Igenix IG8225 Bean to Cup Filter Coffee Maker : very good

I have now had this for over a year and have resisted writing a review as i was waiting to experience some of the glitches that i had read about. I haven’t experienced any problems whatsoever. I had been looking for a bean to cup machine for a long time but couldn’t bring myself to part with the huge amount of money most of them commanded which is why i decided to take a chance on this one despite the varying reviews i had read. I am so glad i took the chance. I use this machine every day and have experienced wonderful coffee (which is very important to me) every morning the moment i wake up. It takes 2 minutes in the evening to set it up to start grinding and brewing 5 minutes before my alarm goes off in the morning. Waking to the smell of fresh ground and brewed coffee and having that first sip within a few minutes of waking up is pure bliss. My advice – if you love good coffee, buy it. I should add that i use filtered water and regularly descale.

Bought this machine a few months ago, used every day since. This coffee maker works perfectly making some of the best coffee we’ve tasted from a filter machine. Have seen the same machine with a premium brand name on it at double the price. Don’t be put off by the brand name, you can’t fail to be impressed by the results. You can alter the coarseness of the grind and length of brewing to get just the right strength of coffee.

A good mid range coffee machine for the price. I see other reviews moaning about the strength of the coffee i would suggest you bought the wrong item. if you like it very strong ‘espresso’ then this machine is not capable of making it, you will need a high pressure system this is something this machine is not. For your typical percolator user whom would like to have the option of making or using freshly grounded beans this is an ideal machine, i genuinely love it. After three months of use and 6kg of coffee beans ran through it i can advise that most of the issues are to do with it are limescale problems and stupidity. This will effect the demand and output of the machine. So if you notice that you ask for 8 cups and it produces 7 or less i suggest running a descaler through it (not to forget to run the system twice at 12 cups to clear it) h&g make a good cleaner ;-)the latter thing i have noticed it not to over fill it above 12 cups as you are greeted by what looks like a leaky machine. This is absolutely normal as there is a over flow hole at the back of it, just wipe up a and remember not to overfill it (stupid me)the noise from the internal burr grinder is loud but nothing that of a costa machine or a separate grinder. If you want anything quieter i suggest the use of a hand grinder, but you will certainly work for that coffee. All in all this machine is great and if it ever dies on me after a long time of justified use i will definitely get another one.

But if you like strong coffee not the machine to get.

The machine makes good coffee. I have only used it to make two cups a time, so i’ve not encountered a problem making any more. For me the large water tank doesn’t help as my water develops a taste when standing a while. I also find it tastes when boiled dry. So i have to run a little water through the machine before making the coffee. The ‘ground coffee’ button allows for water to be run through initially. I pour that away and then make the coffee with fresh water and it’s perfect.

A reasonably priced machine but it is not as good as the cusinart. You cannot turn off the grinder with this one. I do grind beans for my coffee but not every day. The jug is also a little flimsy and does not keep the coffee hot.

Bought this machine as wanted to upgrade from cafetiere coffee to ground bean coffee, but without paying silly price. The machine arrived on sunday morning after ordering on the saturday. Have used it with beans three times now and am very impressed, it works exactly as described and produces a good strong coffee on maximum setting. As mentioned by others, a better description of the ‘knob’ function in the manual would be good.

Really love this coffee machine, very easy to clean and makes great coffee, with my old machine you had to add the correct amount of water but with this one you can fill the tank and it takes the water according to the cup settings. It only takes a few small adjustments to get the amount and strength to your liking.

  • A great midrange coffee machine.
  • Very good with an annoyance
  • Love this

Igenix IG8225 Bean to Cup Filter Coffee Maker, 12 Cup Carafe, Automatic 24 Hour Timer and Keep Warm Function, Grinder that Avoids Jams, 1.5 Litre, Stainless Steel

Product Description, Igenix IG8225 12-Cup Bean to Cup Coffee Maker, 1.5 L, 1050 W – Stainless Steel.

Box Contains, 1 x Igenix IG8225 12-Cup Bean to Cup Coffee Maker

From the manufacturer

Hints for great tasting coffee.
  • For an optimum coffee taste, buy whole coffee beans and finely grind them just before brewing.
  • Do not reuse coffee grounds as this will greatly reduce the coffee’s flavour. Reheating coffee is not recommended as coffee is at its peak flavour immediately after brewing.

Igenix 1050 W Bean to Cup Coffee Maker – Stainless Steel

This IG8225 Bean to Cup Coffee Maker combines a sleek design with high quality performance and would be an ideal addition to any style of kitchen. This product boasts high levels of efficiency and power, as well as having features that makes this unit convenient to have in your kitchen. Its also ideal for an office environment, as it is capable of making up to 12 mugs of coffee at a time.

  • 1.5 L Capacity Glass Coffee Jug
  • 1050 W of Power
  • Makes up to 12 cups of coffee
  • Digital Control and LCD Display
  • Keep Warm Function
  • Ant-Drip Feature
  • Programmable Delay Timer

Key Features

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Smart design

The filter and filter holder are both removable which means that cleaning and maintaining this coffee maker is very easy. The external water gauge and ergonomic funnel handle are other useful design features that make this coffee maker just that little bit more user friendly.

Keep warm function

This function allows for the coffee to be kept warm for up to 40 minutes after initially being made. This is a very useful and convenient function because it means that you don’t have to keep refilling the coffee jug and therefore drain your coffee supplies.

Anti-drip feature

During the brewing process you may remove the glass jug to serve, the coffee maker will stop dripping automatically. If the serve time exceeds 30 seconds the coffee will overflow the funnel.

Top quality blending system

This bean to cup coffee maker features an enhanced grinding system with adjustable coffee amounts and strength to suit all coffee preferences, whether you like it weak or need a strong one to start the day. This unit also has a large 200 g coffee bean capacity, so it can provide delicious coffee for the whole family or office.

The modern LCD display offers an easy-to-use control panel that includes an automatic start function, cancelling pre-set programme and a programmable delay timer which means you can now get coffee pre-made for exactly the right time according to your preference.

IG8126 IG8225 IG8250
Type Analogue Digital Digital
Wattage 800W 1050W 800W
Capacity 1.25L 1.5L 1.5L
Water Level Gauge
Keep Warm Function
24 Hour Programmable Timer

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Really good for the price i make coffee 2-3 mornings a week and have done with this machine for the last 12 months, it grinds coffee well and the coffee tastes perfect once you set the strength to desired level (which felt a littlerandom) as there’s 2 ways to set strength. The problem which will ultimately render this machine obsolete is the cup amounts. L set the machine to make 2 cups and it does this fine, set the machine to make 4 cups, it grinds and uses 4 cups worth of bean but instead pools 2 very strong cups of coffee, ask it to make 8 cups jug it makes a 2 cup but with 2 cups worth of beans so at least tastes fine. All hugely annoying but involuntarily limits your caffeine intake :(.

Great machine for real coffee loverscan have either filtered or beans freshly ground,also makes the amount you want so don’t put in extra water.

  • A great midrange coffee machine.
  • Very good with an annoyance
  • Love this

Igenix IG8225 Bean to Cup Filter Coffee Maker, 12 Cup Carafe, Automatic 24 Hour Timer and Keep Warm Function, Grinder that Avoids Jams, 1.5 Litre, Stainless Steel

Features and Spesification

  • Coffee maker with integrated bean grinder
  • 200 g coffee bean capacity
  • 1.5 L or 2-12 cup water tank with gauge