illycaffe Francis Francis : Italian coffee maker

Makes lovely illy coffee, easy to clean. Arrived very quickly with free coffee capsules that are not out of date, as other people reported having. Seems easy to use, you just have to prepare the coffee first before using the steamer to heat the milk, otherwise its too hot to go back to using the coffee capsules.

Extremely pleased with purchase, well impressed.

The best coffe machine ever .

Easy to use and good blending, i like it.

I purchased this as a secondary coffee machine for my office. I have a spare table to put this on but no sink, so it was vital that the machine produced great tasting coffee with minimal mess. I have to say i am hugely impressed with this machine. The coffee is of excellent quality and the espresso has a good depth of flavour with a thick cream. It is at least as good as what you get in most high street coffee shops and in my opinion far exceeds the quality of nespresso, which i always found pleasant enough but slightly lacking in flavour. I’ve also been very impressed with the milk wand, which is a ‘panarello’ type. If you’re not sure what this is, do a little googling. It’s essentially a small device which takes some of the guess worth out of steaming milk. Some technique is still involved, but you should be able to get good results for a cappuccino or latte very quickly and easily. Overall evaluation: is this as good as the top end machines on the market or those where beans are freshly ground?.

New machine to replace the same model now 5 years old and leaking.

Made a bad mistake by buying a replacement secondhand machine from a well known auction site. Buy cheap buy twice they say. Anyway, found this one at a good price here. It looks fantastic and works like a dream. The dark roast capsules are our favourite. So quick, to get a perfect coffee. It also came with a variety of different capsules to try.

Consistently good tasting coffee. Its super easy to use, looks great, and has neat little operating sounds. The milk frother works decently as well.

  • A Novel Coffee Maker
  • Quality and design
  • Awesome coffee, just like in coffee shops

Francis Francis for Illy X7.1 Expresso Coffee Maker, Black

Product Description, The X7.1 is the evolution of the original X7 machine: Its mordern and appealing design by Luca Trazzi’s creativity – mingles with even more advanced technology which make the preperations of an espresso and cappuccino easier and faster. Just insert an ill

Box Contains,

  • 1 × Francis Francis X7.1 machine
  • 1 × Instruction manual
  • 1 × 14 capsule can of classic illy coffee

  • From the manufacturer

    X7.1 Black

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    IperEspresso: be your own barista

    IperEspresso illy’s exclusive and innovative capsule system that brings authentic espresso preparation to the home. One touch of a button sets in motion a 30 second process that yields pure pleasure into a cup. A level of quality similar to that demanded by the most experienced baristas at the finest cafes.

    • Available in 10 varieties

    illy Francis Francis X7.1 Coffee Machine

    The optimal espresso at home

    The X7.1 is the evolution of the original X7 machine: its modern and strong visual design – by architect Luca Trazzi – combines with advanced technology to make preparation of espresso, cappuccino and latte easier and faster.

    Just insert an iperEspresso capsule. With one touch, the optimal illy espresso brews into the cup without any contact between the coffee and the machine. This one touch technology brews the ideal espresso with consistent quality every time. The patented steam wand allows you to achieve a creamy and velvety frothed milk.

    • Uses the illy iperEspresso system
    • An ideal illy espresso every time
    • Patented steam wand for easy milk frothing
    • Available in three colours (Black, Red and White)

    Programmable Volumes

    Adjust the drink volume to your desired setting.

    Quick Cooling between Cappuccino and Espresso

    Allows for easy switching between milk and coffee.

    Energy Saving Mode

    Machine switches off after 30 minutes.

    Patented Steam Wand

    Using the pannarello steam wand design; the X7.1 allows you to produce the optimal cappuccino and latte every time.

    Francis Francis X1 Francis Francis X7.1 Francis Francis Y1.1 Francis Fancis Y3
    Coffee Type Ground Coffee illy iperEspresso Capsules illy iperEspresso Capsules illy iperEspresso Capsules
    Machine Features
    Programmable Espresso Volume Settings
    Eco Mode
    Automatic Capsule Ejection
    Automatic Stop
    Cup Warmer
    Steam Wand
    Multiple Colours
    Dimensions 27.1cm (w) x 26.5cm (d) x 32.2cm (h 28cm (w) x 33.5cm (d) x 32cm (h) 24cm (w) x 24cm (d) x 27.5cm (h 10cm (w) x 31cm (d) x 26.5cm (h)

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    We decided to invest in a good espresso maker so i began doing my research (probably like most of you) and quickly became confused – couldn’t decide if we wanted to go all out and really spend a small fortune (easily a child’s college tuition) on a new machine or go with a pod system and keep the cost moderate. After much thought, we decided to go with a pod system, simply because first thing on a saturday morning, the last thing i want to mess with is grinding the beans and measuring and tamping. . I want to throw the pod in there and get my coffee going. I have always loved illy coffee so if we were going to go the pod route, i really felt this would be the best one – still, had to make the choice of spending over twice what this machine is priced at and go with the higher grade francis francis, or go with this one – the x7. We went with this one and was really unhappy that the first one we received didn’t work, right out of the box. I did a quick search on the internet to see if it was something we were doing wrong, but no, its a somewhat common occurance to have the water pump not work. So we had to wait on a replacement which was only a few days. We got the new one set up and it was fine – we are getting decent espresso and making pretty good latte’s right off. I would give you some advice though and experiment with the length of brew time before you set the automatic time – no where does it tell you in the instructions that once you let go of the button, that’s it, you’ve set the brew time. I looked all over the internet and in the manual and i see no instructions on how to reset it – i tried to fiddle around and go through the steps again and while it does work on the new time of 18 seconds, its not consistent. It would have been nice for there to have been some sort of guide – like 18 seconds for moderately strong and 15 seconds for strong, etc. Anyways, its about a month old now and its starting to make a very loud noise from the water pump when i make an espresso shot – i’m really not sure how long its going to last but my instinct is telling me not long – (i have one of these at work and its very quiet, nothing like the sound ours makes now). I will be very disappointed if this one packs up soon. Overall, i do love the espresso it makes, you just have to remember its a pod machine so it does have its limitations.

    Very easy to use, makes great coffee, love itmilk frothed is the best i’ve seen and make cappuccino fairly idiot proof.

    Machine makes excellent coffee. Make sure you order some capsules if buying this as the free samples you get in the box are all out of date. Would have given this 5 stars if it wasn’t for out of date samples.

    Italian coffee what could be better, this machine is so easy to use and makes fab coffee, the milk aerator is also good.

    Great quality coffee, greta design and no fuss. Had a number of pod machines, best hand down.

    It came with 14 illy capsules, some medium and some dark roast. We prefer a long espresso, which were not included but are easily available on the internet at about 45p. It comes with a european plug so i had to go and buy an adaptor. The coffee capsules are plastic and non recyclable.

    A bit temperantamental unpredictable amount of coffee. Forgivable as illy is the best espresso.

    Loved the look of this device and it was easy to use, as well as keep clean. I also purchased the metal milk jug to froth the milk in and a selection of illy coffees. All arrived well packaged and were delivered on time.

    • A Novel Coffee Maker
    • Quality and design
    • Awesome coffee, just like in coffee shops

    Francis Francis for Illy X7.1 Expresso Coffee Maker, Black

    Makes excellent coffee, it’s slightly complicated to make a latte but still you get the hang of it rather quickly, and the result is worth the effort.

    This is the best purchase i have made in a long time. Perfect coffee and looks stunning. I have no problems getting the capsules ,certainly getting my money’s worth out of it.

    I bought it to substitute the old one. It makes an excellent illy coffee and its design is appealing. Easy to use it allows to prepare a proper espresso and a fantastic cappuccino. The seller is polite and helpful. Highly recommended both the product and the seller.

    This is my favourite coffee machine and i use it every day. It looks great on my granite work surface and as i am slighty challenged with the use of my right hand i find it so simple to push a button for the steam element instead of the older version where you have to twist a silver knob. It is really simple to use and understand and i love it.

    Good value, quick delivery thank you.

    This is significantly better coffee than the the nespresso machine this replaced ever made, and it has a milk frother.Words fail me on how happy i am to have really good espresso again.

    I bought illy caffe machine illy 949790 x7 iperespresso – capsules coffee machineby illy 4 months ago now i have problem with steam pipe the plastic cover is leaking, i want new parts or what i need to do.

    Bit of background, as everyone had their own levels of coffee needs. I drink coffee every morning. Usually espresso, sometimes a cappuccino/flat white. I’ve been in the hunt for a new coffee machine since my krups one died a few months ago. I used to buy illy coffee for it but the pump was never quite strong enough for the finer ground illy. I was also tired of messing around with ground coffee first thing in the morning so was tempted by these new pod systems, but skeptical they would deliver the quality espresso i’m after. A couple of friends have nespresso machines, and while the coffee is ok, its not what i’d call quality compared to a decent fresh ground brew. I was, however impressed by the cleanness and simplicity of the pod system so when i saw illy were offering their own coffee pods, i was ecsatatic. So, without wanting to spend hundreds of pounds on a machine capable of doing my beloved fresh-ground illy coffee justice, i decided iperespresso (illy’s pod system) might be worth a go. 1;so with excitement and trepidation, i took the plunge and ordered the black x7. 1 and a few cans of standard (red) and lungo (blue) pods. Set up:machine is easy to set up. Fill the tank, plug in, cycle some water through (just to flush out the dust) and you’re off.

    Beautiful looking machine (if you like et); beautiful tasting coffee (if you can stomach the price); the crema is creme de la creme; can be a bit temperamental sometimes (hey, it’s italian – but made in china of course). Just remember to use hot cups (i fill mine with boiling water from my alessi kettle -oh, name dropper) whilst franny is firing up.

    I bought this earlier in the year after seeing that illy did a coffee pod system on a tv programme as this is my favourite coffee, rather than the planned purchase of a nespresso system. I have to say that i have not been dissapointed, the frances frances built machine makes perfect italian coffee everytime. It also is well made, nice to touch and looks great on the kitchen counter. I bought this to replace an existing coffee machine which used loose coffee as i found this gave inconsistent results, depended heavily on the brand and ground size of the coffee, and it’s worst feature was a milk system with a plastic nozzle that cross threaded easily making cleaning a nightmare. The illy system is better in everyway, the machine is fast to heat up, creates the right amount of coffee at a single press of a button, the milk frother creates nice foam and there is no cleaning to talk of. For example the illy nozzle simply pulls off, comes apart in to two pieces, and then you rinse through with warm soapy water. The whole system is so fast and so easy to use that i haven’t drunk instant coffee at home in months now. The machine came with test pods for the dark (black) and normal (red) blends, however after testing a few we found that the longo (blue) pods give probably the nicest coffee for a latte. We found the best deal for the coffee was to buy online from the local illy distributor as many of the other sources whilst looking cheaper charge a huge amount for postage making the price per pod overall higher. I recommend the purchase of a small milk jug of less then 500ml, as the 500ml one i bought is a bit too deep for the nozzle, and a thermometer as judging milk heating by time gave patchy results where as the thermometer means the right temperature everytime.

    Features and Spesification

    • Modern and appealing design
    • No contact between the machine and coffee inside the capsule for a clean system
    • 28cm W x 33. 5cm D x 32cm H
    • Works exclusively with the illy capsules
    • Includes 1 x 14 capsule can of classic illy coffee