Igenix IG8810 Whole Fruit Juicer : Bargain Price

The first thing i can say about this product is that it is heavy. Well made, good looking and sturdy this is a juicer that has quality. It also takes up a fair amount of space so you need to be into juicing for it to justify its place in the kitchen. Its large capacity jug allows you to make a large batch at one time. However, notwithstanding, it makes juicing a bit of a doddle. I like the way you just plonk most things in without chopping and the machine does the rest. I just wish it could clean itself. It isn’t too much of a problem as you can put some of it in the dishwasher.

We drunk delicious juices made with this.

Buying fruit juice from the supermarket is cheap and easy, but nothing in the stores quite matches the flavour of freshly squeezed fruit.  to have this at home, you are going to need a juicer and something like the ‘igenix’ has the power needed, but do you have the space?.  the ‘igenix’ has an industrial feel to it, not only in how effective it is, but also in look and size.  the stainless steel finish gives it an ambience that would not be unfitting to find it behind a cafe food desk, but what looks nice in a restaurant, does not always mean it looks great in the home. As a tool, the ‘igenix’ is great.  it can handle large pieces of fruit and juices them to the full, however you will still be surprised how many oranges you would need juice to get the same amount you would buy in a shop.  as a juicer great, but the sheer size will make it a cumbersome for many modern kitchens.  if you do have the space and want a juicer, then the ‘igenix’ is a great option.

I’ve just read the first review of this item and my thoughts are very similar. I got this as a review unit and really enjoy freshly squeezed orange juice – but blimey fresh fruit can be expensive – i made a mistake in going to waitrose – so will be off to the local market for oranges next timei had hoped that i wouldn’t have to peal the oranges but you do with this juicer – no idea if this is the norm – so thats an extra hassle but once done it works quickly and simply – add the fruit push it down and out comes the juice. Cleaning up was ok but again – like the previous reviewer – i think this will be a once a week treat – the jug can be left in the fridge door or we will fill bottles. Cleaning up is ok – the detachable parts all went in the dishwasher and came out clean – the only other issue is the size – not sure where to put it – you need a big kitchen to leave this out all the time. So a similar conclusion – this is a quality juicer that looks good and works well. But taking account the cost of fruit and the availability of fresh juice in supermarkets i’m not sure if its worth it (for us). Ultimately i think this will be used mostly when we want to impress an overnight guest with fresh orange juice at breakfast.

This is a very large machine and is great if you want to juice a lot of fruits and veggies in one go. It does take up a lot of kitchen work top real estate and comes with a jug to collect the juice which unfortunately will not fit in my fridge in any configuration without having to remove shelves. The instruction manual is quite brief. There are the usual safety warnings and maintenance instructions. There is very little information about how much fruit you will need to get a yield for a glass of juice (250ml approx), which would be useful to know as i seriously underestimated the amount of fruit needed. There is one recipe in the manual for of all things – horseradish soup – apparently one root will yield about 50ml and apparently the juicer can process approximately 3kg of horseradish in 2 minutes (excluding time to remove the pulp) and this is the closest the manual comes to telling you how much fruit you can process. The manual does come with tips such wash the fruit first, and remove the peel from thick skinned fruit like oranges and pineapples and uncooked beetroot – i tried juicing some clementines but thought that the skins would be considered thin so didn’t bother peeling them – big mistake – several fruits later when the juice came out of the machine – it tasted really bitter. So i peeled the rest of the fruit and it made much more palatable juice (about 8 clementines made a small glass of juice). As for juicing normal oranges, i don’t think there is much advantage with using this machine for citrus fruit over the squeeze method unless you really like peeling lots of oranges. This is a powerful machine that can juice eating apple sized fruits whole and in seconds and it takes about three or four apples to make a glass of apple juice which did turn out very nice – i used gala apples which came out lovely and very sweet and a bit frothy on top and far superior to any shop bought apple juice – though next time i would probably try with a combination of a tart granny smith and gala or golden delicious to get a more refreshing juice.

I’ve had several juicers over the years of different prices and from a variety of big brand names and the one thing i have found is that they are all pretty much the same. This one is no different and the only real difference between them to look out for is the wattage with the higher being the better. You drop the fruit in the top and it falls down onto a spinning grater and the juice then comes out the spout into the waiting jug. As others have mentioned, they can be a pain to clean but i’ve found that putting the dirty bits straight in the sink and using a washing up brush rather than a cloth makes it easier and it should really only take a few minutes if done properly. Also, the size doe sometimes surprise people as they really are big old beasts so if space is a premium you may want to look at something else. It’s not much smaller than your average microwave. In comparison to other juicers this is up there among the better ones, for instance i previously has a philips hr1875 and this one is just as good but a fraction of the price. To get 2 or 3 decent glasses of apples juice you will need a good sized bag of a dozen apples(i find golden delicious work best) and the juice that comes out will be kind of frothy and not as clear as when you buy it from the shops. Also, you will find some fruits just don’t seem to ‘work’, i tried watermelon for example and it tasted very odd, so you will need some experimenting with ratios if you want to make mixtures. Another tip, the fruit pulp left over is really good for using in the gardenall in all, this is a very good juicer and at a great price.

I’m impressed with the performance of this juicer. With a glut of apples this year i have really put it through its paces making apple juice. The motor is powerful enough to deal with crunchy apples in quite large chunks. The pulp is ejected (quite fiercely i thought)into the pulp container. I find that quite a lot of the pulp sticks to the cover which is a nuisance, but i have used a similar machine at twice the price and it had the same problem. So all in all a very good piece of kit.

Brilliant price and works great, speedy delivery too.

  • This is a great product. So far
  • Design could be improved but it’s okay.
  • Very good quality!

Igenix IG8810 Whole Fruit Juicer, 1000 W – Stainless Steel

Product Description, Igenix IG8810 Whole Fruit Juicer, 1000 W, Stainless Steel.

Manufacturer’s Description, Igenix manufacture a whole range of cooling products for the home and office including desk fans, tower fans, portable air coolers and air conditioning units. This is complemented by a range of heating products for the home and office including fan heaters, halogens, oil-filled radiators, convector, ceramic and drum heaters.

From the manufacturer

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Not a fan of pulp?

Not a problem. The juicer includes a convenient pulp separation system which filters out any unwanted pulp. The pulp is then directed to the 2 L container, that is easily disconnected from the rest of the unit, so the pulp can be discarded with creating any mess.

Igenix 1000 W Whole Fruit Juicer – Brushed Stainless Steel

Why you should choose Igenix

The Igenix IG8810 Brushed Stainless Steel Whole Fruit Juicer is a suitable kitchen gadget to help you get the most out of your fruit and vegetables and ensure you maintain a healthy diet. The stylish yet compact design means it looks good in your kitchen whilst not taking up too much space. Not only this but the large 1.5 L glass jug allows for large quantities of fruit to be juiced at any one time, making this appliance appropriate for larger families.

  • Powerful 1000 W Motor.
  • 1.5 L Juice Container.
  • 2 L Extra Large Pulp Container.
  • Two speed settings
  • Overheat Protection and Safety Lock Device.

Key features

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Efficient design

Juicing has been made easier with the large feeding tube meaning there is no need to chop the fruit beforehand. The 2 L separating pulp jug means you get the same smooth taste every time. Not only this but the 1.5 L juice container provides delicious juice for the whole family.

Efficient performance

The powerful 1000 W motor combined with the two speed settings means that this centrifugal juicer manages to extract 100 per cent fruit and vegetable juice quickly and efficiently. Due to this juicer boasting high levels of power, it is able to juice both hard and soft fruits or vegetables.

Safety features

The overheat protection means that if the juicer gets too hot it will automatically cut off to prevent any injury or damage. The safety locking lid also means that there arent any unwanted spillages or leaks.

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I’m new to juicing so i have no idea how this compares to other juicers, but i have to say it’s easy to use and creates a surprising amount of juice from even modest pieces of fruit. The leftover fruit pulp really is reduced to next to nothing but rather than just throwing it away, we have used it in muffins and home made ice cream. The controls couldn’t be simpler and i was juicing within seconds of switching it on for the first time. Cleaning the juicer is pretty simple and the main parts are all dishwasher safe. The downside is the sheer size of it and the space it takes up. We are lucky in that we have quite a large kitchen so we have room for it, but considering our last house we would have really struggled to have found a big enough worktop for it. The jug is also pretty big and while it would take up a lot of space in the fridge if we didn’t transfer the juice into bottles. Then again, you’d have to juice a lot of fruit to fill the jug so it makes sense to transfer it.

Amazing, really worth the money spent. Will recommend to family and friends and i will buy again.

Brilliant product that really gets every last drop of juice out of your fruit and veg. Unlike many juicers it’s neat and easy to clean. It is reasonably bulky though, so if just bear in mind if you have a small kitchen.

This is my second juicer replacing one that i have had for a number of years. I will admit that the previous juicer only came out when we had a glut of fruit (or indeed vegetables) or it was on offer at the shop. These machines do use quite a bit of fruit to make a couple of glasses of fruit. The juice is very good though and this year was great with the apples etc. From the family’s gardens. This machine arrived well packaged, and the first thing that was noticeable was that this was a stronger machine than my previous one with a larger foot print on the work surface. The small manual that came with it was limited in information, but easy to understand on how to use the machine. The machine was quick to set up and easily able to juice some fairly hard apples. The machine was easy to clean afterwards. If you are looking for a juicer to juice fruit and vegetables, and have the space, then this is an excellent machine.

Low to medium priced juicer. Large powerful motor at 1000w. The machine functions very well. Fruit and veggies go in and juice cones out. High points:fast and not too noisy motor. Separates well for cleaning. Brush included for intricate areas. Low points:have to dismantle whole machine to re juice ( re juicing is necessary. Many times)the centrifugal center has very small teeth which get clogged very quickly if juicing fibrous veg/fruit. Resulting in large bits bring flung to bin and then necessitate rejoicing again. Citrus fruit need redoing several times. The centrifugal area has a collecting receptacle which has a toilet like rim, in which juice tends to gather also necessitating scraping out.

I have never used something like this before, though i did once have a liquidiser. Is this the same thing but only more modern?. Well it occurred to be that this is just the thing for making smoothies. They had not been inverted in the old days. So i have been experimenting with soft fruits and though the results are not worth publishing, i will keep at it and it is great fun trying all the different fruit and veg. Best of all, the apparatus is made from stainless steel so it is easy to keep clean. What a great thing, even for one such as myself who has progressed little from victorian times. I just don’t know how i managed without it.

So far, it’s processed a lot of apples, celery, mangos, pineapples, berries, etc. It’s super easy to take apart, clean and put back together again, and after using it a few times, i managed to tell when the grater needed cleaning (hint, it’s *not* after every time you put fruit down the feeder tube. It is big, so you will need to make some space for it on your kitchen top/cupboard. We have a relatively small kitchen, and we keep it out. The sleek black/brushed metal design does help to ‘hide’ it. Even though it says that the juicer is fit for juicing leaves, please be aware that leaves have very little juice and a lot of fibre. The result of attempting this with kale was 500g of kale filled up the waste bin of the juicer (about 498 grams’ worth) , and yielded 2 drops of juice. That, however, isn’t the juicer.

  • This is a great product. So far
  • Design could be improved but it’s okay.
  • Very good quality!

Igenix IG8810 Whole Fruit Juicer, 1000 W – Stainless Steel

Features and Spesification

  • Easily carried and installed
  • Great design for your Kitchen and Home
  • Easy to Clean and easy storage