Imperia Electric Version of SP150 – No brainer. Buy one today!

Were italion and we should has purchased you years ago. Motor runs at the right speed ,all in al very satisfied.

I bought this pasta machine to help me make sugar flowers for my home cake business. It has the capacity to roll my flower paste uber thin which is necessary for creating lifelike flowers out of sugar. It was fabulous for creating multiple petals saving me lots of time and enhancing my production.

Just makes your own pasta making so easy. Still practising and experimenting with flavours but a lot of fun too .

Very good,so happy to have it.

My first memory is me stealing tortellini filling from my italian gran when i was three, and this machine is the same model that she used decades ago, because you can’t improve on perfection. The design is now more streamlined and everything is faster to assemble, but even the crank is still there if you decide not to use the electric motor. Unless you make pasta during a blackout though, there’s no reason not to use the motor. I was a bit anxious because i’m not mechanically savvy but it’s as easy to assemble as two lego blocks. Having both hands free is a boon when you make pasta, especially when you cut it in fettuccine or tagliolini, because you can feed the pasta sheet with one hand and collect the cut pasta with the other so you can hang it to dry before it gets tangled. For the first use i tried something unusual (wholemeal flour and no egg) and the machine produced perfect pasta even if the dough was not the classic mix. Note that i’m a neophite pasta maker and it was really easy regardless. Even a (closely supervised) child could use it.

Even without instructions we managed to assemble it without too much trouble, it was a refurbished one. No more rolling out pasta by hand. This pasta machine is so sturdily built it feels that it will last for years and years. It is definitely worth getting the motorised version as it leaves both your hands free to either guide the pasta through or catch it after its been rolled. This is especially helpful when you’re on the thinner settings as by then my pasta was about a metre long. I bought the imperia after reading recommendations on food blogs about italian food. I can see why they said to buy this one. As it is made in italy as well i thought it was more likely to be a really good machine than one made in a country where they don’t eat as much pasta.

Electric pasta maker is a great alternative to the manual one however did not like at all the blue plastic clips to fix the electric engine. I do believe that for the price the electric engine should either be fully integrated or redesigned to make the fitting much easier. Except from that, for the moment my pasta maker is working fine.

This is a very nice machine which i bought for my daughter. It came from italy and arrived without any problems – and was even supplied with a uk mains adaptor. It must be much better than a manual machine as you have 2 hands free for feeding the pasta in and taking it out the other side.

I have been looking for a pasta maker for a long time. Some of them are made of plastic and from unknown countries. This one is made of chrome steel, very durable and it is authentic italian machine, you can trust, a great quality guaranteed. The seller is excellent, it was sent immediately, well packed. You have to make a very hard dough with lots of flour to sprinkle. Don’t use water and never washing up liquids, use only brush to shake of the flour. I definitely recommend this pasta machine.

This is the only pasta maker you should consider buying. . Don’t faff about with the handle, the motor is well worth the extra money. . It makes pasta so easily, you’ll wonder why you ever bought it.

Ordered a week before xmas and it was at my door within 48hrs. What a fantastic piece of kit.Sturdy and good quality build. Way i look at it is you can pay double the price of this one and buy a cheap build alternative in one of the many fancy high street giant stores. Or you can opt to pay the £100 and get this item which will last you years. If you’re still thinking about it you’ve taken too long. Trust me,you’ll never look back.

The electric conversion is a little cumbersome but it certainly works well and enabled me to make ravioli for the first time which was a hit with the family.

Here are the specifications for the Imperia Electric Version of SP150:

  • Traditional pasta roller lets you make fresh pasta
  • Made of heavy duty, shiny chromed plated steel
  • 6-inch wide roller with double cutter head that makes thin spaghetti and wide fettuccini noodles
  • Additional attachments for a variety of noodle shapes available separately

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A nice piece of Italian design
  • wworth having the electric motor
  • lovely thing to use