Imperia 700 GSD Electrical Pasta Machine Pastapresto : Great buy

Had a hand cranked one but had problems getting it to sit steady on the work top – which didnt have a good lip for the clamp. Make your pasta the traditional way, then switch on and feed in – easy easy easy peasy. The machine is heavy so it just sits on the work top with no need to anchor and the dough is turned into perfect, yummy pasta in no time. Have used for ravioli, lasagne and tagatelle to date – the difference fresh pasta makes is amazing.

Good machine – nice and solid and seems well built – it does what it is supposed to do – the instructions aren’t great but if in doubt there are plenty of vids on you tube.

Excellent product: makes light work of producing thin smooth pasta and heavy enough to stand on the worktop without budging or needing a clamp. Expensive but worth it for me.

I actually use it for sugarcraft to roll out gumpaste, rather than for making fresh pasta – but must try that one day.

After what felt like a lifetime of getting through manual pasta machines, i have to say that this is the best investment if you love making and eating a lot of pasta. Originally bought for my 6 year old (whiz in the kitchen but obviously not to be used without adult supervision)) but we are both enjoying using it. Couldn’t be simpler and takes the frustration out of clamping manual machines to the work board and rollers getting misaligned. Would also like to recommend the seller for their prompt action, admit was a bit gutted when machine arrived (very promptly) only to use and for the pasta to get entangled everywhere, upon closer inspection it was (if you looked closely) obvious that the machine has suffered damage in transit – i contacted them they immediately dispatched another one and sent a returns label for the damaged one. New one arrived plug and play – we now use this at least once a week and invest in a good airer because you will have miles of pasta drying.

This is a game-changer if you make lots of pasta. Sturdy and heavy so it can sit, free-staring on the counter leaving both hands free to feed the pasta through. So much quicker and easier than a hand turned roller. Quite expensive so you need to be sure you’ll use it quite a bit, but a brilliant bit of kit.

I bought the pasta presto because (a) i had previously owned an imperia machine and enjoyed making pasta with it (b) i envisaged an electronic machine giving me greatercontrol over the pasta making operation and (c) any machine i bought needed to be free-standing as i did not want to use a clamp on the marble countertops. After one month with the pasta presto i can recommend it wholeheartedly. As you’d expect from imperia, the machine is strongly made, functional and durable. Making pasta with an electronic machine is so much easier than with my old imperia hand-cranked one. The pasta is processed quickly and easily, with the electric motor keeping things rolling in a smooth yet controllable fashion and you have two hands available for feed and take-off. The machine, as supplied, comes with cutters for fettuccini and tagliatelle and, using the thinner roller settings it is possible to make flat sheets of pasta for lasagne, ravioli, capuletti etc. A wide range of other cutters can be purchased as accessories. The pasta presto is easy to clean – run some spare pasta through it a few times then finish by running some kitchen towel, folded several times, through the machineon number 1 ior 2 setting. Under no circumstances use oil or water on the rollers, particularly water, as you will end up with a gluey mess inside the machine, making it impossible to clean. Keep water out of the pasta blend, too.

I can’t believe how easy it now is to make pasta. This machine works extremely well and makes the whole process effortless.

  • Fantastic Product – Worth the investment
  • Good machine – nice and solid and seems well built
  • Pasta Presto

Imperia 700 GSD Electrical Pasta Machine Pastapresto, Stainless Steel, 85 W, Multi Colour

Product Description, Product Has Metal Housing, Corrugating And Kneading Roller Adjustable (6 Different Thicknesses). Its Cutting Roller For Tagliatelle / Fettuccine And Fine Noodles / Tagliatelle, With Further Intentions Retrofitted. Made In Germany.

Box Contains, 1 x Electrical Pasta Machine Pasta presto

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My daughter and i both love our pasta machine it makes the job very easy and there is nothing like home made pasta.

  • Fantastic Product – Worth the investment
  • Good machine – nice and solid and seems well built
  • Pasta Presto

Imperia 700 GSD Electrical Pasta Machine Pastapresto, Stainless Steel, 85 W, Multi Colour

Features and Spesification

  • Electric pasta machine
  • Cutting roller for noodles, pasta fettuccine and tagliatelle
  • Power: 85 W electric motor, 220 V
  • Nonstick coating guarantees safe and clean pasta always
  • 2 built in cutters for tagliatelle and fettuccine
  • Built in motor makes pasta quicker and easier
  • 6 thickness settings
  • 85 Watt electric motor, 220 Voltage
  • Measures 23 cm length by 28 cm width by 27 cm height

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