s no noisier than the average. The reason i have given four stars is that the stainless steel is rather thin and because of this i have already dented it just from a light knock against the toaster. The dent popped back out but it does leave those little creases. Otherwise, if you’re wanting a large kettle that doesn’t cost a fortune then this is worth considering.

This is a very large functional, no frills basic catering kettle. It’s quite retro in style and has no base – the cord attaches to the kettle itself though is removable. Not suitable for your standard household, the minimum amount of water you can boil is a whopping 1. 5ltrs which is what some standard kettles hold as its maximum though if you have a large household or use boiling water for other means then having such a large 3. 5ltr capacity is fantastic and very useful and perfect as it says for catering so if you’re having friends and family around or have a small business and don’t need a large urn then this really is ideal. Take up less space than an urn – boils a whole kettle in just under 5 minutes. Structure wise it isn’t bad – the kettle itself is lightweight an has the standard safety features like ‘boil dry protection’ and auto shut off when boiling – it also isn’t noisy considering it’s such a big kettle. Handle has a nice feel – it is comfortable to hold even when full and doesn’t feel at all precarious when pouring such a large sized kettle. All in all it does the job and i think is a bargain price – but don’t think you can use this to boil just a couple of cups of tea worth – it’s not your everyday household kettle – great i think as a spare to keep in for when your household is busy or for work places. Recommended, great functional kettle.

Light to lift when empty, excellent for big get-togethers and catered for an evening of ten friends. Because it’s lightweight, it has been dented by my oh banging it against the sink when filling, but it managed to make a cafetiere of coffee and a large teapot of tea for all of us with one boil. Comments received as to the size of it .

Kettle is fine but it was for an elderly person who had great difficulty in lifting it when full of water. The kettle alone is quite heavy.

This kettle is about twice the capacity of a normal household kettle, but it’s very light when empty, because the construction is so simple. Of course it is heavy when filled but not as much as you might think. It needs to be filled to a minimum of 1. 5 litres, which is almost the whole of a standard domestic kettle (generally 1. It seems to take a long time to boil, although i’m not sure if that is simply proportionate. The spout is small and precise, which is good for safety, but means that it is slow to pour out, which can be tiring on your arm. The cord is quite short, so you need to have it pretty close to a plug socket. The kettle has three feet underneath so it’s a bit wobbly whether empty or full, but not too bad. Its construction is fully metal, so it does get very hot. Be careful of using this around children, and be careful taking the lid off when it has boiled.

My mum wanted a corded kettle cant buy them in store she will be happy with this.

This igenix kettle is a big boy. Ideal for brewing up fora whist drive at the local parish hall but not really a choice for day-to-day domesticuse as it requires a minimum-fill of 1. The stainless steel is nice and shiny. I’m not sure how robust the shell is however. It seems a bit thin and lightweight tome but i suppose if it were any heavier it’d be quite a big lift when full to capacity. It does the job and does it well. It comes with the requisite cable and has a two year guarantee.

I got this as my cordless ones kept breaking. I had a corded one for years with no problems so i’m hopeing this is the same. So far so good, its well made. Would recommend this to anyone.