Igenix IGPK04 Kitchen Set – Fresh looking, perfectly useful set

The set as a whole offers a clean and harmonising look, even if it does look a little basic the build quality could be described more functional than designer and this is backed up by a decent 2 year guarantee. That being said, the set is not the worst looking 3-piece either, and it feels like it has been ergonomically designed. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of each appliance:kettlepros:• good capacity at 1. 7l• easy viewing measurement window• anti boil-dry functioncons:• a little slow to boil at 5 minutes 45 seconds, could be more powerfultoasterpros:• large slots are good for pitas or similarly long items• reheat and frozen functions a nice addition• fits four standard slices of breadcons:• not good for larger bread if you want 4 slices done at the same time• small strip of bread untoasted at top when toasting 4 slices of a well known brand of bread. Microwavepros:• manual and therefore more simple to use, you don’t need the handbook• defrost function nice additioncons:• slightly underpowered at 750wthe set as a whole offers good value for money, and is ideal for people moving into a new place, giving you the comfort of knowing your appliances are covered for two years. Although this set is not the most attractive it is functional and ergonomic, offering most of the features you would want from these appliances. It isn’t all singing and dancing, but it represents good value for money.

Love it but the toaster isn’t the best doesn’t toast both sides at the same time enough.

This basic set is fine if you can’t afford the fancier brands. It all works okay, but the kettle needed quite a few boil / flushes to get a clean taste and the toaster is very basic. I am particularly pleased with the simplicity of the microwave – i never did use (or understand) the fancy features on our previous model.

A kitchen in a box one white 1. 7 ltr cordless kettle with a removable washable filter, boil dry protection water level window cord storage and auto switch off boil. A four slice white toaster with removable crumb tray reheat/frozen setting , mid cycle cancel button and cool to touch wall. Also a white microwave with two knob settings , top one is low, m. Bottom one is 0-10 then 15,20,25,30 and 35 minute timer and defrost. It is a 700w 20 litre microwave with turntable. All with a two year guarantee. This is an ideal all in one present for an ageing parent or someone living in a flat (uni). Basic microwave, toaster has functions of higher range models and the kettle is as good as other models i have had. The toaster fits four slices in so that’s a big plus or baps or waffles as well.

Great price, looks good, ideal for my son ,at uni.

Great package for a great price.

An excellent,reasonably priced kitchen set ideal for caravanners/new nesters/university students etcthe set consists of. A 700 watt manual microwavea 1. 7 litre kettleand a four slice toaster. The toaster is a bit on the fast side to heat up. I was a little taken by surprise at the heating speed. Apart from the timer dial the toaster also has a stop. The microwave comes more or less ready to go,just needs the interior plate and ‘merry go round’ parts unpacking and putting in the correct places. Straightforward from there, just set the time you need to microwave and off you gothe kettle again is a straightforward little gadget with an on/off lighted button and a see through water level,inside there is a removeabl,washable filter. On the whole a simple to use and very reasonably priced kitchen set.

This set is basic, but it’s much better than the supermarket basics equivalents. The kettle is cordless, the toaster is a four-slice, and the microwave has a variable power level. That’s a whole lot better than the usual cheap basic models. Everything works as it’s supposed to, although the kettle needed two boils to get rid of a slight plastic taste in the water. I’m rather attached to the toaster already – toasts fast, four slices at a time, easy to clean. The set does look a little cheap maybe, but it’s white, fresh and makes the place look clean. With these kind of electricals they generally look either a bit cheap or made for industrial use – so i’ll go for cheap. It’s a nice, basic, perfectly useful set.

This 3 piece set is probably marketed at the student bed-sit accommodation or first time home buyer market. It arrives packaged in one single cardboard outer with each of three elements each in full retail packaging. Each item is clearly aimed at the budget end of the market with the toaster being slightly lightweight compared to others and the kettle although of average capacity resembles one such as you may find in some of the budget hotel chains. The toaster comes complete with crumb tray and has the usual reheat / frozen settings. The kettle has an auto off function, window to discern water level plus built in cord storage. The microwave is clearly of a better quality in this package; although a budget basic model its 700w power coupled with its 20litre capacity is more than adequate for the intended market. The white finish compliments each item and is easily cleaned – with just a wipe down with a damp sponge or cloth. Reasonable value for money, but as others have noted – you could possibly put together a similar, or better specified set for the same or lower price by browsing the relevant amazon pages – but this set removes the hassle of that.

Here are the specifications for the Igenix IGPK04 Kitchen Set:

  • Kettle with water level window and removable washable filter
  • Includes on/off switch with indicator light, safety locking lid and boil dry protection
  • Four slice toaster features six power levels, variable width and two self-centering deep slots for large bread
  • White manual microwave features 20 L capacity and 700 W output with five power levels
  • Comes with 2 year warranty which can be registered online

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Five Stars
  • Cheap but looks great