Igenix IG8126 10-Cup Filter Coffee Maker : very good no frills coffeemaker

Reading the (very brief) user manual, it is made clear that this product is not intended for heavy-duty use in staff kitchens, commercial use, etc. And lifting it out of the box, i can see why – the main unit weighs only 800g, not including jug, and is made almost entirely of plastic. Also, the power cable is only about a metre long, so made to sit on a worktop close to a socket. Nonetheless, i think this is a great product, and here is why:- it could not be any simpler to use. There is literally one button. After filling the tank with water, and the funnel with coffee (either using a disposable paper filter, or the reusable nylon one provided), simply press the on/off switch. After making the coffee, the hot plate stays on for 40 minutes, then switches off automatically. – the top lid open right back, automatically lifting the “drip arm” out of the way at the same time- there is a lovely big opening to fill the tank, so no issue with spilling water, and there is a translucent window on the side of the tank with measuring gauge to see the water level- it is speedy – taking just over 10 minutes to make a full pot of coffee (12 cups – or 6 mugs in real world terms)- it has a nice small footprint, so does not take up much space on a worktop. In conclusion – simplicity to use, no fancy bells and whistles, does the job.

This coffee maker works just as i would expect a filter coffee maker to work. And especially so because it has 4 to 10 cups marked on the jug which means when i have guests i can make enough coffee in one go.

Bought for mu mum and dad, they are very pleased with it so far.

Exactly what was needed – simple and unfussy (unlike many on offer). I wonder how it will take the heavy, daily usage we give it, but so far so good.

So good to wake up to the smell of coffee, this is a perfect coffee maker.

Only used it a few times, after running it with water only to clear the minor plastic smell.

One of the best purchases that i have ever made. I use it every day and it has never missed a beat. Just one small critisism is that the hot-plate does’nt stay on long enough. A small price to pay for a great cup of coffee though.

Good value for the money paid.

  • The Packaging not up to standards, but the item itself does what it says makes a nice cup of coffee
  • The auto-turn-off feature (after 45 minutes-ish is a little annoying, but you can just press the button again
  • Decent

Igenix IG8126 10-Cup Filter Coffee Maker, 800 W – Black

Product Description, Igenix IG8126 10-Cup Filtre Coffee Maker, 800 W – Black.

Manufacturer’s Description, Igenix manufacture a whole range of cooling products for the home and office including desk fans, tower fans, portable air coolers and air conditioning units. This is complemented by a range of heating products for the home and office including fan heaters, halogens, oil-filled radiators, convector, ceramic and drum heaters.

From the manufacturer

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Top brewing tip

This unit has a strength adjustment function, if you want to increase the coffee strength, you can press and hold the switch button for 4 seconds to start brewing, the indicator will flash constantly until coffee brewing finish.

Igenix 800 W Filter Coffee Maker – Black

This IG8126 Filter Coffee Maker combines a compact design with functionality and would be a suitable addition to any style of kitchen. This product boasts high levels of efficiency and power, as well as having features that makes this unit convenient to have in your kitchen. Its also ideal for an office environment, as it is capable of making up to 10 mugs of coffee at a time.

  • 1.25 L Capacity Glass Coffee Jug.
  • Removable Funnel
  • Washable Nylon Filter
  • External Water Level Gauge.
  • Anti-Drip Feature
  • 40 Minute Keep Warm Function
  • 800 W of power

Key features

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Smart design

The filter and funnel are both removable which means that cleaning and maintaining this coffee maker is very easy. The external water gauge and ergonomic funnel handle are other useful design features that make this coffee maker just that little bit more user friendly.

Keep warm function

This function allows for the coffee to be kept warm for up to 40 minutes after initially being made. This is a very useful and convenient function because it means that you don’t have to keep refilling the coffee jug and drain your coffee supplies.

Anti-drip function

During the brewing process you may remove the glass jug to serve, the coffee maker will stop dripping automatically. If the serve time exceeds 30 seconds the coffee will overflow the funnel.

IG8126 IG8225 IG8250
Type Analogue Digital Digital
Wattage 800 W 1050 W 800 W
Capacity 1.25 L 1.5 L 1.5 L
Water Level Gauge
Keep Warm Function
24 Hour Programmable Timer

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Perfect for us, we love coffee, can’t say any more.

Arrived on time and all good. As stated in advert and an excellent purchase. I have enjoyed many delicious cups of coffee and as basic coffe naked it is recommended.

Works ok, but coffee produced is not really hot enough.

It’s brilliant already used it so much definitely worth it, it’s also worth buying paper filters.

It is ok for the use i have it for in the workshop as it maybe a cheap item, but why spend loads of money for something that will be in a workshop keeping my coffee warm. I had one of these before and it lasted several years before it died on me either due to the dampness in the workshop which i have fixed or maybe because the one i had was a lot move solid and not as flimsy as this wee coffee maker. It was bought to keep the coffee warm. I hope this one will last several years also as there handy and if your in a shed, garage, workshop ideal for you as it is just what every man & woman needs in the work place. Thank to amazon and igenix for the fast service ordered it on friday got it on monday with standard delivery excellent.

Firstly i noticed that amazon seems to have lumped together two or three igenix coffee machines, so some reviews on this page seem to relate to a different igenix coffee machine to the one shown and described in the product information, i want to make it clear that my review is about the igenix ig8126 10-cup filter coffee maker, 800 w, black. This is not the machine that has an integral bean grinder, nor is it the digital coffee machine with a display and timer, it is a simple and basic coffee machine with a much lower price tag than these two machines and so understandably has fewer bells and whistles. This is a basic coffee machine from the budget end of the market. It is a fairly small size and has a few basic functions;hot platesafety switch off after 40 minsdrip stopstrength adjustmentpermanent filterthe feel of the coffee machine is very plasticky, it is a black plastic construction and feels a little cheap to be honest, the first pot of coffee i made also had a distinct plastic taste to it. This seems to be down to the filter which the coffee grinds are held in during the brewing process, i made a second pot without this, using a filter paper instead and it was better, but not perfect. Annoyingly the actual coffee pot(carafe)has no markings on it, so you basically have to guess how many cups the amount of water you have in the pot will equate to when you pour it into the machine itself- not good, get it wrong and you are back and forth to the tap topping up or discarding water until you get it right. Brewing strength can be altered- you do this by holding in the power switch for 4 seconds to get a stronger brew as the water passes through the coffee slower, it was marginally stronger when i tried this but not dramatically so. I lost quite a bit of water in the brewing process, not through a leak, but through evaporation and water being held in the coffee grinds, so i would advise catering for one cup more when you are making a pot- if you want 3 cups, prepare 4. The auto shut off i like, this is good to make sure that you aren’t heating the hot plate all day if you forget to switch it off, but if you want to make a pot to last you all morning this feature will stop you being able to do so, it also keeps the coffee warm, not hot, if you drink your coffee hot you need to drink it as soon as possible after making it. The top loading i like, this means that you don’t have a filter swinging out to the side dripping all over your worktop when you empty the spent grinds out after you have finished brewing.

Is a basic filter coffee maker, but the coffee is great and it keeps it at good temperature. Very happy with the purchase.

Very happy with coffee machine easy to use good value good work all round.

  • The Packaging not up to standards, but the item itself does what it says makes a nice cup of coffee
  • The auto-turn-off feature (after 45 minutes-ish is a little annoying, but you can just press the button again
  • Decent

Igenix IG8126 10-Cup Filter Coffee Maker, 800 W – Black

Easy to work & keeps coffee warm.

Good delivery sadly only issue i have been told about is the power off after 40 minutes , other than that good item for the purpose needed.

Works perfectly, makes great coffee and super easy to use. Just wish it would allow the ‘keep warm’ function for longer.

Coffee maker============igenix ig8126 10-cup filter coffee maker, 800 w, blackthe coffee maker arrived and was unboxed and working in minutes. It’s probably one of the simplest machines to set up. Leaks=====no leaks from coffee maker. I’ve had some that leave a residue. Easy buttons============buttons work really well. Easy use========the coffee pot fits in and pulls out of the machine with no trouble whatsoever. Well made=========handle and lid are good. Permanent filter================uses standard small paper filters or the permanent filter. Tip===use this a few times with boiling water and or a weak coffee solution.

Good cuppa, good delivery and excellent price.

I’ve been using daily at work for about three months. Coffee is good especially if you push the grounded beans down into the filter to slow the flow of water. This is my only criticism, the water comes through too fast which i feel effects the depth of flavour in the coffee.

It’s good, does what you need it to do. Nice & simple, fill with water, scoop your ground coffee into the permanent filter, hit go. It auto switches off at about 30minutes for safety reasons. It’s easy to use, easy to clean.

Broken plastic (small catch) on receipt, but not enough to bother with a return. Despite this the coffee maker works well and is used daily in the office. Cleaned as per the instructions and subsequently does not have a ‘odd taste’ as mentioned by other reviews. It’s not very robust, but it doesn’t get bashed around.The auto-turn-off feature (after 45 minutes-ish is a little annoying, but you can just press the button again to prolong hot-plate use if needed). A low cost high use option that deliverers great coffee.

Which coffee maker to go for?. Pod, or traditional or filter. If you choose filter then this coffee filter machine may be the one for you. The style is classy, black and chrome. The jug is clear so you can see how much coffee is ready. You can even grind your beans and then filter the coffee. The machine has settings to personalise your brew. The directions are a tad wonky. Trial and error was the best way to get the correct blend.

Very good no frills coffee makerthis was a present for my daughter she says she likes it and is simple to use.

An excellent coffee maker; i just wish they made it in white. Addendum – unfortunately after barely three months of use it has completely packed up and i have had to return it.

Very good and reliable coffee maker.

Features and Spesification

  • Ten cup 1.5 L capacity
  • 40 minute keep warm function
  • Permanent nylon filter with removable funnel for easy cleaning
  • AntiDrip feature
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty which can be registered online