Igenix IG8311 2 Speed Jug Blender – , 500 W, White

5l) blender which is simple to use and will do a range of jobs from roughly chopping veg/fruit through to whizzing up smoothies, soups, dips and batters. We find it is very useful to have a freestanding blender like this to hand, rather than get out the full size food processor with its jug attachment. It feels pretty solid so hopefully the motor will run well for a long time. When in operation it is a bit noisy, as is any blender we have used. The jug is easy to clean, no fiddly bits to extract food from.

I only bought it this year and used it twice and now it’s not working at all. Update – with apologies just realised the jug only works when the lid is on so working fine now – upgrading the stars.

This blender, from a brand i’ve never heard of, manages to offer a stylish well built product at a good price. The main unit is gloss white plastic with a chrome effect control knob. There are just the two settings, this is quite a basic machine. It coped with everything i’ve chucked in it but i wouldn’t recommend using it for ice as it struggled. It’s quite noisy but that’s standard for any blender. Everything feels quite good quality and it comes with a two year guarantee so they must be confident of its durability. The design is very simple and neat, and it’s easy to clean. I would have preferred a glass jug over plastic, but that said the plastic is of good quality on this model. Overall a great blender, powerful enough for most jobs.

A pleasingly clean and simple design means this good value blender will sit happily out in anyone’s kitchen. Plastics are a decent quality and the build quality appears also to be good. We tested this over an extended weekend that had much smoothie and soup making together with some assistance for home baking. All tasks were performed with ease and the 3 minute time limit for continuous use before cooling off was not an issue. To be honest, we have found that most blenders have such a time limit and it does not pose any problems on normal use. Coped well with ice and the jug was easy to clean. All in all, a very competent good value blender.

Really simple, very effective blender which does everything you’d need it to. You just have to be careful to put the jug on the right way round.

Feels strong and sturdy, with the power knob having that old fashioned assurance with its stiffness.

Nice piece to add to the kitchen, not flash or do everything but as long as you can blend small quantities of it within three minutes (the manual advises against any longer in case it overheats) then it’s just the thing. The overheating issue means this is suitable for small, domestic sized, batches only so don’t go buying this for your busy commercial kitchen. It’s doing sterling service in our kitchen. It’s great for milkshakes, marinades and frappes, it grinds ice (up to six cubes at a time) quite happily though it is not the quietest unit i’ve used. The control knob and lid are rather stiff to turn which, as it doesn’t have enough weight to stay still or any suction feet, means you need two hands to use it. I’d also not recommend it for anyone with arthritis or any weakness in their hands as it does take some effort to operate. For the price it’s good; just don’t get one for if you want to do large batches, have weak hands or dislike noise.

Just as it bills itself,this is a very simple and effective blender with a reasonable motor suitable for most soup making and other blending tasks. It has a simple safety feature in that you cannot operate the motor until the lid engages the safety catch on the handle. The lid has a removable centre plug which is screwed in and actually clicks home when fully engaged. The motor is not continuously variable being just pulse, or speed one or two. That is ok with me as i never feel a great need for a continuously variable feature. It is a one and a half litre jug of clear plastic. The base of the jug unscrews for easy cleaning of knife and it’s neighbouring surfaces. The colour scheme on mine is base of jug white with chrome knob. Not terribly exciting but quite clean and nice.

I use blenders a few times every day and i always buy cheap ones, they usually don’t last that long. This is the only cheap blender that has lasted for me, so i think it’s great. It is a bit loud maybe, not sure. 23 august and it’s still working great.Most durable cheap blender i ever had by far.

I make a large four portion soup every sunday which i previously have used a stick blender for. I’m always worried about scratching my non stick pan with it and have suffered the odd hot soup splash, so thought i would give this blender a go. I have been really impressed. It fits four portions in easily and blends to a really smooth consistency- much better than my stick blender. It comes apart really easily and i have been cleaning it in the dishwasher with good results. My only complaint is the advice to not use it for more than 3 minutes at a time. I have definitely taken this advice as by the end of blending my soup there is a definite ‘hot motor’ kind of smell.

I had one of these in silver before, a different brand, but i much prefer this white colour. When i got it out of the box first of all, my thoughts were how stylish it looks. My kitchen is mainly white so it fits perfectly in there and does the job it’s supposed to do. It holds 1 and a half litres and has two speed settings which is fine for me. The jug lifts off, just as my other one did, and is very easy to clean. The price point seems very reasonable too.

Ideal for those on a budget.

I do find myself getting rather excited about kitchen gadgets these days, how sad is that?. I have never owned a jug blender before so i had high hopes for this. This blender is currently priced at under £30, which i feel is about right for a blender, to be honest. The blender is 500w and has a 1. 5litre jug, there are two speed settings and a pulse function. The blender is very easy to clean after use and is quite a sturdy item. I had not really heard of the igenix brand before but they do seem to be doing well with no frills, practical home items. The two year guarantee is great. Recommended for homes that don’t need a high tech blender, just something that is simple to use but gets the job done effectively. Update: recently the blender hasn’t been working so well, the blades seem to clog up and don’t work as they should.

Daiquiris========it may not look too pretty but this is ideal for making the perfect daiquiri. Ice crusher===========it’s a little blender that can take about a litre of ice cubes. (although i found it easier to whizz through smaller quantities)cocktails==========if you need a cheap, effective ice blender this is one to consider. Smoothies==========smoothies with ice or yoghurt have been delicious. Pros=====quite hardysmall footprintlooks oknot expensivehealthy for making smoothieseasy to cleancons=====it looks ok. Overall========if you need a blender, this is one to put on your shortlist.

Very powerful and fast transaction.

Neat, streamlined machine which fits well into my rather over-equipped kitchen and doesn’t take up too much space. Easy to use and, importantly, to clean. My children have had no problem using this to make smoothies and we have had success with soups also. Overall very simple, uncomplicated, and performs well.

As with other igenix products this blender is a no nonsense, easy to use fuss free item that works as well as can be expected. It is also excellent value at less than £30. . But then aren’t all blenders of this type, but it does sit nice and sturdily on the worktop. Over a weekend of fairly intensive testing, during a family get together, we found it makes excellent smoothies, chops veg with ease, crushes ice with no issues and, with its pulse function, mixes a very a decent waffle mix. Ok its doesn’t have the array of sophisticated functions that some more expensive blenders have (as well as the pulse function it has 2 blend speeds). But how often do any of us really use most of those. If you’re after a good basic blender that defies its price you should certainly consider this igenix.

I already have a blender attachment on my kenwood chef and on my food mixer but i thought it would be convenient to have a stand-alone blender for everyday use. This feels like a pretty substantial piece of equipment. The jug is a good size and suitable for an average household. The motor is quite noisy but i don’t feel this is of any real importance. I tried using it to blend a small amount of hummous and this was not very successful. It operates much better with larger quantities. The soup i pureed was excellent. My husband tried it out by making a protein milk shake. The results were so good he has decided that he had ownership of the blendereasy to operate and easy to clean.

Sensibly priced and efficient; it does what is expected of it without fuss and you don’t have to pay for pointless styling attention, just a good, sound device for daily use.

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Fantastic blender for the price. It doesn’t have many bells and whistles – it has two speed settings with a pulse setting. It works really well for making soup, smoothies, baby food etc.

This is an excellent basic blender. It copes well with such as kiwi fruit and pineapple. It’s really handy to have it on the worktop to whiz up a quick fruit smoothie rather than any other afternoon snack. I add a banana to get the smoothie effect and also add water to thin it all down a little. There is a removable centre in the lid so you can add things as it is going. I suppose this would be great for drizzling in the oil for mayonnaise. It has two speeds and a pulse setting. You have to control the pulse yourself, i. It rinses out easily if you do this straight away. The only problem i have had is in getting the jug back on the base, but it isn’t nearly so bad as the ones that fit onto mixers. It may be that i will be able to put it straight back on when i become more used to it.